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Shakira Shakes on Stage in Tight Pants

#6216578 Colombian singer Shakira performs on stage at Bercy arena aka POPB in Paris, France on December 6, 2010.  Restriction applies: USA only   Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Shakira performed on stage at Bercy arena aka POPB in Paris yesterday and she showed the crowed her trademark moves in a pair of super tight black pants.

Here’s a little (older) quote from Shakira:

As a teenager I was plump but my appearance wasn’t so important at that time. I focused much more on my music and song writing. I know that image in this profession is a matter of opinion. I think the external appearance in show business is important and over the years I’ve discovered my assets. Honestly, I’ve never seen myself as a goddess or sex symbol.

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  • Nik

    I think she’s a goddess! Gorgeous face, body and hair. Very feminine and sexy. Sometimes her voice can be a bit too nasal though…

  • she is so hot it’s crazy

    • Susan

      OMG I KNOW!

  • Diana

    she’s so tiny…

  • Isabela

    she looks so much better than what she looked like when she made her last video..
    The curvier body suits her much better

    • Bonnie

      I think that video was ‘shopped to make her look narrower. I’ve seen candid pics and video of her from before, during, and after filming that and she looks like her normal gorgeous self. She has a beautiful strong curvy body – slim but not skinny. And I’m glad she’s never gotten breast implants.

  • Diana

    May be you’ve never seen yourself as a sex symbol, but you are, Shakira

  • flossy

    I love her anyone who sings “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble So you don’t confuse them with mountains” is alright with me. She’s brilliant, her body is perfect.

    • solaxia

      ha ha i know right! And I love the “Lucky I have strong legs like my mother, so I can run for cover when I need it.” LOVE IT! i identify with that! I always thought she has a wicked hot body personally. I prefer her meatier…she is always so toned and shapely! I think she would look gorgeous with her darker hair though but meh she is still pretty. Never thought her face was that striking but I bet in real life it’s just amazing.

  • rw

    cant people people say she got ass…its flat?
    her appereance is OK, its her dancing which makes people think shes hot, cus its hot dance moves, but besides that, she isnt all that, only my opnion, im not a hater, i like many of her songs

    • solaxia

      i think it may actually be the pants? Not sure though, you know that material that just doesnt give at all? But there again I’ve never taken note of it so maybe its always like this!

    • It’s the pants and weight loss. She’s never been Kim K style but she used to have some plumpness to her butt. I preferred her body back in those days.

  • rw

    cant BELIEVE***WHy

  • Daniel

    She looks so much better now than in her last video! Curves suit her really well. And she IS a goddess.

  • lc

    Meh. She’s not that great. Don’t care for her figure, face, or voice.

    • Jackie

      Yes she is annoying.I think she is a terrible singer.

    • ladyb0sss

      yeah she annoys me too. but cant deny i like her body. at least i lovveeedd her abs. damn. all that belly dancing can make nice stomachs i guess.

    • gray

      Agreed. Her voice is so annoying and her dance moves are ridiculous! Her body is ok but her legs are super short. Unfortunately she’s always wearing outfits that are not flattering for her figure.

      • Cristina

        well she is also 5’2 or something like that; she can’t exactly have super long legs, now can she?

        • solaxia

          ha ha very true! Plus nothinh wrong with short legs if you look after them and keep them in shape they can be mega hot! some people dig that

  • Tara

    Whew, thank god she gained the much needed weight! She was starting to scare me in her last music video. She is a goddess here!

  • asdfkjh

    even though she has gained a little, she still looks fantastic and her music is amazing. LOVE her

  • jjj

    Wow she looks amazing. She really looks beautiful. The weight loss and new body does wonders for her. Good for her!

  • AnonyChick

    I LOVE her.

  • this girl is hot and seems to have a great personality!

  • Jackie

    Gross double chin in 2nd pic

    • Rachel

      I’m sure you get them too, m’dear.

  • Sofia

    I liked her body best when she was slightly bigger because it gave her an amazing waist to hip ratio.

  • Those pants squeeze at her hips too much but she looks alright

  • She does look better with curves. I think she has a different kind of singing voice but I like her songs.

  • nannou

    why is she still blonde, that top is hideous

  • Priscila

    I loved when she was a pop rock singer, brunette and had a bit more weight… I felt like she was really all about her music “Donde estan los ladrones” is amazing, pop, political, etc… I wish she could do something like that again…

    • solaxia

      i also liked that when she looked that way she represented that you dont have to look one particular way to be absolutely gorgeous! It’s not all about looking like a playboy bunny!

      • siri

        Exactly, she used to be so much focused on her lyrics, her music and the message she wanted to trasmit. Now, although im not saying her music is bad because is simply different, i think everything about her as an actress is so commercial. I miss the old shakira but i guess she just evolved into this. And by the way amazing body and movements

        • Calro

          Yeah, the crossover was a mistake for her music. Her voice even sounds a lot different in English.

  • Ana

    Looks like she put the weight back on and looks a lot better for it.

  • Lansky R

    One question: Where is her boobies? …

    She’s always gorgeous anyways.


  • Rachel

    She’s sexy and sweet and I love her body!

  • Princess

    Jackie u think youre perfect?
    She`s a human afterall what do you expect to be totally perfect?? as if
    She`s a natural beauty,very sexy healty body

  • Eve

    She is great, great, great. She is a veeery good belly dancer, I have been doing BD for many years as a professional and I have the idea. She has charisma, charm, beauty, and oozing sex appeal. She IS a goddess, just being modest.

  • Nina

    Versus… she’s a pear? I don’t see any saddlebags (did she get rid of them with exercise – is this possible)?

    • Yes, I think she is a pear, her hips are her widest part and even though she doesn’t look very curvy in these pants, I’ve seen her recently in a live concert and she is pear-ish.
      I don’t know know if it’s possible to get rid of saddlebags, but I don’t think Shakira ever had them, not all pears have them.

      • Nina

        But if she doesn’t have saddlebags, she could also be a skittle – they also have wide hips? Or what’s the difference?
        Thank you for explanation. :)

        • CurvesRule

          Can someone please explain the term “saddlebag”?

        • salma

          Skittle body shape is long and slim on the top half, but widens considerably at the bottom. Unlike the Pear shape with a large rear, the Skittle shape has larger thighs.

          I always thought I was a pear but now I’m confused, maybe I’m skittle. I don’t know, but Shakira is def a Pear

  • haylish


  • Sanne

    I love her smile, hate to hear her sing. She sings like a sheep.

  • CurvesRule

    Attractive, very sexy and can move those hips like no other. Her boyfriend is an extremely lucky guy.

  • Ida

    oh my god, she should look at herself as a goddess. Cus she is!

  • Gia

    I identify my body most with Shakira’s, so I love the inspiration
    She is so naturally pretty, and naturally sexy

  • Cassidy

    she lost a little weight and looks awesome; check her out in the Loca video, best she’s ever looked! and a bad-ass song

  • melizza

    I used to think she was so beaituful, especially after the “whenever” video, she looked curvy and sexy..but to be honest she doesnt have a good singing voice, he dancemooves are good but compared to other bellydancers we can forget about shakira…i saw an interview of her, she didnt look beautiful as i thought she was….but i like the new song Loca, but shes doesnt suit being so skinny. Her body is the only part (whenever video etc) which I like about her,

  • bronzedbela

    I dont think she was plump as a teen, she was just younger, she became more muscular and defined…in these ´pics it looks like she has more hips than properly butt, she is not curvy from the side view, disappointing…i really like her stomach and small breasts.

  • Fenka

    I don’t understand ! when she was young she was not only plump but her body type seemed totally different
    (in 90’s) and most of her teenage years ,
    but now she seems to have shrunken .. to size mini
    I thought people grew and not the other way around !

    in anycase she is STILL hot and sexy <3

  • Mike

    They still need to lose weight, she has love handles….



  • if i cud only slide my hand along her thighs and in2 her pants wow

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