Shakira’s Body Deserves Hotter Outfits

shakiras-body-deserves-hotter-outfits - Shakira's Body Deserves Hotter Outfits

In case you didn’t get the chance to see just how amazing Shakira looks in her concerts where she shakes her enviable waist and hips, click here for a peak.

Assuming that you did see her slim waist and curvy hips, you will probably agree that this outfit above is so not making the most out of them. It’s a little too black, a little too old, a little too serious and it’s covering a little too much for the shaking, sexy, dancing, slim and curvy girl that she is.

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she's with ingrid betancourt. hardly a time to be worrying about coming off 'appropriately sexy' for her body type.


Haha I love it "touché."