Shakira’s Leather Looks for i-D Magazine

Shakiras-Leather-Looks-for-i-D-Magazine - Shakira's Leather Looks for i-D Magazine

Shakira got in her sexy and tiny leather outfits, wore tons of make-up, made sure she showed off her curves and let her hair in the air for i-D Magazine… and we’re looking at the sepia results!

Do you love this shoot or not?

Shakiras-Leather-Looks-for-i-D-Magazine2 - Shakira's Leather Looks for i-D Magazine

There is more after the jump, make sure you check it out!

Shakiras-Leather-Looks-for-i-D-Magazine-3 - Shakira's Leather Looks for i-D Magazine

Shakiras-Leather-Looks-for-i-D-Magazine-5 - Shakira's Leather Looks for i-D Magazine

Shakiras-Leather-Looks-for-i-D-Magazine-6 - Shakira's Leather Looks for i-D Magazine

Shakiras-Leather-Looks-for-i-D-Magazine7 - Shakira's Leather Looks for i-D Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • I think her body isss veryy beautiful…
    thats wat i call sexyy 😛
    not too skinny not too curvyyy 🙂

    • dani

      yes…she is just gorgeous…but i liked her more before when the hips didnt lie 🙂

  • Casey

    Natural beauty. She does not seem to be very photoshopped in this set of pictures. Her arms/thighs look her real size, and so do her chest/waist. 🙂

    • Casey

      Oh btw I want to add, I love her hair. So much volume!

    • Pau

      Yeah very natural…All her face is done,just google her and you ll see…

      • Casey

        Yeah, they definitely touched up her nose, as usual, but I think they used angles and lighting more than anything.

        What I was saying is usually they photoshop her body to be a lot slimmer than reality, but it seems like they left her body alone in these shots because it looks like her real shape. (shrug)

  • Josette

    She’s so beautiful

  • cary__x

    I’d like to see one picture with her mouth closed.

  • Lila

    Sexy body! But on these pics she really reminds me on Beyonce.

    • Juliette

      Same. I got Beyonce’s alter ego “Sasha Fierce” from this.

  • suzushii


  • mia

    That thirdh picture: her waist is so photoshopped!

  • mia

    That third picture: her waist is so photoshopped!

  • MELA


  • Mahala

    Hot body, stupid looking face.

  • xo

    I think she is so hot.. remember the first time I saw her in that whenever, wherever video forever ago.. impressed to say the least, not a fan of the eye shadow tho, shes naturally beautiful, no need for all that.. and her body is amazing… I heard shes extremely short tho?

  • beckers!

    theres absolutly nothing wrong with her nose i never even thought about it until someone mentioned it recently its ridiculous . The girl is beautiful sexy and interestin and they mess with her nose? What does tht tell the world.

  • jjj

    She looks great.. Too bad they photoshopped her nose, she had a nice nose before.

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    • Mike

      Man… You’re badly written spam bot

  • S

    wow, they’ve changed her so much since she sang in spanish only. i wish she went to the old her,she may not have been the most refined-sex bomb she’s now but at least her songs were really meaningful and not full of the pop shit.

  • I’d like to see photos of her with her natural hair color.