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Fabulous Over 50: Dana Delany & Sharon Stone

FP_4026594_Delany_Dana_PER_111609 - Fabulous Over 50: Dana Delany & Sharon Stone

Dana Delany (Desperate Housewives) is 53, Sharon Stone is 51 and they’re both part of the “Fabulous & In Shape Over 50” Club.

Check out for yourself!

FP_4025244_Stone_Sharon_NYC_111609 - Fabulous Over 50: Dana Delany & Sharon Stone

Take a closer look after the jump!

FP_4026595_Delany_Dana_PER_111609 - Fabulous Over 50: Dana Delany & Sharon Stone

FP_4025240_Stone_Sharon_NYC_111609 - Fabulous Over 50: Dana Delany & Sharon Stone

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Casey

    Wow Sharon Stone looks amazing! I would love to be like that when I’m 50. The other woman is not very attractive to me but is also young looking.

  • beetleJ

    they both look amazin’… really woooow…

  • Ida

    I’m only 19, but I’d love to look like Sharon. . . She looks like a doll!

  • LuluS

    Please tell me Sharon has had a lot of work done, otherwise i’m going to start crying with jealousy! She looks incredible!

    • ann

      She has, raised hairline gives it away. Most women in hollyhellland get work done.

  • jenni

    sharon looks amazing.

  • jenni

    they both do actually.

  • Jenny

    Dana looks fab!!
    THey both are hot for 50!!!

  • bia

    Shaz looks so gorgeous! Damn, that’s what I wanna look like when I’m 50.

  • bia

    Oh and I guess Dana looks pretty good too seeing as I had no idea she was that old!

  • Mirabela

    I hardly believe it they are over 50. They are look faboulos!

  • Emmy

    Both look gorgeous. I had no idea Dana is 53, she looks 40!

  • Kelli


  • Ana

    So…here’s what I think: Sharron either sold her soul to devil or she could easily be an extraterrestrial pretending to be hot woman in her 50,or she is actually 35….

    • chinadoll08


    • Ellie

      She’s an actress; of course she sold her soul to the devil.

  • suzushii

    Ain’t plastic surgery nice?

  • Elaine

    They both look much younger than their years. I suspect Ms. Stone has had quite a bit of work done. A few years ago she looked much older than her age.

  • natasha

    they looks amazing 🙂

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  • bg

    I’m a 62 year old man and Dana still rings my chimes. She’s drop dead gorgeous!!

  • mia

    I hear Sharon Stone has NOT had work done – everyone would just like to believe she has. This I feel is true- mainly because I know drop dead gorgeous women over 50 who look just as good as Sharon Stone. In fact there are MANY women like that- you see them all the time- you just don’t know their age and you think you’re seeing a much younger woman. They stay in shape, and they dress well. Most of these women, in my experience, chose NOT to become mothers ( with all THAT job entails- like sucking the life, enthusiasm, and youth out of a woman).

  • Shelley

    They both look AMAZING!. And I agree with Mia, it’s not hard to believe Sharon did not have work done. Why? Because she looks hot. People who had work done actually looks worse and uglier. Just check out the women in Hollywood who ruined their naturally pretty faces with plastic surgery.