Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone in a Bikini

sharon-stone-in-a-bikini - Sharon Stone in a Bikini

51 year old Sharon Stone enjoys her vacation in Sardinia on a yacht. Vacation + yacht = bikini treat!

Looking veeery nice, especially for her age!

How do YOU guys like Sharon’s bikini figure?

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sharon-stone-in-a-bikini-2 - Sharon Stone in a Bikini

sharon-stone-in-a-bikini-3 - Sharon Stone in a Bikini

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  • Yan

    She has a great body for her age! Good for her! 😀

    • Miaca

      She looks like she has a penis.

  • andnobody

    geez I think everyone is hating her right now for looking like this at her age. she is way better looking than madonna 😀
    I’d wish to look like this when I’m 50 but no way 🙁

    • nina

      yeah I know…same here

  • molly

    How does she do it??? She looks incredible, infact she looks better than many twenty-years-olds! And I really like her bikini and that caftan (?) thingy she is wearing.

    • Elena

      no stress, healthy food, some workout and probably some very good genes! beautiful

      • ladyredlocks

        I wouldn’t say no stress. In fact, I think she is still this thin due to stress with her divorce, etc.

  • Maryna

    Not only does she have a great body for her age, but she has a great body period! She could make some 20 somethings jelous

  • suzushii

    OT: Her expression in the first pic is *hilarious*.

    She looks good, but then again, she’s had how much plastic surgery? Can’t really give her props for it.

  • Kelly

    Plastic Surgery or no plastic surgery…she still look phenomenal!

  • Jules

    The face is scary. But she has a hot body.

  • pia

    uuh i want to have that body at 51 😛

  • michelle

    shoot, her thighs are better then mine. I’m only fourteen! My stupid pear shape :(.

  • Looks great. Don’t want to see the crotch again though.

  • machmalow

    d*mn she looks really good for her age ! except the face maybe in the first pic *ahah*

  • Polina

    i think she`s the most amazing woman in the whole world. what a great body!!