Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone – Thin & Cleavagey in a Bandage Dress

sharon-stone-thin-cleavagey-in-a-bandage-dress1 - Sharon Stone - Thin & Cleavagey in a Bandage Dress

Who? 51 year old Sharon Stone.

Where? on the red carpet at “An Evening of Women”.

How? Thin, a little bony around the chest area and with an… interesting cleavage.

sharon-stone-thin-cleavagey-in-a-bandage-dress-22 - Sharon Stone - Thin & Cleavagey in a Bandage Dress

How do you all like her look?

P.S.: This must be the 3974th time I’ve seen this dress on a celeb.

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  • biatch

    Ok first of all I wil say that to my mind Sharon Stone is absolutely one of the best looking women of her generation in Hollywood In fact I think she always has been good looking. Her weight now is very very slim, although she looks fit and toned I think she could do with a few lbs to soften her up a bit. She looks like she has had fillers to maintain her look but I wouldn’t know if she has had a face lift etc. The dress always speaks for itself – it fits like a glove.

    • Kristy

      I agree with all your points actually, she looks awesome, and I can’t believe she is in her 50s. I think her hair style is a little old fashioned looking. The dress looks fantastic, and although they are everywhere, I’ve not seen that colour, gorgeous!

  • TaTTy

    I think work or not face and hair look much better than seen in a while but as a woman gets older imo they look better with a bit more weight. Love the dress!

    • serafiina

      I agree! If older woman is very thin it shows as a harsh, cold-looking face. Stone is beautiful, but does look like she´s been under knife.

  • Celia

    the dress is nice, but you’re right. because everyone seems to wear that kind of dress it becomes quite boring. I like her figure 🙂 maybe a bit on the skinny side but overall still feminine looking.

  • Jasmin

    She still has a beautiful face.

  • peachess

    She is a beautiful woman, but she would look a lot younger and healthier if she put 10-15 lbs on.
    When older women are so skinny, it makes them look very severe and much older than they are.

  • pia

    that isn’t the best dress 4 her…

  • ms_benes

    if she gained about ten pounds she would look younger

    • Elena

      Agreed. Even so, she’s gorgeous.

  • kristin h.

    her breast iimplants look awful like two hard balls in her chest. has no one else noticed the massive gap btw her “breasts”?s her fillers are another issue. She also has no butt, no hips. she has great legs, but needs to put on 10-15 pounds to be decent loking. 20 would give her a decent body. right now–its genderless excluding the fake breasts. (she wouldn’t need implants to be a B cup if she just ATE MORE)

  • klara


  • skirmute

    She looks too thin for her age.

  • Breast implants!!! But she’ll always good looking even with surgery.

  • Jimmy

    I read these comments and all I can see is lots of jealous cows commenting on someone who looks more than perfect for her age. Sharon is a stunner and you lot “fat lovers” go and get yourself another burger and fries. You think everyone should be fat so you can feel better about yourselves.