Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes – Blazer & Denim Cutie

Shenae-Grimes-Blazer-Denim-Cutie - Shenae Grimes - Blazer & Denim Cutie

90210 hottie Shenae Grimes looked cute and slim in a pair of blue jeans, a casual top and a basic black blazer at the premiere of Fox Searchlight Pictures’ “127 Hours” in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night.

How do you like her outfit of choice on her petite figure?

Shenae-Grimes-Blazer-Denim-Cutie-2 - Shenae Grimes - Blazer & Denim Cutie

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Shenae-Grimes-Blazer-Denim-Cutie5 - Shenae Grimes - Blazer & Denim Cutie

Shenae-Grimes-Blazer-Denim-Cutie-3 - Shenae Grimes - Blazer & Denim Cutie

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  • Eve

    I think she is very pretty with so little make up on and like her casual combo. Hate the “nerdy” glasses. This trend is getting too old. Here in Moscow all wear those and I cannot get the appeal of it.

    • ellentjie

      Same here with those bloody glasses! They’re probably clear glass

      • sab


  • Erin

    Love it! She looks really cute.

  • JF

    I like everything but the glasses. it covers up her eyes, which are so pretty!

  • maddie


  • brena

    Everything but the shoes. Turns an otherwise comfortable and practical outfit into hard work. For me anyway 🙂

    • Leah

      i actually like that she paired this outfit with heels, she is going to an event, it just dresses it up a bit and makes it less slouchy
      but i do think the shoes are kind of ugly

  • neatlybroken199

    Love love love her hair! Outfit’s cute and I do like the shoes, although I couldn’t walk in them.

  • lizzy

    definitely something i would wear, very cute. i have about 4 pair of wild glasses, love them.

  • K Britt

    Gorgeous girl, superb style, great body -what’s not to love here?

  • Kimberly

    She is such a cutie! Love her, not the glasses.

  • trisia

    she looks great, very very cute.
    she could do without the glasses though, they are a bit ridiculous… she’s hot enough to pull them off though

  • Zoe

    She looks gorgeous and ‘gleeky’ lol 😀

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  • Maggie

    cute combination, love the glasses

  • Cars808

    I think shes crazy beautiful!

  • Beckers

    Enough of the cringe worthy glasses fad please

  • O

    i love it! and love her!

  • Ana

    Cute and casual minus the glasses.

  • CK

    she looks lovely

  • She redeemed herself from the weird lacy black outfit before. I hate this giant glasses trend though.

  • tink

    Awesome outfit and very nice smile.

  • Lisa

    could we not with my mom’s glasses from 1980? I don’t get that trend.

  • ellentjie

    I love her hair!!! The colour and the style!

  • padme

    Stupid glasses, doubt she even has a prescription.

  • Jemima

    Very pretty!

  • doaijdljf

    why the EFFFFFFF do you have like vocal ads???????????????????????????????? are you gonna keep them?????? bc i know a buncha my buds like this site but hate those loud ads…yah i get it that you can mute them, but seriously, do you think we wanna listen to them??? seriously

  • So cute and pretty!
    This is how HOT normal girls look like 😉

  • Cecil

    wow i used to think she as so ugly… she look pretty here

    was it the weight? lik wen she was way too thin?

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    no boobs. but still looks great and cute. love her