Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes in a Little Red Dress

shenae-grimes-in-a-little-red-dress - Shenae Grimes in a Little Red Dress

Shenae Grimes attended the’s ‘Power of Youth’ event at Madame Tussauds on Saturday night and she wore this little red number that showed off her thin & petite figure (and her slightly bony chest).

And a little question: Did Shenae look a little less-skinny a few months back – click here to see!?

Check out 2 more pictures!

shenae-grimes-in-a-little-red-dress-2 - Shenae Grimes in a Little Red Dress

shenae-grimes-in-a-little-red-dress-3 - Shenae Grimes in a Little Red Dress

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • jacinta

    she looks a little bit healthier since back in her scary skinny hey day

  • Kristy

    Looks cute and thin.

  • Jenna

    Not a fan of the makeup and highlights but I think the rest of the look is great and it is nice to see people smile in photos.

    Many people will probably disagree with me here… but for some women being thin is the only thing that will make them stand out, especially if they are rather plain looking and especially in Hollywood. I am not saying this is right or that Shanae is ugly by any means. But, I think if she was larger she wouldn’t stand out much.

    I can think of a lot of actresses and even models that aren’t particularly attractive facially but because they have a slim figure people don’t notice/care. There is almost a halo effect around being slim/thin.
    What do you all think?

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, and believe that is an unhealthy outlook on this. I can think of thin actresses/models that have unattractive faces that would look a lot better if they weren’t so thin(Giselle B. comes to mind). Yea, they “stand out” because they are thin, but I don’t think it is in a good way, or good for them to be that way. There is a lot more to a woman than her looks, and I think it’s sad that people forget that. “Oh, she’s thin, that’s the only way she can stand out.” Uh, what about how smart or talented she is? Doesn’t that count for something? yea, we are on a site to discuss a woman’s looks, but to say that her looks are the only way she can stand out is wrong, IMO, especially when it is to say she has to be thin to stand out.

    • Kristy

      I totally agree and I think it extends beyond the world of Hollywood. I know myself, I feel that the thinner the better because otherwise I just blend in and for some reason that bothers me.

    • Ella

      Aren’t most people in Hollywood already thin? If so, it wouldn’t make them stand out if they followed suit. It would make them blend in with the Hollywood crowd (which may also be motive for a new celebrity losing weight).

      My friends and I certainly notice that there aren’t so many stunningly beautiful actresses these days. In addition, you won’t see someone all dressed up with nice make-up, outfits, painted nails and their hair done like Marilyn Monroe. Today many actresses are playing your average soccer mum, so it wouldn’t ‘fit’ if they dressed that way or looked so beautiful.

      Kristy -There are plenty of other ways to stand out than just being a different weight compared to the rest of the people. If everyone’s dying their hair blonde, dye it dark. If everyone’s wearing T-shirts and jeans, try a dress. If everyone’s wearing their hair up, wear it down. There are so many ways to look different and unique than just being at an extreme weight. Just look at Lady Gaga! She’s not stick thin and I don’t think anyone can say she simply ‘blends in’!

    • Nkeon

      I think I get the point you are trying to make. Fashion designers use tall, ultra slim women because not many women are like that and thus they stand out from the crowd. Also because they are so thin the focus is on the clothes they’re wearing which is what designers want.
      This has also leaked into the celebrity world and has been that way for some time. In the 40s and 50s the appeal was for meatier women with hourglass proportions. This is obviously a healthy body (in terms of size) but not all women are hourglass so it doesn’t do that much for their confidence anymore than the skinny trend.
      Today, actresses follow the slim trend to stand out and it works. We are constantly talking about how slim they are and how they don’t look like ‘real women’. Designers seek them to promote their designs and the papz make a fortune in selling their pictures.
      I agree with Anonymous’ point that this isn’t a healthy trend at all and that there is more to women than looks. Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler, America Fererra and Whoopi Goldberg has managed to stand out with their talents rather than their figures (though they are all attractive women as wel). Directors these days are shallow as well. They make tacky films overloaded with sexual innuendo and dried out clichés that require very slim women to make them work.
      I believe in variety. Slim, big, hourglass, boyish, tall, short can all be attractive and stand out!

      • Jenna

        I think what I am also getting at is the tendancy to associate positive attributes to thin people and negative attributes to those who are overweight e.g. people tend to see overweight people as lazy, less intelligent and lacking self control and skinny people as being confident, disciplined and successful.

        Of course this is unfair, inaccurate and a huge generalisation. People can be fat or thin for a varierty of reasons (e.g health problems, socioeconomic background etc.) and not just cos of their personalty traits but we humans tend to make judgements like this all the time, sometimes without even realizing!
        It is called attribution bias and there is loads of psychological research to back this up. Fascinating stuff…

        Here endeth the Psychology Lesson for today hehe.

        And I agree Nkeon I am all for seeing more variety of figures and shapes. I worry that if all people see in the media is very skinny women then that is what people start believing is attractive. When really all shapes and sizes can be attractive and it shouldn’t matter what people look like so much!

        • Ella

          There are plenty of negative assumptions made about thin women too. Ever heard the term ‘skinny bitch’? Or how about how they are all shaped like prepubescent boys? Or that they are all anorexic/bulimic or are not ‘real women’? Or that they are air-headed bimbos that only have their looks going for them? Lots of people also think they are stuck-up, that their discipline is due to eating disorders and that they are only successful until middle-age hits then they gain weight and lose their looks and there is nothing else for them to fall back on.

          One way or the other, there are always going to be people who will stereotype you negatively based on your appearance.

          • Nkeon

            Definitely agree with you. There is a lot of ‘skinny’ backlash that is justified by our society because of the media’s preference to thin women. I don’t like this either because it’s complete hypocrisy. People complain that thin models give young girls complexes yet they forget that many teenagers are not developed and may look similar to these models in terms of not having much in the boobs, hip and bum department, yet they slag these models off and wonder why 16 year olds want implants.
            I don’t like the way that every slim girl is labelled as having an eating disorder. EDs are a lot more complicated than wanting to be thinner and they are mental diseases; thus a girl may be anorexic without having the full physical affects.
            I should have mentioned above that there are plenty of slim actresses e.g. Jodie Foster, Emily Watson, Thandie Newton and Julianne Moore who are slim but are famous for their talents.
            As I said, all shapes and sizes (as long as they are healthy) should be accepted and if they are unhealthy then we should show concern and not malice.

    • Jeanne

      You are right! I’ve known lots of girls who can pull off tight jeans & tops because they have a tiny figure. They grab your eye when they walk into a room, but their faces aren’t as striking as you expect… (that sounds mean, but I know exactly what you are talking about).

    • Kae

      Being thin is about having discipline and control. Many women and young girls desire this, especially if they feel that this is the only way society will accept them.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? More like it is about being controlled, not having control, and I don’t see how discipline can be rightly applied to something that is basically akin to self flagellation, IMO(causing pain and suffering to yourself for no logical reason is how I think of a person keeping themselves thin when they probably shouldn’t be thin to begin with).

        And yes, I realize how much of a *beep* I am for that, but you know what? I don’t really care. Women and girls are led to believe they have to be one certain way to be noticeable or to stand out, and it isn’t even a healthy way to be, and they(and the people that sells them that steaming pile of horse apples) just don’t care what it will do to their physical/mental/emotional health, just as long as they “fit in” and are as thin as possible.

        Ok, dramatic rant over 😀

      • Kae

        Whoa!!! Calm down! You misunderstood my post! Women want to have control because of society’s expectations and they feel that it’s the only way they can feel accepted because women are judged on the basis of their appearance. Control over one’s body is the basis of disordered eating.

        I don’t agree with it either but it’s unfortunately the way it is. And by the way, if you had read any of my comments from previous posts, you would understand that I DO NOT approve of societies’ manipulation of women and their self esteem.

        • Anonymous

          Yea, I didn’t mean for the rant to be directed at you, personally, I apologize for that 😛 But I do disagree about it being a woman in control of her body, to me it is a woman that is being controlled by what they perceive to be society’s expectations of what women should be, and they are lying to themselves about it, telling themselves they are in control when in fact they are not. If they really do want to have control of their bodies they wouldn’t be doing stuff that is harmful to all aspects of their health, and they wouldn’t be letting society dictate what they should or shouldn’t be in that respect.

          • Nkeon

            Kae has a point. A lot of EDs stem from social etc pressures becoming too much for a person and they thus start restricting their food because it gives them some form of control over themselves, or at least they believe it does. I was watching a documentary about people with EDs. Many of the women, especially the younger ones, said that they felt so much pressure from exams, relationships and their peers that they started to restrict their eating and became obsessive with diet plans because it made them feel as though they had control over something.
            EDs have been aorund longer than fashion mags and Sky TV

          • Anonymous

            Yes, you are right Nkeon, I did forget about that aspect of ED’s, the ones that stem from things other than society’s expectations of what a woman should look like. I was only thinking of ED’s that come about because of society’s expectations in this particular discussion. Thank you for reminding me 🙂

  • jasmine

    i think the makeup is way too harsh for her. her collarbone sticks out a bit, doesnt look very healthy!

  • pia

    she looks the same :S when she was skinnier?

  • Julia

    oh no no… too much makeup from what i can see in the closeup. From far away she looks cute.

  • FaBbY

    i think she is getting too thin again :S

    • Jules

      Me too.

  • FaBbY

    but i like her legs 😀 skinny but not bony like paris hilton’s LOL

  • suzushii

    I think she would look better with 1-5 more pounds on her. Speaking as someone with a similar body to hers, when I’m too skinny my chest bones show like that. I think it’s a pretty good sign you’re TOO skinny when you’re a pear, because your legs always look great even if you’re underweight. But your shoulders/chest show.

  • Anonymous

    Her chest is too small for that type of bodice, it bags a bit and really shows how small and thin she is. But that color looks really good on her 🙂

    • Ella

      I don’t know how she can stand it. I absolutely hated it whenever the top part was too big and baggy for me, yet the rest fit fine. I would have either got it altered or bought something else that fits everywhere.

  • molly

    She looks cute as always. However, i agree that a few more pounds wouldn’t harm her.

  • Maria

    I absolutely hate the highlights and the make-up, absolutely ruins her pretty features.

  • Uma

    Great legs, cute smile, amazing dress – especially its colour. Too much makeup, b/c the dress is already outstanding. I think she has a good weight, she looks nice. Maybe the chest bones are just a bit disturbing, but not disgusting or anything.

  • jjj

    She looks great. She really looks much better since the recent weight loss, she is a perfect size right now. A real perfect body right now.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, she gained weight and then lost weight? Unbelievable. And to think you are applauding that.

    • Ariel

      @jjj agreed

  • machmalow

    ooow she’s ugly, way too much make up, and too skinny (her legs are okay but look at her chest !) I happened to re watch the very 1st episode of 90210, and I didn’t remember how skinny she was.

  • jess

    Hot. I think she has one of the best personal styles in hollywood. I actually quite like her body, it looks pretty natural and she doesn’t look like a skeleton