Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes Poses for Dirrty Glam

Shenae-Grimes-Poses-for-Dirrty-Glam - Shenae Grimes Poses for Dirrty Glam

90210 star Shenae Grimes posed for the cover and the inside of Dirrty Glam Magazine, where she revealed her wilde side, nice & toned abs and legs in lots of tiny outfits.

In case you’re curious, Shenae is 20 years old.

Shenae-Grimes-Poses-for-Dirrty-Glam-2 - Shenae Grimes Poses for Dirrty Glam

See some more on the next page, then share your thoughts on this shoot!

Shenae-Grimes-Poses-for-Dirrty-Glam-3 - Shenae Grimes Poses for Dirrty Glam

Shenae-Grimes-Poses-for-Dirrty-Glam-4 - Shenae Grimes Poses for Dirrty Glam

Shenae-Grimes-Poses-for-Dirrty-Glam-5 - Shenae Grimes Poses for Dirrty Glam

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  • kimi

    I love this shoot, she’s got an amazing body and great hair.

    • michelle

      agree! she has crazy roots, but it totally works. and her body is perfect.

  • Sidney

    She’s really annoying on 90210, but the shoot’s ok, the 1 pic is nice though she looks really thin.

  • denutsa

    i cannot lie..she has amazing body..even though i dont like her action on 90210 :}

  • Hailey

    I like the dirty, messy look on her.

  • Hailey

    she is very thin but it looks natural on her, not like she starved herself to look like that. So it doesnt bother me =)

  • Theresa

    does anyone know which body type she is? I’m interested because her body looks exactly like mine:)

    • Sidney

      I’d think she’s a ruler?

  • Rachel

    She’s got great legs! Her stomach looks ugly though.. no shape whatsoever just a flat square.

  • amazon

    does anyone else think she would be perfect to play sarah jessica parker as a teenager??

    • Yves

      Come to think of it … she COULD. But I think SJP is slightly shorter…?

    • Naomi

      After reading your comment and looking at her pictures again,
      she could totally pull off the role of a younger SJP.

  • susan

    Am I the only one who thinks she is photoshopped here??
    She looks gorgeous though

    • Mizzy

      no, i also think her body has been retouched to give her stomache more definition. it’s especially obvious in the third picture if you look at where her ribcage is. I think she is skinny and has a nice shape, but probably not this toned in real life.

    • crys

      they changed her hair line on a some photos…

  • Yves

    I might be in the minority here … but I don’t quite like her body. Her frame is tiny — it makes her look like a 10 year old. The absence of curves in her waist and her hips and her bust just accentuates that fact.

    Facially, she looks good.

    • Yves

      On second thought … 10 years old might be a bit of a stretch. Maybe 12. Or 13.

      • sola

        lol i get what you mean…its like, women can have not much curve and still look great- Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum etc. but when their frame is really small too, and they are skinny without curve they do look extra tiny…

  • Lia

    i wonder what her body shape is called aswell! i think she’s a ruler?
    and i’m not sure what most models are, f.e. miranda and allesandra. are they a ruler or an hourglass/vase?

    • Yves

      Yep, she’s definitely a ruler … a tiny, cute one though. She’s got an androgynous body type. I’m not too sure about the VS models you mentioned … they’re more like slightly curvier rulers.

      • Lia

        thanks for the answer 🙂

  • ginti

    i dont think she looks photoshoped here, its not that hard to get a stomach that toned! mine basically looks like that! its jst that she hasnt got any type of fat around her hip area, so looks straight. she has an amazing body! though i think shes a bit flat chested lol

    • yeah I really don’t see what the big thing about her stomach is, mine looks like that too, except my waist isn’t as straight, and I don’t do anything….she’s only 20 years old, a lot of girls look like this…I do think she’s good looking and cute, just nothing incredible

  • Eve

    Wow, that’s small framed!
    Her face and hair look soooo gorgeous!
    But, not that I care, just… Are her feet that ugly? x_x

  • crys

    a few days ago i was just thinking how i’ve never seen her stomach and would wonder how she looked, especially with all those anorexic rumors a few years ago-thanks versus 🙂

  • Julia

    I think she looks like a young Sarah Jessica Parker!

  • crys

    oh, she kind of reminds me of ke$ha in these photos.

  • melinda

    Shenae is my favourite, I really love her, just amazing! 🙂
    Tiny perfection 🙂

  • Hydrangea

    The shoot is nice. I think she does kinda resemble Sarah jessica Parker indeed.

  • Vanessa

    Too gorgeous!!

    Versus do you have any Nina Dobrev?? I love her as well!

    • Versus

      I’ll try to find pics!

      • Vanessa

        Thank you!!

  • Anthea

    Her looks are irrelevant to me – her surname is GRIMES!

    GRIMES ?!!!

    • Brittany

      and Brad Pitt’s last name is Pitt…. doesn’t make him any less hot.

      • Anthea

        How does Pitt compare to Grimes? Grimes is a terrible surname?

        • Brittany

          Well I’m sure to some people Pitt as in “arm pit” which is what I think of when I hear the world pit would be worse.

          My point is a name is just a name.

          • Minnie

            Neither of these names are as bad as the surname Glasscock.

          • Anthea

            Absolutely – a name is just a name – but that is a rubbish name!! And Glasscock is worse, absolutely, sounds like a nasty medeival device….

  • Naomi

    Not so keen on her personally, but I love her legs in the first picture.
    Maybe just add an inch or so on the thighs.
    She’d look better if her hips were wider, but not much she can do about that.
    It’s good to see this shape looks natural, rather than looking like she’s starved herself.

  • Natasha

    Love the girl she’s kick ass witty funny and intelligent and even though she’s a ruler which isnt my fav body type she looks greattttt

  • Brittany

    She’s really pretty in an interesting way. not boring at all. And she has a great body. I don’t watch 90210 but she and Jessica Stroup are my favorites. She’s way prettier and way less played out than Annalynne.

  • Casey

    I love her and I love this photoshoot! She looks super cute.

    I’ve always been sympathetic towards her because like me, she looks way younger than she is. But that’s going to be a jackpot starting in about 10 years so…:)

  • GoGo2010

    Body looks good here, but haven’t you guys learnt that EVERBODY gets photoshopped to hell. I’ll put money on it that she doesn’t look like this in real life.

    • while it’s true that everybody gets photoshopped, I don’t see much of a difference between these pics and her on the show and stuff…and it’s not that difficult to look like this anyway.

      • Kara

        It actually is very difficult to look like this – and for some people, impossible.

        I’m not an expert on body types, but she looks like a ruler to me, and her body in these pictures is exactly what my best friend looks like. She’s short, small framed with very slight abs. And she’s absolutely gorgeous.

        I have an hourglass frame. I’m the same height, but I have broader shoulders, bigger breasts, and wider hips. Even if I was the same weight is my best friend of Shenae Grimes, I would not look like that.

        Just like someone who is a pear or a V or a vase could not look like this. Not to mention, I believe some body types shed fat and gain muscle more quickly that others.

      • livefree

        Oh yeah, it’s a piece of cake to look like this!

        Pleeeeaaasse. Though YOU may have a body type that is small framed and easy to maintain, it is extremely difficult to achieve a body this thin and in shape for many women.

        • Sharen

          I’m not saying that anyone can look like this, just that it’s not that difficult to find, I know plenty of girls with this kind of body. Even Kara says her best friend looks like this, so see? it’s not that difficult. So yeah it might be very difficult for some but it’s also easy for other.

          About the shape thing, no, of course you can’t become a ruler if you’re not. But I was never referring to shapes, I was taking more about size and her stomach and stuff, and how people don’t seem to believe she can look like this in real life and that she’s not this toned and so on… well she looks pretty much like this on the show… Is there photoshop? of course, just not enough that it’s worth mentioning, we already know that every pic is retouched.

          • livefree

            I understand you fully, I know a lot of girls and women who have an easy time staying thin like that without much effort. It just offended me because though I am small, I have to workout daily and restrict my diet intensely to be the way that I am since I am naturally curvy with a larger frame, and it’s no fun . That is why it hit the wrong button 🙂

  • PandaBear

    This is a great shoot! Love the outfits, makeup, hair. Great body for sure, it works for her. Her small boobs make me feel real uncomfortable, especially in that tiny bra, like she’s too young to be looking at. Child boobs like that make me feel awk. Haha.

    • kate

      Childboobs?? That’s a messed up think to say……she’s a grown woman of 20 with a small build. Her boobs are in proportion to the rest of her body.

    • livefree

      So small chests make you feel uncomfortable? Not everyone is blessed with D cups. At least she didn’t go out and get implants. Large breast would look “awk” on her.

    • artemis

      looking young is actually a good thing…even sexy
      haha BOOOOOOOO

  • the makeup is perfect and the hair too!.
    she’s slim but she doesn’t have a defined waist and no boobs! like she was a girl of 13 years old!
    But ,she just looks perfect!
    i love this style~

  • Gaby

    I don’t think she looks like SJP. Shenae is much prettier and to compare her to her is kind of mean. No offense, but SJP is one of the most unattractive actresses in tinsel town. Shenae is beautiful,. and she has a naturally slim and cute petite frame.

    • livefree

      I was thinking the exact same thing. I see a slight resemblance, but its most definitely insulting to Shenae.

      • artemis

        thats just awful to say
        leave sjp alone…
        they don’t look alike. thats it

  • CK

    she has great body, but that’s not surprising she’s often photographed walking out of yoga studio.

  • Jules

    Photoshopped. Not her abs.

  • I agree.

  • louise0203

    looks great! too bad she doesn’t have a bigger chest, it would add more shape!!

    • artemis

      bones add shape not boobs

  • Kae

    Not my preferred body type, but she looks fine.

  • was my comment deleted? i can’t help it that she looks like a little boy. it’s unhealthy for an adult to be that skinny.

    • Casey

      She’s not even that thin. She’s just small framed. And frame does not have anything to do with health. She looks great for her figure.

  • i think senae looks fine. people fail to realize that there are women who do look like this and don’t starve themselves so i disagree with some of the people saying she has a body of a little boy or a 12 year old. hell most 12 year olds these days don’t look like that. she’s a woman if you ask me.

  • Dayna

    She looks awesome!! Granted, she doesn’t have crazy curves or anything, but she looks healthy and fit!

  • madeleine

    she looks good….as for her being too thin she is definitely not…her bones aren’t sticking out everywhere and she doesn’t look emaciated. she has a small frame and this is a healthy weight for that frame. my friend has exaclty the same body and i swear apart from getting small boobs it hasn’t changed since we were in like grade 7…..(now in university)

  • CassieNewton

    i never really liked shenae as an actress but her body looks just like mine and its great to compare.

  • KaT

    i kinda like it. i also like her hair color.. neat

  • melinda

    Still love her and her style and frame. She’s nothing like SJP in my opinion. 🙂

  • amber

    the size of one’s chest should not determine who they are or their attractiveness. sure, it might be nice to look at, but aren’t personality and facial features more important? like another reader said earlier, at least she didn’t go out and get implants like the numerous celebrities out there. this is a real girl. like it or hate it.

  • Carolinne

    she looks gorgeous, but this shoot is very photoshoped!! all her dots disappeared from her skin, especially from her chest!!!! these magazines don’t realize that they are making the artists look fake! its too much photoshop!

  • O

    i dont really like her on 90210 but shes really cool in person! and i think she looks great. she’s always been thin.

  • Ava

    I dont get it. Everybody defends her small, well rather non-existing, boobs because it suits her frame (which they do).
    But if a big chested girl has the matching hips, ass and a little tummy ( YES, if you have double Ds you normally have a little bit of bellyfat!) everybody says she should go and workout more. Stupid world.

    • artemis

      yeah whatever
      i wish i lived in america and girls to admire my small chest cuz i dont have belly fat
      all the curvy (chubby) girls here think theyre hotness…thats why they keep eatin like a pig and not care as long as they got big boobs
      belly fat is just gross

  • artemis

    TOO straight

  • Punkyfyed

    I think Shenae is gorgeous, she’s quite short which could contribute a little to ‘looking like a 12 year old’. I don’t think she looks too skinny, I’m so jealous of her perfect legs 🙁