Bikini Body Battle, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Who Can Pull It Off?

2 Girls, 1 Bikini: Kate Moss & Sienna Miller

FP_3365350_ANG_Moss_Hince_080409 - 2 Girls, 1 Bikini: Kate Moss & Sienna Miller

Kate is 35, Sienna is 28, Kate is 5’6.5” and Sienna is 5’6” and they both have similar tastes when it comes to bikinis.

2 Girls, 1 Bikini: Kate Moss & Sienna Miller!

Who looks best in this bubbly two-piece?

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  • Carmen

    Kate Moss is 5’5.5″, she looked taller because she was so thin. Sienna is 5’4″. They have the same figure! Just Kate is starting to look older though. And she’s definitely looking her height lately, her legs look really short!

  • Kim

    It looks better on Kate

  • Sidney

    They do seem to have very similar bodytypes, in these bikinis i could even mistake them for the same person, if i didn’t see the face that well. Kate appears to be a bit bigger than Sienna though, but she’s also in a more demanding light. Still, i prefer the bikini on Sienna, just b/c i think it requires a very slender person to make it work.

    • “Demanding light”..I like the way you put that!

  • CoffeeGirl

    It looks better on Sienna

  • H

    Kate is starting to look very average now.. There is a god!!

  • gen

    Ugh, two people picked the same stupid bikini? I haven’t liked any of the recent bikinis on this site.

    Sienna. I just like her better. I guess eventually her smoking and partying will catch up with her too…

  • Anya

    I would not say they have similar figures.. they have a similar level of thinness but their shapes are different (or at least it seems that way here).. it might just be the angle but it looks like Sienna’s more of a pear shape whereas Kate is an hourglass.

    • Kate – hourglass? And Sienna pear? They’re both rulers.

      • Amy

        kate is a ruler and sienna a pear… But sienna is a pear almost ruler and kate is a ruler almost pear…

        • chechebelle

          totally disagree. sienna seems more like an apple to me. see how her trunk is shorter and wider and her legs are so tapered and thin? pears nip in at the waist like hourglasses but have less up top.

      • Nkeon

        Yes, I agree with you.
        They are both more along the ruler shaped lines. Sienna has slightly more waist definition though and Kate is more balanced, but both are rulers. Not all ruler type bodies have dead on identical proportions.

  • prettygirl

    considering kate has a child and sienna doesn’t, kate looks great. they have a very similar body shape, i thought it was the same person at first

  • Nic

    It doesn’t surprise me that Sienna is wearing the same bikini Kate wore in the summer, she copies everything she does! She’s been doing that for years! Def looks better on Kate I prefer her body shape to Sienna’s who’s legs look too skinny compared to her belly.

    • Yuki

      I agree. I noticed that Sienna Miller has almost always the same clothes as Kate!

    • Maybe she just looks up to Kate as a fashion icon, like most people do.

  • Kaiser

    The Bikini itself is Not flattering. It doesn’t Support the breasts and shortens the legs with A high waist.

  • Valerie

    Seriously Sienna is a copycat!
    PS:I think SM is about 5´2 , cause I saw her with Kelly Osbourne in some random pics and they were the same height,not wearing heels.

  • Kate Moss…I like her body better because her legs are shaplier.

    But they’re very similar so if I saw another picture I’d probably change my mind. (shrug)

  • Jemima


  • Serafiina


  • chuckie

    erm kate moss is more like 5’7″

    • Carly

      I agree and even 5’7 is short for a model, No way is she 5.2!!!

    • Carmen

      No, Kate is 5’5″-5’6″, it’s been well documented that she’s not just short for a model, she’s actually just an average height. But she was discovered when she was 14, so Sarah Doukas assumed she’d continue to grow but by the time they realised she wasn’t going to grow anymore, it didn’t matter because she was casting all the best jobs anyway.
      If you look at pictures of her and Pete Doherty who’s about 6’2″, there’s a ridiculous height difference.
      Sienna isn’t 5’2″, google pictures of her and Kelly Osbourne at a festival and she’s about 2″ taller, which puts her in the 5’3″-5’4″ range.

    • Carmen
  • siena
    both rulers
    siena’s skinnier so she wins

  • cj

    they have similar body types
    im just glad i dont have their body types, cus damn it doesnt look good.

  • tatiana

    In real life Sienna is 5’2” maximum. I am 5’11” and she is no taller than my shoulder. Sienna’s proportion is better than Kate Moss (in this photo)

    • Ellie

      But she only looks a couple of inches shorter than Keira Knightley – she has to be at least 5’5″

  • machmalow

    um I don’t want to criticize Kate Moss, but I think this swimsuit is not the right one for her, not flattering let’s say, it looks like it’s too small … or maybe this is just me :s

  • annadrina

    SIENNA <3

  • sweetness

    Those suits do look like they’re hanging on for dear life.

  • aimdawg

    wow I think they look exactly the same! They have verrrry similar body types!
    but judging from this pic I think Sienna actually does!

  • Dr. Truth

    Sienna looks good- You can tell kate is older by looking at her body and lack of muscle tone (you can see her fat in the sun). That’s what happens when you’re in your 30s and inactive!

    • amazon

      i agree!! feel like a bitch but while i guess i wouldn’t complain at having moss’s body I think her lifestyle is really starting to show and i don’t think she has the shape for bikini modelling ( realise she isn’t modelling here, just making an observation)
      sienna looks better but i’m not sure if that is just the light. I think aswell she has slightly more waist definition, and as such carries the suit off. still don’t like it though. there are much nicer bikinis out there. all that money and choice from the worlds top designers and thats what they picked???

  • Ellie

    Sienna looks better – but I think the bikini is ugly.

  • I’m not a fan of the bikini but i guess it looks better on Sienna.

  • zrinka

    you can’t really call it copying, it’s agent provocateur, everyone i know has this bikini

  • Susan

    Sienna’s legs are so skinny yet still have curve at the top which is perfect

  • Jules


  • uh what is the difference, their bodies look exactly the same, only diff is kate’s thighs are slightly bigger.

  • otilia

    They both look great, Kate looks perfect for her age, Sienna though doesn’t have a toned body, she is just slim and average looking. Her body isn’t tone and fit.

    • nicola ewings

      Yes i agree as they do look like real women (unairbrushed ) Kate looks fantastic for her age most people of that age (non celebs ) dont even come close so i think her party days did not affect her looks at all
      Sienna being a young woman looks great too but if that was 20 years ago Kate vs sienna it would have been totally obvious ,”that it was Kate ” so weighing those photos…………… Kate all the way x

  • laney

    sienna is 5ft 5″….kate moss 5ft 7″ !!!!!

  • wannabe

    Kate moss… well last time I checked they are called skinny jeans? And plus I have nothing against America Ferreira it’s just in the photo her clothes make me more chubby than curvy… I <3 curvy but I got to say skinny wins this time! I just hate how I’m chubby and I’m voting against myself!! Well at least I dress to make me look skinny! I mean seriously?

  • Jade

    sienna 😉

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