Courteney Cox, Sienna Miller

Celebs in Jeans: Tiffany, Sienna and Courteney

celebs-in-jeans-tiffany-sienna-and-courteney - Celebs in Jeans: Tiffany, Sienna and Courteney

Time for a mini collection: celebs in jeans!

This time, our 3 (one in her 20’s, one in her 30’s and one in her 40’s) celebs wear tight jeans: slim Tiffany Thiessen pairs them with super pointy shoes, thin Sienna keeps it casual and Courteney Cox loves grey jeans and leather jackets.

celebs-in-jeans-tiffany-sienna-and-courteney-2 - Celebs in Jeans: Tiffany, Sienna and Courteney

Which denim look do you prefer?

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fp_3375540_cox_richie_mia_080609 - Celebs in Jeans: Tiffany, Sienna and Courteney

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  • cory

    i hate the shape of tiffany’s huge head… and her face. i never found kelly kaposki that great.

  • Kristy

    I think they all look fine, but Tiffany’s Jeans are the nicest and she looks the best.

  • Ellie

    Why do people still wear pointy shoes – or, why did people wear them to begin with? Holy mongrel, it looks awful. So does Sienna’s shoes. Aren’t these people supposed to have stylists?!

    • anna

      100% agreed…Those shoes (espec. Tiffany’s)..that is just wrong

  • april

    I find sienna’s shoes kinda cute actually.. but agreed about tiffany’s shoes, awful.

    as for the best fitting jeans, I go for courteney this time. her legs look just lean and long, perfect!

    • Julia

      you like sienna’s shoes that look like dork shoes but you dont like normal pumps like Tiffany’s? lol.

      • april

        well, I have my reason! I used to wear that kind of oxford shoes when I was in high school. so, nice memories to blame.. 🙂

        but I seriously find those pumps ugly, they are just too pointed and I find them neither aesthetic nor graceful *anymore* (have to admid, I still have exactly the same pair as tiffany’s somewhere in my closet and the only reason I keep them is that they have cost me a lot back then. it’s just not easy to throw out.. 🙁 )

  • Elena

    I love Sienna’s outfit. Even the shoes, I think she loves them, I saw her wearing them a lot:) The first girl looks nice too. I like Courtney’s body, but I don’t like the outfit here. Plain boring. And I think her shoes are worst of these three pairs out here…

  • Jackie

    Can someone explain to me, why pumps are considered ugly and those stupid flat oxfords are considered cute?

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  • suzushii

    For a bunch of rich celebrities with nothing to do…

    ..those are some frumpy, uglym boring clothes right there.

  • Sarah

    growing up, i thought thiessen was one of the most gorgeous women alive.

  • vkat

    I always thought Tiffany had such a BIG face, but she is pretty. Dang, I didn’t realize pointy shoes are out.
    Like april, i also wore those oxford flats in high school so i have a spot in my heart for them! (though I don’t own any now – yet.)

  • xo

    ya.. when I was a little girl.. was obsessed with saved by the bell and thought tiffany amber theissen was the most gorgeous girl to ever walk the face of this earth !! ahahhahaaaa