Front and Back, Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller Topless, Front and Back

sienna-miller-topless-front-and-back - Sienna Miller Topless, Front and Back

Looking at the pictures of Sienna Miller topless, there is one thing that I can’t really figure out – and that is “How come she is only trying to cover one boob?” If this makes sense to anyone, pretty please explain.

The fact is that there are many topless pictures of Sienna out there and in the same batch, there are a few “Sienna bottomless” pictures. Wait: topless + bottomless means “Sienna naked” pictures – and facts are, she wasn’t trying to cover up any curves.

Now on a more specific body gossip note, these pictures basically validate what we were already able to guess through clothes – and that is that Sienna’s got a flat stomach and that there’s no flab in sight.

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