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You Want to See More VS Models Looking Like… Miranda Kerr or Doutzen Kroes?

Miranda-Doutzen - You Want to See More VS Models Looking Like... Miranda Kerr or Doutzen Kroes?

At popular demand, one skinny supermodel on the left and one slim, athletic and not-as-skinny one on the right. Both rocking the Victoria’s Secret stage, both looking enviable in lingerie – but of course, we’ve all got our favorite!

Does sexy lingerie look better on very thin and lean figures on the runway, or does it look better on the slightly curvier, shapelier girls?

ddd - You Want to See More VS Models Looking Like... Miranda Kerr or Doutzen Kroes?

You want to see more Victoria’s Secret models looking like… Miranda or like Doutzen? You’ll have to agree, this year, most of them look closer to Miranda.

Share your thoughts!

NOTE: This post is not an actual battle, please do not take it literally – this is a comparison of 2 BEAUTIFUL body shapes and sizes, as we believe both these girls are beautiful in their own natural way.

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Doutzen still looks like a model…. and personally, I think that if you are selling bras and underwear…. you should have the right curves…

    I’m not saying Miranda does not have a great body.. because she does.. ( I would trade with her in any second)

    But I feel like if they are selling a “bra that makes you look two cups bigger”, they should use a girl that looks like b-cup… with the bra on!

    • Paulina


  • Casey

    What I always liked about VS is variety. I like that they have tiny models like Miranda and Alessandra, and larger models like Doutzen, Adriana and (previously) Tyra. They also have short models like Marisa and tall models like KK. (all of these things are by model standards though, of course…Marisa is not actually short nor is Doutzen actually large).

    I want to keep seeing both. It would be boring if the runway was just a bunch of Doutzens or just a bunch of Mirandas.

    • lalala43

      I agree. I personally want both the girls’ body types on the runway. However, I DO prefer Alessandra’s body type to Doutzen’s. Only because I identify with her body more than I do with Doutzen’s. So I think it’s just said person’s opinion. An extremely tiny figured girl would want to see someone completely different on the runway than a girl with a more full figure would want to see.

    • liza

      i completely agree casey. its refreshing to see one of the bigger name modeling companies showcasing women of various sizes and shapes

    • doris

      I can’t believe that you called Doutzen as a large model.

      • Casey

        ? I didn’t call her a large model?

        I said she was larger (compared to Miranda…I mean, she is bigger), and then I said I didn’t mean she was actually large.

        I don’t know why people always associate “large” and “bigger” to be insults or something. What if I said Doutzen was larger and meant it in a good way (which is how I feel about Doutzen, but I didn’t say that)?

        • savanda

          Doutzen is from Holland, Generally, Dutch people are build larger genetically. Just because she is large, doesn’t mean she is fat.

          • Tamar

            That’s not true.
            I’m from Holland and we are taller than average here but we’re not larger. A typical Dutch person is tall and narrow. (sorry if I don’t use the right words).
            Offcours Doutzen is super pretty, but that’s not what a typical dutch girl looks like. In fact I have never seen someone with such a broad waist like Doutzen here.
            and I wanted to say that i love all VS models!!

          • DutchExpert

            Doutzen is Frisian ! She is not from Holland.

    • H

      I agree!

    • Sharen

      I’m not sure if I agree or not.

      I think both sizes are fine. But for me it’s more a question of shape. Looking at Miranda and Doutzen, at first I thought “neither, Miranda is too thin for lingerie, Doutzen’s waist is too thick and her boobs are too small, a VS model should be more like Adriana Lima or Bar Rafaeli”. But after reading your comments I find it fair that they come in different shapes and sizes. I guess I just identify more with models with bigger boobs, but women with small boobs buy bras too. I guess as long as they are incredibly adorable they can be VS models. However, I have to say that some of the girls this year were not good enough for VS. VS models have to glow.

      On a different note, you can’t trust pictures, cause Miranda Kerr goes from tan to pale in these.

  • Stacy

    I like Doutzen’s body the most, but I still think the new models they have for VS aren’t what I would pick to model underwear. I just think that most of them don’t really have all the right curves to be modeling underwear.

    • samba

      i agree…where are the real curves? not the pretend hips and lack of thighs with great big push up boobs! i want toned, feminine, hippy and healthy women for lingerie not big boobs on tiny skinny child like bodies

    • agreed. VS-models should be really curvy. there are too many sticks and skeletors on the VS runways-shows these past 2 years. bring back the va-va-voom!

  • Jemima

    Doutzen, please. The girl is gorgeous.

  • anna

    Personally, I think that they both have realistic body types. Neither of them look starved at all. Miranda Kerr isn’t that petite and lean with super huge boobs and Doutzen isn’t a waif.
    But I want more Bar Refaelis personally.

    • harlow

      i agree! i like that they’re both really fit looking. there’s some lean muscles here and there. but i would definitly prefer something like bar rafaeli cause compared to miranda and doutzen, bar has better waist to hips ratio, softer body with small waist, bigger boobs but with the same fit look like the other two.

  • b

    For VS, I say Doutzen. I always thought VS was about ridiculous, 100% women curves. If I’m going to be naked in front of my bf, I’m going to want to have her body.

    It’s hard to explain…Miranda’s body is sexy in the “what women thinks looks sexy” way. I would feel invincible strutting around with that bod. But at the end of the day, what men want, and what I know is REALLY sexy, i.e. carnal, basic-desire-type sexy, that’s Doutzen.

    • cusi

      you’re so right! πŸ˜‰

    • Sharen

      I think men like both, Doutzen and Miranda. I know a lot of my guy friends like Miranda.

      • samba

        i agree with b. Women strive for Mirandas body most of the time. I know guys (a few, not many though) that like her face and her airbrushed body…but as soon as they see the catwalk unairbrushed photos or photos that are candid on the beach thet are put right off. they all say its too manly in a skinny no curves way

        • gabby

          manly??? if a man looked like that he’d have a big problem. im so sick of people saying you need curves to look feminine. SOOO many FEMALES do not have curves.

          • Emma

            agree with gabby

          • Rogue

            I agree, VS is about variety because all women are different and MOST women wear lingerie!!!! I’m SUPER curvy but i think lingerie looks good on all types of women . . .

        • I love the way miranda kerr looks in the bikini, she doesn’t look manly at all. Her body’s not too built like the other model; she’s skinny and portable, everything a young lady should strive to be, she’s perfect. Go miranda!

      • men tend to like Miranda’s face (and who can blame them? she’s insanely pretty), but wants a body more like Doutzen, Adriana or Tyra.

  • violet

    i like both of their figures. they are amazingly hot and beautiful. but if you ask me to choose, i think i would choose doutzen. her body looks more appealing.i both women and men.

  • Brittany

    Doutzen all the way

  • Nkeon

    I often hear Doutzen Kroes described as ‘straight up and down’ but I don’t see that in this photo, nor others now i come to think of it. She may not have such a defined waist line but you can see her hips are quite shapely for her proportions.

  • Suzy

    I like both figures as well but I think the lingerie just looks better on fuller busts and curvier figures. So I wouldn’t mind seeing another model with a similar BMI to Doutzen. Miranda’s body is not as sexy.

  • Monika20

    Miranda looks like a 12year old boy with boobs. it’s really sad. I prefer Doutzen: slim with curves

    • Sharen

      Again comparing thin women to boys… quite offensive.

      • jill

        oh, for crying out loud ~ quit getting offended all the time for what others say!!!!! it’s sooo annoying. people like you are what’s wrong with the world. no one can say anything for the risk of offending someone! get a grip!

        • Sharen

          So people can have an opinion about women looking like boys but I’m not allowed to have an opinion about their opinion? Well my opinion is that it’s offensive and that I’m tired of people having to soften their comments when it comes to talking about fat girls but when they are talking about thin girls it’s alright to say all kinds of crap.

          And people like me are what’s wrong with the world? Who are you to judge me based on a comment?

          To me, you are the one that’s annoying and a problem.

          • lainey

            I would have to agree with this one. Since people like to say that skinny girls look like boys, I assume it’s ok to call a fat girl a whale or a cow or a pig. Right?

          • gabby

            you are SOOOO right. I’m a skinny gal and all my overweight friends who find skinniness ugly think its okay to be like “OMG YOU LOOK SO SKINNY”, “YOU HAVE NO CURVES”, how is this supposed to make me feel good about myself. I can’t help it. How would an overweight or heavy person feel if I said “OMG YOU LOOK SO FAT and GROSS”. Same difference. I’m over it people. If someone makes me feel bad for looking skinny, and they’re fat….they’re going to hear some words from me. and I don’t even have a problem with overweight people, but if you’re going to make me feel bad about myself then I’m going to teach you a lesson.

          • Emma

            lol shamne to jill, sharen said it well..i could not agree with her more.. i also agree with lainey and gabby especially! just the other day on the radio these two girls(obviously large) were bad mouthing skinny girls saying they were not as desireable as curvey girls etc. ..but if they said fat or curvy girls werent desirable to men then people would have flipped out..and they probably would have gotten fired ..y is it ok to put down skinny girls and not fat girls?

          • Rogue

            ok everyone- DIFFERENT MEN HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES!!!! Skinny, curvy, whatever!!!! My bf loves my curves, some guy friends drool over skinny girls, some over curvy girls!!! Why argue? We all know that everyone has different preferences! Neither skinny or curvy is bad, it’s how you work your look ladies!!! πŸ˜‰

        • Juliette

          I must have a sick sense of humor because this answer seriously made me LOL!

          • britterz

            i really don’t see how saying someone has a boyish figure is comparable to saying a larger person looks like a whale or pig.

          • gabby

            britterz – because its just as offensive to skinny people. when someone says you have a boyish figure just because you’re skinny doesnt make me and other skinny girls feel good about myself. It makes me feel unworthy or undesirable. Just as called a larger person a whale or a pig. It may not sound as harsh to you, but it is.

          • britterz

            I don’t get how calling someone whale or a pig is even comparable considering that those aren’t even figures that human beings can obtain.

          • Emma

            britterz, sayin someone has a boyish figure just because she is skinny is obviously insulting to that person and other skinny girls.. because most straight men would not find a boyish figure attractive.. if u call a skinny figure boyish u might aswell say men dont find ur body attractive..
            it makes no sense that a skinny frame(with no curves) can be compared to a boy but a large frame should not be compared to a whale

            (btw alot of skinny girls have curves! like jessica alba megan fox eva longoria etc. so its ridiculous to say all skinny frames are boyish)

      • Umm i actually often prefer skinny if it looks natural. But I would quite agree with Monika. I don’t think there’s any need to be offended by that, I’m not comparing all skinny girls to boys, but Miranda is way too skinny compared to what she should look like. Some girls could weigh the same as Miranda, and it would look natural and good, but it doesn’t on her. It’s just not healthy. Her legs are sunken in, and I think she has the most beautiful face and her body would look amazing with 15 pounds more on it.

        I’m not choosing skinny over curvy or vice versa. It depends on who u are and what suits u naturally. With some people it’s skinny, some curvy and more voluptuous. As long as ur healthy, exercising and not overeating or starving urselves. I like Kate Moss’ body, Kim Kardashian, Marisa Miller etc etc. Completely different bodies but great looking.

        But I don’t wanna get bashed for saying i think someone’s too skinny. Some people are too skinny (and some too fat) which is not healthy, and we should be able to say that without getting angry at each other…

        With these pictures I prefer Doutzen’s body… but Miranda’s face. That girl is beautiful!

  • sara

    i’m really not a fan of douzen, but between her and miranda who looks like a 7 y.o. girl starving herself(i’m not saying she is, is just what imo looks like) i’ll choose her immediatley!

    for me the best vs models are(or were) adriana lima, letitia casta, heidi klum, tyra, and maybe karolina kurkova

    • chechebelle

      leticia casta all the way.

      • sara

        yeah, laetitia is def one of the most beautiful women of the world!

        • red

          i wonder what happened to karolina kurkova?

          • Casey

            KK is at home with her new baby boy. πŸ™‚ She gave birth in October. I hope she will be back next year. I love her body! Those long legs are great!

    • Grey

      I came here to say this.

      While Miranda is too thin for my tastes, Doutzen’s body is not attractive to me either.

      The others you mentioned were all far more attractive in their prime.

      It’s still nice to have a mix. They don’t all have to look the same.

  • Karsten

    This is coming from a hereto guy, but I can’t understand how anyone, women included, could like anything about a “body” such as the girl on the left has. She’s ***** ******; just bones covered by a leathery hide.

    Doutzen is far, far more gorgeous, although she too is skinnier than ideal. But between these two, no question at all, it’s Doutzen all the way. She and Heidi were the only ones in the VS show that one could even stand to look at.

    • sara

      i’m happy to hear that there are some boys who actually prefer more “meat”, the majority would choose miranda over douzen unfortunately!
      i also can’t understand why miranda’s body is considered sexy..

      • Grey

        I think you will find that most men prefer a little “meat.” I’m not talking about fat, but most tend not to prefer the emaciated look. It’s the women who tend to think they need to be super skinny to be attractive. Plenty of studies have been done on this.

        • sara

          well i said that because from my experience almost 90% of men would choose miranda over douzen, and i’m speaking about people i know in real life, and also form the comments that i found on the internet..also in rl i know a girl who is just as skinny as miranda but without a face as cute as hers who nonetheless is considered very beautiful(just for being skinny)!while many other girls with a similar body type as douzen are not considered attractive..
          but if you are speaking in general you’re prob right because many men would say they like “curves” and “meat” but at the end they always prefer skinnier girls.. (at least where i live XD)

          • Ida

            where do you live? o_O

          • iry

            hmmm…. most of the men I’ve met (and I’ve been in East Europe, West Europe and the Carribean), like the “meat” πŸ˜€

          • Ellie

            Most of the men I know prefer curvier women. I also believe it’s just women who love the skinny look.

            It makes more sense scientifically for men to prefer curvier women. The bodies they find attractive are the ones that are the most fertile – this means boobs, hips and a body fat percentage high enough to concieve and maintain a pregnancy (oestrogen is stored in body fat).

            If you don’t believe me flip through the pages of a guy’s magazine next time you are in the supermarket. the models are much curvier than Miranda.

          • Casey

            I agree with you Ellie that most men prefer the curvier look, but I also know plenty of men that would chose Miranda over Doutzen in a heart beat. So it is not just women that like the skinny look.

            Also, men USED TO biologically prefer bigger women due to food shortage (being bigger = having food = being fertile). However, we have an abundance of food, so now food = obesity = infertile, thus the biological preference has moved to a more athletic body type, because that requires both moderation of food and exercise.

            I think for most men boobs and hips are still a must, but that’s only been tested on Western men. There are plenty of cultures who prefer apple shaped women over hourglass figures so (shrug). It’s all relative, and the biology depends on the environment.

          • sable

            I agree; there’s a media sterotype that men/boys prefer slim but curvy girls, with hips, breats, butt etc. Not fat, but more size 10/12 than 6/8

            (those are Uk sizes, i think they equate to us 6/8 & 2/4)

            yet most actual men and boys that I know prefer very thin with big boobs. some I know don’t mind, or like both, but by far the majority prefer thin.

            Maybe that’s just my crowd. Having said that, one of the two boys I know who prefers bigger was my ex. who left me for a curvier, bigger girl.

            I prefer Miranda because i don’t like doutzen’s face or hair, and I do prefer thin (any thinner than her is too thin imho). But doutzen does have a better stomach (more abs!), and better (flatter) bust.

    • suzushii

      Well, I hope u enjoy seeing Heidi for the next 5 minutes until she drops the TWENTY pounds she says she needs to lose.

      I thought she looked the best of out all of them, and found it insulting they covered her up with that feathery ankle-lenght skirt, like she was a hippo or something.

    • Sharen

      Doutzen is skinner than ideal? She’s probably way better looking than any woman you’ve encountered.

      • Uma

        For crying out loud, understand that different people have different tastes? So you have absolutely no arguments in favor of your opinion, therefore you thrash people who think differently. He has the right to say that for him Doutzen is skinnier than the ideal. He was not offensive or pretending to know the absolute truth, he just stated what he liked. Geeze, what’s your problem?

        • Sharen

          To me he was offensive when he talked about Miranda Kerr. Maybe that’s why I got pissed off and answered like that.

          • Sonya

            Name someone who’s a fan of nitpicking.

  • Jay

    If the boobs are fake, this conversation is silly. If the boobs are real, they are both beautiful.

    • harlow

      i suppose they use paddings and boob make up to make the boobs bigger than usual cause miranda and doutzen had posed topless before and those who had seem them knows that they don’t have much boobs to begin with.

  • melanie

    Miranda has more definition.. and she looks in proportion, so not emaciated imo. I reckon her figure, just a bit bigger all over.

  • Amy

    Miranda, Miranda, Miranda.
    Personally, I don’t think there is anything special about Doutzen’s body.
    But as someone said, I think that it’s good to have a bit of variety for the VS runway.

  • michelle

    i seem to be in the minority here, but i’m digging miranda.

  • bia

    They both look good

  • Lillian

    I’d definitely pick Miranda, but I also have self-esteem issues.

    Though I do have a couple things to say regarding the show.

    It was appalling, in my opinion. Comparing it to pictures from past years, the vibe seems a lot less fun and up-beat. There was a healthier balance between skinny girls and curvy girls, and all those in between previously.

    Miranda has lost all of her charm for me. I don’t know if she’s much smaller than last year, but she just seems less cheery. This isn’t the down-to-earth, approachable model I once developed a girl-crush on.

  • jj

    b is so right. i agree with it all. it’s really screwed up, because i want to say doutzen, but if i truly follow my gut i say miranda and i hate that, but like b said female view. We want the skinny and men want more curves and we know that and want that but can help wanting the other too. damn…haha

    • Jemima

      I am so with you.

  • SZE

    Personally, I like Miranda’s body muuuch more… but as a lot of people have already said, it’s much better if there is variety, because the fact that I find Miranda’s body more attractive doesn’t mean everyone does too. However, I think it’s completely ridiculous to say Miranda has the body of a 7- year-old boy with boobs. IMO her body is much more “feminine” and curvaceous than Doutzen’s!! I’m sorry but Doutzen is just bigger than Miranda (I’m not saying she’s big, just bigger than M) but I don’t think she’s curvier. Curvy isn’t defined by how much fat or muscle you have but by your body’s silhouette, and although Doutzen isn’t straight up and down (her hips are particularly shapely), Miranda is IMO much curvier. You can be skinny and curvy as well as slim and ruler-shaped.

    • Nkeon

      Good point that body shape and body sie are completely different.

      Though I wouldn’t say Mirander’s shaplier. Her boobs appear quite big but i think that’s because she’s wearing what must be the bra of all wonders or something. I also think Doutzen has a bigger hip to waist ratio, it’s just that her hips are lower and her waist line is only gently defined.

  • skirmute

    If I had to choose one from these two girls, I’d choose neither because one is too thin for my taste and another too muscular. They look a bit like boys each in a different way – Miranda because she has no curves and Doutzen because she has too much muscles for a woman, IMO.

    • samba

      ha ha i actually agree with this. tho if i HAD to choose i would say Doutzen juts because she usually doesnt look this manly, like, i think the angles and just the comparison to the other tiny skinny models id making her look bigger. plus you can always lose muscle. tho i wish she was more curvy in the hips/waist

  • ines

    Doutzen has fat thighs. Miranda is perfect!!lov her

    • angie

      rude. nothing about her is “fat”. you should maybe have your eyes checked….. πŸ˜‰

  • suzushii

    BTW, can u post up the pictures from the AFTER PARTY?

    There they looks so dramatically different – most girls look trully emaciated (including Miranda, who looks ok here) while Doutzen Kroes looks positively skinny and not like the picture here (where she has shapely thighs).

    And I’m not using the word emaciated lightly. I’ve never seen any of them look so skin and bones, and 10-15 years aged in the face.

    • samba

      yep! i agree! i think they all look too skinny on the cat walk…but then i saw the after party and i am sorry but they all look sick. except Doutzen

  • Kaiser

    Both have incredible figures. In a good way. I like Mirandas delicately built body and her supercute face while Doutzen is greatly toned and very sexy.

    As long as both type of bodies are doing the same runaway I cannot chose one over the other.

  • Kt

    i much prefer doutzen, but even tho miranda is too thin for my tastes, i think she’s actually curvier than doutzen, more of a hip waist ratio.

  • Lulu

    And they consider Miranda ‘curvy’. Give me a f****** break. Anyone else who thinks that Miranda has ‘curves’ seriously need glasses or something. What, so a woman who’s legs are as big as her arms is considered curvy now is it? Doutzen is slender, but nice. Miranda on the other hand looks like a 12 year old pre-pubescent boy.

    • Casey

      I can see how people think she is curvy. Curves are mostly due to bone structure, and she has a defined waist to hip ratio. I think it’s you who needs glasses if you think her arms are as big as her legs because they’re clearly not.

      Also I think it’s really rude to say that thin girls look like pre-pubescent boys (What does that even mean? Even pre-pubescent boys come in a variety of shapes and sizes). Just because you don’t like her shape doesn’t mean she doesn’t look like a woman. That’s like me saying America Ferrara doesn’t look like a woman simply because I don’t like her body. It’s stupid.

      • exactly!! i get tired of the whole thin women looking like boys. it’s great to have opinions but to sit here and trash talk a woman because she doesn’t have that body type is ignorant. i’ve seen thin women who do have curves and not all 12 year old girls look like 12 year old girls. miranda is just as beautiful as doutzen. and last time i check isn’t a woman suppose to have a vagina? thin women are just as beautiful as curvy women and if people can’t say anything nice then why say it?

        • Casey

          “If people canÒ€ℒt say anything nice then why say it?”

          I so agree with that. Everyone can have an opinion, but why not at least try to put it in a nice way? “I don’t like Miranda’s body type.” It’s not difficult. I never would have looked twice at that comment because it’s just what someone else thinks, and it’s not insulting. I think a lot of people on here need lessons in basic manners. I would never go up to someone (or say online), “God, she kind of reminds me of a balloon.” I mean really…

          And I think one of the most insulting things you can tell a woman is that she looks like a man/boy. Even saying fat/thin/short don’t cut as deep as saying your appearance is so terrible that you don’t even qualify to be your gender. Someone earlier said it’s not offensive. Hell yes, it’s offensive.

          • to call a thin woman a boy is very offensive and i don’t think a lot of people get that. people think they can say what they want without knowing what you say can hurt and then wonder why women of all body types have issues with their bodies. as a thin woman i find it offensive for people to trash thin women as if we don’t have feelings at all. it’s like no matter what you say people, well some, will continue to think that thin women are not real women, not womanly enough and so on. so for someone to think it’s not offensive to say she looks like a boy is nuts.

      • Versus

        I agree, describing skinny girls as per-pubescent boys / 12 year-old boys is not OK, it is offensive.
        Please guys, say what you want to say nicely, describe these girls just like you would describe your friends or someone you know.

        • Lulu

          But what if that is the way i see her? It might be offensive to some, but not to me. Look, could you please formally explain to me what is so offensive about my comment? It is a comment, isn’t it? Isn’t everyone entitled to their own opinion??

          • Versus

            Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is why I always ask you to share yours. It’s just that you can say the same thing nicely or not-so-nicely. For example, some described a certain celebrity as “fat cow” and I asked them to tone down their comment a bit because even if that is how they see her, it sounds offensive, because, let’s face it, no one would like to be compared to a cow. Just like no woman would like to be compared with a teenage boy.
            You can say “she’s too skinny / she needs to gain some weight / I don’t like how thin she is / I like women with more curves” – that is basically the same idea in nicer, non-offensive words.

          • Versus

            I just wanted to add that my answer wasn’t targeting your comments necessarily, I just replied to you because you asked.

            Also, there is a difference between calling someone “12 year-old per-pubescent boy” and “boyish / athletic” – the latter one can be a valid point, since there are women with such body types – many models are slightly androgynous and very attractive at the same time, so that is an objective description that states your opinion and doesn’t offend anyone.

    • britterz

      I feel like Lulu was commenting more on the fact that a lot of the VS models, including Miranda Kerr always emphasize “curves” when most of them don’t really portray what people believe curves consist of. I’d rather they just address their own body shapes, if you don’t have curves it doesn’t mean your not as sexy but I don’t know why they stress on it when they have an obvious ectomorph type build. The whole boy thing, maybe it’s because I don’t find it offensive. If I’m describing an ectomorph shape to someone I’m going to say they have a boyish/athletic type build. And then you have the people that get pissed off when you say “womanly” like they don’t know what you mean. People don’t purposely say these things to offend people with certain body types, it’s generally how they feel they can convey what they’re thinking the most.

      • Lulu

        Thank you, britterz!!
        How is it offensive to compare Miranda to a boy/guy? that is my opinion and that is how i perceive her to be!! When i see her figure i automatically think “very boy-ish”. What’s wrong with that?? I’m not offending anyone, it is ENTIRELY my opinion. I don’t think that Miranda has a ‘womanly’ body.
        Miranda is all for the whole ‘NO SIZE ZERO’ thing, but she is the wrong ambassador for it!! She IS a size zero, literally!!

        • Casey

          And it is also some people’s opinion and perception that some people look like whales, buffalo, and planets. Doesn’t mean it’s always okay to say it, even if it is “opinion.”

          The fact that people don’t find it offensive to say women look like prepubescent boys is just a reflection of the double standard that exists in skinny vs curvy. People feel it’s okay to say whatever they want about thin people and that it’s not bad to say it, but the world stops turning if you present an equally rude opinion against a big person.

          You can continue calling thin women prepubescent boys all you’d like (by the way you didn’t say boyish figure, you said prepubescent boy, it’s a lot more negative to say it like that). But every time you do I can guarantee people will point out that it’s rude and offensive because even though you don’t think it’s offensive, a bunch of others do. This thread is evidence of that.

          • Lulu

            this is way off the topic but it would be awesome if they had ‘skinny vs curvy’, –> Miranda Kerr vs. Kim Kardashian. Now THAT is what you call the ultimate in skinny vs. curvy!!!!!!! You can’t go any more opposite that that!!

          • Sharen

            Casey is right. Most women like being feminine. Would you like it if they told you that you look like a guy?

            I don’t know, maybe you have to have been thin to understand. I you don’t that’s OK, but at least believe that a girl who is told she looks like a 12 year-old pre-pubescent boy, a stick or whatever gets hurt the same, exactly the same, than a girl who is told she looks like a whale or a mammoth.

            I think some people find it OK to put down thin people because they can’t get thin, so they assume that thin people don’t eat, so they are that way on purpose and it’s OK to say crap. Or maybe it’s because thin women are more successful in the media (models, actresses and so on) so they feel it’s OK…Or maybe sometimes it’s just plain envy, I’m not saying always, not necessarily in this case or anything,but sometimes you can just tell it’s envy.

      • Nkeon

        It’s all relative

        • samba

          I dont see Miranda as curvy at all. AT ALL. i mean, she is very straight in the waist/hip area except when she is airbrushed! i know you can be skinny but still have the ‘curvy’ ratios…but none of the VS models have this. Except MAYBE candice (tho i havent looked that much at her)…it really annoys ,me that they (including Miranda) are portrayed as having ‘curvy’ ratios. i mean, what happens when you get a girl with REAL hourglass proportions and is already at a skinny/ slim weihht and compares herself and thinks she is fat! i mean, she will never lose her hips etc. its bone structure! so to say miranda has this ‘curvy’ ratio…imo…is dangerous

  • Angela

    I really like variety about VS, cause not every girl should be ‘straight up and down’. But I personally don’t like neither of the girls’ bodies. Miranda’s seems likes she’s starving herself and Doutzen’s a bit too ‘muscular’ in a way for me. If I had to choose between the two, i would say Doutsen for sure.

  • Melissa

    My fav VS models! πŸ™‚
    I think they’re both beautiful- body and facewise. But I have to admit that, for myself, I wouldn’t want a body like Doutzen’s. She looks great, no question, but I just find petite girls more attractive.

  • pppccc

    Just two words:DOUTZEN KROES!

  • katrin

    doutzen! she has a perfect body!!!

  • Julia

    both women are gorgeous. in choosing one of the other we perpetuate the idea that there is a single ideal body type, which obviously, there is not. i would like to see more variety runway shows. i think this vs show was a definite step in the right direction in that respect, as the girls varied (somewhat) in body type and structure. bravo.

    • Versus

      Actually, I think that this post clearly shows that there is not just one ideal body type, but more – proof: some people prefer Miranda, some prefer Doutzen. I usually get the same results in all these side-by-side comparison posts: people have varied preferences, fact which demonstrates that women do not need to look a certain way, since all body shapes and sizes are liked.

      • Julia

        I agree that the post has evoked different opinions which encourages tolerance and acceptance; at the same time, however, the idea of “choosing” one over the other just rubs me the wrong way. In any case, I think it was a successful post considering the number of responses πŸ˜‰

  • Julia

    *in runway shows

  • stajjny

    I like Mirandras the most πŸ™‚ But that’s just me, i don’t think Doutzen looks fat or even close. She looks very healthy, slim and it’s nice with some variation when watching a fashionshow.

    • angie

      yay! i love you for this comment! most of the people that have picked miranda have thought that doutzen is fat and a. it’s SOOO not true and b. it’s makes me hate myself a little more each time i read things like that… πŸ™

      i like them both too πŸ˜‰ maybe like 5 more lbs on miranda though….

  • Juliette

    I think Miranda looks better. She also has a really gorgeous face.

  • Sidney

    i like them both as well, but i kind of prefer doutzen in that sense that i feel there are far more models similar to miranda than to doutzen. i have to comment on the “men prefer a little meat” comment though: i’m not one to have any curves, when i gain weight i become more round but def. not curvy, and from my experience men pay a lot more attention to me when i’m thinner. not that women should care too much about what women think, but idk, saying things like that irks me.

    • Sidney

      what men think i meant

    • pppccc

      Well,friends of mine who are boys prefer my best friends body over mine,while she is curvy and I’m thin(not sickly thin)…Maybe it’s just them,I don’t know,but generally in discussions I’ve noticed that guys consider curvier girls more attractive.Of course,we cant say tha ALL guys prefer curvy women!!!
      But guys also look the face of the girl,so maybe your face doesnt look as good as when you are skinnier!They say the face changes when you gain or lose weight…

    • Uma

      Well, you just said that you do not become any curvier, so your example is not so relevant in the thin vs curvy debate. Moreover, most people look their best at their natural shape,and you are probably more small built, that is why you appear more attractive when on the thinner side. Hope this makes sense and does not come off as offensive, not my intention whatsoever.

    • Sharen

      I think guys look more at the whole package. I have a lot of friends who like Alessandra Ambrosio and Scarlett Johansson and…

      Also, men have different tastes, the same than women do. But I think the majority want boobs and a butt BUT they also want a small waist and long slender legs. That’s why Adriana Lima is so popular.

  • Stace

    I really cannot believe people are choosing Miranda over Doutzen! Miranda is a pretty girl, but would be stunning with about 10 lbs. to her. She isn’t muscular. She just looks emaciated. While looking at the pictures, I kept wondering how she was able to walk in the heels without her legs snapping.

    I’m not saying Doutzen’s body is ideal either, but of the 2 I prefer her by far.

  • steph

    With Miranda, her legs are so skinny they look too far apart… Doutzen doesn’t have that much waist definition, but that’s muscle. I think Doutzen is incredibly beautiful, and her legs are incredible. Considering she’s on the skinny side, Miranda makes her look curvy- which she isn’t. What does that say about Miranda Kerr?
    Just an opinion.

  • Saltero

    Miranda looks like a genetic freak. Not a good example for young girls. So few could ever look like her no mater how hard they tried.
    The blond at least looks healthier and has a very pretty face.

  • Eve

    They both are stunning but in absolutely different ways.

  • I honestly can relate more to Miranda’s body type so naturally, I would rather see her on the runway rather than Doutzen. But, I think that having the different body types on the runway is a good way to get every girl to see people of their body type wearing the product. If the only people on the runway were Doutzen, no petite tall girl would be able to picture herself in the product, as well as if all the models looked like Doutzen. I think both are fine and that no girl should expect to look any different they what they already have.

  • Elena

    I think Doutzen is gorgeous, i prefer her face to Miranda’s, but I don’t think she has curves, no waistline at all…

  • Jane

    I think it’s important to understand that the pictures are photographed at different times. Doutzen is obviously in the middle of her walk and her feet’s closer to each other than Miranda who is striking a post, that’s why her thighs look larger. I think it’s unfair to judge body types based on pictures like this. But like the real world, there are different kinds of models. Would be bland if all look like Miranda or like Doutzen.


    I actually don’t think that miranda has lost that much weight since last year… maybe a couple of pounds, it just seems more because she was so slim in the first place – although Doutzen defs looks better!

  • Suji

    I love, love, love Doutzen’s figure. I would love to look like her πŸ™‚ Miranda is pretty also, but in my opinion a little too thin.. her arms especially.

    I think it’s unreasonable to expect every woman to look like cookie cutter dolls with only one type of body, when everyone is born with different DNA. So I hope VS continues to show different types of bodies on their runway.

  • Goldi

    Real wemen have curves!!! Real women are not all amazons. I would love to see shorter women out there!!!

    • chaz

      real women come in different shapes, sizes and heights not just curvy. It is nice to see fuller body’s but anything fuller then doutzens body is not really classified as a model, a plus size model yeh no problem. Think of it from a marketing point of veiw, you all complain you want to see larger girls but the reality is no one wants to see bulges bouncing up and down on the runway. not appealing

      • neutra

        Real girls are born with vaginas. Curves have nothing to do with it.

    • Ellia

      Being a woman isn’t defined by having curves, or being petite.

      Look at Audrey Hepburn. She was incredibly slight, with small breasts and what was considered a ‘boyish’ figure for the time. Yet she is also the essence of femininity..her long graceful neck and the way that she carried herself, and even the way that she looked into the camera.

      There are many facets to being a woman.

      • Goldi

        My point exactly, women caome in many sizes and all should be represented. I am not tall and I am not 80 lbs. Nothing about me bounces around, I have no bulges!!! My whole point is these women are freaks. I would just love to see people out there that look like people, not starving to death. Sorry I don’t care what you say, they are all emaciated looking. Heidi is the best one and she is still super thin. It is sad that being so thin is the only way you all can see as beautiful. Just sad . . . .

  • iry

    Doutzen! And not because she looks better in lingeray (they both look great), but because she looks healthier and has a body more achievable; plus, men want someone they can grab a hold to, not someone who might hurt them with their bones.

  • LuluS

    Both are stunning, but since VS has a variety of body types it would be nice to see a variety of heights too. Petite Girls have equally hot bodies as tall girls!

  • tingting size 6

    durtzen kros appeals to myself much more. and I am an avid fan of vs lingerie! cos it fits and flatters almost all types!

  • trixiepixie10

    I love Doutzen, Miranda is a tad skinnier this year (or so it seems in this picture) but Doutzen looks a tad curvier than last year (or again, so it seems in this picture). Either way, Doutzen. πŸ˜€

  • ha

    I don’t really have a preference with either of them, but I do appreciate how fresh and beautiful Doutzen’s face is. It’s way better than Marissa Miller’s or those brazilians’. They are too harsh. Doutzen has this sweet beauty to her.

  • chaz

    fuller girls aren’t necessarily curvy, Miranda is thin but she still has a shapely body, curves aren’t just for bigger people or for those that think bulges are curves, its all bone structure people, and also having a decent amount of meat

  • alex

    tell me miranda’s bra is majorly padded.
    is it possible to be that slim and have THAT kind of clevage?

    • iry

      U can πŸ˜€ with VS underware! I’ve got to admit they know how to sell their stuff

    • Nkeon

      It IS possible to be very thin and have a lot of cleavage; that’s the lollipop bodytype. Lindsay Lohan is an example of that.

      However, I think Miranda’s cleavage is the result of a good wonderbra because i’ve seen other pics and her cleavage isn’t that full. Also because she’s thin, her boobs look bigger in comparison to her figure.

    • Sharen

      I don’t see why you all seem to think that Miranda’s boobs look huge. They look fine with her body and it’s obviously padding anyway. There were other girls on the show with bigger breasts than her.

      And yeah it is totally possible.

  • lina

    Doutzen hands down!

  • Lisa


  • alex

    Wowww thanks for the nice match up:)

    Miranda is cute, but Doutzen is one of the most beautiful models in the history of fashion!

    Just telling the truth people:)

  • alex

    Holy Lawd i just saw the Victoria’s Secret after party pics of Doutzen…………. and girl is looking mighty fine

  • beckers

    Well no trying to offend anyone here, but i have to tell you personally I found the picture of Miranda shocking. She is an attractive person but for me she is too thin.

  • jjj

    I think Miranda looks the best here. But while most people disagree, what is great about VS’s new round of models is that it makes VS appeal to a much larger audience. A larger audience of fans as well as a much larger audience of women and potential customers. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Larger women can appreciate the more curvy VS models, and smaller women can appreciate the less curvy, thinner models. A thin teenage girl who certainly isn’t developed yet doesn’t need a larger sized bra. She would probably look more at what Miranda and thinner models like her would model. If her older sister who is 25 is also thin like Miranda, she would also look at sets worn by thinner models too. However, she might be more curvy and would look more at lingerie worn by Doutzen.

    I know people will try, but this really isn’t something anyone can argue. The new VS models add a diversity to the VS line which is good for the consumer, good for the viewers, and good for the company. Win win for everyone in this thread too!

    • Nkeon

      i can’t really seeing larger women identifying with any of the VS models, tbh

      • gigit

        I don’t think actual plus-size women would identify with the models much because most of the clothes at VS do not fit women who are very big.

  • RR

    I agree with Casey. I love how VS uses a variety of sizes!

  • machmalow

    Doutzen is gorgeous, but Miranda too, in a thinner way, but that’s my opinion. That’s just too bad that models this year look closer to Miranda because it is inevitable that lots of ppl will say she’s way too skinny, if not anorexic or whatever. I don’t deny that her legs are very (VERY) thin, but if you look at the girl, there’s no bones or ribs sticking out. However, I’m suspecting a boobs job …
    I know it sounds crazy but Doutzen’s legs look huge compared to Miranda’s, but they’re actually normal and meaty. And I definitely think Doutzen is more beautiful than Miranda.

    • angie

      i see ribs on her – in both pics! :/ more just towards the top, right under her chest. i still think she’s pretty though…. both of them are! πŸ˜€ doutzen makes me feel a bit better about myself thought because, i am not fat (although i’m sure some people on here would say i am… :P) but i’m not skinny either. i’m *gasp* NORMAL!!!! omg!! πŸ˜€ normal can be ok too, right?!?!? πŸ˜‰

  • Samantha

    I am of the opinion that variety is the spice of life
    Ok, skinny is not healthy and beautiful, but it’s nice when people are different… So both!!

  • brina


  • Abel

    Doutzen. I think the other girl would benefit from a big-mac or something.

  • catherine

    miranda kerr hands down

  • Elle

    Personally. I’d much rather have the body of a teenage boy. I hate having measurements of 34-23.5-35. I’d much rather have narrow hips and a light bust. So yeah, i’d rather have miranda’s body.

  • Maria

    I prefer Doutzen by far…

  • MissFreaky

    Doutzen, definitely!

  • chchris

    I prefer Miranda Kerr by far.

    They are both beautiful woman with beautiful faces, but i prefer Miranda for her legs, arms and the just a little bit skinnier body.

  • Ellie

    I much prefer Doutzen – I don’t think Miranda looks good at all. She’s always had a naturally slight frame but still looked healthy and I thought she had a fantastic figure – but now she just looks scrawny, or even sick. It looks like she’s taken her diet to an unhealthy place – does anyone else feel the same?

  • i think both models have gorgeous fit and toned bodies, but they aren’t ‘perfect’ either. Doutzen’s legs are amazing, but she had no shape on her hips and Miranda is super toned but looks quite thin in these photos. Irregardless, i would trade my bodies for either of theirs any day πŸ™‚

  • barney

    Usually i don’t like skinny girls so I could say doutzen but I make an exception for Miranda because she looks like an angel. Miranda is the most beautiful girl whos has ever walked on earth!

  • cj

    doutzen all the way

  • I like curves! I prefer Doutzen!

  • miranda should not be a lingerie model she is too skinny and scrawny, go back to catwalk modelling love, lingerie should be left to those with curvesm the waifs get everything else, so it’s only fair.

  • Liz

    OMG Miranda does NOT look like a boy! She’s quite slim (‘petite’ is a more apt description imo) but she’s still very feminine. Her features are soft and delicate, very beautiful. She has beautiful, healthy, ‘feminine’ skin. You could describe her figure as more ‘girlish’ I suppose, but NEVER “built like a boy!” And although she’s thin, she’s FAR from anorexic-looking. Have any of you ever actually SEEN a true anorexic?? She’s a beautiful girl. Doutzen is beautiful as well – they simply have different body types. One frame is larger, one is smaller.

  • Doutzen!!! she sooo gorgeous <3
    Miranda is a lil too skinny, but her face is adorable.

  • Jessica_Pinker

    Doutzen, Doutzen, Doutzen! Whoo Hoo!

  • Mike

    Miranda definitely. Her body is just much tighter and she has the sexiest tight curves. Her thighs are so shapely and sexy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better shaped thighs, they make Doutzen’s look like hot dogs, especially in the first photo. And Miranda also has narrower hips, which are sooo sexy! She looks as sexy as it gets. She has such a tight sexy figure, she is skinny with just the right amount of meat on her. From a guys perspective that is a perfect body, WOW!

  • Jemma

    Doutzen forever.

    Miranda Kerr is vastly underweight these days. If you knew her in real life she would be that girl that you and your friends were all concerned about because she was too thin. Her frail frame is more obvious in real clothes though.

  • Niamh

    the Victoria’s secret models seem to be mainly the girls from the high fashion runways now more than sexy curvacious lingerie models like Doutzen, not saying Miranda doesn’t have a great body. Just the idea of Victoria’s secret is that it’s a sexy feminine thing for all women not just the stick figures with the non-existent cleavage x)

    niamh xx

  • Qwerty

    Miranda kerr has the best body in the world, I (removed by admin)

  • It is scary to see who models start looking exactly the same. God’s plan wasn’t to produce women as if we were produced in a factory.

  • tnt

    I prefer more Miranda.She would be perfect with 5 pounds more

  • Both women are equally beautiful. If all women were just one body type, how boring would this world be?!! Thin is sexy and curvy is sexy. And all these comments on “men prefer” a certain body type. How about, who cares what men think?!!! Women need to love themselves first, no matter what size, before a man ever will!!!

  • Cara

    one looks like they starve themselves to maintain their weight, the other obviously works out.

  • cecilia

    i think Doutzen is the most perfect woman on earth, i mean look at her face, she is a princess! a human barbie! and her body is awesome! with real curves, she has the body of a woman not an anorexic :S

  • Robin

    Doutzen definitely is way hotter..
    I mean, Miranda is stunning and absolutely gorgeous,
    but her body looks like a skeleton..
    Doutzen represents the more normal/average girls
    I’m half Dutch and half Australian haha, but still I’d go for my Doutzen! πŸ˜€

  • Ray Ray

    those are not curvy women, sorry. curvy to me is someone like kim K or Beyonce, or Jennifer lopez. Those are curvys. They are cute girls who are just real skinny so those clothes they got on or ok on on them but i rather see that on curvy women not on sticks

  • Jade

    even though doutzen has a great body I prefer miranda’s-hotter and I like her proportions more

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Doutzen’s body.

  • i love both of them, they are really beautiful but i prefer miranda’s body.. my dream body is miranda’s body..:))

  • svxx

    Personaly i prefer Miranda’s body because I can relate more to it. And I find it really insulting when people start having a go at her for not having curves. its not her fault that she dosent. Grow up and stop thinking that because you happen to have curves means you’re better or more womanly than those who dont. Curves arent what defines a woman.
    I think she has a beautiful figure (as does Doutzen , btw.) and she’s in perfect shape. And all the people who say she’s anorexic or emaciated have obviously never seen someone actually affected by anorexia.

    Miranda and Doutzen are both beautiful ,

  • Ridley

    even though i think miranda kerr is prettieer, i’d like to see more models like Doutzen, because she has a more realistic build. She’s slim yet curvey. so am i. so are most women. not many are NATURALLY model thin like that.

    • Rachel

      Theres no such thing as a realistic build, all women are different. I know lots of naturally thin women.

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  • Sann

    Doutzen πŸ™‚

  • Jenna

    Miranda hands down

  • Debbs

    Doutzen for sure. Amazing figure.