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Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn in Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Brooklyn-Decker-and-Crystal-Renn-in-Bikinis - Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn in Bikinis

Guess what? Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, Sports Illustrated hottie Brooklyn Decker and the most popular plus-size model Crystal Renn will share the cover of Glamour’s June issue!

And we can’t know for sure if they’re gonna lack clothes in the final photo, but the 3 beauties posed together in St. Barths this week wearing nothing but bikinis!

Glamour Magazine promised last year (after the overwhelming response they got for including naked Lizzie Miller’s tummy in the magazine) to feature women of different shapes and sizes – and it looks like they’re doing a pretty good job. Unlike Love’s Magazine (failed) initiative to feature models of different sizes, these 3 girls right here are actually different.

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Brooklyn-Decker-and-Crystal-Renn-in-Bikinis-2-as-Smart-Object-1 - Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn in Bikinis

Looking forward to seeing the cover!

2 more after the jump!

crystal-renn-in-a-bikini - Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn in Bikinis

Alessandra-Ambrosio-in-a-bikini - Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn in Bikinis

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Yves

    It does seem as though it’d be an interesting issue indeed!

  • Uma

    Crystall looks way better than Brooklyn – imo, of course, because Brooklyn is an apple shape and i just don’t like it – yet Crystal is the plus size. She is at most one size bigger than Brooklyn, on the bottom, as her top half definitely seems smaller.

    Allesandra who?

    • sara

      i was thinking the same! especially in the first pic brooklyn seems a lot bigger than Crystal…curious!

      • monkey

        I think they all look terrible in that first pic, but that’s because is not a flattering angle I guess. Funny how without the photoshop and the good angles they look pretty normal, speally the sport illustrate girl, I would have never guessed she was that kind of model, or a model at all.

        • terri

          i agree with the first picture they don’t even look like models.

      • alexad

        its the curse of apple shapes. im at right weight for my body but being an apple i can only look good if im a little under. i feel awful in a bikini. apples carry any extra weight horribly

        • yaayaa

          Sooo true! Can’t pull off even being 5-10lbs overweight and tend to lose weight it legs/thighs first–where we least need to lose! I’m an apple (and my legs from calf down are sooo skinny, broad shoulders –no curve in waist!…. I want to lose my backfat and some belly, but I know my legs are gonna look too skinny after that 🙁

    • artemis

      yeah she has no ass
      even ale’s is bigger
      I like neither

  • Mary

    Ah, that Ambrosio! She’s really one curvy chick. I’m glad they are still women who represent a healthy look with a good portion of accurate self-awareness.

    • Beans

      Haha so true. She’s CLEARLY a “curvy chick”.

      Delusional is what she is.

    • Cathy

      You Made my day Mary … so true ;D

    • babyvincer

      LOL! “CURVY”…
      Alessandra looks TERRIBLE!

      • Cristini


        • mark

          Allesandra has perfect tits & ass and a perfect lean narrow figure. It doesn’t get much sexier.

          • brena

            What tits and arse, dude?

          • Joanna

            So ribs sticking out is appealing to you?

    • Emily

      Actually, I think she’s pretty. She looks like someone who’s naturally slim, not creepy like Megan Fox. You can see her ribs when she arches her back, but you can’t see the bones of her upper chest.

  • Payal

    Errr..think Allesandra Ambrosio’s swimming bottoms are a little it too low in the last pic?

    • lala

      yes i was thinking that. What the hell is sticking out of her bottom suit?

      • charlotte

        haha i knw what is that? do u reckon its a tatoo?
        haha its really disturbing if it what i think it

        beautiful girls though! nice to see different shaped and sized women 🙂

  • Christa

    I’m usually all for the thin gals, but here- Chrystal Renn is clearly the hottest. She has the best proportions and the prettiest face. That Decker girl- really? I know she’s an apple shape, but for a model that claims to be as thin as she looks in Sports Illustrated, she’s really not in shape and looks out of proportion. And her face…ouch. Ambrosio is still the same old gaunt, man- face.

  • Angela

    I personally dislike so much Als looks. Even her ghostly bod.

  • Angela

    I love Brooklyn’s bod a lot. Slim and curvy at the same time. Also very healthy.

  • madeleine

    crystal renns face is gorgeous
    alessandrias body is best
    brooklyn decker looked soooooo much hotter in the other shoot…face here looks bad and also (not meaning to offend any one) but i dislike apple shaped women, to me their bodies almost always look weird unless they’re super skinny
    again i don’t want abuse for saying that…it’s just a preference

    • rachel

      No Madeline what look’s weird is a starved women in her twenties who doesn’t look a day over 12 with clearly visible bones, women with apple shaped figures can look beautiful if they maintain a healthy weight. I say good on Brooke for maintaing a natural weight when the industry and girls like you say otherwise

    • alexad

      yep.. it sucks so much because i weigh the least out of my friends and they all look better in bikinis cause the way i carry my weight (im at perfect weight!) is horrible and i need to be pretty much underweigt to look good :/
      jessica simpson seems like an apple. she looked so good in dukes of hazzard and look at her now with few extra pounds

      • madeleine

        i’m sure you look great…all you need is confidence…and as for rachel i don’t disagree that apple shape women can look great, because in the end it’s about the entire person not just their body. and some one are naturally super skinny…i wasn’t saying every apple shaped women should starve themselves and exercise crazily…

  • Kat

    Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn look amazing, Alessandra Ambrosio looks freaky.

  • Davidla

    Has Brooklyn put on a few pounds? She has hips now.

    • bonnie

      she probably has been pigging out since she finished her sports illustrated photo shoot.

    • Pistola

      I wouldn’t call those hips… I’d call them “love handles”… She has very narrow hips actually, which makes her love handles more noticeable.

  • i guess it’s pretty normal to see them together as alessandra is a “curvy” girl !

  • beth

    LOL at the last picture…whats coming out of alesandra’s bottoms??

    • Debbie

      I dont know but looks disgusting!

    • Rachel

      It’s a hair band, there’s a further picture showing her putting her hair up with it

      • Jo

        Why would anyone put a hairband in the front of her bikini bottoms? The only reason I can think of is to prevent camel toe, but that can be fixed with photoshop I’m sure.

        • Sharen

          to not hold it in your hand silly!

  • anna

    Alesandra looks thinner than ever (…wow…curvy? really? has she seen herself?) Cyrstal looks amazing, in fact, I cannot appreciate a big boddy difference between Brooklyn and her, perhaps it’s because they have different body types but as far as I’m concerned the real difference is between Alesandra and the other girls.
    I think Crystal lost weight recently but consider her a plus a size and Brooklyn a common one…I think there’s not such a big difference between them. Anyway, great Glamour idea

  • Natasha O

    Alessandra looks great face wise and that’s about it Brooklyn looks great I love her and I’d trade bodies with her in a heartbeat if she had more butt but I know thats out of her control and Crystal looks phenomenal she’s looks great here…..:) But all in all in the grand scheme of things Now this is a shape issue 🙂

  • ann

    Plus Size Model != Plus Size Human

    Crystal Renn really isn’t big. Maybe compared to Ale but, then again, Ale is kinda scary looking ATM. Renn is not shopping in the plus size section in any major store (Unless its Twigmart or something). Decker looks a bit funny because of the way she’s standing in the first picture. They must have shopped’ the heck out of those pictures is SI because I think i’m look at a very different body. Why am I not surprised?

    • lowa

      lol @ ‘twigmart’

  • Vera

    Crystal’s body actually looks really good even in a bikini…I wish I were curvier so to speak, I’m probably the same size but much less pleasing to behold. She also has the best face.

  • TeeBaby

    It really disgusts be that they are openly calling her “plus sized”. She has a little meat on her bones..the last thing anybody..god forbid someone’s daughter needs to that the two on the outside are “normal” and the one in the middle is”PLUS SIZED”. Wowww

  • olga22

    I don’t find Brooklyn’s body attractive at all, again no offense but I don’t like apple shaped bodies-she looks very disproportional, but I guess it’s not her fault she lacks butt, hips and waist. I don’t get why she was chosen for SI cover against so many hot proportional top models like Irina Sheik, Esti Ginzburg. Alessandra looks too skinny, where did her boobs go?

  • i

    brooklin seems so fay here!wow thats wirde
    the had to put an hgihe fashion model too
    like natasha poly or something
    to show

  • sam

    i don’t think that alessandra looks that bad (in fact, i think her body looks pretty good). i know she is a lot skinnier now (compared to previous photos), but when u put her next to 2 girls that are nearly twice as large as she is, then she’s gonna look a lot smaller..
    so sorry to say,but i still think she looks the best in a bikini…

  • 0???

    Brooklyn’s stomach and thighs are much to mushy and lumpy for my taste. I agree that Crystal looks the best but looks nothing like the Sports ILL. magazine cover.

  • Melrose

    I love the picture of all three of them sitting together, they’re all really pretty. How is Crystal plus size?she has a beautiful shape and looks healthy. I am a little surprised by Brooklyn’s shape though, I expected a sports illustrated model to be more like Alessandra but with Brooklyn’s breasts. Regardless all the women look lovely but I really am not feeling all the bones sticking out of Alessandra.

  • Katarina

    I think what’s most interesting is seeing someone as thin as Alessandra next to the other two ladies. Here you REALLY see just how skinny Alessandra is. You don’t really see it when she’s standing next to other thin women or when she’s alone in a photo.

    Furthermore, Crystal has lost weight recently, and I think you can really notice is if you compare these photos to earlier ones. I read an interview with her recently that it’s due to splitting up with her husband/boyfriend so I don’t blame her, anyone knows what a break-up does to your appetite. But I really hope that she doesn’t lose any more than this.

    • Casey

      She does also have smaller bone structure than the other two, and that has to be taken into account (even at her overweight size, she will probably be the same size as Crystal, who is not overweight).

      However, she is looking too thin these days.

  • mEEEE

    It’s a shame that Crystal is considered “plus-size” when all I see is an “average-sized” or healthy-looking girl.

  • mermaid

    crystal really looks the best here. her shape is nicest and most proportionate. she actually looks more than moderately fit, and perfectly healthy. the tiny, itsy-bitsy little tummy she does have looks almost as if she is enhancing it by slouching.

    maybe it goes to show its easier to nip in a waist with photoshop than it is to create boobs and abs? cause brooklyn looks dumpy and frumpy here. she has no shape, a thick middle, and while i normally like boobs, hers look matronly with that thick waist. her butt is even shapeless!

    and how is crystal ‘plus sized’ if brooklyn is an ‘average’ model size? because crystal has a nicer shape? that must be a JOKE. her stomach isn’t quite as flat, but the size of their builds are close if not the exact same. i would say brooklyn could wear smaller pants (due to board flat tummy and oddly small legs), but in dresses, i would say crystal can wear something smaller, due to a smaller waist and chest.

    and do NOT even get me started on alessandra! she looks terrible!

  • Sharen

    My favorite is Brooklyn. She looks very different from her SI pics, but I still think she’s the hottest out of these 3, her waist isn’t very small but she’s got the best legs, boobs and face, imo. My second choice would be Alessandra, at least in these pics she seems to have nice legs. My last choice would be Crystal, I’m not really impressed with her in a bikini, I probably wouldn’t look twice if I saw her in person.
    Anyway, there are a lot of women with better bodies than these three. But I think they did a good job choosing women that are different sizes and shapes.

  • Kelli

    I’m not impressed with ANY of them.

    IMO-I have a better bikini body at 32 than these girls. Al is too skinny, Brooklyn doesn’t have much shape and Crystal is a little too soft.

    • purpur

      i think alessandra must be getting close to 30 these days…and the others aren’t 16 or anything. i think they are in their mid-20’s or so. don’t let anyone make you think you can’t look great after 30! 32 is still really young…and good for you for working it and not just giving up. i think a lot of women think their age is an excuse to not take care of themselves. go look at the sophia loren post and tell me you can’t look good once you are out of your 20’s! she looks amazing, and she is 75! she looks better than half these little ‘stars’ running around, lol.

  • Casey

    Out of the three, Crystal has the best figure. A proportional hourglass. However, I don’t like her body in a bikini.

    I never was wowed with Brooklyn Decker’s figure, so not surprisingly, I don’t like her here.

    There were times when I would see Ale and just be awed.

    She WAS curvy. But after her baby, IDK. Maybe she is overly worried about gaining weight or becoming soft. But whatever she is doing, she is overdoing it.

    • Casey

      Oh and I want to add, this is what Ale looked like in a bikini before she lost the baby weight:

      If she still looked like that, I think she would outshine the other two ladies here, no doubt.

      • Kelli

        Agreed! WOW! I’d forgotten how gorgeous she was before she turned skeletal.

      • Sharen

        You’re right, if she was still looking like that she would be the hottest. I’m not too impressed with the white outfit cause I know it’s all padding, but the one with the black bikini is WOW, I can see a VS model there!

  • Taylor

    Alessandra still amazes me.

    She needs another 5/10 pounds though. THEN she would be perfect 🙂

    Not a fan of the others. Sorry.

  • Kelli

    Okay, on second look I think Brooklyn has the best bod. I think the first pic doesn’t look so good because of the way the swim bottoms are pushed down and look a little tight. However, in the pic of Brooklyn from behind you can tell that she DOES have a waistline.

  • kitty

    Guys…She looks definetly more toned now. I think Ale has a great body , u`d all kill to have her body, no stretchmarks, no cellulite. Cristal`s body is also nice , but in the first pic u can see her cellulite and she has definetly more the Pamela body. Ale is gorgeus!

  • M.

    I think all three of these women are brave and beautiful for doing this shoot! So much of our perceptions of these women’s sizes are relative. If we see Alessandra alone and photo-shopped, we might accept that she is “curvier” because we don’t have anything else to compare her to. Or seeing her beside other 5’10” size 0 models we might believe that she is healthy and tone, but here, she is putting herself on the line by standing beside 2 women of a fairly average size. She is saying “this is how skinny models really are!”

    Brooklyn… I mean this is brave! Everyone wants to believe that sports illustrated models are the same as other models, but many of them aren’t. Many of the SI models are too “big” to be anything other than swimsuit models. From Sports Illustrated, we all accepted that Brooklyn was incredibly thin with big boobs. I remember reading lots of comments that her body was unattainable, but here she looks completely healthy. Standing next to Crystal, you might even call her plus-size, and considering that anything about a size 4 is considered plus-size, she likely is “plus-size” without the title. She is sending the same message, “Plus-size isn’t fat.”

    And Crystal is just a god send to the fashion industry. She is stunning, and here we can see how normal she really is. She isn’t fat at all. Not as tone as Alessandra, but definitely healthy and beautiful. She is sending a message to all of us that “size” doesn’t define beauty.

    I think it is completely awesome that all three of these women agreed to do this shoot! They are all gorgeous, and they are dispelling our misconceptions due to the ways that all three of them are represented to us. Brilliant idea on Glamour’s part, and extreme courage from all three of the models!

  • M.

    *above a size 4… not about. sorry…

  • Emmy

    Brooklyn must be one of the luckiest people, she is a famous well paid model and she doesn’t have to diet!

  • CN

    Brooklyn’s body is not attractive at all to me. She’s healthy looking but not anything to gawk over

  • B.

    THIS is what I like to see! Super skinny, AND in between! They each have completely different bodies and they all look fantastic!
    I like how it’s not an exclusively plus size shoot, because I dislike it when they single out one body type.
    I’m being 100% honest when I say this – Alessandra doesn’t look quite as good anymore standing next to Crystal. She is still GORGEOUS of course but I personally prefer the look of Crystal’s body! Wow!

  • °-°

    finally they’re mixing sizes!

  • laila

    crystal is a goddess!!!!

  • laila


    What is Crystals body type ?

    Thank you !

    • Versus

      I am pretty sure she is a skittle:
      Slightly smaller upper half, medium size bust, slim waist, OK tummy, big thighs and not-thin calves. Skittles gain weight on their thighs mostly – I checked more pictures of Crystal and that is the area that has a bit “more meat”.
      The difference between pears and skittles is that skittles do not have super curvy hips or saddle bags (check this post and their legs are slightly longer. Also, skittles tend to have slightly bigger boobs than pears.

      • Nkeon

        I agree.

        I see skittles as a combo of hourglass and pear. Some skittles like Halle Berry and Mylene Klass lean more towards the hourglassy features and others like Sandra Bullock more towards the pear features.

        Btw, your link doesn’t seem to be working

  • WOW! Alessandra Ambrosio looks pretty thin but toned and hot on her own, but next to “normal-sized” girls she looks so scrawny!! I wish we saw uber-skinny models next to normal people more often, it may help us realize that the model body may not be ideal.

  • louise0203

    good for all of them for doing whatever they’re doing. personally, i wouldn’t buy that magazine though. where are the other vs angels? let’s see more of them!!

  • Kt

    I do think Brooklyn is smaller the Chrystal, not hugely, but She has slighter limbs and while she doesn’t have a well defined waist I think her torso is more toned and flatter looking. That said, i still think Chrystal looks great and out of all their bodies, i’d prefer hers as I like her shape the best.
    All three girls are beautiful, nice faces and look good in swimwear.
    I must say i was surprised though, my fiancee has a calendar in the spare room, the kind that can be used year after year (just have the dates, not allocated to days) so I’m not sure how old it is but I was shocked to realise that one of the girls was Alessandra, wow I loved her old figure and i also think a bit of extra weight made her face look softer too.

  • Padme

    Alessandra looks horrible next to the other girls. Scary, no wonder they usually keep plus sized models separate, they make the skinny models look anorexic (which they usually are).

  • Aims

    Man I would not want to be photographed next to alessandra cause I would look sooooo fat! LOL. She is a really beautiful girl but seriously she makes the other two look like porkers…

  • Kae

    Crystal is the most proportional of the three but her body would look better in form fitting clothes because she’s an hourglass glass shape. Some hourglass shaped women don’t look all that great in a bikini. I don’t like Brooklyn’s body at all and I’ve never found her to be attractive. I find her to be quite masculine looking. She’s definitely an apple shape and SI must have photoshopped this girl to the extreme because her body looks very different in these photos. And then there’s Alessandra…she has lost too much weight since having her baby. I think she looks disgusting.

  • livefree

    Alessandra looks flippin’ ridiculous. I’m sorry but if she loses any more weight I think VS should drop her.

  • machmalow

    the upper body of Brooklyn (from bust to head) + Alessandra’s AMAZING legs seems the perfect combination to me ^^

    It’s such a great thing to photoshoot women of all shapes and who are all beautiful 🙂

  • beckers

    Really like crystal renns body and face. Alessandra needs to get a bit more meat on her.

  • sola

    ha ha i love it! Look at the SI one! My god how people are sold by the media! Wasnt she recently the SI “it” girl?! i’ve just scoffed a whole burger, fries, 2 cans of coke and a banana split (pmsing) and i feel pretty darn gross right now, yet i can honestly say i would prefer my body over ANY of theres! Just all an illusion imo. i think its good! hopefully more girls can see what these ‘models’ look like!

  • sola

    oh one thing that scares me though is that Brooklen girl is pretty much the same size as Crystal (slightly smaller in areas but not much) yet Crystal is classed as ‘plus size’. Seriously you can barely tell the difference between the two unless you scrutinise! bit sick really

  • Ashley B

    Brooklyn Decker’s bottom doesn’t look good at all. Like a middle aged skinny guy. SI Swimsuit’s height of Airbrushing and the best photoshoppe technology.

  • jjj

    These are certainly not the best photos, but I guess we can see why magazines generally model the thinner women.

    • (most) clothes look better on skinny women. that is why.

  • crystal has the best body out of them!

  • Bebe

    To me Alessandra looks the best, thin models work it better.

  • jjj

    Crystal obviously had to lose weight in order to participate in this photoshoot. Which goes to show another reason why magazines choose thinner models and that even heavier models like Crystal agree. I don’t know how anyone can say she has the best body with a straight face when she had to recently lose weight to even try to compete with the other models! She got the fame from the anti-thin crowd because she was an over weight model. Once she got the fame, she started losing weight and became a curvy model.

    She should be commended for losing weight and getting herself more healthy, but she shouldn’t get the same credit that a healthy model should get who has been consistently been keeping herself in shape.

    The anti thin movement is just too inconsistent and always contradicting itself.

    • Kae

      Yes, and you stated that once she lost weight she became a curvy model. Does she still represent a different body type from the other two models? What’s wrong with that? A lot of people think that modeling industry under represents the “average” size female: a woman who’s size lies between a 4 and a 10. Doesn’t Crystal’s current weight represent that? She’s proportionate and has waist definition.

      • jjj

        There is nothing wrong with having a different body type than other models. It just is interesting that she originally on this site got praised for being an over weight model and that you don’t have to be thin to be a model. Additionally that she was very secure about her body. Then she lost weight recently, more than likely because she was not secure about her body and became more curvy rather than overweight. Now she is being praised again, but for having the best body out of all three models rather than being praised for trying hard to lose weight which is an indication that she thought she was overweight.

        She is semi proportionate but I disagree that she has what you would normally call waist definition. Your waist is at your belly button, however that is not her thinnest point. She has hip and belly definition, not waist. She certainly has excess fat in that area and does not look toned at all. I am pretty sure not a single person who has commented here really thinks she has the best body, they are just against thin models who consistently work hard for their bodies. Since she looks to have started working on her body (at least losing weight) like the other models, when will she no longer have the “best body”? Going by the comments in this thread, it almost seems having the “best body” means not taking care of it..

        • kate

          Crystal Renn may be the least ‘toned’, but has by far the best body shape out of the three with the most potential to look good IMO.

          P.S. For women the waist is the narrowest part of the torso which is usually above (not at) the level of the belly button.

        • TJ

          Not everyone who loses weight thinks they are fat. Some people have life changes. Moving to a new area where you are more active or having different friends can do it. Maybe she took up surfing or lives in place were she walks instead of drives. Happens to alot of us. Does it look good? Yes. Does it mean she was unhealthy before? No. Thinking she looks better doesn’t make us anti-thin. I’m not a fan of Brookes apple middle and Ale has gotten a bit to thin lately.

          And your natural waist is the narrow part of your torso and your measured waist is about an inch above your top of your hipbone. Around where your jeans hit.

    • Uma

      You know, unlike you, most people don’t believe being underweight means being healthy. Just you know.

  • suching

    Someone HAS to come up with another fruit because I don’t think Brooklyn is an apple. Jessica Simpson is an apple (thick rounded shoulders, big arms, and heavy breasts). Brooklyn (and I) are like a deck of cards. Same width shoulders/hips, average size chest, no indentation in the waist….no fruits come to mind? How about a juice box?

    • Kae

      No, Jessica is not an apple. She’s an inverted triangle because her shoulders are the widest part of her body and she has thicker arms. Apples usually have thinner arms and legs and carry weight in their middle. Other examples of apple shapes are Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie. Hillary Duff is another example of an inverted triangle.

      • suching

        So Jessica and Hillary are strawberries? So what “fruit” can we name Brooklyn (and me?). I don’t have skinny arms,legs, or middle. Everything is just straight and non-curvy…like a rectangle!

        • Uma

          it’s rectangle; there is a body shape called rectangle or “straight up and down”

  • Jo

    Ale looks like a teen girl who’s still in the awkward skinny phase before puberty next to her already-developed girlfriends. Crystal and Brooklyn are already buying their bras from the grown-ups section but poor Ale still has to wear her training bra.

  • JoJooo

    I think Renn is to big ___________________

  • NOT-mean, just honest

    i thought Crystal Renn was all for plus sized this and that.
    in the past 6 months shes lost soo much weight.

    and yes Crystal looks WAYYY better than brooklyn decker.

    crystal knows FATS NOT CUTE annnnywhere

  • Mariah

    just so everyone knows brooklyns measurements are 36-24-34 which means she is not an apple or a rectangle.. to have a waist size of 24, and hips of 34 means u clearly go in at the waist… brooklyn however has such a long torso that the indentation from hips to waist happens gradually which is why it doesnt appear as hourglassy. Also why is everyoen being so harsh .. brooklyn clearly has an amazing body having just been elected to be on the sports illustrated COVER. ofcourse she was slightly photoshopped just liek every other bikini model is. Shes beautiful and at the end of the day human liek everyone else.

    • Nkeon

      In regards to people criticising Brooklyn’s body I agree that people are being harsh. She is clearly in good shape and has really nice legs.

      As for the measurements you’ve given, you only have to look for yourself to see that it is unlikely that these are accurate. For a 10 inch whr either the waist definition would be clearly visible or for a figure with no waist with those measurements it would be due to a bigger booty. You can see neither on her.

      Celeb measurements are often made up (most commonly with hourglass like proportions) to sound more flattering.

      Crystal Renn also has a longish torso and you can see her waistline.

    • kate

      Hihgly doubt those are her true current measurements.

      • kate

        In fact I would hazzard a guess that she is currently around 36-28-36.

        • Erika

          I agree, not to b mean, but her waist looks huge compared to ambrosio, and she has a 24″ waist. (apparantly) how does that work out?

    • Uma

      Every model has the same measurements listed. No matter how they actually look; just because the interwebs says so, it does not make it real. If that waist is 24″, i live on the moon.

  • Doria

    I just can´t stand Crystal Renn. I kow she´s a plus-ize model, but i think she´s just ugly, really ugly. And If I were her, i would never ever walk in a bikini at the beach. i think she´s out of shape, her legs look really heavy, and her stomach sticks out.

  • Jules

    Poor Crystal Renn and Brookyln Decker 🙁 Standing next to Alessandra.

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  • Adreena

    Did anyone else notice that in the last picture, Brooklyn Decker has a “tail”? I don’t know… it could be her tailbone protruding? It’s not “normal”, is it? It’s so weird, though!

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  • niknikniken

    hey ppl just accept it, size 2 or size 10-they all look hot :Dx

  • Brooke

    Dear All!!

    I think it is a shame how fat women always have issues. Just be proud of who you are and if not, maybe zip your mouth and do something about it.. Don’t go on blogsites to express how skinny is ugly, scarry and whatever…

    Why be so nasty about Alessandra??!! Get over the fact if you are just a frustraded FAT AMERCIAN GIRL!!
    Just accept (if you are) a curvy or just that you are skinny… We are all the same

  • livy

    allessandro looks awful

  • Luisa

    haha shut uppp u guys r so jealous of alessandra.. she is beautiful!

  • Morgan

    WOW! I always thought that Alessandra had a remarkable body, but in the first pic she is extremely underweight, and that Brooke chic and Crystal look like average girls, except Brooke dont have any cellulite (cant see Crystals behind so not sure of that). Thanks for posting these, cant wait until the mag comes out than we can see PHOTOSHOP details of them.

  • Ivy

    Alessandra Ambrosio beats the both of them out by face & body … she is extremly attractive . And in the 1st pic the only one that dosnt look bad is Alessandra Ambrosio.

  • Ivy

    I agree….many are jealous of Alessandra Ambrosio…she isn’t too thin at all. Brooklyn Decker is average looking …very boring…I don’t understand why she got the cover of SI. There are so many other women that are waaaaaaaay hotter then her.

  • jellyfish

    i think its sad but nobody actualy likes an apple shape.. i mean pearshaped can be cute and boyish figures can be cute.. but nowun ever says apple shape is “cute”. which sucks cuz im an apple =(

    • Joanna

      Oh, geez, jellyfish. Quit stressing! A lot of men have bellies, and don’t mind a little on a woman.

  • Allesandra is the only one who should be wearing a bikini. The fat bellies spilling over top of the bottoms on the other two girls are soooooo not attractive. Sorry i call it how i see it. No one wants to look at that!!!!

    • mark

      I completely agree!

  • Tony

    Sports Illustrated

    Only the left girl looks good. The other 2 know sports only from television.

  • M.
  • I think crystal looks best she has an amazing face, alessandra is too skinny and I don’t like brooklyn’s shape (apple?).

  • Joanna

    I think that Alessandra chick looks way too skinny, flat like a board. But that is just my opinion. I don’t why women sweat their weight so much. Every man has a different type they are attracted to. I am curvy like Brooklyn or Crystal now. I used to be 20 pounds heavier and I still got laid. No matter what size you are, there is a guy that will love you. If a guy thinks you’re too big, f*ck him! There’s a guy that’ll think you’re hot! And Katie, at 15, you are way too young to be worrying about your weight. Focus on school and developing your brain. Brains last a lot longer than looks.

  • Joanna

    When will people realize what you see in a magazine picture is not real? Nobody looks like that in real life. It’s called photoshopping, airbrushing, and fake tans.

  • Hey there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick
    shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your articles.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same
    topics? Thank you!

  • Came across this post by accident and I still wonder: Are these three women really top models? Im all into women having curves and skinny is not the hollywood “you need to starve yourself” look, but it should be the feminine naturally healthy look – But those 3 women really doesn’t look like models of any kind

  • RachyRach

    Alessandra looks amazing! What’s up with Broklyn? i saw JUDT GO WITH IT a couple of years ago. she looked amazing. but she’s gained a lot of weight since then. Why Broklyn, why?