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Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez – High-Cut Leggy Looks

Untitled-21 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks

Left: 31 year-old thin Alessandra Ambrosio and doing the leggy Angelina pose at a pre-Grammy event.

Right: 43 year-old shapely Jennifer Lopez in an equally high-cut dress at the Grammy Awards.

The leggy ‘Angelina pose’ from the 2012 Oscars:

140027020_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks

So many more next!


161405177_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161406925_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161408753_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161419039_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161419040_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161419042_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161419052_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161419064_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161448175_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161448178_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161448200_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks 161455591_10 - Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez - High-Cut Leggy Looks

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  • ***

    Tired of this look already – and while Jennifer looks pretty darn good for her age, and I think the alessandra will always be hot, this look is doing nothing for them, or me. Just trying too hard.

    • Hazal

      Agreed! They look ridiculous (and J.Lo even more with that ugly hairstyle).

      • cloud9

        jo’ lo looks like she’s got a peg leg, while the other looks HOT, but not for outside of a beach

  • Hannah

    It doesn’t matter how nice your legs are, you look stupid doing that pose! It looks like their leg is no longer attached to their body!

    • Nobsnob


  • annemarie

    That pose looks silly. Alessandra’s legs are great but her outfit is weird. Jennifer’s dress is nice but I don’t like her legs at all.

  • Magda

    I remember Jolie being mocked when she did this last year.
    I don’t get the trend.
    Ale is beautiful but the leather jacket and the silk dress don not go well together.

    • Indigo Lace

      Exactly .

  • kate

    LOL, SOOOO obvious.

  • Polska Blondynka

    They try so hard. LOL

  • deppfan

    They both look stunning. Very different body types and legs but rocking those high-cuts. This is red carpet so that kind of poses are not inconvenient or out of place for me. so it doesnt bother me that much. That pose would be its silliest when it is done in regular events like weddings or proms ect.

  • Pixie

    Their poses look ridiculous. But, j.lo’s dress was classy and simple, very nice! 🙂

  • siennagold

    Despite having different body sizes, they all look great.

  • girl21

    Alessandra looks so cheap! See through dress plus thigh high slit is not good- would have been so much nicer if it wasn’t sheer!

    • HB

      Yeah, great body, but you can see her panties :/

      • lia

        i am interested how it looks from behind. i hope it isn’t a string.

  • bretzel

    Thanks Alessandra for showing off here my definition of the perfect legs.

  • janice

    They all look a bit desperate, pretentious and tired to me. In the words of my late grandmother “KNOCK IT OFF!”

  • Laurie

    I don’t like it on the model and Lopez thight is way too big for that look to me, sorry it’s not working either way on either of them.

  • Tia

    I think a peekaboo (and moderate) slit on a dress is extremely sexy, but the look these ladies are sporting is ridiculous. The fact that they think they have to push their leg further out while it is ALREADY exposed is just funny.
    I find Ale’s bikini bottom + pareo combo hilarious!!

    • misscheeks

      Agreed Tia. Peekaboo slits can be very sexy in a old-Hollywood kind of way but this look is just dumb. No-one can pull it off, it just always looks overdone just put your damn leg away lol.

    • annabanana

      yes! the way the trend looked on the runway was very sexy. the celebs have taken it way too far, now its just ridiculous.

      • annabanana

        also, ale looks so pretty here, i think we are used to seeing her with more natural makeup looks, she stands out in these photos to me with the dark eyes.

  • Pixie

    Alessandra looks like she’s cocking her leg to go to the bathroom, not a good look. 🙂

  • Winnie

    i hated J.Lo’s overall look last night. just terrible. the shoes were on point though. I like Ale’s dress, but the high-split leg, low-plunge neck, AND sheer material? she was doing too much.

  • silvy

    I am completely in love with j lo. I keep waiting for the moment when she pops and she looks old…but its not happening yet! Maybe its because she doesn’t keep herself super skinny, her body still looks like a 20 year olds. I hope I look like her at 43…but I mean shes gotta age sometime…just waiting for it to happen lol

  • patty

    Lopez looks wide in those pics and I don’t think she looks young she looks her age to me. I guess I’m not drinking the kool aid because I don’t see 20 I do see 35 maybe on the younger end but 20 I really don’t think so.

  • maggie

    j lo doesnt have the legs for this outfit..Ale does, but the pose is silly on both!

  • They both look silly doing that pose – looked silly with Angelina too. Alessandra looks better than J-Lo here – but they both look try-hard and Alessandra looks a bit trashy with the see-through dress and leather jacket. They both made me laugh a little, actually 🙂

  • Alana

    Jens legs look really strong! I like her figure and her dress is pretty but I don’t care for her hair. It looks like the quick and easy bun I throw mine into before bed or the gym. Ale has a beautiful body and face but her dress-thing is hideous and that pose looks stupid.

  • CK

    i actually loved Angie’s oscar 2012 dress and the leg.
    as for these ladies, both have nice legs, but both outfits are ridiculous and too revealing, no sex or class, its like everyone is sooo desperate for any kind of attention – positive or negative so they put on whatever is more bizarre, i mean it seems like fashion is going through rough patch not only financially but also creatively, ‘ve been following all types or recent awards as usual and don’t even remember loving or at least being wowed by at least a couple of dresses!!!they’re all whether the same old type (nothing i’ve never seen and haven’t been bored by) or just an attempt at creativity gone terribly wrong.

    the only thing am crazy about (as a stand alone piece though) is Ale’s jacket, that’s prob cos i looooveloooove jackets of this kind.

  • D

    Both of them look as dumb as each other trying as hard as they are – even Angelina does.
    I usually like Ale, but she looks a hot mess here… nothing is working – hair/makeup/outfit/too much fake tan.
    I prefer Jlo as it is more simplistic… her hair shows off her pretty face, etc. but still not a fan of the one leg thing.

  • PS

    Weird, I like both of them but this time it’s a no go. Usually gorgeous Alessandra looks as if she had thrown a thin sarong over her bathing suit and then she got cold so she put on her boyfriends jacket. Hot mess. Jennifer forgot to unknot her hair after exercise and cut two slits into a weird fabric tube before wearing it. All of her body is looking weird and shapeless in that one and I can’t think of anyone this could work for.

  • Sanne

    JLO is an alltime beauty to me !!

  • Anastasia.

    Both look embarrassing. jlo, act your age, having a 24 year old boyfriend doesn’t change the fact that she’s a middle aged woman. And her thighs are too big IMO

    • Ana

      She has a 24 year old boyfriend? I’m sorry but that’s kind of disturbing. Not because she’s a woman and he’s a guy, because I think that’s too big of an age difference either way. He’s obviously just in for money.

      • Anastasia.

        lol yes, and not only that, but rumour has it that he’s gay, and looking at him, I’d say that’s very possible.

    • mary

      agreed those thighs are friggin thick. no thanks.

      • Aims

        I was thinking the same thing – tone up jlo – or dont wear that dress – you need to have a certain body type to wear that.

  • Anastasia.

    Jlo does that tight bun hairstyle a lot, probably to make her face look as tight and wrinkle free as possible, she looks 50 shades of desperate, probably obsessed with having people see her as young and cool, or forget the fact that she’s old enough to be her boyfriends mother.

    • lol

      LOL Agree and the calves and the thighs don’t go together.

  • maltese brunette

    j.lo skin is sooooo beautiful.

  • Ana

    Ale looks super trashy. Jlo is too big for my taste, and she can’t pull off that dress. Hideous clothes and hideous poses.

  • retrobanana

    not liking either of them….i didnt watc the grammys maybe if i saw jlo on screen i would have appreiated it more..ales dress looks a little vulgr to me

  • lc

    Ale FTW!!! Love her outfit, makeup, body, everything. She looks so fierce and JLo looks so bad in comparison to her imo.

  • happygolucky

    Reminds me of when you get hot in bed at night and stick one leg out from under the covers.

  • Liz

    I’ve always hated the one shoulder look. It reminds me of old timey circus strong man leotards or something.

  • nvrmnd

    Please somebody tell me I am not the only one that thinks J. Lo’s dress is hideous. She looks good for her age but the dress is horrible and unappropriate. But I kind of like alessandra’s outfit, too posey and trying too hard but I like the dress and stuff.

  • Debbs

    Alessandra looks incredible but that dress is too revealing for my tastes.

  • Chelsea

    I think they all look so stupid with their legs sticking out like that. Anyways, Alessandra looks gorgeous here! And I usually don’t think that.

  • Aafje

    HELLA DUMB POSE. Ugly dresses too.

  • Nikki

    JLo needs to get that thigh out of my eye. She has an amazing figure, but she should not have chosen a split that high. Alessandra on the other hand pulls it off beautifully.

  • serena

    Fugly dresses, silly poses, but Ale is gorgeous! Even her name sounds hot – Alessandra Ambrosio – I hear it in a sexy accent in my head lol. I’ve never gotten the JLo hype but she does look young for her age and has nice skin.

  • Tea

    The dress makes JLo look short and boxy- it needs either less fabric in the upper body or a bit of waist definition, but the whole look is so far gone anyway. Ale’s eye shape is so sexy.

  • Nobsnob

    Jennifer’s dress is cut too high at the thigh and it looks shapeless, like she threw on a random black tissue.
    Ale looks trashy >.< .

  • vanessa

    allasandra’s dress is so ugly. I don’t get why you would want to show your underwear and your thigh. it’s not a victoria secret event. I like the one leg on angelina, but everyone else who does the trend looks bad. Jlo’s dress looks awkward because the slit is too high and allasandra’s is just a bad dress.

  • Junior

    JLo’s hair and dress are horrible. Alessandra will probably just never be attractive to me in any way at all; hair, face, body….definitely don’t get the hype.

  • lol

    Ale has the legs for that outfit. J-Lo doesn’t.

  • jojo

    how come the left leg never gets to show off

  • Adriana

    Jlo’s face is too round to pull off such a tight little bun, it makes her head look huge in comparison.
    She would have looked better with her hair down.
    As for her leg, imo it is a bit not curvy for this outfit.

    I love Ale’s hair, the way it falls looks sexy and fun.
    As for her leg, imo it suits this outfit.
    Im not fond of the outfit but it just looks better on someone with lean legs. Long and lean would be ideal which is why I think Ange pulled it off best.
    Ale has lean legs but they are short.
    Ange has long, lean legs.

  • Teiku

    That pose is just stupid.

  • MissMarilyn

    Both ladies have gorgeous legs but these dresses look so DUMB.

    There’s an attractive way to show leg in a long-hemmed dress; there are plenty of dresses that have nice slits and then you can show off your leg without looking ridiculous.

    JLO looks like she’s wearing some bat-queen cape dress that just happens to be missing a chunk. like i dont even know what she was thinking; this looks ridiculous. it looks like she only has one leg. and alessandra might as well just go in a thong because I can literally see everything. I understand sheer is in but this is not the way to do it.

    And if you are going to go with the leg-dress…. why not just get a lower cut?
    It’s not even the “wow this dress is so exposing” that’s bothering me because I almost have a problem with that; I just think the dress style looks ugly. or not even ugly but just ridiculous. I think Angelina kind of got away with it (notice that you can’t see her entire leg!) but jlo and alessandra, both of whom i like, look so so so so so silly. AND THAT SILLY POSE! usdhgisdhg

  • Adele

    Oh my… If I was J.Lo, I’d keep those horribly bulky legs covered.

  • ashleym

    most try-hard look everrr, it’s quite laughable really

  • Jacky Daniels

    ugh j.lo. so stumpy and pretty only with lots of make up.without make up she is soo average.make up and hear artists have so much work to do on her. ale looks better but she is also averige even for a girl on the strret. not ugly but just skinny, average body/average face.
    as for angelina i know she is too bony but deamn that woman is most beautifull celeb alive!

  • Bells

    J Lo looks horrible , Ale looks cheap/trashy . However Angelina did pull that leg thing off, im probably the only one that thinks this .

  • JaneParker

    This stupid pose needs to be banned. I would get doing it if they seemed to just be having fun with it, but they look like they’re trying too hard. And why are they emulating Angelina when she was globally mocked for this? Seriously. I’m not one for being too harsh but this is ridiculous. At least they have great legs, both of them, I’ll give them that, but please show off your legs in a different manner, this is just silly.

  • solaxia

    Ale looks beautiful facially here…she has grown on me over the years! Jlo’s face has never done much for me but she has a fab body. I prefer Ale in clothes than in bikni’s actually. Her legs look a little scrawny for my taste, but somehoe Jlo’s look a little big for my taste. Usually I love JLo’s legs, but here they just look off. I actually think its because her leg is turned out…like, when I turn my leg out like that my thighs look fleshy and big…but if I am straight on (like a latin dancers pose) they look more shapely and toned. Someone skinny like Ale can pull off this pose, but not JLo.

    Plus, I don’t like either of the dresses personally.

  • marliellala

    I dont get the idea of this pose and i dont understand the fashionstatement of ale’s beachdress!

  • Sheri

    I think they both look gorgeous (as usual) but i think Ale looks better here, except i don’t think that jacket goes with the dress at all.
    And i absolutely LOVE JLo’s shoes!

  • ellentjie

    Wow that pose is so bad.

  • musaafiruun

    I think they both look fantastic in contrasting ways. Jennifer has magnificent, strong, toned thighs – very sexy. In contrast Alessandra offers us a much slighter, fragile thigh, also beautifully toned but without the strength of Jennifer’s – also very sexy!