Jessica Stroup, Skinny Versus Curvy, Sophia Bush, Who Is Hotter?

The Hottest Girl in a Short Dress Is… Jessica Stroup VS Sophia Bush!

he-hottest-girl-in-a-short-dress-is-jessica-stroup-vs-sophia-bush - The Hottest Girl in a Short Dress Is... Jessica Stroup VS Sophia Bush!

Same event, one skinny girl and one slim & curvy girl and 2 similar pairs of shoes.

They’re both looking super pretty and fabulous body-wise, but let’s pick favorites!

The Hottest Girl in a Short Dress Is… Jessica Stroup VS Sophia Bush!

Pick your favorite girl / figure / dress!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • sophia luks a bit chunky as much as i luv her

  • Elizabeth

    Sophia got fat!!! wow! never thought she was anything special to begin with.. Jessica obviously takes this one home.. NO CONTEST.

  • jesus

    eww to sophia.. thats wrong on so many levels.. those cankles?!?!? .. JESSICA.

    • Ava

      She does not have cankles.

  • jjj

    Jessica for sure.

  • Mel

    JESSICA.. why would anyone ever think this could even be disputed?? the other one is Gnar-Gnarz .. and yes.. CHUNK.

  • E

    jessica .. hands down.

  • anya

    Without a doubt Sophia. She just wore an unfortunate dress. Anyone can look bad in the wrong outfit.

  • Elizabeth

    Jessica, although her legs are kinda skinny for my taste.
    In normal circumstances I’d choose Sophia, she’s really pretty. But that’s one unflattering outfit..

    • Hannah

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I would normally choose Sophia, but I agree that the dress is unflattering. And why are they both wearing hideous shoes?

    • Mirabela

      i agree with you Elisabeth 😉

  • salma’ben

    don’t shoot me guys but I’ll go for Sophia she looks great

  • Kristy

    Jessica fo’ sho’. Sophia does look like a chunk, bad dress or not.

    • toobz

      a chunk of what??

      • Kristy

        A chunk of chunkiness?

        • anonymous

          What chunkiness?

          • Kristy

            Are we questioning my use of the term chunky? Because I’m not sure how much more self-explanatory I can get. I am saying she is chunky. Not fat. Chunky, thick, heavy looking.

  • katrín

    it’s not the best picture of her but sophia wins by far

  • Kate

    haaah any one would look chunky next tooo jessica
    sophia is just soo naturally stunning
    jessica wears too much makeup for my taste

  • amy

    sophia looked so cute 2nd/3rd/4th season of OTH. then it looked like she gained 20 pounds in the 5th season. what’s the deal?

  • Matt

    Are you people blind? There is nothing sexy about Jessica Stroup. Sophia has curves not fat and she is sexy as hell.

    • rachael

      Thank you!
      I’m not a lesbian but when I saw Sophia I immediately thought she’s soooo WOW & Yummy!!!.
      The other girl looks terrible, in particular her legs are kinda disgusting.

      • DT

        You certainly are not gay… you would not make that choice if you were….

    • Kae

      I agree! When I saw this picture, I thought that Sophia looked hot! I don’t care for her dress that much but her body is great. Jessica Stroup has a really pretty face though. They’re both pretty.

  • Flowerbomb

    jessica is sooo skinny, omg… u think thats sexy´? cant believe it..

  • red

    jessica is just gorgeous.. face and all.
    sophia is really pretty too, but that dress does nothing for her

  • Hayley

    personally i like Sophia she looks nice and soft face …hmm good legs, Jessica looks harsh and orangen

  • ?

    confused as to why anyone would say sophia. yuck! and yes.. obviously gained a ton of weight. sorry to be a bitch.. but the people who are saying sophia, or defending her .. are probably fatties as well…

    • Hayley

      AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA omg i almost fell off my chair

    • anonymous

      “gained a ton of weight” “but the people who are saying sophia, or defending her .. are probably fatties as well

      Soooo, would it be safe for me to say that the people dissing Sophia and/or choosing Jessica are probably little Annies?

      No, I’m not serious when I say that, but I am serious in pointing out the idiocy of the insults that people like to throw around when talking on this subject. It’s not enough to insult the ladies the posts are about, but they also have to insult other users too.

      • katrín

        THANK YOU! agreed

      • Hayley

        exactly what i thought about that ones choosing jessica are probably underweight . .

    • Kae

      How wrong you are! I’m not fat. Stop trying to offend people.

  • “matt”

    TO MATT: PLEEASSEE tell me that your some seldom, weirdo sophia/One tree hill fan that just used a fake name to comment again on how you think sophia is hotter ( SHES OBVIOUSLY NOT) because.. If your a heterosexual male that actually goes to “” and makes comments.. holy christ!! ahahahahaaaa ahahahahaa haaahahahaaaaa. wow.

    • Kae

      Men are allowed to be on this site. Don’t criticize them because of their gender. Not cool at all…

  • Marc

    Huh. Y’know, judging by the names attached to these comments, most of the people rooting for Jessica are female, and most of the ones claiming Sophia as the hotter are male.

    Honestly, as a straight guy (6′ 2″, 18 years old, actually underweight at 125), Jessica has nothing on Sophia. Ms. Stroup looks like she needs to be eating another meal or two (and maybe getting some more sleep), while Ms. Bush is positively adorable. Have any of you looked at Jessica’s legs? I mean, for christs’ sake, she looks like she needs to be propped up like a sapling, her legs look like they’re buckling.

    With all the complaining over the media promoting near-anorexia as the standard for beauty, you’d think people would start rooting for people with Sophia’s build instead of Jessica’s “ohgodihadafignewtonimightactuallygrowHIPS” build. I don’t know a single guy in his right mind that would choose Sophia instead of Jessica.

    So, take it as you will, but that’s an official young white male’s viewpoint on the matter.

    • Cassandra

      You know, this guy has a point. Love the sapling analogy, and the fig newton thing. I think that Sophia is much prettier and has a better body than Jessica, but I dislike Sophia’s dress and shoes.

    • rachael

      an intelligent non-biased comment….. thank you!!!!

    • katrín

      thank you for your comment! it’s great to hear your opinion! but isn’t this wrong ? ,,I don’t know a single guy in his right mind that would choose Sophia instead of Jessica.”
      isn’t it supposed to be switched ? 😀

      • Marc

        Yes. Yes it is. I suppose I got switched up in my self-righteous tirade XD

      • Jeff B.

        Well am am a stright guy, 30 years old 155 5’8″ and a Marine. I consider myself to be fairly attractive. But I have known very few guys who actually prefer skinny women over curvy women. Most guys who claim to like only skinny girls are doing so because they feel pressured by the culture, as though it will somehow make them look like less of a man if they are with a girl who is not ultra skinny. So I say that there is no contest between these two, Sophia is amazingly hot, although the picture and the dress are not the best.
        I also prefer ultra pale smooth skin, and don’t care much for tanned women, and Sophia has incredible pale skin. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few naturally thinner women that I find attractive, even some who have some tan. For instance Traylor Howard is very beautiful, so is Roselyn Sanchez. But I will almost always go for the lady with plenty of meat on her bones, and a fair complexion.

    • DT

      This guy is sooo off base….. no guy would pick a chunky chick over a well toned, well dressed cutie….. he must be needy for the path of least resistance…..

      • rachael

        What are you talking about?????
        Not everybody’s taste is the same. What seems “chunky” to you may be “wow” to other people, and what you call “well toned & well dressed cutie” is to me just another girl who is not naturally thin but is putting a lot of effort in order to be.

      • Elizabeth

        Excuse me? “The path of least resistance”??
        That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. So if I get this straight, in your mind, any girl who is not stick thin (because just fyi, Jessica Stroup is not really “well toned”, just skinny) is easy? Really?
        wow. There are no other words.

        • Instant

          I think she is implying that non-stick thin women are desperate for men and so it is easy for guys to get them, hence non-stick thin women are the path of least resistance for guys that might not be able to bag a skinny chick.

          • Elizabeth

            Yeah, ’cause I’m sure women like Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson etc, are much easier to “bag” than Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Skinniness really does equal self-respect, obviously.

            Again, wow.

    • Kae

      Right on Marc, I appreciate your comments immensely.

  • Vera

    I’d say Sophia, I think the outfit is probably not flattering her but she really isn’t fat.

  • dxb

    Sophia..just don’t like her dress..

  • tulona

    sophia definitely! jessica’s figure looks like a little boy’s. no curves or shape AT ALL. just straight up and down. though i like her dress.

    • i don’t see a boy in jessica anywhere. she looks fine the way she is.

      • tulona

        jessica’s a very pretty girl, but her figure is very petite with no curves. that kind of makes her figure look boyish.

  • dedier

    definitely jessica stroup



  • neonilla

    I wish i could have all Stroup’s shoes and clothes…. !!!!!

  • honey.bee

    i LOVE sophia and think she’s absolutely gorgeous. something’s a little off about her dress, though. i have to say jessica looks better at this particular event. just this once. but sophia is amazing.

  • Lay

    Sophia does not look good anymore.. lately.. all her pics are really frumpy.. I used to think she was a hottie in old school OTH and John Tucker movie.. now Im sorry.. definitely goes to Jessica.. although I think Jessica is too skinny.. but too skinny or too plump? ill go with the skinny one.. plus jessica has a gorgeous face.. Im also surprised that heterosexual men make comments on this website.. very odd if you ask me.

    • toobz

      i agree

  • Mia

    I guess Sophia. I honestly think both of them have strange faces, and very average bodies…at least Sophia looks like she’s healthy.

  • jo

    i have to say that jessica looks the best in this picture even though i love sohia!

  • alli

    oooh i love Sophia’s look in this picture!!! love the dress so much too bad its 800 bux!!! shoes are ok, maybe if the ankle straps were a little thinner?

  • Melinda

    I don’t think that Sophia is fat at all ! Woow i can’t believe that people are so mean. Jessica is not too skinny either

  • emily

    okay loook anorexic bitches.
    sophia is not fat at all! and her body looks way healthier than the other girls.

    • DT

      tell it girl….. but….. she really is fat…. kind of.

  • diane

    Sophia only looks fat because Jessica is super skinny. I personally think that Sophia’s body looks a lot healthier than Jessica’s body.

    • toobz

      your so right if you scroll back up and cover up the other chick sophia doesnt even look chunky

  • Elaine

    Sophia is way too heavy, what a big chunky heap of whiteness.
    Jessica looks sexy, slender and great.

  • DT

    For all the Sophia lovers…… you are so right. she is so beautiful and even too skinny. Why how could you not love that tight clingy dress, clinging to every exaggerated curve… and the colors…. make me feel I am at an exotic beach with black sand…. upside down.

  • Vera

    I also get the impression that a lot of people here would call Marilyn Monroe fat too…

  • Elle

    I love both Jessica and Sophia, but I’m picking Sophia on this one. I don’t love either dress on either girl but Sophia is NOT fat in any way and she tries so hard to promote healthiness among young people. It’s a shame for her to get attacked this way. I hope she never finds out about it.

    • DT

      You are too sensitive. Of course she is heavy…. just ask her what her dress size is. On the other hand, it is no reflection oh her work or her good deeds. The question here is skinny or curvy so if you can’t take the opinions to that question, then stop logging on. Believe me, Sophia knows and she can also take the heat.
      Ever wonder why there are so many diets and food fat concerns out there? You are doing someone a favor by telling it like it is.

      • Instant

        And what would you say her dress size is? I’m guessing no bigger than an 8. Since when is that “heavy”?

        • DT

          it ain’t skinny

          • Instant

            But it’s not heavy either. I’d say it’s an excellent size to be, so why do you have a problem with it?

      • DT

        Actually, it is less that I have a problem with it, than I just prefer a really skinny look. To me that is sexy, trim healthy and youthful. I do not see how extra skin blobbing over your bones could be attractive. Remember the movie The Blob?

        OTOH, I can respect you if you want to be, or like an 8 or an 18, so can you respect me if I want to be, or like, a 2 or a 0 ?

        • Instant

          “Actually, it is less that I have a problem with it, than I just prefer a really skinny look.”
          That’s cool, everyone has their own personal tastes.

          “To me that is sexy, trim healthy and youthful.”
          On some women(that are naturally so), they do look healthy and youthful, but for the women forcing themselves to be, it isn’t healthy or youthful looking.

          “I do not see how extra skin blobbing over your bones could be attractive. Remember the movie The Blob?”
          And this is where you become an ass.

          “OTOH, I can respect you if you want to be, or like an 8 or an 18, so can you respect me if I want to be, or like, a 2 or a 0 ?”
          The comment I have quoted just before this one, and the majority of your other posts, show that you actually do NOT respect a person if they want to be, or like, anyone that is bigger than what you like. You, IMO, do not deserve respect because you don’t give it.

          • DT

            Wow thank you. This is so much cheaper than therapy… Actually, if you read my posts, I only react to those who belittle women who are on the skinny side.

          • Instant

            “Actually, if you read my posts, I only react to those who belittle women who are on the skinny side.”
            I have, and no you don’t just “only react”.

        • Kae

          So DT, I’m curious….are you stating that women who are larger than a 0/2 have rolls or skin blobbing over their bones? Can someone who is a 4,6 or 8 be attractive? Or do you consider these sizes to be overweight or fat?

          And please, I’m being polite and diplomatic here, so I ask that you please give me a respectful answer. If not, please just ignore my questions. Thank you.

      • Elle

        Sophia has admitted her dress size before. And it’s a 4.

  • Lay

    WHOA VERA.. did you just compare that little CW chunk to Marilyn Monroe?!?!?!? youre waaay off base. sorry, Sophia.. TIME TO HIT THE GYM MY DEAR!!!

    • Vera

      I didn’t mean to compare her to Marilyn directly. But Sophia is hardly fat.

  • LOL

    was just reading some US magazine.. with BLOWHAN on the cover, “IM SO ALONE” boo hoo.. stop doing drugs.. anyways .. ON THE SECOND PAGE IT SAYS.. AND I QUOTE “DESPITE BEING A SIZE 2 (SOPHIA BUSH) THE STAR IS RIDDLED WITH DIMPLES” AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. WOW Us magazine really tells it how it is apparently. furthermore just made another comment on ANOTHER new post about kim kardashian claiming shes a 2 again.. nobody cares.. YOU DONT LOOK LIKE A 2.. neither does sophia.. id say size 29-30 for both soph.. maybe a little higher for Kim.

  • FACT


    • tulona

      There’s a line between being just thin enough to look hot, and going overboard with one’s desire to be skinny to the point she looks ill. Jessica seems to have crossed that line. And I do admit that Sophia looks a little heavier and softer than before but she’s not chunky or fat.

      • Instant

        I think it’s a bit sad that people think they need to be thin to look hot 🙁

        • Kae

          No, not all people think that. Healthy and fit is hot and all types of bodies can be hot. There are always going to be people who buy into the “thin is best” mentality. It can be frustrating but it is a part of life.

  • MRX

    Lol, the left one looks like she has no money for food :/ She looks awful. Sophia all the way!

  • Liz

    no money for food?!?!? ahahahaaaa!!!! to me, it looks like all Sophia does is eat!!!! pretty face. time tone/workout. she looks like a large, white gelatinous mass of goo.

    • Instant

      Oh, good grief.

  • gem

    jessica.. for sure!

  • Kira

    JESSICA WINS!!! shes beautiful!!! th other girl is gnar gnars!!!

  • ….NiKouLa….

    I would say Jessica even though I think she looks too skinny because Sophia made a totally wrong desicion…her body type is NOT suitable for this dress…Generally I really like her,she’s one of my favorites but here I think she made a mistake!!

  • PersiaLa

    Sophia Bush. Jessica is very pretty obviously but going by the photos sophia’s is better because she looks shapely while jessica looks way too knock-kneed and I mean has she hit puberty yet because I havn’t been that thin since 4th grade (size 00 at 5’4, no im not kidding I was a tall thin child) right before I started shooting up AND out.

  • Uma

    This is ridiculous. Put a 105 pounds girl next to a 90 pounds girl and the first one will look fat. Even though, in the real world, the first one is probably underweight herself (it is not the particular case in of these two girls; it is a real case but the idea is the same: a really skinny girl will make anyone look fat)

  • Hannah

    i cant actually belive people are picking anorexic over normal.
    she hardly looks fat, look how slim her thighs are.

  • fran18

    sophia looks beautiful. her body/face/hair are perfect. the girl on the left is very pretty, but shes kinda skinny, and her tan legs look strange compared with her white face and arms.

  • J A N E

    Jessica all the way. Her eyes are gorgeous!

  • PurpleVintage

    OFC IT’S SOPHIA!!!!!!
    Okay so that dress is NOT flattering, but oh my gosh.. how can anyone pick the other chick? Did you check her legs out? Sophia is adorable, her body is amazing, I can’t pick one single flaw about her, and trust me if I could chose to be anyone and look like anyone in the world, i’d pick Sophia. Screw Beyonce and all those girls.. Sophia is just simply amazingly drop down gorgeous. She’s simple, cute, sexy, hot, and very very beautiful. I doubt she has had plastic surgery, but even if she did, that does not change how I think. On top of that, she has DIMPLES which are adorable! And a kick-ass personality, a beautiful smile and laugh, and she’s an amazing actress.
    I’m a girl, and I absolutely adore Sophia. She makes me smile and cry in OTH, she’s one of the most down-to-earth actresses, and one of the best actresses i’ve ever seen too. She can capture any emotion. Definitely a role-model.
    And yes she did gain weight ^^ which proves she’s even more natural then most. That dress though.. it’s the only reason she looks “chunky”. Type “Sophia Bush” on google, and check out her bikini pictures. Absolutely 0 flaws.

  • dan

    Jessica !!!!! no doubt

  • sophia wins by a mile best judge is between my legs never argue with him sophies panties he wants 2 get in2