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You Want to See More Models Looking Like… Left VS Right!

you-want-to-see-more-models-looking-like-left-vs-right - You Want to See More Models Looking Like... Left VS Right!

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim just took place in Miami and I’m glad to see that models of (slightly) different shapes and sizes walked on the runway.

Here’s a quick example: one skinny (yet not nearly as skinny as certain high-fashion models) model on the left and one slim, but curvier model on the right, both toned and tanned.

Simple question:

You Want to See More Models Looking Like… Left VS Right!

Pick your favorite!

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  • anya

    without a doubt the girl on the right, the one on the left looks horrible and to skinny.

    • anya

      and I also love the fact that the girl on the right has smaller breasts, because normally it’s girls with plumped clevages that models swimwear. It’s nice to see, for a change, girls with smaller breasts.

      • toobz


    • hayley

      are you seriouse? shes not horrible, shes got a great body! i bet youre *fat* jeleouse

      • Casey

        I think the one on the right looks way better! Oh and Hayley, with your mean comment, if you’re going to put someone down, you probably use spell check next time. Dumbass!

      • anya

        then you’re prob. anorexic. Am I right.

        • Girl on left

          And you’re probably obese. Am I right.

          • tulona

            Appreciating women with healthy bodies makes a person obese? That’s news to me! And while appreciating extremely skinny bodies doesn’t necessarily mean a person is suffering from an eating disorder, it might imply that the person has a distorted body image. Same with thinking that *actually* overweight people (NOT the model on the right) are healthy.

          • I just have to reply to your comment really bad. Why do you think skinny models are anorexic or starve themselves? No they don’t. They were just born with a slim body, and people be thinking that they are anorexic that’s just stupid. The population of america is surrounded with fatasses, this is why you people think thin is “unhealthy” lol it’s normal. Every super model out there has to be tall and skinyy. That’s just how it is. Bye now:)

      • mieze

        Well, I weigh 98 lbs – thus I’m definitely not fat. I’m underweight.

        But I still go with those who like the girl on the right better – She is a very natural beauty. Why do all models have to fit the meagre image, if healthy people do look that beautiful? I say: Give us more of the healthies, please ;o)))

  • blonde

    which one looks better? right
    which one would makes me want to buy that swimsuit? right for sure

    • Mirabela

      A agree with you.

  • et moi

    Does anyone know these models’ names? or the designers?

  • Alexandra

    The girl on the left has a skinny upper body and it looks unhealthy.I kinda like the legs, though…
    The girl on the right looks like me on the beach (I`m brunette,but…) :))

    • Ruby

      I agree the one on the left has great legs, but a skinny upperbody…im not sure.

  • Princessa

    I love the skinny one on the left and I love the style of the swimsuit as well 🙂

    Left is my vote!!

  • feelinspunky

    holy freakin moley, the girl on the right!!! this seriously just made my day. she’s so…NORMAL(ish) looking, i’d definitely consider buying that bikini! i normally never even give a second glance to runway outfits cause i never want to find out how they’d look on my non-skeletal figure

  • Kristy

    I would prefer to look like the girl on the left.

  • Instant

    The girl on the right(bikini).

  • ln

    The girl on the right looks AMAZING! This makes me so happy! 🙂

  • Jess

    Girl on the left for sure!

    Models should look like models and have bodies that make the clothes they are trying to sell look fabulous. The model on the right does not look good in the bikini nor does the bikini look good on her (i.e. her body doesn’t sell it!) Instead, her boobs look unsupported and she has love handles (not to mention touching upper thighs though this has nothing to do with the bikini.) The bikini’s unflattering on her whereas if it was promoted on a thinner model it would no doubt catch your eye a lot more.

    It should not be forgotten though that designers have to target their lines and models to the appropriate audiences. The model on the right has a much more “sufer-girl” look to her both body-wise and in the face, so if she was trying to sell a swimsuit for e.g. Roxy she’d probably be a great choice. The model on the left has a much more high class figure and look about her, so for a Benz fashion week she’s a more appropriate choice.

    Analytical reasoning aside, I personally want to be inspired to body perfection by models, and the one on the right is not inspiring, but the one on the left is stunning … It’s a LEFT for me.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, the clothes are being sold to women, and not all women are tall thin models, so why should we only see tall thin models showing off the clothes?

      “The bikini’s unflattering on her whereas if it was promoted on a thinner model it would no doubt catch your eye a lot more.”
      It would catch my eye only due to the complete and utter shock value of it being on a thinner woman. When I look at the woman on the left, I am NOT seeing the bathing suit, I am seeing a woman that is astonishing(and not in a pleasant way) in how her body looks. The model on the right catches my eye because she looks like a healthy woman and then I see the bikini and am amazed at how it looks on her, she rocks it.

      Oh, and the model on the right looks more like a surfer girl not the model on the left.

      And seriously, could someone please explain to me why thighs touching=bad and thigh gap=good and desirable? 🙁

      • samba

        and also why being skeletal = sexy? or ‘perfection’? sorry i dont buy the medias crap that you need to be tall and skinny to be perfect.

        • Jess

          Skeletal doesn’t equal sexy or perfection no, but the girl on the left is by no means skeletal. I’m not saying the girl on the right isn’t sexy either. It’s a matter of which girl is a more appropriate model, and the girl on the left most certainly is.

          It’s disturbing that Americans (and beginning to be parts of W. Europe, too) are so used to seeing overweight women (whom they label “average” or “athletic” or “curvy” etc.) that when a truly healthy looking girl who’s lean and toned in all the right places comes along she’s deemed “skeletal.”

          • Kae

            I understand what you’re saying about people accepting overweight as average or athletic or curvy, but there are many of us who don’t. What is wrong with being normal and healthy? Something in between extremely thin and overweight? When it comes to body weight, people seem to want to be underweight OR are comfortable with being overweight. Both are total extremes. If a woman is a size 6(US) like me, she may be called overweight. I don’t understand this at all. So those of us that are normal and healthy feel bad about ourselves because we can’t or don’t wish to conform to some ridiculous beauty ideals? So then some of us go down the path towards an eating disorder and this can have lifelong consequences.

          • mjb

            how could you possibly think the girl on the left is “truly healthy”?? take her to any country in the world and she would be deemed underweight!! the fact that our standards of beauty have changed doesn’t mind we don’t have the brain to recognize who is underweight and who isn’t.

          • Anonymous

            I hope you aren’t thinking the girl on the left is a “truly healthy looking girl who’s lean and toned in all the right places”, because she’s not. She’s bony in the upper body: shoulders, collarbone, breast bone, elbows look wider then they should be(her face looks a bit gaunt too, but I’m not sure if that’s because of her facial expression or not). Her lower body isn’t much better; prominent knees, and she has more indentations in her thighs than a normally healthy, lean and toned woman usually has(can almost see hipbones too, but the suit distracts from that). That doesn’t scream “truly healthy looking girl who’s lean and toned in all the right places” to me, that just looks like someone that is eating a little less and exercising a little more than they probably should be. IMO, the girl on the right is a truly healthy looking girl who’s lean and toned in all the right places.

            And believe me, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m “so used to seeing overweight women” that I think the woman on the left looks too thin and the woman on the right looks more healthy and ideal.

            BTW, what overweight women get labeled “average” or “athletic” or “curvy”?

          • I so agree with everything you said. Models are suposte to be skinny. I seriosly don’t know why are all these fatasses trying to work the runway. It’s stupid, it’s like Paris Hilton being an actress haha.

      • lauren

        @ Anonymous –
        I think the “gaunt” looking face is more a result of her makeup than anything.

        • Anonymous

          Ok 🙂 Wasn’t sure if it was facial expression, like she was sucking in her cheeks to make her cheekbones seem more prominent and to give her lips a “pout”, didn’t think of make up adding to it 😛

    • adrienne

      What’s wrong with touching upper thighs?!

    • Casey

      You guys, I think what Jess was trying to say is both women are beautiful, but jobwise, the one on the left wins out. And I have to agree with you.

      You have to remember that models weren’t always that skinny. Why then, did designers start using thin models? Because they DO sell the clothes better. If you have an average model, they are bound to not look flattering in some outfits that are too tight in some places. There will be bulges and stuff, whereas skinny models are not going to have buldges. It’s just easier for them to have skinny models. It was not about “skinny is more beautiful” it was about “skinny is more efficient.”

      That being said, I think the one on the right looks better beauty wise, but model wise, I would say the one on the left. It’s not the job or intention of a model to look like normal people (and people should stop feeling insecure about seeing skinny models because they are NOT normal people and they weren’t supposed to be and everyone knows that).

      I am 5’4 and can shoot hoops, that doesn’t mean that I should be on the NBA, or that NBA people should strive to be 5’4.

      Basically, certain body types are better in certain jobs. Tall and thin is just better for modeling clothes. That’s why fashion models are thin, but glamour models are toned, fit and curvy.

      • Instant

        “Why then, did designers start using thin models? Because they DO sell the clothes better. If you have an average model, they are bound to not look flattering in some outfits that are too tight in some places.”

        It has hardly anything to do with “fit’s better” as it does with “easier”(and “efficient” and “easy”, IMO, are NOT the same thing, efficient implies they found a better way to do it with less hard work, easy implies they found a way to do it with less skill needed). The designer could always tailor/have tailored the clothes so the fit the “average” model just like the clothes fit the thin model. I have no idea why they decided thin looks better and tried to sell us on that idea, but it DOESN’T look better, it just looks a bit sloppy and lazy to use women that are nothing more than living hangers. I don’t want to see how the clothes “hang”, I want to see how the clothes FIT, and since not all women are tall and thin, get off your lazy asses designers and DESIGN clothes, not just make clothes that look good “hanging”.

        • Casey


          I know what “efficient” means. I meant it exactly as I said it. When the clothes don’t fit right, the people who prepare the models for the runway have to spend a lot more time trying to get them to look good, and to cover the bulges and make it fit right. Yes, the designer could have clothes tailored, but how many designers actually do that, especially with “special piece” outfits? By cutting down dressing prep time, is that not more efficient, since now they could focus on other aspects of the show or the models beauty like make up and hair?

          You are still stuck in the idea that the fashion industry is trying to tell us that “skinny is more beautiful.” They’re not. It’s not a conspiracy.

          I agree with you that they COULD design clothes for different figures, and that they could spend time making sure the clothes fit on all types of models. I was just simply explaining why they don’t: because they’re a business and all businesses strive to be more efficient because it maximizes profit. If they can have one person do 2 things instead of hiring 2 people, they will. But that requires time because a person can only do so much in 5 minutes.

          What I think is best is to just let them do whatever they want, but in our minds remember and understand why they are doing it. They are not trying to say, “THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD LOOK. LOOK LIKE THIS.” They are trying to say, “I’M SELLING THIS.”

          Also, I am starting to see a pattern with you (if you are the same Instant that posts on other threads). You seem to not be able to handle it when people favor thinness in any way. I am thin, but I am able to say that curvy women look good. The model on the right looks better here. If you have that much insecurity within yourself, perhaps being on a website like this is not good for you. But please don’t be like some girls on this site and start throwing negative remarks towards skinny girls to make yourself feel better…because then you’re putting others down. Skinny women are beautiful, curvy women are beautiful. It depends on the individual person.

          But in terms of the modeling world, I’m not saying it SHOULD have skinny models, I’m just saying it makes sense as to why. If I was a designer, I would still hire skinny women. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think the girl on the right is attractive or that people should look at her and think she’s fat. If people think that way, then that’s their own issues that are causing them to think like that, not me.

          • Juliette

            I don’t think I’d want to purchase clothes from a designer who is unable to make his or her clothing look good on a heavier model. I think their unwillingness, or as I’m more apt to believe, inability to tailor their clothes for women of all (…most) sizes, be it 00 or a 10, shows nothing but lack of skill.

            The clothes should fit the wearer, not the other way around.

            I completely understand the idea of saving fabric and time by using a thin runway model – but outside of the runway, say in a department store, a size 4 or 6 woman tries on the same dress worn by a 00 model and looks like hell in it, then there’s something wrong on the designer’s end.

          • Instant

            *”When the clothes don’t fit right, the people who prepare the models for the runway have to spend a lot more time trying to get them to look good, and to cover the bulges and make it fit right.”*
            Sooo, instead of working around “bulges”, they just let the clothes hang sloppily on straight up and down. I’ve seen more clothes hanging sloppily on models then I ever have seen clothes fitting too snugly in places because of “bulges”. IMO, that isn’t efficient in any sense of the word. It’s just plain laziness and a desire to do things as easily as possible with no consideration to their talent and skill. It’s EASIER to use straight up and down thin models, and that doesn’t speak well of the designers.

            *”You are still stuck in the idea that the fashion industry is trying to tell us that “skinny is more beautiful.” They’re not. It’s not a conspiracy.”*
            Then what are they trying to tell us? They say the clothes look better on the skinny women, how is that NOT telling us that?

            *”I agree with you that they COULD design clothes for different figures, and that they could spend time making sure the clothes fit on all types of models. I was just simply explaining why they don’t:”*
            And I was explaining why I don’t agree with their “reasoning”.

            *”Also, I am starting to see a pattern with you (if you are the same Instant that posts on other threads). You seem to not be able to handle it when people favor thinness in any way.”*
            As far as I know, I’m the only person that has used the name “Instant” on this site(I’ve had to change my user name a couple of times because other people used the same ones I tried out before). And no, my problem isn’t with people who favor thinness, not in any way at all. My problem is with people that try to tell us that thin is the only way to be and put down any other shape. I didn’t mean to come off as attacking you, I do apologize for that, I was in a bit of a hurry when I responded to you.

            “If you have that much insecurity within yourself, perhaps being on a website like this is not good for you. ”
            Ironically, I had more insecurities about myself when I was in shape and a smaller size than I am now. It’s not insecurity that prompts me to respond to people that are putting down the “bigger” girls, it’s just plain disgust at the stupid attitude they display. I don’t mean to attack those that are stating a valid opinion, I am only meaning to express my own opposing opinion, and again I apologize for coming off that way to you here.

            “But please don’t be like some girls on this site and start throwing negative remarks towards skinny girls to make yourself feel better…because then you’re putting others down.”
            I don’t throw insults at skinny girls. I may express that I don’t like the way they look, and express that they look unhealthy and have a desire for them to try and take better care of themselves, but just as I don’t like to see “big” women insulted, I try not to do the same thing to the smaller women. I’ll occasionally throw out the flippant insult, but it is part of my point to show just how nasty the other person is being, and not in any way meant to be truly directed to the smaller women.

            *”But in terms of the modeling world, I’m not saying it SHOULD have skinny models, I’m just saying it makes sense as to why.”*
            And to me, it DOESN’T make sense, because they had success with their clothes when they used more “average” girls, so I don’t see how that could be why they use thin girls now and try to make us believe that’s why they use thin girls.

  • may

    i don’t like either. the one of the left is a bit too skinny and the one on the right has no waist.

  • KG

    I would like to see more of both. I think models should come in variety. Excluding thin women from runway is just as wrong as excluding curvy women from runway. Both girls are pretty to me. Variety is nice to see. Kudos to them.

    • Ivory

      I agree with you fully!

      • VK

        Me too.

    • Maryna

      I totally agree, to me both look great and healthy. Variety is always good, because then all women can have someone they can relate to.

    • Ella

      Took the words right out of my mouth (or should I say ‘fingers’?).

  • Paulina

    Hands down…. RIGHT!!! who is she? shes beautiful!

    • Anon

      Beautiful? Look at her ugly square face …. she looks like John Gosselin’s new cokehead girlfriend.

      • Steph

        Wow. Ugly square face?
        Everytime I read posts like these it makes me wonder why I bother with this site. For every inspirational post, you get some body dysmorphic psycho, ready to jump on a pretty girl with claws and all.

  • mazza

    RIGHT !Makes me feel better about myself LMAo But both are great

  • anna

    What always amazes me is how far we have come, just compare models in 80thies and modern day models. It’s like with that Sophia Loren photo the other day, now she would be fat, flubby (no, not to me but generally) or whatever. We have never been more obsessed with beeing thin, just for that, and at the same time had more problems obesity and eating disorders…well isn’t that kinda depressing?

  • anna

    *problems WITH obessity oops 🙂

  • yellowgumdrop

    definetely the one on the left! she looks so healthy, this makes me happy:)

    side note: i dont get the whole thing about how super skinny models make clothes look better.. wouldnt the clothes look better on someone that was slim and curvy, and the garments fit them perfectly?

    • Kae

      You mean, you prefer the woman on the right. I think that’s what you mean.

  • Kae

    Neither…but if I had to choose, I guess the one on the right but she doesn’t have much of a waist and her boobs are on the small side. The one on the left looks like she wouldn’t be caught dead frolicking on a beach. And in person, she’s probably a little too thin for my taste. I prefer a thin but curvy figure in a bikini. Bar Rafaeli is my ideal.

    I prefer my own bikini body to both of these ladies.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, I agree with you about Bar Rafaeli. She has a really nice slim and curvy body.

    • Alexandra

      Well…not everyone has big boobs. I don`t, and it`s hard for me to find a flattering bikini, because I`m tall, athletic, normal hips and smaller boobs, just like the girl on the right. So it`s nice to see an ad made for girls like me, not for the 180 cm 50 kg type.

      • Kae

        I’m not saying that all women have to have big boobs, that’s just what I prefer. I wasn’t saying that small breasted women are less attractive or anything of that nature…:)

  • laurena

    They both look great! It’s great to see a variety for sure.
    The model on the left does not look too thin to me, in the picture anyway (in real life it may be a different story)
    I love to see “healthier” looking models, but in this case i can’t say i prefer the one on the right, as my own body structure is closer to the model on the left (thinner & bonier upper body/bigger breasts/smaller defined waist)
    What i do like more about the model on the right, however, is that she actually does look like she’s about to hit the beach! which when modelling a swimsuit, is definitely a good thing! with the left, no way in hell.

    • sara

      I like them both too– like others have said– I like to see a variety.

  • el.V

    Both look great and i would be happy too look like either… they are both models after all. It’s important to note the style of swimming costume both are wearing… very different. The costume on the left looks as though it is intended for someone who enjoys lying on the sand at the beach, not swimming. The model on the right looks natural and more like a “surfer chick” not only because of her beach hair, natural make-up and tan, but also her body… she’s beautiful!

  • jjj

    The one on the left has the better body of the two.

  • skigal

    I cant really decide, in fact i dont think someone should have to chooose. Everyone has a different body type and both look great. I like that girl on the right b/c isnt extermly busty and looks healthy and slim.(not that being busty is bad– just its refreshing to have a change once in while)
    But the girl on the left is skinny but she doesnt look unhealthy.
    I think that both girls look good and people should embrace different body shapes instead of constating critisizing and showing the same body types/

  • Monique

    I think that if the girl on the right had some heels on, it would be another story, she wouldn’t be so different from the left girl. As for the breasts on the right, I think the bra has too little fabric in comparison with the bikini, thus giving the feeling of smaller.
    I like them both, but I relate to the one on the left, as my body type resembles to hers.

  • VM

    definitely left.

  • Uma

    I like both of them. However, i am probably so used to models being extremely thin, that it’s almost weird to see the girl in the right on the catwalk. To see her on the beach, she has an amazing body. But so does the one on the left, she actually seems to have a smaller bone structure, but she is very toned and looks healthy and does not look like a flat board, like so many models look. And that’s what matters. So both are great i guess, i wish more models looked like any of them, as long as they show an inspiring body. And no, inspiring does not mean sickly skinny, but toned, healthy, slim.

  • name

    Wanna see more!

  • RIGHT!

  • Right!

    However the one on the left has heels on, which make her look taller and skinnier. While the right one is barefooted

  • jess

    People who understand fashion recognise that there are different body types suitable for different types of clothing. I think most people on this forum seem to covet the sense of style of stars like those from”The Hills’- stuff that’s a little glam, but comfortable and simple at the same time. When it comes to these types of clothes, a more curvaceous figure is fine. The clothes come from what are mostly ready to wear collections, and they are generally marketed to what is coined as ‘real women’, so as such, it would make sense to use figures similar to those people that are the intended buyer. These models are commerical, and normally chosen on the basis of their girl-next-door qualities.

    However, when it comes to high fashion, there’s a reason why the fashion industry uses skinny models. Runway isn’t real life- it’s an elaborate staged performance and using thin models is akin to dancers being slim and petite – it looks better (with these style of clothes that is), and the clothes are able to be shown off more. High fashion is art, and it makes a statement… IT’S ABOUT THE CLOTHES, PEOPLE!

    Take a look at the Chanel Winter-Fall 08 collection- it’s clearly a production, and not about real life.

    And one more thing- a lot of people on here keep whining about how “skinny and tall isn’t perfect”. No one said it is. So many models are famous because of their unusual looks, not their girl next door appeal. I used to sit behind gemma ward on the bus on the way to school, and all the boys use to tease her for being so “funny looking’. For christs sakes, even the media coined her looks as “alien-like”. But the fact is she is unique, striking, and a chameleon. She works the clothes so that the hundreds of hours that when into making them are evident.

    • Jess

      @jess (other) – my sentiments exacting!

    • laurena

      I definitely agree with you.
      However, it’s the people that do not understand this, and compare themselves to the super-skinny models thinking that’s what everybody deems “beautiful” – that’s where the problem arises.
      And that’s why it’s great too see more average looking models – to reinforce the fact that these super-skinny models with often unattainable figures (unless you’ve won the genetic lottery) do NOT represent all that true beauty is.

      • Kae

        Yes, it is human nature to compare ourselves to others. To compare ourselves with models is the ultimate set up for failure. Maybe that’s why so many people find the fashion industry to be irrelevant. I wear clothes based on my body type rather than what runways models might be wearing. To me, the fashion industry is for entertainment purposes only.

  • alice

    i totally love the one on the left

  • andnobody

    I think they both have awfull faces, but the one in the right has a more normal body type. and she would make me buy a swimsuit.

    • Anon

      Yuck … If I looked like she does in that swimsuit I would put it down in the dressing room and slowly back out of the store in shame.

      • Anonymous


        • Anon

          Everyone on here is saying that they would buy the bikini because they can relate to that girl on the right and think that her body looks great in it. Ok, fine …

          The suit looks pret-a-porter, so let’s imagine walking into a store where it was available and trying it on: If you looked like she does in the suit would you buy it? Maybe, you would, but I for sure wouldn’t be caught dead looking that horrid whether it be due to the suit’s own shortcomings or my own. On the one hand, it may be the suit that’s causing her boobs to look completely too wide and unsupported, and it may be the suit that’s giving her love handles. Ok, I can accept that it might not be the most flattering suit for her body type. However, on the other hand, the suit is not what is giving her linebacker shoulders, a non-existent waist, untoned upper arms and touching thighs. That’s her fault.

          So, why would I leave? Because 1) obviously I would need to leave the pret-a-porter sample sizes to a sample sized-girl and 2) I would need to get my butt to the gym to fix my flaws before hitting the beach if that’s the swimsuit I was committed to wearing.

          • Anonymous

            What? What flaws need to be fixed on her? She doesn’t have love handles, no amount of time in the gym is going to get rid of broad shoulders. WTF is wrong with touching thighs, especially considering the fact she ISN’T overweight so it isn’t an excess of weight that’s causing it? “untoned upper arms”? Her upper arms look fantastic, and she just may be the type that doesn’t get a lot of muscle tone. And I don’t think a lot of time in the gym would fix her “non existent waist” either. She’s not flabby, her tummy’s not overhanging the suit, again she doesn’t have love handles. She would definitely look better in a different bathing suit but she doesn’t need to get to the gym to get rid of her “flaws”. I don’t think that type of suit(especially the bottoms) look good on anyone because of how low they sit on the hips(can’t even say it sits low on the waist, it never made it that far 😛 ) and the cups definitely need to be closer together, but that’s the designer’s fault for the flaws, and not the model’s.

          • Leanna

            I don’t see these love handles you speak of? Or this untoned body.

            If you want to know both girls look pretty much equally toned. The one on the left has slightly more defined stomach but as for her thighs having a gap that’s not low body fat, that’s low muscle mass.

            And the broad shoulders how is that her fault exactlY? It’s the way she is built.

          • et moi

            cuckcoo….it’s comical to me you think she looks “fat”, because obviously she is walking in a runway show, which would confirm that she is a model, therefore making her sample sized. Duh. Worry about your own mental flaws.

  • Grey

    Looks like you could probably injure yourself on girl on the left’s shoulders. Eek.

    Girl on the right looks better, but I’d probably rather keep my own body. She doesn’t have much of a waist or any boobs. She looks good for runway model standards though.

  • Natalie

    I think both of them look amazing and have great legs, but the right one makes ME feel more confident. So the left one is just a nice girl to look at while the left one is slim, beautiful and not daunting.

    • Natalie

      Sorry, I mean: …while the RIGHT one is slim, bautiful and not daunting.

  • ms_benes

    If I had to wake up with one of those bodies, the thin girl on the left. The girl on the right has a gorgeous body too.
    I’m just thinking that as a model wearing all sorts of clothing, the thinner one would look far better.

  • yellowgumdrop

    oops, yeah i meant the one on the right.

  • Emmily

    Love the skinny one..

  • lara


  • Reinia


    I agree people can be as fat as they want, but let the models be that MODELS,

    and have a great skinny body.

    • Anonymous

      What’s so great about skinny? It’s not like the model on the right is overweight or anything, so why can’t models have similar bodies to hers too?

  • Kae

    Holy crap, some people on here really have body image issues. Before you hit the gym twice a day and stop eating to try and fix your genetically predisposed “flaws”, stop by your shrink’s office beforehand and get your heads straightened out. Some of you are way over the top.

    • Grey

      What else did you think this site was going to be about. Doesn’t the “skinny vs curvy” title give it away?

      • Kae

        Of course I understand what this website is all about. I was referring to the comments regarding the model on the right. That they wouldn’t go out in a bikini if they looked like her. There is nothing wrong with her body at all. Some people seem to think she looks absolutely hideous and she should hide in a cave somewhere. They must not go to the beach much because I’ve seen people walking around that have really obese bodies and this woman doesn’t even come close to looking like that.

        I understand that everyone has their preferences, but having broad shoulders and a little bit of curve doesn’t equate to being disgusting.

  • Nicole

    The one on the right doesn’t appear healthy to me. She looks like she eats a lot of junk food (not that you can blame her). I really like the left personally, not a fan of the upper body but her legs are great. Of course it all comes down to preferences.

    • Leanna

      Are you serious? That’s as bad as me saying the one on the left must starve herself. The reality is both have pretty lean bodies, the one on the left slightly more defined stomach but mostly smaller due to build and less muscle rather than a much lower fat %. The one on the right is fairly lean and toned and that cannot be achieved from eating junk food and sitting on your arse all day.

      • Nicole

        I never said the one on the left was healthy either, I think she could stand to gain a couple pounds. However the one on the right DOES have extra weight on her, it’s not just muscle weight, of couse that could be just her body type. Never said anything was wrong with it. As I said before, it all comes down to preferences. They have completely different builds.

        • Leanna

          Yeah I agree she has more body fat on her, but with a larger build and extra muscle mass she can afford to carry more pounds of fat than the other girl without being flabby. It all comes down to overall percent of body fat.

          It is personal preference too, but just felt that was slightly unfair to suggest she must eat a lot of junk food because she looks in pretty good shape to me.

          • Nicole

            You’re right, it was a little unfair. She is definitely in better shape than most women I know and it’s obvious she works out. I just prefer a smaller build but I think it’s great to see different shapes modeling because all women have different tastes.

  • Lolaisse

    the model on the right is a perfect example of what a “curvier” and healthy model should look like. Seeing a fat girl on the runway is just as bad an example of health as an extremely skinny one.
    Even though I prefer the skinnier ones, bravo to the designer on the right for finding the perfect healthy model size.

  • Ramie

    Versus- what body type is the one on the left. Mine is very similar to that and I’d like to know

    • Ramie

      OOOPS- I meant the one on the RIGHT! 😮

      • Versus

        I think she’s an athletic combination between a vase and a ruler. Most women are combinations of 2 shapes.

        She reminds me of Britney in her slimmer days. She clearly distributes weight evenly all over her body and she looks very proportionate.

        She definitely looks like a slim & curvy vase in this picture:

        • cc

          I don’t think she can be compared to Britney…Britney had a small waist when she was slimmer and pre-baby. The healthier looking model has a body type similar to mine, she doesn’t really have a waist, she has a large ribcage, but then she’s got hips too. It’s nice to see women of other shapes rather than just having skinny rulers and augmented hourglasses.

  • Rose

    I like model number 2 lol or better said the one on the right lol :] Gorgeous!!

  • Leanna

    There really is not much difference between the two in terms of body composition. The girl on the left is just smaller all round but not really that much leaner than the other girl. My guess is first girl is about 18%-20% body fat and the other girl 21%-24% body fat. The second girl also has a bigger frame and more muscle so people need to make sure they don’t confuse that with being fat.

    • lauren

      my thoughts exactly!
      They just have two different body types – and they both look absolutely fine given their body type. I don’t really think these girls should be compared at all.

  • lui

    What curve is in these women??? They’re shaped like boxes, no hips or anything. blech!

  • Lisa

    I personally like the one on the left. I don’t think she’s too skinny, in fact I think she looks great! Also, the woman on the right is healthy looking as well. She has a more athletic body. I’d really like to seem them both walk on the same catwalk. I think there should be more diversity in size. I’m not saying they should use overweight models, but rather healthy girls of all sizes. Any designer can make clothes look good on a tall, skinny, toothpick of a model. It’d take some real skill to make clothes look good on a variety of shapes.

  • Miranda

    I like the idea of “curvier” models, but I don’t think the one on the right is a good example of that. I just think her shape is awkward, so I’ll have to pick the one on the left.

  • Ella

    Question to those who believe we should only have tall slim women modelling clothing: Do you still believe a tall slim woman should model clothing ranges for speciality sizes such as plus-size and petite? After all, they do need to change a lot of measurements and the clothes wouldn’t exactly look normal on a woman the clothes were not made for. Just as a plus-size woman would look silly trying to squeeze into a size 2 and a petite woman would be drowning in a jacket for a taller woman, a modelesque woman would look rather ridiculous modelling plus-size clothing and may be too tall to look normal in petite clothing.

  • Rose

    i don’t like both of them
    left is too skinny, but i love the legs
    right has no boobs and no waist

  • Elyssa

    THE GIRL ON THE RIGHT! she doesn’t look skeletal – refreshing!

  • BlackEssence

    They both have wonderful bodies.

    Sure, the one on the right is softer, but the one on the left is quite fit/toned (far from skin and bones…infact, more in shape then most models).

    • et moi

      totally agree with you. I think that if a person looks healthy and seems to take care of themselves, that is what makes them attractive, not that they fit into a certain dress size. . .

  • DT

    The one on the right is a pretty woman, but nothing outstanding. The left one has the ” edge” and her suit is amazing! A model is supposed to have a special look, even if it is too thin for some tastes here.

  • Uma

    DT, see that’s where you’re wrong. When models die of anorexia and starvation it’s clear they are not too thin for some tastes, but they are too thin to survive. That’s not ok. No one pretends fat or even normal girls, yes models are supposed to be edgey and interesting and even outrageous. But do you actually think that promoting such thinness that causes DEATH is a matter of taste? Well, think again, b/c that’s just not right. Not for us, but for those who aspire to be models and think that beauty means being 90 lbs and 6 feet tall.

    • DT

      It certainly sounds like you are putting words into my mouth…..too thin for some tastes is not advocating anorexia. I do not think the model on the left is anywhere near 6′ and 90 lbs… she looks very healthy and extremely attractive. Don’t you think that is so?

      • Uma

        Yes, you are right, i did not mean the girl on the left.B/c i’ve already admit it i liked her and considered her quite toned, well see my comment above. I thought that you reffered to models in general, not to this particular one. Then i’m sorry i oriented this to you, but my comment is still valid regarding certain models and certain aspirers to those figures.

        • DT

          No problem. Have a pleasant day 🙂

  • jolisa

    LOVE both of there bodies… hate both of their faces haha

  • amy

    I like the girl on the right.
    When I first look at the girl on the left, I don’t look at the bikini. I look at how thin she looks. Healthy or not. We all will never know!

    No way does the girl on the right have love handles. I think her bikini bottoms look big.

  • Danielle

    Both look gorgeous 🙂

    And to be honest, i think very few of us look at these pictures and immediatley look at the bikini’s! We wouldn’t be logging on to this website if we were doing that!

    Yes, the left girl looks thin, Yes, The girl on the right looks bigger than the girl on the left, but they still both look good.
    I think these two different body shapes just show you how different each and every girl out there really is.

    Assume these girls both follow healthy diets and workout regularly, if you got them to swap diets i highly doubt the girl on the right would be able to achieve the way the girl on the left looks, just as the model on the right wouldn’t be able to achieve the way the model on the left looks, regardless whether each of them even want to, or not. Even with all of the so called “extra bits” off of the girl on the right, she would NOT look like the left one, they’re shapes are completely different.

    At the same time i find it unfair that people jump down people’s throats for “preferring” the model on the left, or thinking she looks good..
    Just because they don’t, or have different opinions themselves.

    I think both girls look good,and the one on the left is beautiful too!

  • Jordan

    i think that in all fashion shows they should have a combination of different body types like these two. While they are predominantly like the one on the left, there are naturally skinny people out there. However, i feel as though more people would feel involved in fashion if there were more models like the one on the right

  • Lara

    In my opinion models have to be skinny. so I would say the girl on the left looks a lot better. The girl on the right is fat for a model. Not for an average woman but for a model.

  • Sara


  • Y

    The girl on the left, Tika, is really thin but she actually weighs what someone her height should weigh. Whenever I’ve worked with her she doesnt diet and she drinks white chocolate raspberry mochas from starbucks all the time! All the girls I’ve ever seen in her family are absolutely beautiful and thin so I think a majority of it is genetic.

  • -Name-

    One on the right(#2)!
    It’s nice to see a fuller girl modeling! She at least looks like she will eat something..

  • Ppl are u serious haha? Da girl on the right is pretty yeah, but models are suposte to be skinny. That’s how it was before and it will always stay that way. Plus size wanna be models really need to stop pretending they’re model, because they’re really not haha.

    • Instant

      LOL, WE.

    • Samantha

      hey stfu! Models vary from sizes 00-4 okai and im in there!
      You asswipe I bet your fking emo. honstesly the one on the right looks prettier the one on the left nothing suits her!

      Suppose to be skinny! no DUH! Stupid hoe! one on the right is a skinny model but with curves!


    • Juliette

      You guys actually understood this dribble?

      • Casey

        I think I can translate maybe:

        I think the one on the right looks better than the one on the left.

        Models don’t have to be skinny. The one on the right is skinny, but she still has curves.

        I think there should be change, and curvier models should be used for runways.

        Funny how much grammar and sentances can help!

  • Samantha

    The girl on the Right(: Is me she has hips like me and looks healthy and she’s prettiers definitly her.
    The girl on the left is pretty too but to skinny. Ether though I wouldnt mind being that un-curvy. But I perfer right cause she has curves and hips like me(: Im a brunette though.

  • What is this? Models are suposte to be skinny.Why are all these fatasses trying to work the runway?
    Not trying to be mean at all, but fashion, runway, models are knows to be thin.

  • kira

    the one on the left.. she isn’t too skinny. She’s just slim.
    i wouldn’t consider the one on the right slim, just healthy. I don’t wanna say average coz average is 164lb, 5’4. She’s probably 10lb heavier than that, but 5-6″ taller.

  • machmalow

    The girl on the left, definitely, eventhough she’d look even more stunning in that swimsuit if she were slightly meatier (her shoulders are kinda bony too which makes her look skinny). Not that I don’t like the girl on the right, at the contrary, she’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s just that -personal taste-, I prefer the thinner one.

  • cc

    The one on the left looks like she’s dying. The only reason her lower body doesn’t look deathly skinny is because of bone-width and her body structure, it can be decieving…if she were a ruler-shape with a narrower lower body structure, most would already label her to be anorexic.
    Honestly, just look at her face. She looks 40 and we know that most models are below 25 years old and still in their late teens. No young woman should have a face that gaunt, and no normal ‘naturally skinny’ woman I’ve ever met had a face THAT gaunt. True, there have been much, much skinnier models on the runway, but even my naturally skinny model friend (who has an underweight BMI of 17 and a similar body structure) doesn’t look gaunt or unhealthy like this woman and most of the runway models you see. My own 19 year old brother is extremely skinny, but his face is nowhere near that gaunt and he’s a guy.

    • nike

      she doesn’t have a gaunt face, lol, WHATSOEVER
      its called high cheekbones and it depends on bone structure. obviously, your “model” friend and your brother dont have good bone structure. i have seen MANY overweight people who are more “gaunt” than the one on the left because they have good bone structure.

      gauntness is when the bones at the front of your face, directly under your eyes show. the bones in her face that show are her CHEEKBONES. i have that, plus high cheekbones, and i am a size 4-6 and 5’9- my doctor told me to lose weight because i am close to overweight for my frame and it is better to lose weight/get healthy now, rather than in 50lb time (i’m 160-170ish, i carry weight well. most other people my height/weight are like a 10/12 but then they have wider frames).

      it is very common for people in eastern europe to have that sort of face structure. i know that lady isn’t eastern european but i’m sure that latino (??) people can have that facial bone structure, it just isnt as common in them. most americans descend from brits and good bone structure is –VERY– rare over in the UK. the americans with good bone structure are generally descended from another ethnicity. seriously her cheekbones arent even that high.

      also, anorexics can have muscle mass, but not that much. you need to eat quite a bit to maintain that much muscle. she has to do a lot of excersise to get that muscle in the first place, and if she was eating like 500 calories a day, trust me, she’d be AT LEAST 15lb lighter

      look up auschwitz survivors or whatever, they are genuinely gaunt. and they geniunely look like they are dying. you are just too used to seeing 30something 5’4 164lb women in the street who haven’t excersised since PE in elemenary school. or volunteer at your local hopsital and pop into the eating disorder ward. your views will change. you will see people who actually look like they are dying. who actually have unnaturally gaunt faces.

      she doesnt look 40 either, not younger than 25, but not older than 30.

  • afmc

    Left. Everyone is saying she’s to skinny and stuff. But you forget that the Fashion Industry is made of Illusions and fantasies.
    I’m not gonna lie but I think the left one looks better .The right one just seems like an average girl who you see at the beach.

  • ibaby

    i LOVE the LEFT girl’s stomach and legs! i admit her shoulders are a bit too bony tho, but for a model, she’s not bad. i’ve seen WAY worse, ones that are even skinnier and have NO muscle tone! and the girl on the right looks good too, i’m glad they’re using more normal-sized girls on the runway, though i’m not a fan of her body in particular.

  • ashley

    I’m naturally slim, but that girl on the left give me chills..
    It’s so unhealthy being that skinny, and it looks like if you push her, she will fall apart. Not attractive.. So right 🙂

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