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Regular Model and Plus-Size Model Pose Side-by-Side in the Same Outfits

Skinny-VS-Curvy-in-V-Magazine-Jacquelyn-Jablonski-and-Crystal-Renn - Regular Model and Plus-Size Model Pose Side-by-Side in the Same Outfits

This is a first! And I like it!

V Magazine decided to feature in their upcoming (and probably controversial) issue dedicated to plus-size and ALL-size beauties 2 models: one typically skinny, one voluptuously plus-size…  and their wearing identical outfits.

The names of the models? Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn! The editorial is named “One Size Fits All” and it’s shot by photographer Terry Richardson.

stats - Regular Model and Plus-Size Model Pose Side-by-Side in the Same Outfits

P.S.:  A few months ago, most sources were saying that Crystal’s measurements were 39-32-43.

Skinny-VS-Curvy-in-V-Magazine-Jacquelyn-Jablonski-and-Crystal-Renn-2 - Regular Model and Plus-Size Model Pose Side-by-Side in the Same Outfits

See 2 more outfits side-by-side after the jump!

You HAVE to tell us what you think about this editorial!

Skinny-VS-Curvy-in-V-Magazine-Jacquelyn-Jablonski-and-Crystal-Renn-3 - Regular Model and Plus-Size Model Pose Side-by-Side in the Same Outfits

Skinny-VS-Curvy-in-V-Magazine-Jacquelyn-Jablonski-and-Crystal-Renn-4 - Regular Model and Plus-Size Model Pose Side-by-Side in the Same Outfits

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  • lila


    Umm well I have to be honest but I honestly prefer the regular model.

    • Alyssa

      Hmmm, to be honnest, I’m not sure which.
      Are either of them photoshopped?

      I wish they did the exact same pose… but the outfits…. yesh!

      • Of course they’re photoshopped. See the pics I posted in my comment (about common 100!) and the job they have done on Crystals legs is quite significant. They appear firm here, when in reality they aren’t. Jacs legs seem a little softer than they do normally.

        • charley

          i know people will say crystal looks ok because she can carry the eight well at her height, but im 6ft tall and a US 8 and i would say she looks similar to me in these pictures.
          if she is really 5’9 and and a 12, i think she must have had a lot of photoshop done!

          • Anna

            I’m the same height as her, and a US size 8/10 and I look about the same as her.

    • federica

      totally agree…

    • sequined

      me too.
      and crystal looks like she’s trying too hard.

  • belle

    i feel bad for saying this but i really do think the “traditional” thin model looks better.

    • terri

      me too

  • The plus-size model needs to make more eye contact with the camera. I kinda am leaning toward the regular model as well, probably because of her striking eyes.

  • fidigum

    i have to say I think Crystal looks sooo hot! The skinny girl has no personality! I always thought skinny girls made better models, but now I’m starting to rethink my position on this issue. The outfits look good on both girls, but I think crystal is a better model.

  • Laura

    I liked the body of the plus size model better but somehow, maybe it’s her open mouth…she makes the photos look so cheap…but i prefer her body

    • Anna

      I agree the open mouth thing makes her look skanky, not nice at all.

      • spankxx

        both girls have thier mouth open in all the pictures except one…

  • Ange

    They both look great. However, I don’t get the point of pitting them against each other. It’s like a pose off. Why can’t they just feature all sizes throughout the magazine in different pictorials?

    And people make such a big deal about Miley C. being provocative. This kid is about the same age and there probably won’t be a peep about her age as it relates to the nature of these pics.

    • Jenny

      Actually, just like with the weight thing, there’s been a constant battle over what age is appropriate for models and stuff like that.

      Personally I think it’s a context thing. V is a magazine that’s marketed for an older crowd, like the 20-30 somethings and so on. This model is not supposed to be a role model for kids like Miley is.

      I bet you there aren’t many, if any pre-teens or people in their young teens picking up V or Vogue or RUSSH and getting ideas from it, whereas Miley is in the spotlight for this demographic and she’s not doing a swanky job of projecting class herself.

  • CoffeeGirl


  • beckers!

    Yea i like them both, and if there were this continuety through magz of different sized models I’d be very happy.

  • kikki


  • ann

    Those are some horrid outfits.

  • Juliette

    I think the thinner one is just a better model. Maybe I’ve watched to much ANTM and been force-fed too much “smile with your eyes” mantra but the plus-size is not grinning at me in an ocular manner.

    I think the thin one looks much better and she her poses read more “model” to me. The larger one makes me think of some girl who was pulled from the mall and told to start modeling.

    • Jemima

      I laughed out loud at the ANTM sentence.

      I like Crystal in these photos. I’m kind of fifty-fifty here. A balance of both body types in fashion magazines would be nice.
      I do understand why they made them both wear the same stuff: to show that
      “plus sized” models can wear a lot of the same clothing and look good.
      What I don’t understand is why they did the same poses.

    • ladyredlocks

      I think they both look equally “model-esque”. However, I was shocked to read that Crystal Renn is only 23! Because of her weight, I immediately assumed she was older. Like 30ish!

  • Casey

    I like it. That way you can see what the clothes would look like if you are a thin person or if you’re a thick person. You may not quite be the same frame as either girl, but you can at least get a better general idea.

    Also, I don’t think they’re being pit against each other. I think they’re just side by side for comparison. And I don’t have a favorite, they look about the same level to me.

  • AE

    I like the one on the left better.

    Side note, funny how the size of the accessories seem to change because of the size of the model, esp the bracelets in the last photo

  • Polly

    That girl Crystal needs to shut her mouth and make eye contact with the camera before I can pick which model I like better.

    • captain obvious

      You do realize that the skinny model has her mouth open as well in 3 of the 4 pictures, right?

  • 7Nyne

    It kinda looks like; the before and after photoshop.
    They both look good, they really do but I would like to look more like the regular model than the plus-sized one.

  • saribird

    i know chrystal only from photos on this side here and i have to say that i haven’t been much of a fan of her figure so far…. anyway, i love her in those pictures – especially- in contrast to that other model. maybe it’s really just that you have to get used to a new, more normal, display of the female body…

  • Christina

    The second photo is not fair. The skinny one is posing in one of the couture poses designed to make her look ever skinner and more angular -shoulders jutted forward in a concave fashion. Both models look great though.

  • CC

    This whole thing is unfair, I feel like it should have been done with a “normal” model and not plus size considering plus size and high fashion are totally different industries.

  • mEEE

    I always felt that the right clothes will always look good on the right body. Although Crystal is heavier, all of the outfits she is wearing (including the tight ones on pics 1 & 3) are flattering on her body type.

  • Hannah

    The regular one looks better here, simply because these are clothes that would flatter a thin figure only. The plus size model would look gorgeous in a tailored, figure-appropriate dress for example rather than spandex miniskirts or asymmetric tank tops.

    • AGREE!
      The thin one is so much better

  • Niva

    Odd, the regular sized model has the same measurements as I do, except I’m short.
    The outfits..ehh.
    They both look good, Crystal is beautiful and looks good. I personally would love to see more models her size in magazines.

    • Kari

      I’m a shorty with the same measurements (except my waist is smaller), too!

  • fierce

    I like that the photos of Crystal show that having thicker thighs can still look good.

  • walnuts

    am i the only one who doesnt think they look so far apart in size? especially in the 2nd and 3rd pics? i think they both look great but i thought a 2 and a 12 would be a huuuuge difference and here they only look to be about 3 sizes apart. maybe because of photoshop? id like to see the pics before editing. also id like to see a medium sized model (size 4, 6, or 8) in between them… i bet she’d look the best !!

    • Hannah

      I think it’s a combination of heavy photoshopping on the plus-size model and her being able to carry her weight well at her height.

    • katie

      heavy photoshop
      she is nowhere close to that size
      the only way plus sized models can look good (or passable) in most high fashion clothing is if they are extensively photoshopped.

      look at the link of crystal that neutra originally posted

      • KD

        I’m certain BOTH pics were photoshopped~that’s the world of editorial modeling~you will never see a realistic photo of ANY model in a magazine~so all the photoshop comments are meaningless. My theory on why opinions are so diverse is this: If you are uncomfortable with “sexy”~ you will more likely prefer Jac.. if you embrace sexy~you will more likely prefer Crys~she definitely exudes sex appeal. And who cares what ANTM says (& I love that show)!? What this really proves is there is NO “standard” of beauty, and that it truly is “in the eye of the beholder”~regardless of what the “experts” tell us!

      • KD

        Actually, she DOES look to be the same size, just photoshopped, as you said. Cellulite doesn’t = bigger.

  • christina

    of course the outfits flatter chrystal, too. they photoshopped her! (not saying they didn’t also photoshop the thin girl, but probably not as much).

    I’m sorry for saying this, but I prefer the “regular” model.

  • Jacquelyn is amazing. She has a very fresh and interesting face-
    When it comes to high fashion, Jac is definitely the more desirable one and the girl who i would want to see more of. If we are talking catalogues though, then Crystal would suit that market more.

    I’d kill for Jacs legs- they are incredible!

  • People shouldn’t be apologising for liking Jac the most. You like what you like, and if people accuse you of “not supporting real woman” for liking the regular model, then they clearly haven’t taken any biology lessons.

    A woman is a woman regardless of size, but when it comes to high fashion modelling, I definitely prefer Jac. Crystal is beautiful, but it would never ever be a figure i would want for myself.

    As for Terry Richardson… I wish that pervert would go back into the hole he came from.

    • what you said i completely agree with. i will say i prefer both.

  • Vlada

    Editorials are basically a house of illusions and they could make anybody look good if they set their minds to it (case in point: the editorial with Susan Boyle).

    However, in real life, the reality for most people is that being Crystal’s size comes with a host of related flaws: flab, cellulite, belly rolls, and other things that nobody but fat activists finds attractive.

    Most straight-size models look similar in candids as they do in editorials: more bony, but otherwise not too different.

    Plus-size models, on the other hand, usually look very different in real life than they do in fashion spreads. They usually look much larger, for one thing. They have bulges of flesh underneath their clothes, protruding stomachs, and thick waists — they rarely have the flat stomachs and narrow waists that get photoshopped onto them in editorials.

    I’ve seen candids of Crystal and she does not look as small, shapely, or smooth-skinned in real life as she does in these photos.

    Jacquelyn Jabolonski is not my favorite model, but in general, I prefer thin models.

    • Ange

      Anyone can have cellulite and what does activism have to do with size?

      I don’t think anyone looks as shapely or as smooth as they do when photoshopped, regardless of their size.

    • Thankyou for having the courage to say what a lot of people are thinking. I agree 100 %.

      • I was agreeing with Vlada btw.

      • Alias

        Vlada and neutra I agree with you both.

    • Casey


      Most size 12 women look as much as Crystal as they look like Jacqueline…meaning not so much. And that’s without taking Photoshop into account.

      But I do think big women can get a rough estimate of what clothes would look like on them by seeing Crystal wear them.

    • prettygirl

      @ vlada you are going on as if crystal is obese which she is not, she just has more weight on her than the other girl. i guess people have different standards of beauty because i would not want to be as thin as jacquelyn. i think women prefer the stick thin look, whereas men prefer more curvy women. me and my sister look alike facially but i have more of a curvy body and i get more attention from men than her. i think jacquelyn is more high fashion whereas crystal is sexier. i do think that high fashion models do need to be smaller as it fits the image, high fashion clothes are often very different and quirky looking. high fashion is not regular, every day wear so why have regular models.

      • Crystal isn’t obese, but she is definitely overweight:

        When they say that “men like curvy woman”, they mean a good bust-waist-hip ratio, not the “rolls” kind of curvy. Scarlet J is sexy curvy, but Crystal is an overweight curvy. She is beautiful in her own way, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think her body she be idealised in any way, just like an underweight girls body shouldn’t be either.

        • Casey

          I know it’s not mainstream but I could see a lot of men liking her figure. There is nothing about her figure that screams unhealthy or bad eating habits, just like being slightly underweight isn’t automatically starvation and anorexia.

        • prettygirl

          overweight does not always mean fat, alot of atheletes are overweight according to scales but they are all muscle. crystal looks fine, she is not even fat. standing next to jacquelyn who wouldn’t look huge

        • Alias

          Casey I agree with you… But I don’t even consider Crystal “curvy”. Personally I think that she has a lot of bodyfat which is disguising her “curves”. When I think curves I think Marisa Miller or Kim K. or J.LO, someone like that with ACTUAL curves. I am not trying to be rude or offend ANYONE but Crystal is just what I would call fat. Plain and simple. I mean, people call thin girls “skinny” so a chubby person is “fat.”

          • Alias

            Woops I meant that I agree with neutra

  • Jenny

    Two hot ladies

    • steph

      Nicely said

  • luvme 2

    i think somewhere right inbetween the two would look nice.

    • Yes, I agree.

  • Julie

    I prefer Jac. Not because she is thinner but because I like her character. Also I just wanted to share a thought, I think models need to be thin because any clothes work on them where as if they were heavier there would be some things that wouldn’t look as flattering compared to if they were on someone thinner. Also if they are all the same size, people don’t have to waste time sizing or doing fittings. It’s sad but it just works better this way.

    • Alias

      Well said, that is EXACTY why thin girls are used.

    • Ren

      Also it’s not supposed to be about the model.
      I get that we live in a culture were models become there own celebrity. But as somebody who lives for design, it really peeves me off when people act as though the model is the main fixture.

      The clothes damnit! They are what’s important!

      Honestly, it might sound rude, but models are walking hangers. They are there to display something that actually takes talent. That people put blood, sweat, tears, and a hell of a lot more into. And despite what Tyra wants you to believe, models are a dime a dozen. It doesnt take that much talent. Really. Walking. Looking forward. We all do it every day. Colour me unimpressed with striking a pose.

      I think when we focus on legs and stomach, it takes away from the actual art on the page.

      So I’m fine using stock models. Simply for no other reason than I don’t care about the hanger. I care about what’s on it.

  • jjj

    This is really a perfect example on how being fit, taking care of yourself, working hard keeping yourself healthy makes you stand out. The fit model certainly stands out above the other model. While both models are made out to look similar, the fit model shows you the photographic differences. She looks much more energetic, photographs better, more shapely, catches the eye better, she looks more into the photographs, it is really night and day. While thinner, she also has more shapely legs than the curvy model. Generally thinner models have more shapely legs even though it is against popular consensus.. Additionally, while not seen here, thinner models generally look better with lighting and shadowing. Their body structure stands out which makes for a more interesting picture.

    Thanks for posting this up!

    • Fluffykins

      How do you know that Crystal isn’t fit, taking care of herself, and working hard to keep herself healthy? Bcause she isn’t thin? JJJ, just as you think it is wrong when people assume a slim girl is unhealthy because she was photographed when she was bigger, don’t you think it is just as wrong for you to assume that a bigger girl is unhealthy because she isn’t thin?

      • jjj

        I never said the plus sized model was not “fit, taking care of herself, and working hard to keep herself healthy”. I agree with you that it is certainly wrong to assume the bigger girl is unhealthy because she isn’t thin, and I never said the plus size girl wasn’t healthy. The plus size girl could certainly have a very slow metabolism or any other unusual medical reason why she would hold onto the excess body fat if she indeed is fit and works out. Or she could be over eating healthy foods.

        I am just pointing out the obvious photographic, aesthetic, and modeling advantages of being thin. Generally being thin requires exercise, eating healthy, patience, time and should be commended. It is certainly remotely possible that the plus size model works just as hard as the thinner model however their shapes are different. It is wrong for me to assume. But you can see the obvious advantages that the typical women could achieve from staying fit, eating right, and being healthy.

        • Fluffykins

          Sorry, but the way you worded your post, you looked like you were saying the thin model was fit, taking care of herself, and working hard to keep herself healthy, and the other one wasn’t. I know that there are loads of benefits that people can get from being fit, eating right, and being healthy, but I also know that being fit, eating right, and being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is going to be smaller either(I know I wasn’t, 5’2″, 135 lbs., BMI of 24.7, and a size 8 ) wich is the implication I got from your post(both your original and this one I am responding to). When you said:

          “This is really a perfect example on how being fit, taking care of yourself, working hard keeping yourself healthy makes you stand out. The fit model certainly stands out above the other model.”

          Followed by:

          “While thinner”

          That is what made me think you were saying the thin model was the one being healthy and the other model wasn’t because she was bigger. If I misunderstood, I apologize, but the way you worded it made it look like you were saying the thin model is keeping herself healthy and fit and the other model wasn’t.

          Personally, I don’t get the aesthetic advantages(let alone the photographic and modeling advantages) a thin woman has over any other sized woman, I think if dressed properly they can all have the same aesthetic value. I think being fit and healthy should be commended, not the size the woman ends up at while being fit and healthy.

          Rambly, I know, but that’s just me 😛

    • lucia

      the funny thing is that having worked in the industry, I can tell you that lots of models go to extreme unhealthy lengths. to stay thin.
      I’m not saying this jac girl does it, but I know many young high fashion models do some horrendeus things to stay thin. not healthy by any means. then you have a few who are naturally very thin, and just eat whatever they want and rarely workout- they are the minority but i wouldn’t describe eating whatever you want and not working out healthy.

      In fact some models who I have known (they are known w/i in the industry, but i doubt many people here would know them.. they are not mainstrea enough) I have seen being praised for being ‘healthy’ on other sites. Ha. if only they knew the truth.

      in before someone suggest i’m overweight and jealous. I’m not.

    • Alias

      JJJ I agree with you, great observations.

  • Hydrangea

    Both look great in my opinion. I did find my eye always moving to the Plus-Size figure though. I think they both look sexy. Bigger bodies should be featured more often. Gorgeous, both.

  • Susan

    As much as I hate saying this the thinner model looks much better. In photos one always looks bigger so maybe that’s why. Crystal has a really nice healthy body though.

  • Julie

    Just adding to my comment two above^ I just wanted to say that although I think most clothes work better on thin models that doesn’t mean I think people have to be size 2 thin to look good or look good in clothes, I just think most of the designer clothes espcially the big bulky ones or the really tight ones flatter a size 2 modelest figure better and that is probably why models are so thin. It was just a thought and I didn’t want anyone to think that im someone that thinks thin is the only way to look beautiful. To me curvy and thin can look equally beautiful. Thin is just another look. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean better looking.

    • Julie

      lol this comment was in addition to MY latest comment above not my comment two aove.

  • O

    definitely regular

  • Kari

    Crystal has some crackhead poses

  • Nikki

    I really like seeing both i’m a thicker girl myself so it nice seeing the plus sized models (even though they aren’t that plus sized) every once in awhile
    I Like the points everyone else has made the female more comes in all shapes sizes and forms.
    I personally think models of all shapes and sizes should be in every magazine it should be a standard
    i like looking at the really skinny girls its a fact the more you stare at all the skinny models the more you cal yourself down or make more efforts to be like that skinny model even though they usually can pull off anything (like those horrible outfits)
    but i know my body shape could never be a size zero (and would look very akward) but im happy with a size 10 i feel healthy and i still have my feminine curves
    but it would defintely be nice to see all shapes heights and forms in every magazine because there is no “normal” shape

  • APL

    Why does it have to be one extreme or the other? The thinner model looks much better but why not have a size 6 or 8 for the other model? That way she would look good AND be healthy!

    • padme

      Like a size 12 is unhealthy? She’s not exactly obese. Why not have the 6 or 8 model instead of the 2? She looks sicker than Crystal.

      • APL

        She very well could be unhealthy, but alot of models are naturally very slender, which sucks for the rest of us. However I don’t think a high body fat percentage should be promoted in an obese society.

  • Chloe

    Probably one of the worst moments in my life is when I turned off my IPod and over heard two women standing behind me critiquing my body. Not because I was over weight – but because I was too skinny! It’s hurtful no matter what size you are…and at fifteen I took it really personally. I’m happy that they have BOTH shapes because some people are naturally very slender, and some people naturally are bigger. The important thing is to be healthy, and to accept that there are differences and that both are acceptable. I like issues with “real” sized women, but I like it better with both. If this was a magic world and I could choose one or the other, I would like to be “real”.

    • bia

      I’m almost 100% sure those women were jealous of you, lol.

      • Chloe

        They were talking about how I was probably anorexic and how sickly I looked. Mind you, I was fifteen then (seventeen now) and they were like twenty something. Looking back at it I see it as being rude and way out of line, but it still bothers me, even though I weigh more now.

  • Mnemosyne

    Crystal looks ridiculous in these photos. Jac is a lovely model though.

  • Natasha

    LOVES IT!!!!!! Although I do think Crystal is trying to hard and I would’ve loved to see her look dead on at the camera rather than the side profiles whatever their called. Anyways the concept is DOPE and Jacquelyn is giving it to the camera 🙂

  • its funny how nice and smooth she is. i am size 4-6 and i weight right for my height (5″5, 130) yet i have little bumps and lumps here and there from not being “skinny”. being an apple shape, i have very large breasts (DD/DDD), my waist has a bit of muffin top and my thights and arms arent perfectly sculpted(i exercise!). i guess that could be fixed if i lost 10-15 lbs.
    my point is i dont get it how crystal can pull off clothes like that at size 12.
    i think the true difference between models and regular girls isnt just the weight or size, its where the fat is, and how proportionate we are, and how well balanced everything is.
    cause most size 12 girls will have rolls, lumps and unbalanced figure.

    • p.s. she looks like a regular model if they clicked on her and said make every part of her equally larger, like an englarged picture

      • missbliss

        You took the words right out of my mouth, (or mind, lol). I was thinking the same thing. I have a very similar body to yours, and was thinking similarly. Being a plus sized model isn’t something anyone can do, simply because by being fat w/a pretty face. Clearly, you *still* have to be tall, you *still* have to have good proportions, you still have to have nice bone structure. And I see some comments saying that in person, the plus sized model would be soft and dimply looking – I don’t know. They may not be super fit in real life, but I would guess they still look pretty firm, just bigger.

    • Vlada

      Crystal has plenty of lumps and bumps and rolls, as well as cellulite – it’s very visible in candids of her. i think someone posted some links in this section.

      The reason she looks flawless in the above photos is b/c of photoshop. have you noticed how she has the exact same skin as the thin model, w/ the exact same texture and shade?

  • Amy

    I think the thin model looks better.

  • Victoria

    It is clear with the above posts that most people seem to project their neurosis onto the models. I think we should all consider how much culture influences our aesthetics.

    • Shannon

      ITA with this comment it’s like brainwashing the media has projected a smaller frame so it’s easier to see the smaller model as having a better nody the the curvy girl. If we grew up with images of women of all shapes,sizes and colour our definitian of beauty wouldn’t be as vapid as it is now, imagine if we grew up with all body sizes that are healthy at any size it wouldn’t be such a big deal to have a “skinny and curvy model” to prove some type of point.

    • ann

      A very astute comment. Too many people do not question WHY they feel the way they feel on certain issues. The truth of the matter is our reactions are programmed in a very predictable way on a variety of issues. If this is intentional or unintentional can be debated.

      In my view, the only reason one model is considered “Regular” and one is considered “Plus”, is because of a completely subjective viewpoint. That view is colored by the images we are shown on a day to day basis. These responses are not of actual people with their own formulated opinion but of people who consume media on a daily basis. Most people are just repeating the opinions of a certain media subset.

    • Alias

      Honestly, it’s not just our culture that influences me. I would STILL find a thin person more attractive. I would STILL find a lower body-fat percentage sexy as hell. Sorry but it’s just my truth. The culture has nothing to do with me not finding a fat person as attractive as a thin in shape human.

      • In our affluent world, we’re bombarded with cheap, easy and fatty meals, and we can easily avoid any physical activity in our day thanks to all the technological advancements. That is, it’s easy to be fat. In poor countries, were supplies are extremely limited, being fat is a sign of wealth- it means you can afford to eat, and you have people do the menial labour for you.

        As such, I really commend people who are slim. Not so much the boney skinny fat ones, but the ones who have muscle tone and who it’s obvious by their bodies definition and their skin tone that they take care of themselves. It’s easy not to do all the time, I know. Even on days I don’t exercise I manage to only get around 4 hours sleep at most, but it is possible to to fit it in there if you are really dedicated. Sometimes when you’re exhausted it’s easier to go for fast food than to make something light and fresh, but it just requires a little will power. I’m not encouraging counting calories or anything- enjoy what you eat. But funnily enough, good fresh food and fresh bread taste a whole lot better than deep fried fat. Anyway, my point is that I admire slimmer bodies because in our society, it shows dedication to ones health and fitness. Of course bigger shapes can be fit and healthy too, but you can generally tell, again by looking at tone. Candids show that Crystal has next to no tone, whereas someone like Serena Williams, who aesthetically to me is quite bulky, is ALL muscle.

        • Oh I forgot to add that larger builds who are fit and healthy are, in my experiences, are definitely in the minority.

        • Alias

          neutra you took the words out of my mouth! I couldn’t have written it any better! I totally agree with you about keeping healthy and in shape. It takes willpower and dedication to do what most people are not willing to do. Plus it’s sexy when someone has a nice toned body and their bone structure is beautifully sculpted. It shows all their hard work and I love to admire it.

      • ann

        You cannot implicitly state that your opinion was shaped outside of the current media ideal and your exposure to it in your life. To state such a thing ignores the large body of evidence gathered through years of psychological study. It is intellectually dishonest. This is not me stating Crystal looks better than Jac. I actually am not partial to either one but, I am not dishonest. I know i am suspect to influence as a scientifically minded person. I guard against subjectivity masking as objectivity.

      • Casey

        I think it’s very possible for Alias to have preferences not influenced by culture.

        There’s a whole other half of psychology that deals with inherent preferences due to genetics, and interactions between those genes and the environment, not just the environment itself.

        If we were solely influenced by the environment, we would very well all share the same opinions.

        Besides, the media really doesn’t have as much influence as people give it. Personal interactions, life experiences and local “culture” are much more influential on our preferences, and I have found that around me, people very much prefer size 6-10 over a thin, slim, fit body type. So again, I do believe Alias is right in that culture has not influenced her taste.

        • Alias

          Casey exactly… There are so many other variables with what makes a person have a unique taste. It’s not like every single person grows up reading “Vogue” and is then brainwashed into believing twig thin is “better” or something like that. I actually grew up in a very active family with an EXTREMELY active lifestyle. My family and I did many sports and we are thin strong, fit – and may I add, attractive – people. So NO the media did not influence me to lean towards thin in that way, it happened naturally as that is how I was raised, so to speak. I was raised with a very healthy mindset, and I love my body being thin and fit. It just the way it is.

          • Victoria

            Well, how do you ladies -those of you state that your preference for thinness is somehow innate and exists outside of media influence -explain different ideals of female beauty throughout time. In the Victorian era, the Gibson girl was the ideal of feminine bodily beauty. She was ideally tall, with large breasts and hips and a tiny waist. And of course, everyone has heard the Marilyn Monroe argument. Thus, given these historical artifacts how can one justify indifference to cultural norms that urge us to become thinner thinner thinner?

            Btw, I want to say that (save for those individuals who make obnoxious comments about fat being disgusting or thinness being gross) I respect most of the people posting here. It sounds like we all give these issues a lot of thought, and more than anything it’s important to have these conversations. Ultimately, WE decide the culture -it’s up to us to either validate or dismiss one another.

        • ann

          No one shares the same environment so no one can share the same opinions.

          “Besides, the media really doesn’t have as much influence as people give it.”

          Where’s your data?

          • Alias

            Casey clearly states: “If we were solely influenced by the environment, we would very well all share the same opinions.”

            There is your data.

            @Victoria – Very well written comment. I must say though, I still do not believe the culture has influenced me in any way. That is not to say that others are not influenced by it, as I am positive there are others who most certainly are influenced by what they read, see on tv ect. I suppose I am not influenced because I HAVE seen the super thin fashion models and I would not want to look like them, I have seen “plus size” models and i would also not want to look like them. I must say that I AM inspired by women in amazing shape, as they are fitness role models to me – Jessica Alba, VS models, my friends, my family. You can call it influenced but I know what I like and I like healthy. There are enough out of shape, large people walking around to influence me to run in the other direction and never, EVER look back – the direction of health and prosperity!

          • Casey

            Well, true, no one shares the same environment. It depends on how we are raised, who we talk to…etc.

            But doesn’t temperament (aka genes) have a lot to do with it? If you are an insecure person, inherently, is that not going to effect your interpretation of people’s comments about you and thus activate defense mechanisms, and aren’t those going to affect your preferences about body types?

            Of course, genetics and inherited preferences aren’t the only factor. Probably not even the main one. Environment has a lot to do with it. It’s just, you mentioned media, and media does have an influence but not nearly as strong as temperament and interactions with parents and friends and day to day experiences.

            Besides, media is common to everyone. The same show, pictures, text is shown to all people, yet look at the comments on here: so many different interpretations/preferences. There is something else that causes those preferences before the media interpretations. I think it’s day to day life and inherent predispositions.

            I really like this discussion. 🙂 All of you guys, ann, Alias, Victoria made some thoughtful comments. And going off on what you said ann about the scientific mind, scientific method rests on the ability to debate and discuss, which is why I like this: promotes scientific thinking. One person makes a thoughtful comment, and then another person makes one back..etc.

          • ann

            “But doesn’t temperament (aka genes) have a lot to do with it? ”

            Genes and personality have not been proven to be related. You do not understand DNA.

            “If you are an insecure person, inherently, is that not going to effect your interpretation of people’s comments about you and thus activate defense mechanisms, and aren’t those going to affect your preferences about body types?”

            Yes and no, some insecure people will react in that way. Some will not. You are making assumptions.

            “It’s just, you mentioned media, and media does have an influence but not nearly as strong as temperament and interactions with parents and friends and day to day experiences.”

            Media is not an isolated phenomenon that comes from outside society. It comes from within a society and generally represents common feelings of that society. This is why i mentioned “Subsets”. Black Media tends to show larger women than the mainstream White Media. That is just one example. Media is not common as you proclaim. It is specialized to different populations and that specialization is becoming greater with every passing year due to new technology. Not everyone is seeing the same thing. It’s referred to as the “balknazation of culture”. You stay in your box, you view life from your box. It is pure ego that drives people to believe they are somehow above media influence. A cognitive dissonance that makes them feel better about themselves. The human animal is simple to figure out. You can predict who will win the election by mere height-the taller male wins.

            “Casey clearly states: “If we were solely influenced by the environment, we would very well all share the same opinions.”

            There is your data.”

            That is not data. When you can bring a hard study to the table that proves human beings are not influenced to a great degree by media then I will take you seriously. As it stands there is a very large pool of data that shows human beings are influenced to a very large degree by it. If you are going to fly in the face of accepted scientific fact you need proof.

          • Casey

            “Genes and personality have not been proven to be related. You do not understand DNA.”

            I think hundreds of scientists who write for behavior genetics and animal behavior journals would greatly disagree with you. I don’t follow your DNA comment, but either way, I am quite familiar with it.

            As for media influence, no one is saying that it doesn’t have an influence. I’ve taken the social/personality/cross-cultural psychology classes. I’ve done research in those fields. Yes, I know it has an influence. However, when you’re looking at the environment variables you will find that proximity plays a huge role, and THIS too has been proven by studies. Media is not very proximate, it is about the 4th level of proximity. So it’s influence isn’t as large as you are making it out to be, and Alias is evidence of that. Her level 1 proximity (her parents) influenced her over her other surroundings (level 2+ proximity). This is usually the case.

            And yes, media comes from within society. Where does society come from? Where does culture come from? A large portion of evolutionary psychology is devoted to studying this, and has determined that media itself has an evolutionary basis, and thus, genetic influence. But, like every complex trait, genes are not the simple explanation and environment plays a large role as well.

            As for insecure people? They do use defense mechanisms, more so than the average person. I’m talking about cognitive defense mechanisms not Freudian (such as reappraisal), although, both share the notion of rejection, which seems to be prevalent among insecure and high anxiety individuals.

            Agree with everything else you said.

          • Alias

            ann you made a wonderful comment, however, I still stand by my comment.

            I do not think that simply because I do not believe the media has influenced me, that some how it is my ego that is causing me to rise above? I’m sorry, but I really just think that sounds ridiculous. I am a person, like many other people who like to think for themselves. I mean, how MUCH do you think the media affects people? I feel that this topic we are talking about is spreading far out where it becomes difficult to know specifically what we are talking about and how the media affects us.

            If we are bouncing this “influential media” idea from this ‘Regular Model and Plus Size Model’ post, and specifically “body image”, then I still stand by my comment. There are so so SO many other things that can influence a person and the media only affects a particular person as much as they LET it affect them. It has nothing to do with ego, in the slightest (at least for me). If someone is a spiritual person (which I consider myself) I am going to have a different view/idea on what I read, see, hear; allow into my mind.

            For me personally, it’s all a lot bigger than science alone. Every person is different, every person perceives information in unique and interesting ways (as you are already aware, I imagine). And for you to say that ‘we are ALL influenced by the media’ and ‘if someone is in denial than he/she is egotistical’ is somewhat close-minded, no offense.

            It’s hard to talk about this topic because it can spread out very quickly. Bottom line, there are so many variables that play into how we are influenced, TOO many variables for us to discuss on this website lol!

            I am interested to know if the media influences (or doesn’t influence) you girls! 😀

            Casey: Wonderful comment, really enjoyed reading it! And I agree agree with you, I enjoy this discussion too!

          • Casey

            Alias, if you want to know, here it is: 🙂

            In terms of body size, I did used to be influenced by the media. Well, not quite. It’s more like, I bought into it because I am thin myself, and I wanted to believe thin was better because I would get attacked by bigger people. But since then I’ve learned to accept that even the bigger girls can be hot.

            In terms of style/fashion, still influenced by the media. If celebrities wear something and look nice, I want to wear it too, haha.

            In terms of thinking, I don’t think so. I tend to lean more towards what I studied, and I do hold science in a high regard so if the media presents something that is pseudoscience or wrong, I definitely do not buy into it.

            Those are only three things. Sorry, there are so many different dimensions that its hard to remember them all. how about you? How do you view the media through a spiritual perspective?

          • ann

            “I think hundreds of scientists who write for behavior genetics and animal behavior journals would greatly disagree with you. I don’t follow your DNA comment, but either way, I am quite familiar with it.”

            Certain genes have been shown to deal with impulsive behavior in humans but I have yet to see the human personality mapped out by genes. You might be talking about something else because there is no body of evidence that proclaims “this dna=this personality”. Certain behaviors are influenced by genetic traits, that is what behavioral genetics deals with. It does not necessarily deal with personality. Personality is a malleable concept, as such it’d very diffcult to prove it’s all down to DNA.

            “Media is not very proximate, it is about the 4th level of proximity. ”

            Media is far more pervasive then you are giving it credit for. The average American watches 8 hours of TV a day. For many people Media is the number on proximity now.

          • “Media is far more pervasive then you are giving it credit for. The average American watches 8 hours of TV a day. For many people Media is the number on proximity now.”

            Yet the average American is overweight. That makes total sense! If the average person really was influenced by the media as much as you are saying they are, then perhaps they would find just even an hour out of their eight hours of sitting still to get up and actually do some exercise. But nahhh, it’s much easier just to sit there and point your finger at someone who does take care of their body and call them a “shallow bag of bones”.

            I’m sorry, but as I said in a previous post, in our culture it’s far too easy to be “big”. Being toned and healthy shows that a person is dedicated to their bodies wellbeing, and that in itself is sexy. And yes, some people are naturally big, just like some naturally are slim, but those people are in the minority. For most of us, just a little commitment would mean that we could have our bodies at a good fitness level. If people don’t want to be fit, then that’s their choice. But they shouldn’t criticise people who don’t choose to spend 8 watching tv for the sake of their HEALTH.

          • ann

            “If people don’t want to be fit, then that’s their choice. But they shouldn’t criticise people who don’t choose to spend 8 watching tv for the sake of their HEALTH.”

            And by that turn you shouldn’t be criticizing them for not living your lifestyle?

            You are a pot calling a kettle black.

          • HEALTH is the key word here. Yes, I think that people who take care of their health are more respectable than people who don’t. I can’t stand people who complain about the dire health system and their size when they could easily do something about it.

          • I have to ask out of curiosity, where do people find 8 hours a day to watch tv? Do they not have jobs, or do they not have a life outside of their jobs?

          • ann

            “HEALTH is the key word here. Yes, I think that people who take care of their health are more respectable than people who don’t. I can’t stand people who complain about the dire health system and their size when they could easily do something about it.”

            You addressed nothing. I said you cannot complain about the lifestyle others lead (and their looks) and then say they have no right to complain about your looks/lifestyle. Free Will is Free Will. You are just being a hypocrite.

            And I’m really sick of hearing about this health argument. I doubt any of you are trained medical professionals. What you guys care about is what she looks like. No one here really cares about her health. I am so tired of hearing that BS.

          • neutra

            You addressed nothing either, other than calling me a hypocrite. All all I originally did was challenge your stat of “Americans watch 8 hours tv a day” and you didn’t like that. You just ignored my challenge, and went straight for the personal insults.

          • ann


            If you challenged it then you did it rather poorly. I saw nothing more than the usual rant on healthy lifestyle. I make no judgments on TV watching. I make no judgments on lifestyle. Certainly some might lead to longer life but it’s not my life to live and I don’t feel what i do is better than what anyone else does. I told you that you were a hypocrite because you complain about the lifestyle (and looks) others lead yet complain about their critisicm of your lifestyle (and looks). I don’t know why Americans watch so much TV. It’s a cheap form of entertainment for certain. It doesn’t appeal to me but nonetheless I don’t judge anyone for it.

          • ann


            If you challenged it then you did it rather poorly. I saw nothing more than the usual rant on healthy lifestyle. I make no judgments on TV watching. I make no judgments on lifestyle. Certainly some might lead to longer life but it’s not my life to live and I don’t feel what i do is better than what anyone else does. I told you that you were a hypocrite because you complain about the lifestyle (and looks) others lead yet complain about their critisicm of your lifestyle (and looks). I don’t know why Americans watch so much TV. It’s a cheap form of entertainment for certain. It doesn’t appeal to me but nonetheless I don’t judge anyone for it.

          • ann

            Sorry for the double post, I wanted to correct a link because apparently the first one requires a subscription.

  • Monica

    I actually like them both. For more angular outfits, the thinner model should be used but for some pieces in fashion a normal size aka “plus size” would actually look better than a pile of bones aesthetically speaking. They are both gorgeous and in pictures 1 and 3 I prefer the “plus size” girl better. I hate saying that because she is not fat at all I think she looks great.

  • How interesting!
    I think both of the models look gorgeous, especially in the third picture with the red belt.

  • Ellie

    I think they both look great. Though in the second pic the pose makes the regular model look a bit to twiggy and the other more chubby.

    I’d like to see a girl who is in between these sizes modelling these clothes too (like 6/8).

  • Serafiina

    I like Crystal better because she stands out more. When I looked the pictures, I constantly kept looking her.

  • machmalow

    they both look great, but I personally prefer the skinny one -as always- except maybe in the 3rd picture where Crystal is absolutely stunning !!

  • Karca

    i think they look good both…
    the curvier one has more personality nd some poses pulled of much better, however her legs dont look so good…
    the skinnier one just seems a lil bit boring since we see models like this everywhere, nothin special

  • essss

    I´ve got the same measurements as crystal but Im not a us size 12? that´s a uk size 16 right?

    • niknak

      yep…but i dont think she looks uk size 16

      • Lynh

        True, but height makes such a difference!

        E.g. someone short who’s a size 12 will look fatter than someone tall who’s a size 12.

      • Lynh

        True, but height makes such a difference!

        E.g. someone short who’s a size 12 will look fatter than someone tall who’s a size 12.

  • Uma

    I like Crystal better. I’m not going to defend my choice, i just do like her better. I find it funny though how some people pull out the healthy/unhealthy card as if they knew any of these two.

  • kim

    I dont know why models either have to be “model” size… which is STICK THIN…
    or “plus” size.. which is frankly put… relatively “big”…

    can’t there be models in between..
    not everyones either size 0/2, or 12…

    • yea! i think most girls are in between

  • Mirabela

    Plus-size models are beautiful and feminin.

    Look at the second picture. The skinny model looks like a spider.
    One of the difference between man and woman are the curvy lines (of hips, breasts, waist) narrow shoulders etc.
    I don’t want to see androgin women on the covers.
    Ok! They are beautiful to. But they are not feminin.

    Please understand that a woman must have some “meat” on her body.
    It is not a fashion.
    Is just that the way it is: this is the nature of female body. (created especially to hold a child healthy)

    • Nay

      You sound lame and condescending. Both look great in their own way.
      1) If you knew anything about haute couture….androgyny has been “in” for a very long time. I happen to think that there is something very alluring about androgynous men and women, and many of the models in high fashion are picked because they don’t look like your run-of-the-mill pretty people. It’s not like this is some low-rent Victoria’s Secret photoshoot….
      2) Many women can carry a healthy child to term and be skinny. Don’t pretend you’re some ob/gyn.
      3) Reducing women to baby-making machines is lame in this day and age when we are more than procreating devices. It is also rude to those women who cannot have children or chose not to. “Femininity” is a socially constructed word. Don’t pretend you’re some evolutionary scientist who has measured how “feminine” a body must be.
      4) Women come in ALL shapes and sizes. It’s discriminatory to say these kinds of things about skinny women just as it is for all the other posters to say nasty things about Crystal being “fat.”
      5) BTW, I’m neither “big” nor “skinny.” Just a regular sized girl tired of women thinking they need to dictate how others “need” to look, and pretending that they have “science” by their side when they say things like, “you need meat on your body to be a female.”

      • thank you for speaking the truth. it’s wrong to bash on skinny women as much as it’s wrong for bashing on women that’s plus size. both of the women represent women that are healthy. nothing nasty nor unhealthy looking about them. and i know plenty of women who are thin can carry a baby so saying a woman needs to have meat on her bones to be a woman is rude and discriminating. both of these women are beautiful and we as women shouldn’t pick nor criticize them.

    • Brittany

      I always thought of myself being a female especially when I started my menstrual (tmi?), but I guess males get them too???
      meat = muscle not fat

      • Mirabela

        To Brittany.
        Thanks for reading exactly what I am saying.
        Meat = muscle, tonned (not fat)
        (for this i’m quoted the word)

        To Nay:
        1) quote: “androgyny has been “in” for a very long time.”
        I know that! Throughout history there have been several types of body beauty adored by men. And as many current fashion in regards. But – the androgyn type is the newest.
        2) quote: “Many women can carry a healthy child to term and be skinny” True!
        quote: “Don’t pretend you’re some ob/gyn.” I’m not pretending. I have the necessary qualifications! 😉
        3) quote: “Reducing women to baby-making machines is lame in this day”. I agree! But! I am not talking about “baby-making machines”.
        I spoke about women who want children and can not have a normal pregnancy because modern behavior to be skinny. You have not seen nor consult thousands of women have problems due to small pelvic basin. Or havin problem with carring a child because of eating disorder. And they want that child.
        I am not blaming the skinny woman. I’m blaming the women who make the decision, make a choice, to BE a skinny (against the physical nature of one’s body).
        A natural (who born with that type of body- geneticaly) skinny type don’t have problems about I’m talking.
        And yes! I’m revolting against this images on the covers. Because the young girls wants to be like the fotomodels. Leading to inability to carry a pregnancy to end, among other health problems. Why?! Because they do what the magazin shows: be somone els; destroy your body. That is I tired to see the store covers women who struggle to destroy the body.
        I spoke about about pregnancy and children beacause the biggest pain in the woman’s heart it’s beginning when si want to be a mother and she can not.
        Usually people do not want to see the real thing: they do not realize how much damage cause this distorted image on women’s body.
        4) quote: “Women come in ALL shapes and sizes. “ True! (and I’m said that in my post: they are beautiful)

        quote: ““Femininity” is a socially constructed word. Don’t pretend you’re some evolutionary scientist who has measured how “feminine” a body must be.”
        Is partially true! (about femininity)
        I’m not making the measurements. Other do that, over thousands of years.
        Or you want to saying … all the medical, fizician, chemist scientist who they lived before and who wrote books about the human body health are all wrong? All of them? I don’t think so!

        Thanks for all to respond my oppinion. If I had misunderstood I apologize.
        Have a Marry Christmas everyone!

  • klara

    very good cast – they look strikingly similar, could be twins! both of them look better or worse than the other depending on the outfits. and both look appealing due to self-cinfident poses, which shows again, that it’s all about the attitude 😉

  • Valentine

    I prefer Crystal. I think we’re so used to seeing size 0/2 models in editorials and things that a lot of us immediately say that the slimmer model looks best. Just because of what we’re used to seeing, and what we’re used to ‘fashion’ being about. Perhaps people think Crystal doesn’t look as good because it isn’t what they’re used to seeing. But I do actually prefer her body, and whilst both models are clearly photoshopped to hell, she does, to me, just look more attractive. And she shows that high fashion can look just as good on a curvier (and yes, I am using curvy to actually mean ‘curvy’, not ‘overweight’ – Crystal’s measurements, whether true or not, reflect a stunning waist to hip ratio) figure as they do on a skinnier girl. And I’m not saying the skinnier girl doesn’t look good; she looks amazing. I just prefer Crystal.

  • Charlotte

    Definitely Crystal! She has so much more charisma

  • Delirium

    Crystal. My god, she looks better. I am sorry, but I am just not a fan of protruding bones.

    • lol you are lameeee. Skinny is IN. Fat rolls just dont work anymore, sorryyy:)

      • boo

        you suck.

        • *Barf* Skinny Will never be in Hun… U done lost it!!! CRYSTAL IS LOOKS FAB!! YOUR JUST A SKINNY HATER THAT WANTS TO EAT #GOHAVEASEAT

          • pppccc


          • hahha no honey, you are just a fatass that cant stop eating cheeseburgers, and youu aree jeleous because skinny models are made for fashion and modeling. And you need to support fat people bcuz u are one youself. Soo ya:) Ah fatttttt person.
            Skinny models need to be in magazines they are the sexiest and it has always been that way. Look at Victorias Secret, do you really think if a fat person modeled it, people would still shop there?? no baby.

          • Casey

            Eliza, you give us thin women a bad rep.

            There’s no one fat here to speak of. And deep down I know you are aware that men like both and that both can look good. There’s no reason to be vicious.

          • Alias

            Casey I agree with you. Although I do think that Crystal is fat (not trying to be rude, it’s my opinion, I still think she is a beautiful person but she is completely out of shape/lacking a body shape) Eliza did not need to be so mean spirited with her comment. It’s just a douche thing to do.

          • angela

            why is always so important what men prefer? why are all your comments so heteronormative?

  • tee

    I lovee ittt !

    they both look gorgeouss in there own wayy
    i actually love crystall renns poses when she doesnt make eye contact
    love her body language

    thiss kind of thing shud have been done ages ago1 ;D

  • Uma

    OOOKK: for those who said the skinny model is not photoshoped – the second picture, her waist is the size of her head and a clear part of it has been chopped off!!!!!! I guess they thought oh no a 23 inch waist is too fat, let’s make it 18; people won’t notice (and they were right, which is scary)

    • april

      sure about that? cozz it seems to be a clutch to me, her waist isn’t completely visible there.

      anyway, I like the way the regular model look and I am not going to defend my choice 😉

      • Uma

        I am absolutely sure about the photoshop job; who asked you to defend anything, btw?

        • april

          I was just kidding, relax!

    • Mnemosyne

      I thought that too, and then I saw she’s actually holding a clutch, which blends into the background and gives the weird look of having a bit chopped out of her. You just have to look really closely.

  • niknak

    they both look stunning 😛
    Crystal doesn’t even look size 16 but I guess the skinny model is better at this…
    lol XD

  • candyshop

    i would love it if there were more models of a uk 8/10 (US 4/6 i think)
    most people i know are that size and its also a pretty healthy size, not big, not super skinny!!

  • cj

    Offcourse people would prefer the regullar model, insteed of the “plus size”
    its bcus we have been bombarded with photos of thin girls, so its “normal”, so its annoying to our eyes to see “plus size”…..

    but personally i think the plus size model looks really cool
    but i cant help but saying the thin model looks more like a model, even though i want to say “the plus size is much better”……..


  • cherry

    They both look great and offer something different, I wish a variety of different sized models were always used.

  • Alexina

    Wow! The so-called “plus-size” model looks great! The “regular” model next to her looks just emaciated.

  • Nkeon

    To me the clothes look goodon both of them.

    I’m going with Jacqueline purely because I don’t like Crystal’s posing and facial expressions. All her pics seem to me saying ‘bitch! don’t hate me’.
    Very reminiscient of the girls that went to my secondary school!


    • Vlada

      You and I are on the same page, clearly 🙂

    • Alias

      Right on, I agree with both of you.

  • Chester

    Honestly, to me, they are just bodies.
    I don’t see how anyone of them is better than the other.
    I don’t see how one is more attractive than the other.
    I guesss I just don’t care.
    It’s boring.

  • Suji

    Nice! I like this feature. But Crystal has not been looking like a size 12 recently… looking slimmer (or maybe photoshopped? ha)

  • Charlotte

    I’m confused because people are saying ‘the regular model’. Some people mean the skinny girl and some people mean the curvy girl. Because in modelling it’s regular to have skinny models, but in the real world the plus-size is the regular weight.

    I don’t like seeing skinny models at all, because it makes me, especially, feel inferior. I feel I need to lose a little weight here and there and models that are stick thin like Kate Moss aren’t setting a good example. It’s unhealthy, it makes us feel wary of our weight and did I mention it was unhealthy?

    I think a UK size 12 is a good size for girls over sixteen to be. Over twelves should be a six, eight or ten. After your thirties you need to have more body fat, especially when you’re in your sixties, so I’d say about a fourteen to sixteen then.

    Please comment on my comments!?

    • Abby

      I think that both of the girls have great figures actually!

      and i agree with the thing about kate moss… however she isn’t actually too thin, she is naturally just very small!

      but i disagree with the sizing you’re talking about… I mean everyone has their own build/shape/natural body size, so as long as you eat healthily, exercise, and eat treats in moderation, then whatever size you are is your natural size and just right for you!

      my mum is nearly 50 and a toned size 10… she has a horse so that requires a lot of hard work and exercise to look after but she has to eat a lot to make sure she stays a healthy weight! when she gets too skinny she doesn’t look nice, just because it doesn’t suit her, as you are right, when you get older you natually do carry more weight than you did when you were in your teens!

      oh, and for the record, I’m 16, 5ft 3 and a half, about 8 and a half stone, and eat whatever i want, but go to the gym and am a size 8! it’s funny how girls my age are still stick thin though! it makes me feel fat even but then i just realise that i have more of a womanly shape than them and should embrace my curves hehe!

      but when shes healthy she looks hot! i just hope im blessed enough to have her genes so i can look as good when im 50!

    • Ange

      Kate Moss is a bad role model because she is a coke head. Some people are thin, some aren’t… nobody should be a certain weight or size. We should just all strive to be healthy regardless of our different sizes.

      If you are insecure that you, don’t blame it on an outside influence.

  • katrin

    i was afraid that i would prefer the skinny one but i really do like the plus size one in every picture .. i would not have thought i would like the girl to have more meat on if i had just seen the skinny model’s pictures – but i’m glad to have seen this – love it!

  • ahh OF COURSE THE THIN ONE LOOKS BETTER. Come onn people, skinny is Hot now.. And fashion and modeling has always been about thin girls. Get realllll, and stop putting FAT PEOPLE on covers.

  • Claudia

    the regular model fits perfectly this outfit and I’d chose her for a cover, but in real life is a model like Christal who’d catch my attention…

  • DainaLi

    I will always like the thin girls better for clothing, simply because i’m thin myself thus i see it better, & can’t relate with the more full figured girl. I’m not tall though, so still some stuff looks bad on me that looks good on a tall thin girl. I like both, don’t get me wrong or anything. Just preferably i like the thin ones because i relate.
    BUT….where are the SHORT GIRLS?!
    haha really. I’m thin but i’m not 6 feet tall! i’d like to see some shorter models personally, because even if they start showing more plus sized models, they’re still tall. short people get [ironically], the short end of the stick! 🙁

    • Uma

      I am thin as well and short as well so that’s why i can’t relate to models, period. So i just look at them more objectively.

      Btw, there is one eternal question that is bugging me: if being skinny is so cool and beautiful and bla bla how come i must search my ass off for clothes that actually fit? How cum european size 34 is sometimes too big, just as xs is and there is nothing smaller??!! Yeah, thought so.

  • Alias

    I like the thinner model more. I think it’s great to feature both sizes BUT, I myself personally like looking at fit, slender people. It’s just what I am attracted too. I want the people I am looking at in magazines to be in the same or better shape than me – not worse…


  • Alias

    Hey VS have you thought about adding voting polls to your posts? It might be a helpful visual indicator of what the majority is more inclined towards…

    • ann

      No, scientifically speaking it would be a poll of what the majority of her readers are inclined to like. This does not constituent even 1% of the planet. It won’t tell you much of anything.

      • jjj

        However, the majority of the people who feel the thinner model looks better probably would tend to not post on this site on fears of being attacked. There are many loud viewers on this site who are anti thin and will attack both any women who is thin and any person who supports them. A poll is more anonymous and would allow people on this site to express their views without being unfairly attacked.

        • Fluffykins

          Oh dear, if I came off like I was attacking you JJJ, I sincerely apologize, I didn’t mean to 🙁 Preferences are preferences, and generally speaking I don’t think a person deserves to be attacked for them, especially when they present them in a non-insulting way like you did, I was just trying to present a counter opinion to yours didn’t mean to be a bitch with it, still working on that when I post 😛

        • ann

          You are making assumptions you cannot prove. You don’t have any evidence users who prefer thin women are attacked anymore than any others. While a poll on this site could tell you about the preferences of the users of THIS SITE, the poll could not tell you anything about the preferences of humanity at large. The sample size (too small) and tailored audience (too western) would be insufficient to produce any meaningful evidence.

          • Alias

            Of course I am talking about a poll on this site. Why on earth do you think I would want to know what the entire planets’ preferences are ? Lol it’s so comical to even think about… That is so random I don’t even know how it came about ha ha ha.

            And I have been on this website a for a while and yes I agree with jjj that the girls who prefer the thin ladies DO tend to get attacked more frequently. I am the “evidence” that you want so badly.

          • ann

            Why in the world would the preferences of people on this site mean anything? it would be better to figure out the preferences of a larger sample size. That would be more informative.

          • Alias

            I am not looking for more information. I just thought it would be fun to have polls on Versus’ site so that us readers could vote and see what is the majority about fashion faceoff’s, wow or eww’s, body preferences ect. I clearly said: “Hey VS have you thought about adding voting polls to YOUR POSTS?”

            The skinnywebsite has polls and it is kinda cool to vote and you can see what the majority of girls are more inclined towards. It’s all for fun not for serious information or scientific use or whatever you think it’s for… lol

          • Fluffykins

            Alias, I think it’s about even when it comes to who gets attacked for their preferences. I think it only seems like the people with a leaning towards thin gets attacked more because that is your personal preference too, so you pay more attention to the thinner ladies, and what happens to others that share your preference. Me, my preference is for the fuller ladies, and it seems to me that the fuller ladies and the ones that prefer them get attacked more, but I think that’s only because I pay more attention to the fuller ladies and their supporters. If I comment that a woman that is thin looks OK but not my preference, or that she looks too thin, I get called (paraphrasing) a jealous fattie. And I’ve seen posters that state a woman looks too big get accused of having an ED or being pro-anna(though some really do come off that way because they are very extreme and insulting with their opinion, but I know you aren’t one of them 🙂 )

    • Versus

      Yes, I thought about it – I might do it in the future.


    • lol No. She looks really fat.

      • chuckie

        she looks really amazing is what she looks like.

  • brina

    i like crystal but i prefer the thin model better

  • janeir0

    one looks too thin and one looks too chunky.

    should have just settled the difference and gone with a model with 35-27-38 measurements. duh.

  • chuckie

    i prefer the plus size model.

  • I just want to say wow, 168 comments on this article! Is that a record?

  • ad

    I think the plus size model is MUCH prettier but if I had to choose I’d take the regular model’s body. Plus sized model’s head & personality on the regular model’s body would be my best case scenario.

    • How can you compare personalities? Do you know both of them? Assuming someones personality on the basis of weight is a ridiculous notion.

      Also, I don’t think you can compare them facially (nor bodywise) because these photos really don’t give an accurate depiction courtesy of some major photoshopping, makeup and lighting. Facially, it doesn’t look much like Jac at all (except the ears!), and bodywise Crystal is actually quite a bit larger than what the images portray.

      • ad


        I mean personality referring to the attitude they’re conveying to the camera, not their personality makeup. It would be silly and pointless to judge their personal mind/behavior traits, just ask the fashion world haha. Judging their personality on the basis of their weight IS ridiculous. Honestly, it’s odd that you thought I was even trying. Having said that, there’s so much more going on here than just body weight.

        Also, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to make judgments solely from these pictures. Isn’t that what it’s asking us to do? I’m not going to go and search these models’ body weights and other photoshoots just to confirm whether I truly think one looks better than the other.

        Regardless of any on the above I’m entitled to my personal opinion and so is everyone else here. I stand by my comment.

        • Looking outside of these photos is actually just looking for something more real. When formulating an opinion on something, it’s naive to derive your thoughts on the basis of one article. Looking for more evidence allows for a more informed and reliable position on a subject matter. So many people look at Crystal here and advocate that “see, a size twelve is slim and they can be toned and healthy!”, when, in reality, Crystal isn’t.

          Sorry if I misinterpreted you on the personality thing, but there are people on this forum who have previously assumed that skinnier people are grumpy and unhappy because they “must be” denying themselves of food, and apparently food = happiness.

  • Jess

    I used to have the EXACT SAME measurements as the skinny one and I’m sure I was not even close to that thin…do you think they lie upwards?

    I am also 2 inches shorter I suppose.

    Anyway both girls are hotties.

  • samantha

    I suppose people (and generally women) prefer the first not the second, cause the last in question resembles them… And as many surveys reveal the majority of women is not happy with their bodies(skinny or curvy, I think it applies to all).
    I like the legs of the first model but generally I prefer the second

  • neonilla

    IMO this editorial tries to point out that curvy women are not meant to be fashionable, which is sad but true

    • I don’t know, if they really were trying to make her look unfashionable, they wouldn’t have photoshopped her as much as they have! They made her seem about 7 or so kilos lighter than she actually is, not to mention they made her seem “firm”. If they wanted to make her look unfashionable on purpose, they wouldn’t have edited her.

  • ccameron

    after reading many comments and staring at the pictures of the two girls side by side my opinion still rests the same. i personally like the the photos of the thin girl instead. now i don’t know if one is healthier than the other or if one of them is a better model (who really cares anyways?) but from a pure market only opinion the thinner girl would most likely sell the clothes better. why? because it’s about projecting an image and making you’re readers “want” to look like you. it’s saying that if you wear these clothes maybe you too can look like the model. although we all know that won’t happen (at least without exercise and diet it won’t). so when i look at the bigger girl i commend her for having confidence and looking good but honestly i wouldn’t buy those clothes. i might with the thinner girl. probably not bc it’s probably sooo overpriced. but anyways that’s just how i feel.

  • etvoit

    Again, I don’t understand Fashions obsession with “PLUS SIZE”…where are the girls who exercise AND eat healthy. I don’t necessarily want to see someone whose overweight or someone who is unnaturally thin (considering that most of the population is not so blessed). They are both gorgeous, I prefer Crystal in a lot of the pictures (despite her stanky facial expressions) because she looks so curvy but not overly so. The other model, in comparison looks awfully bony (maybe they wanted to accentuate it?), even though that may be her natural body. It would definitely be different in different outfits.

  • brittany

    the fat one keeps opening her mouth, trying too hard to be sexy. relax girl!

  • Alexis

    Crystal Renn does not look as she looks in these photos. Someone has actually posted a genuine picture of her… she is just a bad example to girls worldwide, because she is not curvy, she is simply fat(why not call her that way? everybody insults models anyway calling them skinny) and she is leading an unhealthy life for if she ate healthy and exercised she wouldn’t have those amounts of cellulite.
    I think that the hypocrisy evolving in the world is cruel. Everybody criticizes thin 0/2 models from head to toe, but when they see a plus size they just can’t stop complimenting her.
    Maybe Crystal Renn has a pretty face, but she’s not that glamorous model that the fashion world used to be all about!
    And for the girls above…men do prefer curvy women, curvy with breasts and bottoms, not with fat hanging from their bodies.

    • Blunt and too the point, I love it!

      You get torn apart if you call a girl “fat”, and yet it’s somehow acceptable to call a girl “a bag of bones”. I don’t get it.

    • Eve

      Completely agreed, Crystal does have a very beautiful face, but body…she is not cury she is just out of shape for sure. If you eat healthy and don’t skip exercises you never look this way nevertheless of your genetics. And I am also not very much in this either plus size or minus size things. It looks fashion world goes extreme.
      Both starvation and out of control eating are not good things. And as for all this Crystal story…Okay, she was starving for being size zero, she waisted all her musles and when she started eating normally she gained a lot of weight and so much cellulite, the amount she has is not normal for such age. And I believe there are so many complements since such photos make most people feel and think better about themselves. Looking good, being healthy and many other things in this life require a lot of work. Let’s stop cheering just laziness.

      • Emily

        Wow, I definitely disagree. Eve: you are so incredibly incorrect. People have different body types. It’s ignorant to say that every woman has the possibility to look one way. “If you eat healthy and don’t skip exercises you never look this way nevertheless of your genetics” ha, that’s not true. I guess no matter what my opinion is we will disagree because I wouldn’t say that she is out of shape. I love that you make an assumption about her life and how she came to look the way she does. Hopefully you know her and witness the “starving for being a size zero, wasting all her muscles, and then eating normal and gaining weight”

        I do agree that it takes work to be HEALTHY. “Looking good” is in the eye of the beholder. You should work for things that are important–healthy being one of them. In my opinion, being healthy and “looking good” do not always run on the same train. I can be perfectly healthy and still look like crap, or I could look really good and be extremely unhealthy. OR I can look good and be healthy or look like crap and be unhealthy. While looking good and being healthy often correlate, it is not always this way.

        On the other hand, we are looking at models. They choose to be in this industry for you/us to judge them for whatever they are. You have every right to your opinion, I just disagree.

        I think Jac is a better model because she has better contact with the camera. Crystal’s facial expressions seem a little immature when compared to Jac’s.

  • Carrie

    Let’s talk modelizers. Do you think Leo Di Caprio would do Crystal Renn? I say NO

    • angela


      • Nenebabay22

        Does it matter?? You don’t know what he likes and thats pretty rude of you to say that. Just b/c shes bigger than the usual model?? shes representing the real women, not tha fake, airbrushed, no boob, no butt, skinny models. Size 0 is not realistic, but a size 12 is around the average size of an American woman.

  • NY Mag posted this as Crystal’s measurements:

    Crystal Renn: 5 ft, 9 in; 36/31/41

  • Anna

    Oddly enough – I am very harsh on myself and on models and girls in general…I tend to chose the prettier, skinnier models. But geez…the skinny model here looks like a monkey. The bigger girl looks SOOOO yummy!! She is infinitely more appealing in all the pictures, esp. the tight dress with the belt!

    • ad

      I feel the same. USUALLY I love the skinnier girls but the regular model looks sortof alien-ish and the curvier one looks sexier to me. Strange. I guess thin doesn’t perfectly = beautiful for me even though they’re usually correlated. It’s an interesting self-discovery.

      • JES

        I’m surprised no one mentioned age as the reason why they might prefer Crystal Renn to the thinner younger model Jacquelyn Jablonski. Perhaps the reason you like Crystal better than Jaquelyn even though you normally prefer thin girls is because Crystal is more experienced and comfortable with her body due to maturity.

  • Christine

    Crystal… get it girl!!

    This is super empowering, she looks amazing, she draws my eyes towards her in each picture.

    She’s beautiful, and for a teenaged girl who recently got over an eating disorder, this makes me feel really good about myself.

    Way to go!

  • Ava

    One is too thin, the other one too thick. What about a normal girl, size 6 or 8?

  • CKR

    IMO, it looks like the size 12 model has been photo shopped to look like a size 8-10. I mean, if you’re going to compare, compare their REAL bodies- otherwise it’s pointless.

    • You know…. U are absolutely Correct!!!!

  • sable

    They don’t seem to be very different – the traditionally thin model looks painfully bony, and the “plus” certainly looks bigger, but also quite toned.

    Maybe Crystal’s been photoshopped, and many links have been provided on this page that show what she’s “really” like. But its not beyond the bounds of possibility that she has lost a good deal of fat since those were taken. She might be more trim now, and closer to the photo done here.

    Anyway, as they are shown in the editorial, I think I like both equally, and think that the physical ideal lies in between; skinny, but a little bit less boney that Jacquelyn.

  • Hattie

    After reading these comments I’m absolutely aghast. It seems like the majority of people by proxy default to the skinnier lady. The girl on the left is an interchangable clothes horse. You can veil how she looks in words ‘haute’ etc but at the end of the day it’s all shallow bs. They will come and go. Devoid of class, indivuality and flair. Now Crystal on the other hand IS an individual. All these comments about ‘she’s trying too hard’ and ‘the fat girl should close her mouth’ are brash. And to be honest more fool you. Crystal is one of the few women today who grace or screens/magazines with true classical beauty. And she has an amazing attitude with regards to her work. She stamps all her shoots with her signature outspoken attitude and you can see she absolutely loves doing it. Now I’m not lashing out on skinny models. For example I think Agyness Deyn is amazing and there are a few others that leave an impression on my mind. It’s not necessarily their size that is the deciding factor, but what they do with it.

    But this is my opinion. I’ll go on appreciating and enjoying real timeless beauty instead of jumping on the transient, classless bandwagon.

    • I was going to write a long rant towards your comment but I’ll keep it short and simple:

      Crystal Renn contains more individuality, flair, class and is not an “interchangeable clothes horse” simply because you prefer her. You do not really know which of the two is more timeless, classy, or unique. Quite frankly, in this photoshooot, I think one can objectively tell that Jacqueline portrays more personality in her pictures while Crystal goes with the safer sexy poses. But if you want to attribute certain qualities to Crystal and say that she is better, that’s fine, just don’t chastize and act like everyone else’s opinion on here is somehow inferior. Your opiinion is an opinion, like everyone else’s, and is not based on something factual.

  • Nenebabay22

    I think that Crystal looks WAYYYYY better than the skinny model b/c she represents the “real” women in this world!!!! Not all women are a size 0!!! The average size of a woman in America is a size 8-14!!! And Crystal is actually a 16 not a 12. WAY TO GO CRYSTAL!!!! AND YOU DON’T LOOK AT ALL SLUTTY OR SKANKY!! YOU ARE WORKING IT UP THERE!!! THE PEOPLE WHO LEFT NEGATIVE COMMENTS ARE IGNORANT TO THE REAL PERCEPTION OF BEAUTY, NOT THE WORLDS TAKE ON IT!!! WHICH IS A TYPICAL SIZE 0 OR 2. You guys like the skinnier model better not b/c Crystal looks slutty, its just that you’re not open to different size people. Plus size to be exact and thats ignorant. Crystal is representing and there is absolutely NO PROBLEM WITH IT!!!!! (YOU CAN COMMENT IF U MUST ON MY COMMENT)

  • Araw

    I wish the curvy model would get some modelling lessons so I could pick her! I think she is more attractive and wears the outfit better but that skinnier model obviously has more experience and knows how to work a camera D;

  • My eyes go directly to Crystal. I love her poses and facial expressions.

  • Kennedy

    One thing that really annoys me is how all overweight women are referred to as being “curvy”. I’d say bust:waist:hip ratio was what constituted a curvy figure. My measurements are 29/21.5/32 (I am only 5ft 4″) so my figure is actually curvier than Crystals. Skinny girls can have curves too…

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  • Jolie

    It is funny all the skinny women defenders think an average look woman is a fat cow, lol.

  • London

    The plus size one just looks trashy in those pictures with her mouth hanging open in every one of them.

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  • Crystal! she makes it work better!

  • bk

    i’ve read crystal renn’s book and heard her entire story. looked at countless photos of her. and i still have yet to understand why everyone is so amazed by her. she has a beautiful face yes. but the ridiculous ways she tries to model take away from it. the straight size model it seems is just more talented. crystal renn needs to stop trying so hard with her arched eyebrows.

  • Amy

    Anyone else think it’s unfair to pit a grown women against a 17-year-old?

  • lola

    crystal has been photshopped to oblivion..

  • Elyy

    Well, they both have been shopped to oblivion. All pictures in media(except ones meaning to demean people) are, but they’re both pretty and they both look nice. I can’t say I look like them though. My measurements are 37-28-37 and I’m 5’6″ almost 7 US size 4, but I mean I’m still slim but curvy so it’s nice to see people who well, you can’t just clearly see every bone (i mean I understand seeing some bones. I do in myself, but i mean to the ridiculous amount)

  • aly

    The skinny model is better like the other comments said she’s trying too hard.

  • Clarissa

    I think the Plus Sized model looks much better…she looks much healthier..the skinny one clearly needs food. She looks sick.

  • Selena

    If your going to photoshop them, then why bother with models of any size? Just CG them and forget being human all together, or cut and paste the parts you like, and create this unattainable image of beauty, might as well make them green for all I care. Fashion industry is warped.

  • Berthene

    PLUS size? 12 is a plus size?????!?!?!?!

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    Keep up the great writing.

  • kristin

    they need to put them in some clothing that is not so revealing

  • Size8

    I am actually so surprised but I love Crystal’s look! Absolutely nothing against the size 2 model, she is also gorgeous but as someone who is a very insecure size 8, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that nothing about the ‘plus size’ model said big to me at all. She is killing those outfits and looks amazing!