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Skinny VS Curvy Battle Time! Jennifer Connelly VS Beyonce!

skinny-vs-curvy-battle-time-jennifer-connelly-vs-beyonce - Skinny VS Curvy Battle Time! Jennifer Connelly VS Beyonce!

Yeah, yeah, I know – there’s an age difference between these two – 11 years, to be precise. But you see, most women tend to gain weight during these 11 years (from 27 to 38) – but here, we’ve got Jennifer on the skinny side.

So now that we’ve settled all that, it’s obvious that these 2 ladies have VERY different shapes (and sizes) – while Jennifer is skinny (very skinny, actually), appears to have a very low body fat percentage and seems to be a ruler (pretty much straight up and down, without much curves), Beyonce represents quite the opposite: pear shape (looking like an hourglass in some dresses, though), full of curves, consistent thighs and legs, wide and round hips.

Skinny VS Curvy Battle Time! Jennifer Connelly VS Beyonce!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Jen

    Definately Jennifer. She’s got a very classic beauty about her.

  • Trevon


    She got body!!! She got everything from hips, theighs, back, everythang. Jennifer too little for me. Beyonce is sexy.

  • Ashley

    Beyonce Obviously looks better. Plus I like her outfit better.

  • Jessica

    Beyonce wins this one…everything about her is classy, natural, and really pretty. Plus her dress really fits her body type and the color really looks good with her skin tone.

  • e

    Jennifer…she is a bit toooo thin for my taste, but hey, you can never be too thin, right…

  • Ashley

    uh….Wrong! There is a such thing as being to thin.

  • Jessica

    I agree Ashley, If you are too thin, then you’ll look sick. Why would anyone want to half kill themselves to be too skinny?

  • savana

    I know that’s what I’m thinking lol. I’d rather be like Beyonce than Jennifer. Besides, I like Beyonce’s outfit better. She’s really pretty and talented (body wise included).

  • susan

    I would much rather have Jennifer’s body. Beyonce is a bit too curvy for me, you can never be too thin:)

  • Valentine

    Beyonce – though I’m not sure why she insists on those shiny tights, they don’t do anything for her legs, which are actually really great 🙂 Jennifer’s definitely too skinny – and to Susan, of course there’s such thing as being “too thin”!

  • Minnie

    I liked Jennifer very much in the movie “Requiem for a dream”, but I prefer Beyonces body… she looks like a beautiful, shiny woman.

  • Olivia

    Some of you are sick. Anyone who feels that there is no such thing as being too thin (E and Susan) needs help. Seriously. ANYWAYS…Beyonce looks better to me not just becuase of her fabulous figure but also becuase what she has on really flatters her shape.

  • Corbin

    Some of you ladies are craaaazy! I don’t understand why you would much rather be thin than curvy and hot. Take Beyonce for instance. That’s a real woman right there. I’m a skinny guy. I wouldn’t want a chick who is just as bony as me. I prefer size 4 and up. Underneith is too small for me.

  • mazzoo

    Jennifer looks better. Why do people always hold Beyonce up as some example of a natural woman? She says she is proud of her body and then goes on drastic diets to lose stupid amounts. Look at older pictures of her and you will find evidence of a nose job, boob job, lace front wigs etc. All that fake hair looks stupid. I don’t find that kind of obvious low confidence to be attractive.

  • susan

    Lol…so true Mazzoo, didnt she go on the master cleanse (which is surviving on liquid only) to lose 20lbs. for someone who claims to be so proud of her curves, she sure tries damn hard to make them smaller. Thats pretty hypocritical to me.

  • susan

    Once again people are referring to the curvy girls as the “real women” So I guess that thin women arent real?? Why does everyone assume that if your thin you must be “killing yourself” to be that way? Everyone is born with different body types, wheither your thin or curvy sometimes cant be helped.

  • Olivia

    First of all Susan and Mazzooo, The only reason why she went on “drastic diets” was because of different movie roles. Once she was done filming, then she gained that way back! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT INSTEAD OF JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS. Secondly, We nevered referred to thin women as “unrealistic” but at the same time if you’re not naturally skinny, why force it.

    And susan, your last comment (“rather you’re thin or curvy someimes can’t be helped”) you should really practice what you preach sweety becuase you are the FIRST person who would put a curvy woman down in a minute. You are the main one calling a woman “large” or “too huge” when she is clearly curvy. Now when a curvy woman gets all the credit, now you want to turn around and say “oh, we’re all different”. Make up your mind. Is it nasty to be thick or are we just made differently?

  • Jessica

    LMAO!!!! O Pleaze!!!!! I never accused ANYONE of half killing themselves to be thin, I said if you try too hard to be too thin, why would you half kill yourself to be skinny. Read it right! Once again Susan you misquoated me. I don’t care what you say you are not going to put words in my mouth. I never said skinny is ugly. I said it was okay if it was NATURAL! Someone made a comment saying “you can never be too thin” and a corrected that because there IS a such thing as being too skinny. If you’re too thin (not to get it confused with you eating and not gaining weight), get help becuase that’s sick. That’s all I said. I’m done talking with you.

  • Jackie J

    Susan you are a trip Girl!!!! I don’t know what to think of you sometimes. I think You’re pretty hypricrital yourself.

    Olivia, I agree with you. She had several differenty types of movie roles. In order for you to play a certain part, you would have to gain, lose weight. You would think people would get that but I guess not.

    Anywho, Beyonce looks better to me. Skinny women are okay (thought I should throw that in so Susan won’t trip and think I’m putting thin women down). But Beyonce is my favoriate!

  • J-Bomb

    Wow you chicks must all be fat cause u r all skinny haters. Holy shiz so defensive ha ha
    take a chill pill

  • stef

    hahaha okay everyone, RELAX
    this outfit doesn’t do Beyonces fabulous curves justice.
    Jennifer Connoley DOES have a classic beauty about her, but I’m sorry, I don’t think her recent weight loss looks that good on her. She looked better when she was 10-15 pounds heavier and was still slim, but not skinny like this.

    There is nothing wrong with being thin. There is nothing wrong with being curvy. We are just giving our aesthetic opinion on these two women in particular. Considering Jennifer Connoley’s recent and pretty drastic weight loss, I’d be concerned.
    Beyonce wins, but in a better dress.

  • J-Bomb

    Its not like I am calling Beyonce a fat pig here, all I said was that she is a bit too curvy for me. Why is it ok for you to say that Jennifer is too skinny but me calling Beyonce too curvy is such a bad thing. Its my opinion and correct me if im wrong here but….isnt this what this site is for?
    I prefer skinny over curvy, deal with it and shut up already!

    • steph

      lol and that’s FINE. I have nooo problems with your opinion!
      So long as we aren’t saying one is disgusting over the other, to each their own and gossip away!

  • susan

    Wow J-Bomb….you took the words right out of my mouth

  • Linda

    No contest.. Beyoncé all the way definitely she’s beautiful and totally bootylicious but Jennifer has a beautiful face particularly her green eyes (^_^)

  • lola

    ok i have seen waaay too much of beyonce these past few days and yes, she might be hot but those shiny tights and that dress are so not for her. as far as jennifer is concerned, she is pretty but lately she’s been getting kindof bony. so none of the girls look good in these pictures, problem solved 😀


    Beyonce, all though i must confess not my personal favorite body 😉
    Jennifer has no curves. the problem with that is we can tell if she is a woman or a man dressed as a woman. a key component too looking like a womann is having a visible difrence between your waist and hips.

  • Jackie J

    LOL J-Bomb. Who said we were skinny haters?!? I have an hourglass figure and I look fabulous. Since you WANT to call us fat, does that men you’re super thin who can gain weight where Beyonce can? Shut the hell up no one was talking to you anyways LOL.

  • Jessica

    Okay, again. I said this once, and I’ll say again. I’m a size 7 and I look FABULOUS. Who are you to say that I’m fat? Have you seen me before or something? MYOB We were talking about Beyonce and Crazy people like Susan who puts her down.

  • Olivia

    hmm…Okay I thought it was Susan who said Beyonce was too curvy not you? Oh! I know, J-Bomb and Susan are the same person. Susan, get a life.

  • Savana

    I’ve read all of the comments and I have to say that Susan and J-Bomb has everything TWISTED. Those ladies never said anything bad about skinny women. They’ve said the reasons why Beyonce gain/lose weight, and how SKINNY IS OKAY AS LONG AS IT’S NATURAL! Where did anyone say anything bad about skinny women. They’re problaby just sick of big mouths like yours (SUSAN AND J-BOMB THIS APPLIES TO YOU!) saying ugly things about thicker women. Susan you are guilty of this definatly becuase I’ve seen your other comments. You put Leona Lewis (sp?) down, you put Michelle Tattenburg down and I understand that’s your opinion, but you never know if your words can affect other people. and No, J-bomb, I’m not fat in fact I’m a regular participant in beauty pagnants so I look great.

    Okay moving on. They both look really pretty. Jennifer is a bit on the thin side, but she looks looks pretty. I think Beyonce’s dress flatters her figure a lot. They are both winners to me!

  • stella

    Beyonce. There’s nothing wrong with slim women, but if it appears that they are keeping themselves slimmer when they shouldn’t be, there is something wrong. And IMO, Jennifer looks slimmer than usual, and does not look like she should be this slim. I hope she is ok, and the weight loss isn’t due to an illness(no, I’m not accusing her of having an eating disorder, there are other illnesses out there that causes weight loss), or she isn’t going through a tough time in her personal life.

  • Ashley

    I do not have a problem with skinny women at all. My problem is ignorant people you Susan, J-Bomb, even Musko who say people like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Jessica Simpson need to lose weight. and yes, this site is about commenting on body types, but when you get harsh and nasty, some people can take that to heart becuase maybe their body is like that if not bigger. I can understand Mazzoo where you’re coming from about thin women, but I feel unfortnatly, more people put thicker/curvy women down more than thin. And maybe that’s why people get offended.

  • Trevon

    I don’t care what no one says, Beyonce is sexy. Even though I like thicker women better, there is nothing wrong with being skinny (as long as you’re size 3 and up). At the same time, It’s kinda hard to deal with skinny women who worries about their weight and compare themselves to others based on “who’s skinnier” and “who’s preetier.” I like a woman with confidence, and Beyonce has it (I don’t know Jennifer too well so I can’t say).

  • lindaellison

    Jennifer looks WAY better. Beyonce looks like she ate 400 too many chicken wings and then stuffed herself in aerobic tights. GROSS! Like sausage in casing. Fat always beats skinny.

  • lindaellison

    I meant….”skinny always beats fat”

  • ilovesugar

    hahah lol @lindaellison!!!

    yeah beyonce doesnt wear clothes that suit her body type. it does look like she tries to wear clothes that are too hugging and unflattering to her figure (or some body part ie legs in this picture)

  • Ashley

    I know Lindaelison is trying to make me mad, but it doesn’t work honey! But I will say you are the one of the people we are talking about. Always got to put the one with the sexy curves down. Get a life LOL.

  • Corbin

    I don’t know what some of these women be trippin about when hating on Beyonce. Maybe they hating on her becuase she can gain weight in places that they can’t. And while she got curves and they flat, I can see them exaggerating about her weight. Unfortunatly, what they don’t understand is most men like curvacious women. Not stick toothpics. I said this before, but I’m a skinny guy, and when I’m hugging a woman, I don’t need to feel a dude’s a$$. Sorry ladies, that’s just the way it is.

  • Lola Heart

    Beyonce looks way better. I think what some of the ladies mean by “real woman” is the ideal shape of what a woman suppose to look like. Like an actual lady. Not flat like a boy. Even though I don’t have a problem with thin and skinny, My issue is skinny whitches who like to highly critisize people who isn’t born as petit. You can comment on body types I guess, but there’s no need to get nasty and critical.

  • herman

    Beyonce doesn’t really look good (my opinion as a male) – she tries to give her best, but in this dress she looks like 50+ – i would compare her to tina turner who is a lot older and has a great body for her age

    jennifer is the classic beauty – cool dress, cool hair, … thats a wow for her

  • Jennifer

    Beyonce looks better to me. Her dress looks great on her, and to me she is a classic beauty like Dorothy Dandridge. She will always be a divia IMO. As for Jennifer, she’s pretty as well, but she’s a little too thin for my liking.

  • Jennifer Connelly – far and away. The girl looks incredible.

    Beyonce is fat and making it worse: she doesn’t know how to dress.

    Jennifer is gorgeous and knows how to say no at the buffet table (a skill Beyonce obviously does not have.)

  • Jennifer

    That’s why you call yourself Anonymous. Because you KNOW you are wrong for the comment you made. She is not fat, she’s curvy. BIG DIFFERENCE. See you are one of the jokers some of these women on this page is talking about. It’s okay for you to give your opinion, but for you to call B fat is out of line.

  • Jessica

    Yeah Jennifer, Anonymous is exactly who we are talking about lol.

  • stella

    Hey, I just read on another site that someone is claiming Beyonce has breast implants. True or false?

  • Versus

    There are lots of rumors saying that Beyonce’s breasts are not natural – but since Beyonce didn’t give any statement on that, it’s all speculation.
    Anyway, they look pretty real to me… and if they’re not, the surgeon did a great job.

  • Olivia

    I personally think “anonymous” is Susan. The comments you made under “J-Bomb” and this one is very repetative and have the same writing style. We know its you. You’re not fooling anyone!

  • Savana


  • Eddie

    Maybe its not a big deal but has as an African American, I have a problem with the term classic beauty. For those of you who have used that term please explain so I can be clear on what you mean. Historically, this country has had a tendency to promote the physical beauty of white women over others as the ideal for everyone to strive for. So I wonder if the term classic beauty is code for white woman better looking because she is white with green eyes opposed to black woman with big booty who may be street fine but not in a classic sense. For the record all of the classic beauties of old, whether your talking West, Monroe, Russell, Manfield or Dandriged were built like Beyonce. So who’s the real classic beauty.

  • Jennifer


    I’m not sure if you know, but Dorothy Dandridge was a black woman. In fact, she was the first African American to be nominated for a grammy. You should google her one day.

  • stella

    Thanks Versus 🙂 I agree, they look very real to me, and if they aren’t, she needs to share the name of that surgeon 😀 The reason I would lean more towards real than fake is because of the major differences in placement of them when they are strapped up for cleavage and when it appears like she isn’t wearing a bra(just like they look in this particular picture).

  • pia

    jennifer looks super skinny :S

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  • m

    jennifer for sure! beyonce looks ugly in that pic, and her body really isnt anything to write home about. jennifer is far far sexier!

  • Irritated

    I’m sorry you are so offended by the term “classic beauty”, Eddie, but every race in the world has their own ideal, their own views on what is beautiful, including white people. It is a right for every person on the planet to hold that cultural view, no matter what their colour. The example of “classic beauty” is mostly white, I agree, and I don’t see anything wrong with it since it is something white people use to describe a particular kind of beauty in other white people.

    Also, I strongly object to your attempting to turn what is purely a discussion on varying body types into a race hate argument.

  • T

    Jennifer used to be extremely curvy not too long ago, she had an ass on her like Aretha Franklin. She just saw that all of the other starlets were skin and bones and didn’t want to fall behind the trend. Mocha beats White Chocolate this time.

  • nybeauty

    They both are not looking their best. Jennifer is way to thin. Beyonce has too much going on here. She is about 15 pounds over a weight that looks licious.and Jennifer is a very pretty women but WHERE IS THE BEEF!! not good!! Both are good looking women but need to make some adjustments!!

  • Helen

    OMG!! I cant believe this is an issue!!!!! Beyonce is OBVIOUSLY better! JEEZ. Too many celebrities with size 0 bodies are distorting peoples views of what a normal, shapely healthy woman should look like… so much so that some of us now curiously prefer a ruler shape(brainwash), i mean HELLO! A RULER! no, curves, nothing? this is sick! it isnt even biologically sound, most of them dont see their periods or have it for a day or so, sacrificing their fertility and for what? i actualy gave in to the craziness that my curves werent sexy, i lost too much weight looked like a ruler-hated it could feel all my bones. The lure of the size 0 body is strong, most celebs look that way, or are told (forced) to look that way. Please stay strong, dont give in and remember daily calorie intake is approx 1500-2000! with 40+ mins (vigorous) exercise at least 4-5 times a week. STAY HEALTHY!

  • Helen

    lmfao! did someone just call beyonce overweight! please check again hahaha…

  • Chika

    I love Beyonce, I do… however, I don’t know why she always wears stockings! Why???

  • takumi

    if everyone & truly honestly likes beyonce’s body best… there would be no such websites as these.. (think)

    Actually B is prettier when weight is less..(like the bugaboo vid.)
    in my opinion, no.. jennifer is class.. B ate too much lately..
    btw cheap looking outfits that only make her look like oprah.