Beyonce, Skinny Versus Curvy

Which Type of Figure Do You Prefer? Krysten Ritter VS Beyonce!

which-type-of-figure-do-you-prefer-krysten-ritter-bs-beyonce - Which Type of Figure Do You Prefer? Krysten Ritter VS Beyonce!

On the left: Confessions of a Shopaholic actress and model Krysten Ritter and her thin, lean, modelelsque figure.

On the right: Beyonce showing off her shapely legs in a short & cleavagey dress that makes her middle section look really small.

Which Type of Figure Do You Prefer? And Which Legs Do You Prefer?

Skinny VS Curvy Battle Time! Krysten Ritter VS Beyonce!

Pick your favorite!

One more side-by-side comparison after the jump!

which-type-of-figure-do-you-prefer-krysten-ritter-bs-beyonce-21 - Which Type of Figure Do You Prefer? Krysten Ritter VS Beyonce!

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  • chiara*

    beyonce’s legs are a bit thick but who cares!
    she still looks amazing (:
    beyonce all the way baby!

  • em

    i prefer krysten. guys might like beyoncé better, in my experience at least, and she looks gooooood, i just like skinny bodies:) (mais santé avant tout! i don’t wanna hop in to the train of that sickening admiration of skinniness that kills women..) krysten looks natural, not too thin, imo.

  • serafiina

    Both. They “fit” to their bodies.

  • Rosita

    they both look great.Beyonce’s waist looks tiny. im gonna go with Krysten though just cos i can relate to her body more.

  • Denisa

    i just don’t get it why Beyonce wears tights to allllllllllllll her outfits.
    is it the cellulite ??? or dunno.
    something weird.
    she wears them like.aaaaaaal the time . stage outfits, premiers…everywhere.
    and sometimes she wears those shiny ones…ighhh.
    She should know, that an evening gown doesn’t allow TIGHTS.

    • iry

      No it’s not cellulite, it’s just the sparkles from her dress reflecting on her legs…
      Besides, I believe pantyhose are classy 🙂

      • Tina

        Yes, pantyhose are classy, but not those shiny ones… And not all the time.

        Anyways, although I have the same bodytype as B, I have to choose the other lady. I dream at such body!

  • helena

    krysten’s legs and beyonce’s face and cleavage is the best combination lol 🙂

  • tinkerbell

    Beyonce has a smart stylist.. they must have told her the color of the background she will be standing in front in advanced. She knew how to dress the exact same color so her fat rolls will “disappear” miraculously into the background. Good trick!
    Next time – tell her its a black backdrop and then change it into white, just to see what happens….

    • tinkerbell

      Or tell her its red, then change it to white.

    • Instant

      In the first picture tink, she IS standing in front of a white background.

    • Mary

      wow you just because you’re blending with the background doesnt make you look skinnier.
      she has not fat rolls, what are you talking about?
      you’re just jealous ;D

    • uknowho

      she doesnt hav rolls u r just jealous of how hawt she is

  • sassy

    I say both. Like comparing Apples and oranges. My own figure is a lot closer to Krysten’s but I love Beyonnce’s curves, too! Women can be beautiful at all different shapes.

    • jan

      lol, totally agree

  • Even though a part of me wants to choose Krysten (love how she spells her name) because her figure is more Fashion-friendly, I have to go with Beyoncé because I love Beyoncé’s healthy curvy figure more. Beyoncé looks stunning btw, her face is just so beautiful. (Although Krysten is pretty.)

  • krystyn

    I feel like I should choose Krysten because her name is so similar to mine! Lol. But it’s hard to say, Beyonce’s waist is looking mighty slim. I think I’d rather have Krysten’s body though.

  • Instant

    Why does Beyonce have to wear ruffly stuff on her hips? 🙁 Get rid of the ruffles, your hips are just fine with out them. I pick Beyonce.

    • biatch

      Most of her outfits nowadays have inner corseting and overexaggerate her hips, which I don’t think she needs.

  • pOtAtO

    are you kidding me? Beyonce kills it!! she is so gorgeous! great hair, skin, legs, waist and an amazing figure!

  • britmel

    beyonce’s dress is to kill for and i cant imagine anyone else in it. however, i find beyonces thighs and legs a bit messy. her arms, waist are slimmer than her legs which makes her thighs stand out. shes def bottom heavy and i dont think i like it in this dress. bit more toned legs and thighs and she would of nailed it

    • Jasmine

      Wow, so I’m guessing you have the most amazing figure ever. I mean in order to say that about someone your legs and thighs must be on point.

      Grow up

    • Leanna

      ‘Toned’ legs? Her thighs are naturally muscular, the only way she could get ‘toned’ thighs is by losing some of the muscle and why the hell would anyone want to do that?

      Is it so hard to accept some women are shaped this way or do we all have to fit a standard prototype?

      • Sam

        Are we not supposed to be commenting about the figures on these ladies? What the hell are you doing on a website that compares them if you are so against the concept?

  • Mirabela


    • Dee

      I’m with you Beyonce her breast, face,legs are nice. And her tiny waist on all those curves is great.

  • sizing3

    both look great. helooooo?? OBVIOUSLY they both look amazing. I love krysten

  • krysten is sooooooo ugly

  • rita

    of course BEYONCEEEE!!! krysten looks ill next to her

  • jjj

    Krysten looks great. Fit, in shape, and healthy looking. I’d have to give it to her all the way.

  • VK

    They both look attractive and healthy and their outfits suit them well but Beyonce has a better figure for sure.

  • pia

    i don’t know the first girl, but i like her! is cute and i think her style is nice…
    I would like to have the body of beyonce but with less weight, but she doesnt have it!
    so my vote goes for krysten =) her body look good too

  • Jadey


  • michelle

    they are both gorgeous in their own different bodies.

  • tulona

    beyonce’s gorgeous!

  • Amy

    beyonce is HOT!!

  • HippoBanana

    I love Krystens style. But I love Beyonce’s everything.
    They both look fabby, I would be pretty pleased If I had a body simmiler to either of them.

  • Cheri

    I love them both, They are very different but they both look HEALTHY. Like they have the body that best suits their frames. Krysten is much smaller but so is her frame. Beyonces look works for her. I appreciate all figures.

    We ALL should appreciate ALL figures.

  • fox

    can beyonce breathe in that dress???? it looks so uncomfortable. gorgeous tho!!

    • Tina

      I was wondering the same thing too! o.O

  • iry

    B of course

  • Leslie


  • rainy_daze

    Beyonce definately has a more attractive body shape than Krysten…but Krysten’s natural and Beyonce’s fake. Beyonce had liposuction done to get her waist smaller and she also had her boobs and nose done. Just look it up if you don’t believe me…back in 2003 her body looked different, her waist was thicker (not as defined as the last few years) and hips and legs slightly trimmer, I think she put on some weight after that to get her hips fatter, then lipo-ed her tummy for a more hour-glass look.

    • iry

      You must be a guy or a really young girl. A woman knows that a female’s body changes with age. I’m 27 now and I am a lot curvier than at 21, even 24. My boobs are bigger too. This is because of hormones and weight fluctuation. The tiny waist can be explained by exercise; I know a few exercises that got my waist to look really tiny…and there’s a visual effect there too. That’s the easiest part of a woman’s body to work out.
      Don’t know about the nose, though…. Haven’t noticed any difference :p

      • rainy_daze

        there have been pics of beyonce on stage…she looked like she had abit of loose skin around her belly (a sign of lipo) and there was a tiny scar on her lower abdomen that got caught on camera…hey it’s not impossible :p she’s a millionaire…getting a little nip and tuck for a rich celeb is like us folks stopping by a convenience mart to get a cheap snack 😀 btw there’s no such thing as spot reduction when it comes to fat loss, be it from the waist or else where…if her waist got narrower due to diet and exercise, her hips, face, thighs, etc would have gotten slimmer, even if slightly, but with her it was the opposite, her waist trimmed down and her hips and legs got larger and fuller like she’s gained weight/fat, and it’s not a ‘muscular’ look either. I know she always had a booty and strong, full legs, but it is very apparent that she had lipo done to get her waist reduced and look more defined. Won’t say anymore on the boobs, some women’s boobs stop growing by 21, while most boobs stop growing even before that…the only natural way to change boob size for a womanin her 20’s is weight gain/loss, birth control pills and pregnancy…not sure about hips though.

        • ohwowlovely

          I’m 21. I weigh the exact same amount I did when I was 20 (115 lbs), I have never been on bc pills, and I have never been pregnant. Yet now at age 21, I’m a 34B. At age 20, I was a 34A. Breast size can change even in your 20s. There is no set time line for a woman to develop.

          • Jennifer

            Me too. When I was in my early 20’s I was about 115/120 now with an 34A bust. Now I am 28 a 34D and still 120. (I am not fat either, I am 5’9″) No kids, surgery, birth control or anything. Crazy how the body changes over the years.

  • rainy_daze

    I have to say though, for a skinny girl Krysten looks pretty damn good…she doesn’t look skeletal like many celebs and model out there…she just looks naturally thin.

    • Dave

      Thin would be a better term than skinny for Krysten. I prefer Beyonce not because she’s curvier, which she is, but once they get over 5’7″ I start to lose interest. I checked a model site and took an average on 100 black models, 100 white models, and 100 orientals. Here were my findings to somewhat of a surprise.

      Ht Wt
      Caucasian 65.92 124.58
      African Am 66.43 137.55
      Oriental 63.77 110.97

      I was surprised the black women models are that much larger than the caucasian models but wasn’t at all surprised that the orientals were that
      petite. In the hips 30 to 33 was pretty common for orientals, 34 to 36 for white models, and black models were rarely as small as 36. So I read Beyonce as about the norm for blacks and possibly Jessica Alba close to the norm for whites. They both look good. It’s a matter of preference.

  • How do you compare? They have two different body types. Beyonce is an endomorph and Krysten is mostly ectomorphic. I like both, they seem to be healthy at their current body weight. Though I guess I like women with curves – endomorphic women. My (endomorphic) girlfriend is always reading a website about female body types, which explains the difference. It made her much more realistic about her weight loss goals, but also more determined to look great.

  • Ela

    Beyonce! Damn that girl is lush. Look how tiny her waist is though! She just carries her weight differently, I bet her waist is similar to some of the slimmer ladies out there, just she has a different body type.

  • Judy I Melgar

    beyonce looks great but that other girl needs some food for real feed her..all that money and no food LOL…sickly she looks like a walking corpse is not cute.

  • Looking at Krysten makes me feel sick to the stomach.

  • David

    I like Beyonce better. Krysten is definitely much slimmer but I don’t get turned on at all by 5’9″ women. A 6’0″ Ann Coulter is even worse. A 5’2″ male conservative might be impressed. They like things that stand tall, are illogical and don’t make sense. Like Ronald Reagan.

  • jameeke bonds

    you cant really compare the two. there body types are so different you would have to compare beyonce to a tyra banks or megan goode. beyonce is just to curvy and thick which is a compliment to us curve watchers to compare the two

  • bb


  • melanie

    They both look absolutely beautiful flaunting what they naturally have; however, I prefer beyonce. 😉

  • Beyonce is nice and cury…I want curves!!!!!!!!!

  • ana

    well beyonce looks great but a little on the chubby side… 🙁
    whereas krysten looks nice and thin.. yet her clothes in my opinion dont suit her frame…

  • lyn

    beyonce looks amazing. But I’d kill myself if my body looked like hers, I could never pull it off. the skinner the better, I’d kill my best friend for Tori spelling’s current body ( minus the boob job)!

    • Instant


  • lyn

    ps I know this was Krysten not Tori, I was just saying…

  • Teairra181


  • dee

    beyonce looks better. krysten has no boobs and nasty wrinkles on her feet.

  • immanuela

    Although I love Beyoncé’s shape, I’ll have to go with Krysten becase I agree with some of the other people here, she just looks natural and relaxed. She doesn’t lok like she starves herself either. Beyoncé seems to be tightening everything with the corsetting and the tights. I also prefer to have a bum and a flatter chest and although Beyoncé is pear shaped, she still does have a more voluptous chest than Krysten and many pear shaped ladies I know. She looks really good, but I choose Krysten because her shape is more like the body type I would want to be.


    To each its own!!! Some people love curves and some just cant handle the curves ha their inferior and preferre a x-small silhouette


  • KLS

    Beyonce looks better of course, The other girl looks like she’ll blow away in the wind at any time.. I working on getting my stomach like Beyonces.

  • Hooper

    Since I’m a straight and black, as opposed to a gay and white, Beyoncé wins hands down. That isn’t a contest. Now, Tahiry Jose, on the other hand, blows Beyoncé out of the water.

    As to Ms. Ritter, if I wanted to schtup someone with the body of a 10 year old boy, then I’d dispense with women altogether.

  • beyonce is a black beast, chained at one point in this animals career.

  • Peyton

    You can’t accurately see their figures.
    Beyonce’s dress is obviously meant to accentuate her already curvy body. With the ruffles at the hip and the way the dress pushes up her boobs.

    And krysten has a looser top on and a more casual look.

    Now no doubt Beyonce has more curves and Krysten is more slim but I don’t think you can accurately compare unless you put them in the same outfit.

    Anyway, they are both gorgeous. No matter their body type.

  • jaelle

    Beyoncé. definitely. Krysten l looks lovely, but its a preference thing.

  • Beverly Horvath

    Beyonce has the more feminine shape!

  • JK

    Krysten, by far!!! Much more classy looking in ALL outfits

  • My opininion

    “cury” is the new PC word for fat. Let’s be honest.

    • rebma

      Maybe, some people use the word curvy in a wrong context. But Beyonce is far from fat here. So I agree she’s curvy.

  • coytle


  • Alice

    Kristen! 100%!

  • RJ

    One is very fat and the other would look better if she lost 10-15 pounds.

  • RJ

    One is very fat and the other would look better if she lost 10-15 pounds.