Nicole Scherzinger, Skinny Versus Curvy, Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana & Nicole Scherzinger in Grey Dresses

FP_5360723_BARM_X_FactorJudges_0709101 - Zoe Saldana & Nicole Scherzinger in Grey Dresses

Left: Zoe at the Calvin Klein fashion show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin on July 7.

Right: Nicole Scherzinger at the X Factor auditions in Manchester.

On both sides: Hot ladies in skintight grey dresses.

FP_5360724_BARM_X_FactorJudges_070910 - Zoe Saldana & Nicole Scherzinger in Grey Dresses

Who’s your favorite?

See more pics after the jump!

FP_5349935_API_Calvin_Klein_Party_070710 - Zoe Saldana & Nicole Scherzinger in Grey Dresses

FP_5360725_BARM_X_FactorJudges_070910 - Zoe Saldana & Nicole Scherzinger in Grey Dresses

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  • shante

    woo im first =)
    nicole looks sooooo pretty, her face is amazing and her body looks great.
    im not sure bout zoe’s face it looks a little weird here but her dress is great!

  • Dave

    Zoe’s dress is more stylish but Nicole makes the most of herself in this pic and, for me, comes out on top but Nicole’s dress is way too ordinary.

  • Dave

    Also, think I can see the tell-tale lines of a spanx beneath Nicole’s dress!

  • natasha

    nicole looks a wee bit tacky, zoe looks very stylish…bodywise I’d take nicole’s waist and boobs and zoe’s legs and booty!

  • Trisia

    zoe looks amazing.
    i love the cut and colour of her dress, especially on her figure and with her complexion.
    nicole looks a bit ordinary IMO

  • Trace

    Bodywise they both look amazing, but I think Zoe’s outfit is a tad more stylish than Nicole’s.

  • Eve

    Nicole looks great. She is slim with curves, so just perfect.
    At the same time being not a fan of super skinnies I find Zoe is very appealing. She represents someone naturally skinny in my perception.

    • Audrey

      …everyone has curves. Zoe’s are rather obvious anyway. :\

  • Ash

    I admit that Zoe’s dress is more stylish but body and face-wise I would rather look like Nicole. I’m not a big fan of Zoe’s legs, while Nicole’s are shapely while still being slim.

  • southerngumdrops

    Does anyone know whether nicole’s boobs are real? she has an amazing hourglass figure…stunning

  • gray

    Nicole = G O D D E S S !!!
    Dancers have the best bodies, awwww

    • artemis


  • southerngumdrops

    I feel terrible asking this, but does Nicole have real boobs? She has the most amazing hourglass figure!

    • southerngumdrops

      oops! i didn’t see where my comment already posted 🙁

      sorry for the double post!

  • JenP

    Nicole looks better but she has had a little help with a nose job and breast implants.

    Before pics: she’s on the far right:
    far right:

    • southerngumdrops

      oh wow! that’s one of the best boob jobs i’ve ever seen.

      i know she has then pushed up in this outfit, but normally they hang like real boobs

    • snoops

      I always thought nicoles nose looked worked on (not that it bothers me, I’m not against that kind of thing or anything) and now I know, thanks for posting the link 🙂

      Anyhoo I think nicole looks better here, zoe is one of the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes, but her make-up here is just putting me off, its too much going on on her face.

    • Mina

      Nicole hasnt done anything to her face or body. She has denied those rumours at least twice and we know what perfect lingerie can do.
      She simply has the best body out there

  • babybrighstar

    i like nicole best ! she has great figure ! zoe has a strange dress because of its color .

    • Jade

      yep and I liked Nicole’s shoes more than Zoe’s

  • CK

    i think both looks great, amazing bodies
    i think Nicole’s boobs are natural, they don’t look fake to me but then who knows…its just she had a bit of weight fluctuation and to me it looked like her bust also fluctuated with her weight

  • siennagold

    Nicole has a great body! What an hourglass figure!

  • lp23

    Nicole has a look of the Kardashian sisters about her.

  • Casey

    Gosh they both look so nice. I’m having a hard time choosing which looks better, but ultimatly I’d say Nicole because she has that curvy thing going on moreso than Zoe. I always envied Nicole’s body…fit yet feminine.

  • nicole is gorgeous to me! such a beautiful body in that last pic!

  • Nicole wins this one! They both have gorgeous but very different bodies IMO. Zoe’s make-up looks a little off, though. Maybe too much of that brown eye shadow. Also I don’t really care for her facial expressions in these pics.

  • Ninian

    Since I’m a sucker for curves, Nicole is my absolute favorite! <3 Can't see why some think she is tacky, the dress is more than long enough to show some cleavage. LOVE IT!

    Zoey looks good to, I just like 'em with a bit more meat on theyr bodies. 😉

  • Maggie

    those girls have one of the best bodies I´ve ever seen

  • lc

    Zoe’s face is ehhh….but I like her body.

    Nicole looks like a taller, thinner, and better looking Kim Kardashian.

  • Meko

    Nicole is a beautiful woman and i agree she looks better than Kim. She doesnt need a wide fake butt.

  • livefree

    Zoe looks at least 43 in these photos, something about the lines framing her mouth. Something is off.
    I generally love Zoe but Nicole wins (by far) for me here (though she irritates me greatly).

    • Mizzy

      agreed. I always thought Zoe looks really old for her age…but for some reason not everyone notices it, so who knows. All I know is that she looks older than most of my friends, and we are all about the same age as her.

  • Brittany

    they are both SO BEAUTIFUL!

    Nicole has one of the most amazing bodies in show business. It’s what I personally consider the “perfect body”. Although I don’t like how her boobs are pushed up a bit too much in this dress… dang girl let them breathe! lol

    and Zoe is gorgeous. A bit too thin for my taste but she’s always been super thin so it must be natural and healthy for her and I think her dress looks great on her.

  • cus

    I am in LOVE with Nicole’s Dress, the sexiest dress ever!

  • machmalow

    Zoe’s figure is to die for, but I prefer Nicole’s face.

  • artemis

    i love nicole
    zoe is too skinny….
    nicole’s boobs can’t breathe LOL

  • aliss

    the both look good, but this time i think nicole look better.
    btw versus…i was wondering…what body type is nicole ?

  • Jemima

    Zoe for sure! Love the cutout and the length is perfect.

  • Zoe def. has the better bod. Her face isn’t really for me though.

  • Deyla

    Nicole is soooo gorgeous!!! Her hair looks amazing, and body, and face, and… EVERYTHING!!! Lucky girl :]

  • jenna

    i love the simple elegance of nicole’s dress but zoe’s is interesting and classic… hard to choose. and they both have very similar rockin bods… ya definitely can’t choose on this one!

  • Princess

    I prefer Nicole`s,she looks elegant and sexy at the same time. love her body

  • solaxi

    wow nicole lost weight. she is extra tiny again now…look at her waist! that side pic of zoe is nice. i never usually like her

  • jjj

    Zoe I would have to give this to. She has just an amazing body. Hard to top that!

  • Jo

    Definitely Zoe for me, we have a similar body type but she’s really toned but I’m just skinny fat. She’s my tonespiration!

  • Kimberly

    Nicole all the way. Fantastic body! I’ve never found Zoe to be attractive. She doesn’t have much sex appeal.

    • Audrey

      women aren’t really in much position to be saying what women have sex appeal and what don’t. millions of men, and some women, find Zoe very sexy (and rightly so- she has a fantastic figure and a real dancer’s body) so they’d have to disagree with you.

  • Zoe is amazing. She has the perfect body. She looks very good thin! I wouldn’t go any thinner though!

  • D.

    Zoe is beautiful – but her legs are a bit thin. Odd because she’s been a dancer and dancers USUALLY have very shapely, rather muscular legs. Nicole reminds me a lot of Kim Kardashian.

  • Carolinna

    Zoe is so fugly
    looks like a chimpance
    but the chimpance its cuter

    • Polly

      Zoe have a ugly face i dont care if shes super skinny

  • ladyb0sss

    i dont like how people keep saying her dress is too ordinary like she doesnt have good fashion sense or something. i think its just more of dressing for the occasion- wherever she was i think was more casual while still showing of her curves. whereas zoe’s look like shes at some formal event.

    anywho. i like both stars. zoe looks way to thin here. and im surprised at how curvy nicole looks but in a good way. so nicole wins. but nicole has the best body for me anyway 🙂

    but dresswise yeah. zoe wins.

  • Nameless

    Who looks hotter Nicole I’m into a shapely woman though the hourglass figure does it for me plus prettier face Zoe looks like (removed by admin) in her picture and she she is normally very beautiful.

  • Nameless

    NIcole all the way Zoe doesn’t look her best in this pic but I love Nicole’s body type either way.

  • Taylor

    I much prefer Nicole because I like her body a bit more, but they both look very nice. ♥

  • Lisa

    Nicole is absolutely stunning! The hair, those curves! Love the makeup, simple jewelry and nude heels….gonna shop for a grey sheath dress asap~ =)

  • jesse

    omg! nicole, i hate you for that perfect body. perfection!

  • Debbs

    Nicole BY FAR. She is perfect!

  • obesita

    please tell me who is the CURVY one!!!they are both very slender

  • retrobanana

    theyboth pretty much look fantastic and hae my ideal bodies