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  1. Haha this was for comedic effect, said at the SAG awards last week! I liked her quote, it made everyone laugh out laud haha. Plus she looked insanely hot in her dress!

    • Dear Versus,

      I think it would be best if you put a context to all quotes. This quote as mentioned above is from the SAG awards and is intended to be a funny, self-depreciating joke.

      It would really reduce the amount of unnecessary animosity in the comments section.

  2. if it bothered her so much she would have gotten a reduction. she is just fishing for compliments and it is getting sad. it’s like she has nothing else to offer but breasts. im all for being sexy but she is not owning it, she sounds like she desperately needs compliments and that is never a good look.

    • I think it’s just because she’s in comedy. Everyone likes a bit of self deprecating humour. Also I’m a 10FF and I make jokes about it, doesn’t mean I hate them or want to get a reduction or am fishing for compliments, it’s just an easy laugh.

    • fishing for complements? she says herself that her b❆❆bs got her through doors, and unlike the annoying megan fox, she doen’t try to deny that she loves her body and she knows it helped her career. she’s super funny

  3. Hahah. I love Sofia, funny and beautiful.
    Although, I really hope she is joking here. Having a father telling you you look like a hooker when you do something doesnt seem very nice to me

      • I agree, it’s so unclassy to talk like this! And the fact that she talks alot anout it shows that she’s full of her self. And I don’t fint her pretty at all!! She wears a lot of make up to hide the fact that her face isn’t very nice.

    • Probably because she clearly has big b❆❆bs and lots of the questions she’d be asked would be about her figure and looks. I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying what everybody is thinking. Also, I think Sofia is funny and down to earth which in my opinion are far more becoming traits than being “classy”. Especially if that entails pretending you haven’t noticed you have huge t–s (which I don’t think is “classy”, but diffident and transparent).

    • Actually, it is logical. Big breasts do not automatically = hooker but if you go out wearing a low cut shirt when you have HUGE b❆❆bs you will look a lot less modest than a girl wearing a low cut shirt with little boobs. Same for tight dresses/tube tops/ etc.

      I can personally vouch for this; my b❆❆bs came in a lot earlier than many of my friends and we’d all wear the same shirts but I got called out for “cleavage” just because I had Cs when everyone else had As.

      But also… you have to realize Sofia is joking.

      • I kinda have to agree. I have big b❆❆bs myself, and I know that it’s way easier for me to look hookerish/playboyish than a girl that has smaller boobs. It is what it is.

      • True, MissMarilyn. It’s kind of unfair, but big b❆❆bs tend to make people think ‘sex’ in situations where smaller b❆❆bs wouldn’t.
        I remember a case in NZ where a British woman was kicked out of a casino for indecent attire (I think they called it offensive) and she argued that she wasn’t exposing more of her skin than other women – but she just had more skin (covering very large boobs) than the other women and it was causing a lot of comments from other patrons.

        I can kind of see why it’s unfair for busty women to be called ‘offensive’ for exposing their cleavage whereas it might be deemed just right on a smaller chest (or women might get away with wearing very short skirts, etc) – but I think you have to dress for your body, not for what other women might get away with. Like it or not, in most people’s minds b❆❆bs and sex go hand in hand, so having a lot of cleavage can look hookerish to many people.

      • Agreed! I mean look on here sometimes where a few people rag on celebrities who have big b❆❆bs or instantly saying they look trashy or whatever. So I can kind of relate to her story, growing up as a girl with a large chest you DO have to be mindful of what you wear, how you dance/move, what you do, making sure not to draw attention to your chest, etc. because you can easily go from fun and appropriate to trashy and inappropriate without even being aware. Personally, I like Sofia and thinks she funny and I like that she is sharing stories of growing up awkward AND curvy, most people think awkwardness is only reserved for our super skinny, petite or really tall counter parts when it’s not.

        • yup @Erica and @Binks I agree with both of you completely. Thankfully my b❆❆bs are now normal sized in comparison with the rest of the world so I don’t have as much to worry about anymore but people do need to just know how to dress for their bodies. And I think Sofia does a pretty good job of that most of the time.

          And I think her joke is funny because of all this; having big b❆❆bs can make you inadvertantly look like a bit of a hooker to some if you’re not careful ahahah

  4. Lol. Nothing says disarming like that bright Sunshine
    smile of hers, and that ingenuous sense of humor too.
    Humor is the best medicine.

  5. That was funny. i was getting tired of listening to her talking about her breasts every five minutes but then I remembered that she’s got an image to keep. She’s famous for being the incarnation of the sexy sleazy latina Hollywood archetype, not for being smart or talented, so any other type of comment would look out of place. Not to say that she’s dumb or talentless, but it is unlikly that she will be given the opportunity to show otherwise.

    • She might pull a Megan Fox in a few years once (if) the roles dry up. You know, all of a sudden do a 360, and talk about how she’s so much more than her breasts, and that people don’t take her very seriously, but that in fact, she’s sooooo smart, and soooo deep, and not just a sex symbol. I just don’t understand how a 40 year old woman, has nothing else to talk about. And I know she gets asked about her b❆❆bs a lot, but this was said during the SAG awards, I believe? So she brought it up herself. Just sounds desperate and fishing for compliments imo.

  6. Oh wow, Sofia is talking about her b❆❆bs again. What else is new?

    Never saw the appeal in this woman. I think she is woefully overrated and not that attractive at all.

    • but but, her WHR is perfect!

      I was just told that only women with perfect WHR’s , or the appearance of a perfect WHR, are popular with men!

      who’da thunk it!

      • “I was just told that only women with perfect WHR’s , or the appearance of a perfect WHR, are popular with men!”

        LOL yeah. If you listen to most of the people on this site.
        It’s funny cos they all complain about men drooling over Upton yet moan about her whr. According to them you can be 300 pounds as long as you have a good whr.
        but If you look like Adraina Lima men won’t find that attractive LOL

        • What a load of crap. Everyone here gushes over Adriana Lima and finds her beautiful and she doesn’t have a defined waist. Same with Doutzen. Hilary Duff is built like a brick and no one hate on her. In comparison Kim K, Kelly Brook and Sofia Vergara get a lot of hate and they’re hourglasses. Basically if a woman has natural boobs/butt she’s called fat; chicken cutlets to boost 2 cup sizes are acceptable though 😉 As for whr, 300lb land-whales can hardly have it as you claimed, since rolls of fat obscure the waist.

      • Lol, yes yes I know! Sorry, WHR doesn’t mean sh-t to me, unlike every one else here. It is funny, how you can look like Adriana Lima but people still find you unattractive because you have “no waist”. Also, interesting to note, Ashlee Simpson seems to have a similar shape to Kate U., sans the boobs. Yet she got SO much hate on her bikini post.

  7. This quote was COMPLETELY taken out of context. I have a feeling that Sofia didn’t even come up with it herself- some writer at the SAG awards more than likely wrote it.

    • Agreed. She may have had some input, but aren’t they all scripted. And i think the over abundance of b❆❆b quotes might just be on this site (or in the twilight zone), because I’ve seen an interview or two, and the topic of conversation was her accent, and how difficult she is to understand compared to the average actress, and even other foreign born actresses.
      That said, i like modern family, but she isnt someone i pay alot of attention to or follow-perhaps she does discuss her b❆❆bs quite frequently. Although i doubt it is for attention given the vicious responses here. Maybe thats the only thing ppl interviewing her want to discuss? Lol

  8. i find her very pretty, and i never understood why some people on here say she has a masculine face… but she should stop talking about her looks so much, espcecially her breasts. it doesn’t bother me or anything, but i feel like she probably thinks that’s the only reason she gets roles. she won’t be able to play ms. fanservice for too much longer though. she should bring more attention to her acting (i’ve seen her in quite a few things before modern family and she could easily get roles for her acting alone)

  9. well i did say that julianne moore is breath taking. and no i have nothing pleasant to say about pretentious talentless actresses

    • @guru – was your comment a reply to mine because this website looks different on my phone so i can’t tell

      if it is then you shold read my comment again because you misinterpreted it. also, don’t be so bitter, it’s a waste of your energy

      • Victoria, I’m pretty sure guru was replying to Ld’s comment at the top.

        OT: I like Sofia, she’s so camp, she reminds me of Carmen Miranda ha!

      • Yeah I think she was replying to me. I asked her if she ever had anything pleasant to say about anyone…as you can see the answer is no!

  10. I rather likr her. She is funny, and doesn’t seem to take herself too serious. Lets be realistic….the wonan looks amazing for her age. We could all only wish to be so lucky to age like her!!

  11. She’s not the hottest nor the funniest but she’s just you know, herself and it’s nice. Her eyebrows are such caterpillars 😀 But yeah, she’s pretty funny on Modern Family.

  12. she has a terrific body but I don’t think she is that pretty. imo. but nobody is perfect and I actually like looking for flaws.

  13. idk what to say about that, yes, on one hand it’s a terrible thing to say, but on the other he was being truthful, some women just have that look about them, she does. Slightly above average celebrity.

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