Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush in a Bikini!

Sophia-Bush-in-a-Bikini1 - Sophia Bush in a Bikini!

Unexpected bikini treat: Sophia Bush!

OK, so these pictures are actually from June 2009, but I thought you guys might want to see pretty Sophia’s beach body!

Looking nice & healthy-sized!

Sophia-Bush-in-a-Bikini-2 - Sophia Bush in a Bikini!

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Sophia-Bush-in-a-Bikini-3 - Sophia Bush in a Bikini!

Sophia-Bush-in-a-Bikini-4 - Sophia Bush in a Bikini!

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  • maggie

    slim and healthy

  • olga22

    I luv her thanks so much for this post! She’s so georgious! All the guys O know say they could watch Hitcher over and over again bc she’s so hot!

  • Jellygirl

    I like that she looks quite normal body-wise… Its refreshing! She looks cute.

  • vkat

    1st picture is awesome. She has a gorgeous facial profile. Looks good in the bikini, too. 2nd pic is not flattering – doesn’t even look like her. But overall, she looks fine. So pretty!

  • Casey

    She has a nice toned body and a gorgeous face. So she doesn’t have the perfect proportions. She doesn’t need to. She looks perfectly fine. 🙂

  • K.

    she’s kinda chubby..

    • just in the 2nd picture, she looks totally different!

  • xo

    unattractive and def on the thick side

    • Avalin

      NO way! I think she has an incredible body. She doesn’t need to loose a single pound. Do you see any flab on her? I sure don’t.

    • :)

      wth, she is beautiful and definetly not on the thick side she has an amazing figure.

  • jenn

    Looks great! but 1st pics def better then second…..outfit isn’t flattering

  • Natasha O

    She’s always been one of the stars who’s had a little bit of meat on her bones shes toned shes pretty and down to earth,,,,,,lovesssss it

  • kim

    yes she doesn’t have the ‘model’ body but i think she looks fantastic! I really like her body, she may have a bit of flab but shes very fit, and she has a gorgeous face!

  • Lulu

    She’s lovely. Whoever said she’s chubby is delusional or blind.

    • thank god there are still people like you ! she looks amazing, she’s healthy, not skinny and fit. she has a woman’s body !!! and a little bit of cellulite is nooooooooormallllllllll !

  • livefree

    She has filled out a bit but who cares? I don’t, she is absolutely beautiful no matter what.
    Definitely have a girl crush on her.

  • ladyfrommars

    Georgeous! She has an undeniable, beautiful glow.

  • Very nice skin!

  • Chester

    A little big for my tastes but she does have a gorgeous face.

  • Aims

    She’s pretty normal. I’d try to tone up the thighs a bit. She’s still cute! 😀

  • ohwowlovely

    It makes me feel sick that people said she’s chubby and thick. Seriously?? I bet her BMI is 21 – 22. She’s healthy and normal and gorgeous.

    • x

      Sad thing is, it’s probably more like 19. Some people here are delusional.

  • mermaid

    the cover up is doing her no favors, but she still looks good in it and great in her bikini. she’s truly a naturally beautiful girl in BOTH the face AND body. gorgeous.

  • artemis

    her legs and a tiny upper body (glad its tiny fat rolls suck)=me

  • Padme

    Pretty face, average body.

  • terri

    Does anyone know her body type?

  • gumms

    she has gorg glowing skin!

    and an awesome boyd!

  • sarah

    wow! I wouldn’t have expected her to look so good without make-up! And as for her body, come on… In real life she is the “hot girl” of the town! I’m pretty sure guys prefer her over some really skinny girl with no boobs and butt!
    I think she’s beautiful!

  • i

    i will never wnted a body like she have but she is a very pretty and healthy looking girl

  • beautiful!! from head to toe! she looks bigger in the second picture but everybody looks bigger in pictures than in real life (or just i do)

    • No, you’re right. I always feel like I look 5 to 10 pounds heavier in pictures.

  • edie

    the second picture is really unflattering, but in the other pictures she looks amazing! her face is gorgeous especially.

  • sola

    ooo she is hot! she is a bit ‘soft’ but she is still small and ‘in shape’ and i think the softness (which i think is accentuated by the pale skin), because it looks so feminine and sexy!

  • James

    Nice. I love her body.

  • B.

    Her body (and face) are really, really nice. She looks fit and she has great skin!

  • suzushii

    She is not soft/chubby/big/whatever

    LOOK AT HER WAIST – it’s perfectly flat even when she’s relaxed.

  • anna

    She has make-up on her because those pictures are from a day she was filming one episode of OTH, the first one of this season for being exact. Anyway, she has an gorgeous face and an average body but the whole pack looks great.

  • Scary_doLL

    She looks nice 🙂

  • Beetle

    hmm, i wonder how a great body looks for you people if she has an average one?

  • xo

    I think hers is below average too be honest, I think a GREAT BODY IS BAR RAFAELI.

  • stajjny

    She looks awesome! I think her looking “average” (meaning she isn’t Hollywoodskinny) makes her stand out from the crowd ^^
    Pretty, healthy, toned and normal – so nice to see a girl who really is normal, and not a size zero or plus size.

    • sola

      yep! which i find more attractive!

  • Annabelle

    I love it how she’s so pretty but normal looking too, like you could sit down and have a drink with her and girltalk. My brother despises Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie (or Fish Lips, he calls her!) and he said he prefers girls like Sophia. I just think its funny what girls think a sexy woman is and what men think a sexy woman is! You can’t win sometimes! lol.

  • She has the prettiest face and a nice toned body. She is no way near chubby or fat

  • Géraldine

    You know guys for all the girls who say she is chubby or even fat, it’s pure jealousy. She is hot and every guy think she’s hot ask around, she has a great body and a pretty face what most of you don’t have so shut up. I think a guy prefers a girls who’s who is shorter than him and has nice curves than a supermodel with no curves no tits no ass and who is taller than him that’s just good for boyfantasy and sophia bush is also good for boyfantasy she has it all she is one of the prettiest women i have ever seen and her body is amazing not even average she is slim, not skinny and supermodels are skinny , most guys prefer slim over skinny or have you ever heard a guy say, i don’t like ass or boobs, all the boys of my school love kim kardashian because of her curves and you think sophia bush is fat? cmon, you only can dream of being as pretty as her 😉