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  • violet

    Definately better WITHOUT BANGS!

  • vanessa

    Agreed but I think her outfit is cute

  • Deli

    Fake bangs! I think she might need a change but that type of bangs don’t suite her!

    • noname

      Agree. They look like clip-ons.

    • Powwow


    • Debbs


  • Tigerlilly

    Not so much in the comparison picture but I think she looks cute with the bangs and I like her outfit.

  • lc

    Blah either way.

  • Stace

    Makeunder for sure with her hair, but her face is always beautiful.

  • Pixie

    I like the bangs. She’s so cute!

  • georgette


  • Aafje

    I think she could pull off bangs if it didn’t look like a wig..

  • Warda

    I liked it more before. I also think she looks a bit like Ashley Simpson with this hairdo in the first pic.

  • Dutchy

    Big MakeOVER!!! She’s very pretty imo !

  • Anytime

    Weight guesses?

  • onetreehill

    I just love her no matter what <3

  • hanan

    WOW , makeover
    i like her new hair color & length too
    the before pic , her hair look kinda dirty

  • annemarie

    She looks cute with bangs but her hair looks like a wig.

  • Sienna

    Oh, makeover! I love bangs, they add something special to one’s look. But I could never pull them off because I have wavy/curly hair and a short-ish face 😉

    • Stephanie

      Oooh Sienna you’re so pretty! I think you’d pull it off!

  • D

    Those look like clip-ons, but I prefer her without for sure. She reminds me of Zoey with her bangs.

  • neutra

    Bangs are for either unattractive girls or girls under 20.

  • artemis

    makeover 😛

  • maggie


  • Nicole

    Love the color, hate the bangs. Gotta go with makeunder

  • Liz

    I can’t tell if I don’t like the bangs or if I just don’t like them at that angle and lighting. They seem a little too long and heavy to work well with her face shape.

  • Her bags is way too blunt and thick! But, I think she looks fresher with it.
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    Lera <3

  • CK

    hope she finally gets some suitable acting project. love her, for me she’s a definition of naturally pretty and charming, and she also smiles in candids most of the time it makes her even more beautiful (if that’s just pretense smile, well, its’s damn good one),and her skin always looks good.
    but am on the fence bout the makeover, in some pics she looks good with it in some not so, but she always looks good without bangs.

  • Natasha

    Those bangs look great on her.

  • Ana

    I don’t like bangs on grown women. They look immature and childish IMO.

  • Nikki


  • Isabel

    Both look good. She knows how to dress and although most of the time I’m not too fond of bangs, on her they look good, make her look way younger.

  • retrobanana

    i like them but i think they are clipons..and i am glad i wouldnt want her to have them all the time… i dont like her outfit though..

    she is growing on me..i used to find her very underwelming and now i do get the hype..i like her body too…she looks like she lost weight..she is a cute girll

  • Molly

    beauty is as beauty does. she’s so pretty either way.

  • Josephinee

    Beautiful either way! Definitely think she pulls the bangs off.

  • anonymous

    Her face is gorgeous… She’s a natural beauty. I like her with and without the fringe… She looks good either way and she has great style.