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Sparkle, leggy looks, Bavarian dresses, low-cuts and picture-perfect make-ups – these are our celebrities from last night’s 2013 People’s choice Awards!

Take a look at all the stars and their chosen looks and pick your favorites!

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65 thoughts on “2013 People’s Choice Awards Gallery”

        • Instructions on how to see a wedding dress with a low cut at the front:

          Step 1: Purchase a wedding magazine
          Step 2: look through wedding magazine.
          End of steps.

          There are TONS of low cut dresses – have you ever gone to a wedding dress boutique with a bride to be? Or even looked through Vogue bride? There are fuchsia dresses, backless dresses, SHEER dresses, miniskirt dresses.

          Wedding dresses in the couture world and even the main stream designers aren’t demure as you’d imagine.

          So have i seen low cut wedding dresses.
          Do YOU know what you’re talking about?
          … don’t think so 😀

      • although i think her chest looks a little bony, for the first time i really like taylor. i also thought she showed grace when that presenter was being a clown. she gets so much hate and i think half of it truly is tween insecurity and jealousy. notice how harry styles doesn’t really get hate yet is a womanizer… anyway…

    • I love Kaley Cuoco but I think this entire look is wrong, the dress is too young for her or like it would look better on a girly-girly Taylor Swift type and her makeup makes her facial features look all squashed together into the middle of her face 🙁
      I usually think that she’s a beautiful girl though!

  1. Katy Perry looks like an old ukrnaian maid. Lea” look at me” Michelle looks into herself as always. Heidi looks okay, would have been better without the slit. Taylor Swift is so white bread and plain, my least favorite out of all of them. Predictable, fake, annoying, can’t stand that girl and her golly gee persona. Like all her “relationships”, the girl is fake fake fake.

    • Lol! I agree. Taylor is fake, and (I might get flamed for this but oh well) but Katy Perry is one of the most butt ugly celebs I have ever seen. There, I said it. I’m tired of skirting around it, I think she is well, ugly. She has the face of a soccer mom wearing 6 inches of makeup. I will never, ever know why she is thought to be so “beautiful”. And there is not one small, minute thing I can find attractive about Lea. She too, is just unattractive imo.

      • Without makeup, roof roof roof. Katy Perry is plain and once again talentless, like so many “stars” these days. It takes 3000 layers of makeup stuck on her face to make her look decent. Heidi Klum use to be okay but she’s gotten more attention seeking as time goes by. She’s at every awards show, she’s always trying to get in the media ever since she got her divorce. Still the prettiest out the ladies here.

      • FLAME!!!! Haha jk. It’s funny because I actually think Taylor Swift looks the best here- very elegant in my opinion. But I agree with you about Katy Perry…to me she is always tacky.

      • lc – i agree 100% – I’ve always thought Katy Perry is totally unattractive. I figured the only reason she’s popular is because of her body. And I also find nothing pretty or attractive about Lea Michelle. Never did, never will.

        I don’t know who Kaley Cuoco is, but I thought it was Christina Applegate!

  2. i never in a million years thought i’d be saying this, but Taylor looks the best. Kailey’s make-up is atrocious…she’s so much prettier than that. i don’t have much to say about the rest of them though. they all look pretty evenly matched..and not in a god way.

    • Agreed. Taylor looks best, even though I don’t like her persona at all. The others all look equally bad – but Jennifer Lawrence stands out as one of the worse! She has such an amazing figure and she chose to wear that!? I don’t get it!

      • I agree with everything you said. Taylor looks good here, for once. Ugh I hate to say that, haha. She needs to lose those bangs once and for all. And Jennifer has such a lovely body and this dress is horrid.

    • I agree, Taylor looks gorgeous. Why are people always bashing her for looking plain, she’s one of the few people on the red carpet who rarely wears something atrocious and ill-fitting. I rather see someone with a simple, classy dress than with something like Jennifer Lawrence wears..

      Oh and have you seen Heidi’s shoes? I would probably have broken my leg right away!

    • Really? I think Kristin Kreuk looked better. Might be because I generally find her extremely beautiful, but she still wins for me.

      SO HAPPY Beauty and the Beast won! I voted like 200 times the night before.

  3. Taylor looks really good, the makeup, hair, dress… everything really suits her. I actually think she’s pretty well dressed always on the red carpet.

    Kristin Kreuk is absolutely gorgeous, half Asians are usually always good looking in my experience haha. I hate her dress though.

  4. Best is Taylor Swift which is a surprise- usually not a fan of her style/makeup/hair but everything is working for her. Worst is everyone else lol not impressed..

  5. I’m not very impressed by any of the dresses. Taylor Swift is clearly trying to be “sexy” after her break-up, but fails as usual.

    Jennifer looks beautiful. I really like this hair color on her – don’t like the cut of her dress.

    Julianne’s make-up is really nice and compliments her features well.

    • Same over here, I have never been so unimpressed with any of the dresses. They all range from wrong cut to OK. But none has me thinking that it looks gorgeous. Either the cut is wrong for the wearer or the dress is just plain ugly…

      • Really? Maybe I’m too old to get it. It just looks so conservative and matronly to me, but I guess if you’re young you can pull it off…I do generally hate the combination of red and black though.

        • I think the way she did her hair makes it look older, but if you take the dress by itself and then style it better it can work awesomely.

    • I think Jennifer’s dress is the worst I’ve seen for a while. Katy’s is matronly, but I think some girls could pull it off – particularly waifish girls with small boobs. Jennifer’s dress wouldn’t look good on anyone I can think of!

  6. I thought Taylor looked lovely She normally is pretty plain, but I just thought she looked so pretty. Her makeup, hair, dress…no one else really stood out to me. I’m obviously too into the V.S models and their sizes because all the celebrities looked really large to me. I didn’t think there was that much of a difference in actresses and those models sizes…all tiny. But I was wrong…very wrong.

  7. Well, imo Kristin Kreuk is absolutely incredibly stunning. I think she is one of the most beautiful celebrities I have ever seen. I would prefer her over any VS model or high fashion model. Delicate yet exotic face, nice body, amazing skin, amazing eyes, amazing hair.. I wish I was mixed myself.

    I am so jealous (;

  8. taylor’s dress is awesome by the way. she looks like charlize theron’s evil queen form from snow white and the huntsman 😀

  9. I really like Taylor’s look here- she has gone for something a little different and more riqsue which is a nice change from her standard A Line, ultra girlie dresses.
    I like the fact that Katy is toning down her look a little bit and not always having her b❆❆bs and legs on show. She has a stunning face and even though the dress is a little matronly for an awards show, her beautiful face shines through.
    I’m a huge fan of Kaley. I find her very cute and relatable. she has a lovely figure that seems achievable to me.

  10. I don’t get how some celebrities dress. You think with all the money and stylists and all that, they would dress a little better..who knows.

  11. After looking through ALL the horrible dresses I did realise one thing, how pretty Kriten Kreuk’s face is! IMO out of all the woman above I find her to be the most facially attractive. Actually now that I think about it I probably prefer her body over all the other too.

    • On seconds thoughs when it comes to which figure I prefer out of the woman above I would have to say Lea not Kristen. I have to agree with benjay below “swap kristen’s face on lea and you have a contestant…” even though it sounds kind of picky.

  12. Lea’s body looks really good in that awful pink dress! I’m impressed. I kind of like Katy’s dress but yes she’s the definition of plain.

  13. Kristin Kreuk has such a beautiful face (eyes and eyebrows!) but I don’t like that dress.
    Heidi and Leah: hard faces and unattractive bodies.
    Jullianne looks much older than 23… it’s bad. Kaley has a moon face. Don’t like Jlaw’s dress.
    I actually thought Katy Perry looked good for once, for toned down with the hair makeup and wardrobe, but not in these pics. You should check this link.
    I find the Valentino dress quite beautiful with her dark hair and the black pumps.

  14. Kristin Kreuk is gorgeous.Taylor Swift’s look is probably the best but her personality just ruins it all for me.

    Everybody else looks terrible.

  15. Kristin Kreuk is STUNNING. seriously that face is breathtaking. Lea michelle tries too hard to be “sexy’, Talor Swift is just scary and Kaley Cuoco looks a bit coo coo in the head.

  16. Taylor looks great, she really has been doing a great job all around. I am not a fan, but she also is pretty good at singing. Katy Perry has always been on the weido path, dont get me wrong, she made it to the top in her career, but she is not a playboy bunny…. she is interesting, these pics should be used as a deterrent for kids using bath salts…. very weird. Heidi looks great, always has and Lea face bothers me no matter what she wears…. swap kristen’s face on lea and you have a contestant…

  17. Julianne look gorgeous! I love her hair, it’s so cute! Kaley looks adorable! I may be the only one but I think that Kristen looks stunning! Prettiest out of the lot and the colours of the dress really suit her.

  18. seriously what’s up with white celebs having early wrinkles ?? @ juliana !!!
    i dk , is it due to :weight loss / tanning / smocking / having light skin /…etc

    • was thinking the same, Juliana is only 24 years old, and looks a decade older…i doubt its due to weight loss, shes not thin. shes always on the beach, probably doesnt wear sunscreen, or just has bad genetics..

    • I’m surprised you’re the only one who commented this, because I was thinking the same thing. I remember the old b❆❆b job rumors awhile back, and I feel like these photos verify them.

      I realize some people will say “HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT” and “SHE COULD BE WEARING CUTLETS/HAVE DEVELOPED SOME”, but I know a bunch of people I went to college with who had them, and even the best b❆❆b jobs have tell-tale signs.
      1. the gap between her breasts
      2. the round, seemingly bolted-on shape
      3. SHE’S 23 and they just magically developed? That doesn’t happen without weight gain…and she hasn’t had any
      4. this photo of her: it’s impossible to wear a bra with this dress (see thru-back) unless it’s just a stick-on, and ladies you and I know that those don’t make your b❆❆bs look so perky and pushed up. Just the shape on the top is weird.

      I rest my case.

  19. Taylor is the only good looking one- so slim and that dress tape (not augmentation) makes the plunge sexy.

    Um Kelly whats-her-face totally looks like Christina Applegate!

    Now for Betty White…I mean Jennifer Lawrence: she needs to fire and black list her stylist. That dress style is for Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda or Betty White (if length was longer). SHE LOOKS HIDEOUS. Like she bought a thrift store dress (from someone’s grandma) and did her own hair and makeup.

    Celebs: you have money and access to beautiful clothing Why are you all so average, ugly, or boring??????

    • LOL. First thing I thought when I saw Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is that it looks like something Lisa Minnelli would wear. To be fair, I don’t think most celebs actually dress themselves. They are either trying to promote some fashion designer (possibly even get paid to do it), or they wear things their publicists/stylists choose for them. I’m not saying they don’t have freewill, but it’s not like they go shopping at regular stores for this stuff.
      And yes, to Kaley Cuoco! I had to do a double take because i was SURE it was Christina Applegate.

  20. Kristin Kreuk, Julianne Hough and Kaley Cuoco all look very pretty, but I think Kaley would look better with softer makeup either on her eyes or lips… I love Taylor Swift’s natural hair color and she’s a cute girl, but the makeup is a little bit heavy for her eyes I think. Lea Michele looks very pretty, normally I dont like dresses like that but she is one of the few people who can pull it off. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most beautiful women, but her dress is just ok here. Surprisingly I actually love Katy Perry’s dress, she looks cute and classy here…

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