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2017 Golden Globes Mega Gallery

2017 Golden Globes Gallery

Sunday night, Hollywood’s most in demand glamorous TV stars shined on the red carpet in front of the many cameras at the 74th Golden Globe Awards, held at Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

From see-through gowns to frilly frocks, from girly pastel dresses to sparkle and shine and from skinny figures to curves-overload, this year had it all!

Check out our gallery filled with your favorite screen queens and pick your favorite looks!


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • b

    I like looks that are not as vain as these… something more natural, I guess?

  • wert

    Gal Gadot in stunnniiiinnng

  • Vlada

    I used to find Monica Bellucci gorgeous, but ever since she defended roman Polanski the rapist, I simply can not stand her anymore

  • reesa_

    Can we talk about how healthy Emma Stone looks these days!! So glad she gained a few pounds!

    Drew Barrymore has lost weight! Looking good! I like the dress!

    All time favorite was Hailee Steinfield, though, that lilac dress is heaven!

    And one more, I guess she’s not on here, but Julianne Hough has lost weight again! You could see all her sternal bones in that dress :-O !

    • nani

      yes, she looks muuuuch better

    • Agatha

      Oh, yeah. I remember months ago a post where everyone was praising her body and for some reason she looked… obsessed? to me. I treat the fitness craze with caution.

  • Tye

    love Felicity Jones. Dislike Thandie

  • chris

    IDK, ive come to realize most these dresses look awful because they are meant to be worn on 5’11 models. It’s such a difference to see some of these outfits how they were meant to be worn.

  • polly

    It always looks like what Emma Stone is wearing was made specifically for her.

  • ule

    I find the average of these dresses not as bad as usually, however wth are Blake Lively and Zoe Saldana wearing? The latter actually looks miserable in that pink curtain.
    I like the seemingly simple dresses of Mandy Moore, Kristen Bell, Elsa Pataky and the blonde lady in red. That rarely happens 🙂

  • lyza

    I like Emma Stone, Felicity Huffman and Octavia Spencer the best.

  • Ellia

    Lily Collins and Thandie Newton killed it. Head-to-toe perfection.

    Reese, Gillian Anderson, Guiliana Rancic, and Brie Larsen were also lovely.

  • Lynn

    This is new trend of overly revealing decolletage needs to go. It is honestly not a an attractive look on almost anyone (especially with the ladies who have surgical enhancements in that area!).

  • T

    I wish there was a poll/we could vote on which celebs should get their own posts (for further discussion) during roundups like this. What do you guys think?

  • T

    I’m so jealous of Emma Stone’s tiny arms. That’s the first place I gain weight and bulk up their pretty fast. I wish there was a fix. 😡

  • claud

    i know everyone’s swooning over emma stone but i must say, the pale color washes her out. she’d stand out more in an emerald green, sapphire, mahogany, or maroon dress.

    i dig the soft purple gown, whoever that is.

    overall, it seems these award shows are calling for more classy cuts (as opposed to the trashy cut-out dresses that have been beaten to death the past 2 years).

  • Naomi

    Brie Larson looked jaw-droppingly beautiful in the Jessica Rabbit-style dress. Sofia Vergara looked stunning as usual (refreshing to see her with another hairstyle). And I’m genuinely jealous of Lily Colin’s eyebrows!!

    However, for me, the highlight of the evening were Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna.

    • Agatha

      Oh, sí… Señoras y señores… I want some Gael and Diego <3 I love that they support each other 🙂

      • Naomi

        Gael has always been one of my favorite actors. I feel so proud when I see how far both Gael and Diego have come since their Y tu mama tambien days!!

        • Agatha

          Gael was definitely one of my first celebrity crushes, lol. The first movie I saw of him was Diarios de Motocicleta… He’s just an amazing actor. I wasn’t as big of a fan of Diego but have always supported Mexican filmmakers. I think Diego looks way more handsome now that he got older!

          • Naomi

            Hahah he is still my celebrity crush. I love him in Mozart in the Jungle!! I wasn’t that fond of Diego either but he is extremely talented!

  • Sara

    I think Gillian Anderson is a goddess.