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Celebs and Dresses at 2013 BAFTA Awards (Gallery)

Marion Cotillard - 02

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Lots of glammed up celebs attended the EE British Academy Film Awards at The Royal Opera House in London on Sunday – from Helen Mirren and her new pink do to sleek in black Sarah Jessica and peek-a-boo Marion Cotillard, the celebs put their best looks on in front of the cameras.

Who gets your vote for the best look?

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  • lia

    I am deeply, deeply in love with Marion Cotillard! She is stunning 🙂

  • Pixie

    I can’t pick just one…..will have to be Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Mirren and Sarah Jessica. They look flawless. 🙂

    • Hazal

      Yeah, SJP’s figure looks great in this outfit. Sometimes she can look very thin (especially when her sinewy arms and legs are exposed) but in ouftits like this her body looks amazing.

      • Polly

        Honestly, SJP is the epitome of skinny & curvy. Whenever I watch SATC I am obsessed with her body. She definitely can look too gaunt now but back then, damn.

        • Loxy

          I agree! On SATC her body was incredibleeee – the epitome of curvy…hips, bum, boobs, WHR, she had it all (and still looks fantastic today). She is the perfect example that you dont have to be thick to be curvy and that short girls can still look lithe and elegant.

          • Indigo Lace

            I feel the same about when SJP was on SITC. Her body was perfect to me then.

          • JaneParker

            Yeah. Me too, I’m a HUGE SATC fan, and I guess that show’s partly responsible for my difficulty to accept the fact that I’m not exactly “petite”. Carrie was like a size 2 with a banging body. True, she doesn’t have the most fortunate face, but that body… damn!

        • solaxia

          I agree! Carrie’s body was hot as! I wouldn’t trade my body with many people (when I’m fit and happy with it) but I would trade with her for sure! She was skinny and curvy, but to me, more so than someone like Candice. I felt like SJP’s legs were curvy and athletic (even though the were skinny), plus she had perfect sized perky breasts for her body, plus she had a nice round athletic bum. Ugh so jealous thinking about it! Ha ha

          I think she looks tunning here as well. I think although she may not be ‘conventionally’ facially pretty, there is something so striking about her. Her hair is always gorgeous too.

  • Robin

    Gemma’s dress is really unflattering – who is she, anyway? I think Jennifer has the best dress, but it makes her appear a little flat-chested. Sarah Jessica Parker is also stunning!

    • robbie

      Gemma Arterton is an English actress and very popular in Europe.

      • Robin

        That’s funny, ’cause I live in Europe.

        • robbie

          Hm, maybe you don’t go to the cinema very often? She was in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

        • swissmiss

          Hmmm, I don’t know her either and I’m from Europe…but I admit, I’m not a big cineaste…

          • linda

            I am european too, and I have only vaugely heard of her. Never seen her in any movies, but than again I don’t like James Bond.

    • lillaliket

      she was in rocknrolla and the boat that rocked.. and in my guilty pleasure, st,trinians

  • sample

    kelly osbourne got a haircut? oh wait, that’s helen mirren…she’s doing a better job of rocking that hair color…good for her

  • Anne looks nice here – I like the dress on her figure and her hair is sort of growing on me.
    Gemma is gorgeous, but the dress doesn’t do her justice at all.
    Marion’s dress is just weird.
    Sarah Jessica Parker looks the best I have seen her in a while.
    Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is very pretty, but I don’t like the hair.

  • swissmiss

    Did Jennifer Lawrence lose weight? She looks better than I remembered her and I love the hair color! She shouldn’t get darker, it washes her out IMO. Marion Cotillard just shines from within, what a beautiful woman!

  • Ash

    Somehow Gemma and Jennifer Lawrence look amazing to me. SJP’s dress looks good too but her eyes are nondescript.

  • Hazal

    Impressed by Marion Cotillard again. She looks gorgeous.

  • Casey

    Gemma Arterton is so pretty. She has such an unusual but gorgeous face. I hate her dress though.

    I don’t like Jennifer Lawrence’s slicked back hair. She has too round of a face for it.

    SJP looks great too.

    • Stace

      I second everything you said!

  • Polska Blondynka

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Jennifer’s dress. Stunning.

  • annemarie

    Jessica Chastain looks lovely. The colour of her dress suits her well.

    Gemma looks nice and I like the dress.

    Jennifer’s dress is pretty but her hair doesn’t look good.

    Marion is a gorgeous women but her fashion choices have been kind of meh lately.

    • Nobsnob

      It’s a Dior dress (well of course) and I’m willing to blame it on the stylist because this dress is soo not her.

  • HazeL

    When I watched the BAFTAs on TV my favourites were Gemma Arterton and Jennifer Garner (who’s not here) bodywise. On screen Gemma’s dress was really flattering and her figure looked amazing, but it really hasn’t come across in the pictures. She definitely looks 10-15lbs heavier than she did on screen. Anyone got any weight guesses for her? I found stats that say she’s 5’7 with 34B-28-40 measurements. I’m just curious as I think her body looks relatively attainable.

  • Mel

    I love Jennifer but she just doesnt know how to pose. Also I dislike her makeup. Since her face is quiet round she needs some conture, some bronzer, hilighter and I would fill in her eye brows just a bit.

  • Louise

    I think gemma looked stunning! She looked pretty. She played tess in tess of the dubervilles and that is one of my fav films;) she is a classic beauty

  • Jacky Daniels

    uh im not impressed..the dresses the hair..hidious. annyway marion is kinda pretty.

  • Winnie

    i’m in love with Marion Cotillard, so of course she’s my fave. but SJP just oozes class. she looks the best here imo

  • Nobsnob

    I love Jennifer Lawrence, she’s beautiful here as always even though I don’t like her dress.
    I like SJP’s outfit very much except the pants part looks too long for her..??
    And of course Marion!! You go girl 🙂
    I hate her dress though but you gonna blame the stylist.

  • Aafje

    I absolutely love that Helen Miren dyed her hair pink!

  • Sasha

    I just look for Jennifer Lawrence… such a great actress, and unique look!

  • roonie

    I love the BAFTAs.. one of my favourite award shows.. Anyway, about the outfits..
    Amy Adams – Really hate that hairstyle but I quite like the dress, just not on her. I don’t see her as being attractive or a talented actress but she does have a beautiful eye colour though and she seems sweet.
    Anne Hathaway – love Anne!! (even though I’ll admit she can be really annoying sometimes.) Nice makeup and her hair looks really nice here, and I love the dress.
    Gemma Arterton – I like her hair, its sort of messy but in a nice way, her dress is awful though.
    Helen Mirren – Love the pink hair!! Dress looks perfect for her too.
    Jennifer Lawrence – love her as well, I’ve probable used the word love way too much on here haha. I don’t like her hair though, but her dress is nice. I don’t think she’s
    particularly beautiful (I tend to like strikingly unique features) but I really like her for some reason.
    Jessica Chastain – don’t really know why but I don’t really like her, not saying I dislike her but something about her just irritates me. Awful dress, nice hair.
    Marion Cotillard – love her too!! I don’t like her hair, love the necklace, appreciate her trying something different but the result just doesn’t work out with regards to the dress.
    Sarah Jessica Parker – looks ok I guess. I like her, and even when I don’t like what she’s wearing I like her fashionable-ness.. don’t know how to describe it haha.

  • sia

    Nicely dressed and purrrfect: anne hathaway, sjp.

    Beauties, always: Anne hathaway, jennifer lawrence.

  • sia

    and ofc… marion cotillard, despite her weird dress .. total beauty! <3

  • Adele

    Helen Mirren just made me so happy with her pink hair! She’s a wonderful role model for how to age gracefully without being boring.

    Marion Cotillard – she and Audrey Tautou are my ultimate girl crushes, so of course Iove her look!

    Sarah Jessica Parker – I don’t know, I’ve never got her. Her face looks old and gaunt and her body’s too sinewy. I rarely say this about anyone, but she would benefit from gaining 5-7 kg.

  • lc

    Marion Cotillard looked good.

    • Adriana

      I was searching through the comments to find lc to see if you agreed with me, since usually you do and this time is no different.
      I bet when you looked at her you though she resembled Rose McGown?
      I think Rose is gorgeous too but Marion has more refined features, sharper features i think she has more of what I find attractive.

      • lc

        Yeah, she does. She is the only one here I find remotely attractive haha.

    • Anastasia.

      Ya Marion looks great. Helen Mirren looks ridiculous with the pink hair.

  • Junior

    I feel weird for admitting it, but I like Helen Mirren’s pink hair…..

  • Elle

    I love J. Law but she needs to wash her hair….

  • Candy

    helen mirren, a woman who puts enjoyment before trying to look young.

  • jay-lisa

    It’s probably just the make-up but I think Jennifer Lawrence’s face looks kinda weird on those pictures…Her body is amazing though!

  • JaneParker

    I’m probably the only one who doesn’t like Helen Mirren’s hair. I want to be a cool gramma and all, but wth? Not a fan of pink hair. Even on Pink, and I love Pink.

  • Kimberly

    Marion Cotillard is always stunning.

  • Liz

    Love the pink hair. Love.

  • siennagold

    I love Helen Mirren’s pink hair. 😉 Her dress looks good on her too.

  • Sheri

    I think Jennifer Lawrence looks the best here

  • annabanana

    Amy, Anne, and Jennifer Lawrence all look really good here to me. Usually I think Marion is beautiful but the dress/makeup isn’t working that well imo. And for some reason I have never found Jessica Chastain to be very pretty.

  • elen

    i really like jennifer lawrence buuuut what’s with the gelato in her hair. It looks like she didn’t wash her hair for months

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