25 thoughts on “Celebs and Dresses at 2014 AMA”

  1. Fergie, Nicki, J.Lo and Christina look awesome, really sexy. Bleona, or whoever she is, looks s—ty, apparently she’s a “unknown celeb” seeking attention and Khloé’s a– is just gross. I mean she never looks good because she’s quite unattractive to me but still, it looks so horribly fake. The rest look good, more or less. I’m surprised Rita Ora isn’t the worst looking, she actually looks alright.

  2. Kate Beckinsale.. i don’t know who she is.. but saw get interview with Guliana Rancic and my jaw dropped with her elegance and classiness and beauty.. in here i would have said meh.. but in motion.. stunning

  3. Belona did not even raise my eye brows.. Rihanna already did this look and I’m not a rihanna fan.. but in a way she looked glamourous with the scarf on her head and the furr on her arms.. this Belona looks like she just came out of a Burlesque show or whatever.. so not shocking any more

    • I’m a burlesque dancer and find this offensive. Nah, just joking (about the offended part, I AM a burlesque dancer tho), she looks like she just got out from some cheap stripper/club wear store. Most burlesque dancers I’ve seen are if not elegant and classy, at least very glamorous, which this girl is not 😉

  4. Kate beckinsale always looks soooo good. Why oh why are the kardashians and jenners there? Please go away forever. Selena Gomez looked amazing showing off her figure. Now that’s one fine lady 😉

  5. Omg Selena is just absolutely breathtaking! She has a great body and beautiful face and that outfit just works.

    Lucy Hale looks cute. I like her dress and her shorter hairdo. Although I would like it even better when it’s just one color (not a fan of the ombre trend).

    Taylor Swift looks painfully thin. She has always been slim, but definitely lost more weight.

  6. Overall, not the best these ladies have looked. Fergie looks good for Fergie. Kylie Jenner looks like she just woke up after a long night. Rita Ora’s look is so bad I can hardly even comment.

    Selena has also been looking a little off lately. Anyone noticed?

  7. I don’t have super high standards but they all look so cheap and trashy. I think Christina Milian looked the best, except for those nails. Even Taylor’s dress looked like it came from one of those cheap prom/dance catalogs.

  8. No to absolutely everyone here; except Lucy Hale and Kate Beckinsale. The woman in photo 10 looks ridiculous. Someone ought to throw her a towel or a beach cover up. And wth are the Kardashians/Jenners doing at the AMA’s. Smdh. Good thing I don’t watch these stupid “award” shows.

  9. As over the top as her dress is, J.Lo’s body is starting to make me sad. I’m half your age woman! And I doubt I could’ve carried that dress the way she does.
    And my Kylie senses are tingling I’m afraid. She looks way worse here than she did in other candids when photographed naturally, from a distance. I think burgundy works beautifully on her. Plus I love loose, strappy dresses like that. Extra plus, her body is pretty close to my ideal so there’s that.
    Aaand I somehow managed to rant and drool on probably the two trashiest looking ones out of the bunch. I’m definitely going to places..

  10. Fergie, Julianne, Nicky (I never thought I’d say that) Christina, Jordin & Selena look nice. The others look either boring, trashy, or tacky.

  11. So we’ve got Julianne, Elizabeth, Heidi, Lucy, Kate, 3 of the Jenners/Kardashians, Bleona (?), and Olivia Munn…that’s 50 percent of the pictured attendees who have NOTHING to do with music. (I know that Lucy Hale is trying to break into the industry, but as she isn’t established yet, I’m going to place her in the “Not a Recording Artist” category).

    And I’m being generous by labeling Selena, Taylor, and J.Lo as singers.

    This annoys me to no end. Wasn’t there a time when even the presenters had to be musicians?

    (Unless all of these women are about to drop an album…ugh, a singing Kardashian clan–like the Partridge family meets the Pussycat Dolls–oh the horrors…)

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