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Celebs and Dresses at SAG Awards (Gallery)

Jennifer Lawrence - 02

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Lots of dolled up celebrities in long gowns stepped in the red carpet at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on the other day Los Angeles – from hot pinks (and new haircolors) to basic black and navy, the celebs put on their best looks in front of the cameras.

Check out the gallery and pick your personal favorites!

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  • lc

    Amanda Seyfried has gorgeous eyes, and Jessica Chastain looked decent. Yeah that’s about it.

    • Neri

      Totally the same two persons I thought were worth mentioning! 🙂

    • guru

      do you mean the color or shape or both? the color is nice but her eyes have a bulging shape. I think nobody beats julianne moore in this crowd. She is breath taking.

      • solaxia

        I love everything about her eyes – the shape, the colour, the size. I think her eyes are naturally pretty without makeup, and I personally don’t feel like I see that very often. I prefer her with less makeup tbh.

      • Mia

        Actually, I was just thinking that Julianne Moore is the prettiest of the bunch for me. But her beauty is very understated which is maybe why most people don’t comment on her.

        • Anthea

          I love Julianne Moore so much – she makes me feel very positive about getting older actually!

  • ary

    Claire Danes dress is my kind of dress. Different, geometric pattern and black. Love it.

    • georgi

      it’s my favorite from the bunch, too

  • Cal

    Nicole Kidman looks Amazing. The last picture, her hair?

  • Eline

    I just WANT to love the way Anne H. looks, but I just can’t. I kind of hoped she would rock her short haircut, but I still think it’s blahhhh…

    Amanda Seyfried looks amazing. She’s been styled great for a while now.

    • Eline

      Besides, I definently don’t like Lea Michele’s hair dye (dark – blond at the ends). I get this kind of styling is a trend, but it is way overdone here IMO. (Besides that, I think Lea looks good)

  • Anne Hathaway looks so much older and more dowdy with that hair cut to me – and her posture is awful!
    January Jones just always looks so ice-queen – this outfit really reinforces that (Cruella de Vil was the first thing I thought!), although at least she smiled!
    The only one I sort of like is Amanda Seyfried – the colour is great and I like her hair and make-up. The rest are ho-hum – Jennifer Lawrence is so much better than any of the dresses she’s been wearing lately! And so is Sofia Vergara!

    • pewdipewpie

      Her posture was amazing in the batman movie :O all the actresses looks so wide, d*mn camera and angles

    • HANAN

      obviously anne look much older because she lost so much weight , and not due to her hair cut .

  • jamie

    The only thumbnail that caught my eye was Lea Michelle with that fugly hair!!!

  • Heather

    My goodness, those were some boring dresses 🙁

  • goldfish

    claire danes looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • Debbs

    I think Jennifer Gardner stands out but I don’t like her makeup – it ages her.

  • JaneParker

    Anne Hathaway – I think she’s beautiful but I really think she looks bad with this haircut. If it was a little longer it would make a huge difference. Maybe because she has really big eyes and lips and now they’re all you can notice. Don’t like the dress either. The shoes seem nice.
    Jennifer Garner – Cute dress, nice body, I love her hair colour. Her face doesn’t look that great bue maybe it’s just this pic.
    Juliane Moore – She looks amazing for her age, but I’m not a fan of the dress. Too “day” if that makes sense.
    Nicole Kidman – Looks great. Don’t mind the dress except for those parts sticking out around her chest, ugh :S
    Amanda Seyfried – I LOVE her whole outfit and her hair. She looks amazing.
    Sofia Vergara – Looking good as usual, the dress is pretty but nothing jawdropping.
    Claire Danes – Claire is so pretty but I’m really not feeling it here, I don’t like that make-up on her and the dress doesn’t do her body any favours.
    Jessica Chastain – I don’t know who she is, pretty but that dress’s been seen a million times.
    Lea Michelle – Oh God, no. The prom dress, the horrible hair. Just no.
    Jennifer Lawrence – I like the dress, hair and make-up, but she officially just lost any little right she had to call herself “fat” in comparison to other celebs. She actually looks smaller than many on this post.
    January Jones – I was starting to wander if maybe I have finally been brainwashed because I hadn’t seen any scary skinny celebs yet. Well, here’s one. She looks way too thin for my liking, which is only made worse by the fact that her head is very small and looks freakisly narrow here.

  • Ana

    Julianne is aging horribly, no one looks good here to me.

    • Liz

      The woman is 52 for christ’s sakes and she looks younger than Lindsay Lohan! Are you a cyborg from a future where people look 25 forever? Seriously, her, Monica Bellucci, Gwen Stefani, Hale Berry, and Jennifer Lopez are among the most graceful agers I can think of off the top of my head. If my skin looks half that taut when I’m 50 I will throw a parade in celebration.

    • annabanana

      think of other 52 yr olds you know and then compare… she looks INCREDIBLE

  • Tia

    the SAG looks were even more disappointing than the Golden globes fashion. The only ones that stood out , (not because they were outstanding, but because they were passable) are Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried. Other than that, Nicole kidman’s face scares me and Jessica Chastain looks cute. Jen Garner looks good also but the gold/sequin is just overdone!!!

    • Polska Blondynka

      I love Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. Simple and chic.

  • serena

    I love Amanda Seyfried, her big green eyes are gorgeous. Jennifer Lawrence looks very nice too. Jessica Chastain looks very elegant in her red dress. The others are ok, like pretty but not outstanding. Except for Anne Hathaway and Lea Michele who look awful.

  • Jen

    Jessica Chastain and Claire Danes look the best to me. I still cannot believe Claire Danes just gave birth! I can only hope I am lucky like her after having a baby!!!

  • Sienna

    Julianne Moore – always so pretty with her hair and skin color! Aging gracefully too.
    Jennifer Garner – naturally pretty and cute!

    • misscheeks

      Sienna, is that you in your avi? If so, you look *exactly* like one of my old friends from school haha! It honestly freaked me out for a minute like “huh? is that who I think it is?!” 🙂

      • Sienna

        Hi Misscheeks, yes that’s me lol 😀 I get that “you look like someone I know” all the time! I want to meet my lookalikes!

  • annemarie

    Amanda Seyfried looks gorgeous. I love everything – dress, make-up, hair, and of course her beautiful pale skin(Yay for pale skin!)

    Julianne Moore looks great too, but the dress is just not my cup of tea.

    Jessica Chastain finally stands out in a good way( I found her previous fashion choices to be very bland).

    And has Miss Boo-hoo-I’m-so-much-better-than-anyone-skinnier-Lawrence lost weight or is she just wearing some very tight spanx?!

    • serena

      Jennifer was never chubby – this is similar to how she’s looked for years. She wore a corset at the Globes so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s wearing spanx here. But it was so foolish for her to make a big fuss about her size because if she loses so much as 7 lbs, everyone will call her a hypocrite now.

      • annemarie

        I never called her chubby, she’s slim, but since she has been calling herself “obese” and putting down all the “skinny actresses”(who are only 1 or 2 sizes smaller than her), then she will easily be considered a hypocrite for losing even a little weight or even wearing spanx to look a half a size smaller.

  • Hazal

    Nicole Kidman’s dress, Anne Hathaway’s make-up and Amanda Seyfried’s hair look really nice. That’s all.

  • Liz

    W.T.F., January Jones. It’s so sad when horrible stylists happen to pretty people.

  • moomuhmuh

    Amanda Seyfried stands out, I suppose, as everyone has mentioned. Her eyes and hair are just gorgeous. I think she has the best blonde hair in Hollywood. I think mostly because that is her natural color. She’s lucky it is naturally blonde and thick.
    JLaw’s dress is passable. She has such a tiny waist. Honestly she is just as skinny as any celeb she is just hourglass shaped. She’s a slim hourglass, bottom line.
    Gah and Lea Michelle’s hair is horrible.
    I though Edie Falco looked pretty good, but she isn’t on the list. Neither is Tina Fey who looked pretty but had weird hair.

  • D

    Amanda is the only one that looks good imo

  • Jessie

    Amanda Seyfried looks stunning.

    Anne Hathaway needs to stand up straight.

    Don’t see the appeal of January Jones.

  • annabanana

    surprised nobody mentioned sophia, i actually thought she looked best. and amanda of course. usually january jones is sooo pretty but that hair… ick who did that to her??

  • jemima

    Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Chastain looked the best. I wasn’t really feeling other gowns. Out of the looks here, I think Anne looked the worst.

  • Aafje

    I don’t like anyone’s dress this time.

  • solaxia

    Amanda looks grogeous. Love that dress on her and she has such a beautiful face and hair. Especially her eyes imo.

    Never understood the appeal of January Jones at all.

    I don’t get the appeal of Jennifer Lawrence…she is like Scarlett Johansson to me. Never got it. I know she is ‘pretty’ and she has a ‘nice’ body, but I see her as very girl next door. Same with Scarlett. Everyone else see’s this sex symbol…I just don’t?

    I like Nicole Kidman’s hair. But I do like a red head!

    I think Lea looks boring and that dress is shapeless, plus the colour seems to bold for her.

    Sophia has a nice body no doubt…but I find her to be the same and boring in every event. Her dress looks really tacky too imo.

    I don’t mind Nicole Kidman’s dress.

    Anne Hathaway…I just can never see anything I like about her except her skin tone. But I don’t mean to sound mean…she doesn’t see, beautiful enough to pull of pale skin…does that make sense? Like, I think pale skin looks hauntingly beautiful on the right person (like, FAR more beautiful than a tan)…but that’s usually because the woman is stunning. examples to me are – Nicole Kidman (in practical magic), Helena Bonham Carter, Christina Ricci, Monica Bellucci (even though she is olive skinned)

  • shed

    Is it me or did everyone just look blah? What the heck was Sophia Vergara wearing, like, eww. I liked Claire Danes’ hair and makeup. Anne usually turns ip up but she looked dowdy. Jennifer Lawrence looked boring, boring, boring and I STILL don’t see the big deal. I hope they turn it up for the Oscars.

  • roonie

    I love Anne Hathaway and I quite like her dress, love the makeup and hair (looking better at this length as its growing out) but I hate her shoes.
    Jennifer Garner looks alright I suppose, I never really liked her styling but I really like her as a person (she seems nice anyway, obviously I don’t actually know her).
    Cannot stand Julianne Moore’s dress, which is a shame because she is aging beautifully.
    Amanda Seyfried looks beautiful and her makeup is nice, the dress is nothing special though. I don’t like the necklace or the way her hair makes her forehead look either.
    Lea Michelle comes across as irritating and always seems overdone to me. Nothing effortless about her and I hate the dress.
    Claire Danes looks quite scary and the dress is awful.
    Nicole Kidman looks alright I suppose, again nothing special, her fahsion choices are not what they used to be.
    I never like what Sofia Vergara is wearing, she just looks tacky.
    I don’t particularly like anything Jessica Chastain is wearing, but she has nice hair and beautiful eyes.
    I love Jennifer Lawrence, her hair looks nice here but the dress is awful and the makeup makes her eyes looks awful as well.
    January Jones seems quite cold? to me, not sure what it is but she comes across as quite harsh and I usually like sharply honest/ borderline rude people but she just seems annoying. I hate the dress as well.
    Overall, everyone here is underwhelming.

  • Roisin

    From the dresses in this post, I would say that Amanda Seyfried looks the best.
    In general though, Nina Dobrev was in my opinion, the star of the night. Her dress was stunning and she looked so unbelievably pretty! Tina Fey also looked great!


    1- L O V E amanda synfeid hair color , it’s virgin blonde , she’s probabley the only one in hollywood with vigin blonde hair .
    2- hate lea micheale super white teeth , it’s as trashy as orange fake tan .
    3- januray jone’s hair style is very ugly

  • neutra

    I love you, Julianne. You must be doing something right when guys half your age think you are drop dead gorgeous!

  • anonymous

    All beautiful women, some just happened to have a better dress and makeup in these photos. I hope Anne Hathaway gains some weight back, she’s pretty but looked better before… I know the weight loss was for “Les Mis”… So hopefully she will gradually gain the weight back.

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