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More Celebs at MTV Movie Awards (Gallery)

Selena and Emma both looked cute on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday and they were not the only ones – check out this group of dolled up celebs at the same event: from skinny Zoe and fringey Ke$ha to smiley Melissa and prgenant Kim, browse through the gallery and pick your favorite looks!

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  • Janeyy

    hahaha. snooki looks so dumb in the close up shot… what’s wrong with her teeth? looks like bad photoshopping..

  • Calia

    Dead at that frumpy, wrinkled orange sack attached to Kerry Washington’s dress — come on mami, come better than that. But I guess the MTV Awards are so irrelevant these days, it doesn’t even matter.

  • Clai

    Where’s Karlie? 🙁

  • The only ones that look okay to me are Melissa McCarthy (but those shoes are ugly!) and Zoe Saldana – everyone else either looks weird or wrongly dressed for the event. Kerry Washington is so pretty, but she’s also too thin now for me – she looked really good a few years back. Also that dress is hard to fathom….

    • Casey

      In before lol replies to you and completely twists your comment around because you dared say someone overweight looks good.


      • Ha – thanks Casey! 🙂

  • Sanne

    It’s a shame Jwoww had done so much plastic surgery 🙁
    And it doesn’t look like Snookie has a BMI of 17, more like 19-something. But she looks classy 🙂

    • charlotte

      yeah i think so too. definitely not UNDER 19. maybe even higher. she looks healthy to me.

    • Mali

      JWoww is starting to transform into a half-Asian girl, but without the natural hapa-cuteness. She’s not a unattractive person, but everything looks too plastic fantastic.

  • Marie

    is it just me or do they all look kinda alike? o.O

  • Puppe

    Imagine if Kesha would donate her cloths to poor people :-/ well thank you very much ! 🙂

  • retrobanana

    wow thats the least tan i have ever seen snooki

  • Casey

    What is wrong with Jwoww? Her face just seems…wrong somehow.

    I don’t think anyone here looks good, save maybe for Jordana Brewster and Melissa Mccarthy. But these are also hardly the best pictures of either of them.

  • Avelyn

    my 2 cents:

    1st lady: no idea who she is but she’s boring-pretty
    j-woww’s implants get more awful each time i see her
    kesha… has looked worse. yep.
    lady after kesha: dress is horrible
    kim’s ugly inside and out
    lady after kim has pretty hair but the outfit’s waaay to casual
    snooki no comment, just eye-roll
    zoe looks pretty but also a little too casual

  • TonyFae

    Lol Jwoww is starting to looking like the cat lady…urgh.

    Zoe looks good…gotten back to her skinny size again. Boo.

  • jenna

    Wow, the women who have obviously had the most plastic surgery or procedures (yes, I’m talking to you Kim K and JWoww) are the two who look the creepiest and have basically made themselves ugly. Kim’s lips/mouth area look HORRIBLE – like something from Planet of the Apes.
    Zoe looks prettiest here, and so does Melissa McCarthy. Love her.

    • Nana

      Well, to be fair, Kim is preggers so her face will look a little different. That’s baby’s in for it.

  • blaire

    gallery of hollywood gone wrong (except melissa) either bad plastic surgeries (kim, snooki, jwoww) or once curvy and sexy and now twigs (kerry, jordan, zoe) or just really bad taste overall (kesha) and yes hollywood is molding together and all looking alike because they must all have the same plastic surgeon. I mistook a megan fox picture the other day for Lindsay Lohan…SCARY!!!

  • PinkLadi

    I love kerri washington but I hate most of her red carpet looks. She often picks bulky things that overwhelm her petite frame. I actually like her slimmer, her face is more defined.

    • CK

      agree, most of her red carpet looks are weird or awful and the hair styling too, i mean i love Scandal and enjoy Kerry’s acting as much as her character’s wardrobe, the clothes she wears there always suit her soooo perfectly, i wish she’d hire the stylist for show to dress her for red carpets.

  • JaneParker

    I’m no fashionista, and maybe that’s why, but I don’t like any of their outfits – maybe Zoe’s if I really have to choose. Nothing remarkable here, Ke$ha looks horrible again, I thought that after her recent toned-down pics she would make better choices, but no. Melissa seems to be bigger, even tho she’s wearing black. I hope that’s just me, I like her and her weight really worries me. Snooki looks better, I have to admit. The others look pretty but kinda “blah”.

  • La la la la

    YAWN… Zoe is the only stunner and she kills it every time, no surprise there!

  • Hazal

    Kerry Washington is just so beautiful imo that she’s my favourite here -even if her dress is pretty ugly.

    Zoe Saldana looks so classy and modelesque in that dress. Even if the dress isn’t something I would wear myself, it fits perfectly to her figure.

  • snugglepup

    Snooki looks awesome! Zoe is very gorgeus too!

  • serena

    Haha I love how Ver.sus picked people frequently disliked on this blog (Kardashians, Jersey Shore cast, Taylor momsen?) rather than the beautiful, well-groomed women who undoubtedly attended. Zoe looks good but I didn’t bother clicking on the other pics, not worth it. A very dull bunch.

  • mary

    Kerri Washington, wow that skin is so lovely! too bad about that outfit…yuck!
    Definitely though kesha was taylor momson in the thumbnail. whats up with the goth look?
    Jwow looks old and fake, per usual.
    Kim K actually looks descent and not as big as I projected she would be this far along.
    Overall not impressed with the outfits but then again how relevant is the MTV movie awards

  • vanessa

    kesha looks like Christana A from ten years ago. and honestly what is kim doing here, Sheis not a celebritity and its getting annoying looking at her face.

  • lc

    Everyone looks terrible except Zoe Saldana.

    • Candy M.

      I thought so too. Normally I like Kerry but here she looks like a bumblebee.

  • Natalia

    Well groomed, all of them….nobody really stands out. All a good effort though. Too many to go into details.

  • Tilda

    boring outfits besides zoe. jwoww really is looking scary. her eyebrows are looking a lot better though, more natural. she need to slow down on the fillers and whatever else she is doing.
    snooki has lost A LOT of weight and is looking great. good on her!
    kimmyk.. ick.. not much else to say. she needs to slow down on the cosmetic surgery too. her face has changed a lot.

  • tequilla

    this is like halloween gallery here?

  • tequilla

    oh and snooki looks like kardashian caricature.

  • siennagold

    Zoe Zaldana for the win!

  • solaxia

    Zoe looks gorgeous!!! She really suits that outfit! Snookie looks so cute imo!