Celebs and Outfits at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards


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The 2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards took place at the Microsoft Theater this weekend in Los Angeles and we’ve got collected small batch of dolled up stars who hit the red carpet while flirting with the cameras – check out slender in metallics Heidi and Vanessa, Julianne’s lace bridal-like look and sleek in black Katharine.


3 thoughts on “Celebs and Outfits at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards”

  1. Vanessa, amazing! Just gorgeous. That smile. That body.

    I have never been a fan of Julianne acting wise, but always though she was pretty. The hair, make up and dress are doing nothing for her though.

  2. Vannesa’s my favorite here.
    What have they done to Julianne? Her makeup is terrible! Heidi looks ok. And I can’t stand Mcphee, but she looks alright.

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