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From siren gowns in light hues to sparkly black, floral prints and lace and from skinny figures to shapely ones with curvy hips tightly hugged by designer dresses, here are last night’s celebrities on the red carpet at the 70th Golden Globe Awards!

Browse through this mega gallery and pick your personal favorites!

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113 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2013 Mega Gallery”

  1. They all look lovely, but the clear winner for me is Amy Adams at the golden globes (in the nude dress). Just wow! I always thought she was cute, but she looks absolutely amazing.
    Also, I’m not crazy about the cut of Sienna Miller’s dress, but the print is super cute!

  2. I must admit, none of the dresses has that “wow-factor” in my opinion. Sure, they’re all pretty, but nothing we haven’t seen yet.
    Amy Adams is amazingly pretty and I like her overall look.
    Anne Hathaway’s dress is rather underwhelming, but I love her hair/make-up here.
    Elle Fanning – yeah, she’s still a kid and should have fun with fashion, but WHY is she considered a “fashionista” or style icon?!
    Jennifer Garner looks really pretty as well, although I do not remember her having that big b❆❆bs in 13 going on 30.
    And Taylor. Hm. Nice from the back, great silouhette. But the color completely washes her out and I don’t like the hair style, I preferred her PCA look.
    And last but not least…
    Jennifer Lawrence. Where do I start. I don’t like the fabric of the dress, but the color and style suit her really well and her hair/make-up look gorgeous. But seeing her in this dress, with a waist tinier than most of the other stars, visible collar and hipbones, I could SCREAM when I hear her talking all that bullsh*t of “I’m obese in Hollywood”.
    She’s goofy and often sarcastic, she seems like a nice girl with agood head on her shoulders, but those comments are plain ignorant and ridiculous.

    • @ Lila,
      you’re right about Jennifer Lawrence!
      I was like WHAAAT when I saw her in her dress…
      such a tiny waist. And it is a contradiction with everything she says in her interviews.
      Maybe she is wearing a corsette?

      And Amy Adams looks really spectacular. Every outfit she has worn for the last couple of days are beautiful!

      Don’t like Amanda’s blue dress

      • I was thinking there was a corset under there too or built into the dress because her waist looks tinier than when she is in a bikini. She looks good though.

    • In total agreement about Jennifer Lawrence, she’s smaller than anyone pictures, even Megan Fox with the infamous 22″ waist looks much bigger than her although to be fair she did have a baby. I like her body but if I have to hear about how “fat” she is one more time… Serious case of body dysmorphia.

    • Maybe she’s wearing a corset, because her waist is pretty small here, but that’s her shape. She’s hourglass. She has boobs, a butt, and thighs — with a small waist. Her collarbones aren’t that obvious, but even so, depending on the way your weight is dispersed, you can see collarbones and still be huge (which she isn’t, just saying). Her hipbones are also emphasized by the dress. She is also big boned, which means she’s probably average for her size, maybe a bit smaller, but her bones are more easily seen at this weight than someone with a small frame. Now, I’m not saying you don’t get your own opinion by thinking her comments are ignorant, but the sad truth is that she is bigger than the hollywood “standard”. She has a small waist — she works hard for a flat stomach — but her b❆❆bs and thighs are still larger than most of the women in the industry.

      Now, me arguing against the fact that you’re saying she’s tiny does not mean I’m saying she fat. I think she’s beautiful, I look up to her so much.

      • Jennifer Lawrence is imo quite obviously wearing a corset underneath… It’s not her hipbones you can see through – I think that would be the stiffeners of the corset. In reality she does have a small waist – but not THAT tiny!
        However, I do like the cut of the dress but not the fabric or that particular shade of red.

        What’s with Claire Danes’ smudgy makeup? She looks kinda sweaty…

        Adele looks like the true diva she is! Congrats to her 🙂

        I LOVE Emily Blunt’s earrings! OMG they are so beautiful… Her dress is ok…

        Jessica Alba looked lovely, that necklace is stunning…but the furry clutch is a no go!

        Megan Fox’s dress was pretty, but her botox face just makes me so sad…

        Do we love or do we hate Nicole Richie’s dress? Can’t decide.

        Hayden Panettiere is I think on my top 3 of the best…

        Is it just me, or does Jessica Chastain look like she’s balding? Or is it just the red hair colour that’s fainting?

        Halle Berry and Elle Fanning are among the worst… Though Elle almost saves the day with her amazingly cute smile!

  3. Some hits, and lots of misses to me but none really wowed me
    (Naomi Watts and a few others – that from the Critics Choice Awards not the GG`s – saw the other day…)

  4. Nicole Richie’s dress: WOW! GORGEOUS!
    But I don’t like the rest (hair, makeup…).
    Jessica Alba is my favourite in terms of overall style. Great style as usual.

  5. i like Keibler, N.Kidman and J.Lawrance dresses a lot. H.Berry and Rachel Weisz are just gorgeous! Anne looks elegant and even Hayden and Lea look good! I

  6. I’m sure this was an accident, but some of these (Eva, Amanda, Naomi, Elle & Amy) are from the Critics’ Choice Awards. Naomi Watts looked INCREDIBLE at the Globes, would be a shame not to include the dress she did actually wear!

  7. Amanda Seyfried is so beautiful but her styling choices lately are awful!

    My favorites are Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr (not pictured here), and Jennifer Garner.

    JLO looks good but her outfit choices are so predictable, and the whole lace/sheer thing is vastly overdone.

    I was expecting more from Stacy Keibler and Rachel W. Salma looks like she is wearing a cheap bag. And Nicole Richie just looks tired.

  8. I find Adele beautiful ! I wish she would wear something else rather than always her black dresses. Green emeraud or blue would be great on her.

  9. TAYLOR SWIFT – do you guys think she had a b❆❆b job? I mean she never had big b❆❆bs nor does now but they are visibly bigger now. Plus the side b❆❆b looks like it has the implant’s definition… Maybe?

  10. Adele is so beautiful facially, if she lost all the weight, she would be just stunning!!! Nicole’s looking really pretty here, and Anne looks so cute!

    • I don’t think so. I think it’s just age combined with fake tan.

      I also think her makeup is not doing her any favors. Very icy makeup on very “golden” tones.

      Her body seems to be a normal weight, but then again it’s hard to tell in a dress.

  11. can we please talk about Claire Danes- she gave birth less than a month ago, how is that possible?!

    also loved Juliane Moore, hope to look as good as her when i’m her age

    • She claimed the dress (Versace) was hiding a lot and said she was “strapped into” it, but, yeah, she looks incredible and gorgeous. She always dresses simply but elegantly, and often wears bright colour. I just love her face, it’s so expressive. And Homeland is the only thing I watch on TV!

  12. Let’s face the truth, in the interviews they all promote healthy eating and sports, but it’s obvious that during the award season they hit unhealthy side of loosing weight big time. Jennifer Lawrence is getting skinnier and skinnier with every ceremony.

      • Not if they’re just oh-so-happy with how they already look, like Jennifer is. We don’t want her turning into a scrawny little “bird” on us all, now, after all!

    • Other than Nicole Richie and possibly Emily Blunt, none of them look too skinny. Most of them look like sizes 2 – 6 to me. And most of them look healthy with shiny hair and clear skin, which are signs of good nutrition (and expensive products, hah). Who do you think lost too much weight specifically?

    • Not only that, but SO many female celebrities smoke! If I remember correctly, even Jessica Alba used to be a smoker, and she is often touted as a model of health among celebrities. Smoking takes a lot more years off your life than an extra 5 pounds.

  13. And Barbara Palvin looked stunning as well (not pictured here)
    Taylor Swift surprised me a little bit. Normally she looks quite skinny, but in this dress she seems to have an a– 😉 Weird

  14. I loved Jessica Alba, Tina Fey (she looked BEAUTIFUL in the turquoise dress!), Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel. I also adored Jen Lawrence but her b❆❆bs were so pointy haha

    Oh, also Miranda Kerr!

      • Hahaha friggin LOL! Yeah, cake that she might EAT FOR BREAKFAST holy cow, is she LUCKY OR WHAT?! :O 😉 Anyway, I do love that her show won two awards… But was disappointed with her speeches – a writer should (imo) be able to speak from the heart and not needing paper for support.

        • Strange, I always think writers would have a hard time speaking from the heart without writing it down first. I know I have that problem. I can form exactly what I want to say when writing, but it never comes out anywhere near as well when I just try to say something without having written it first.

        • Actually, I like the fact that she read her speech from a card. It indicates to me that she really didn’t think she would win. I never believe the winners who claim they were “so surprised” and so “not deserving” yet have their entire speech memorized…a little fishy, if you ask me 🙂

  15. Did y’all see the b*tchface on Taylor Swift when Adele beat her? Apparently she left in a huff shortly afterward, too lol.

    • HAHA! Is that right? Immature brat. Adele sings and song writes circles around her adolescent-girl-being-catty-on-the-playground BS she calls music.

    • I can’t think of a celeb who I hate more right now. Spoiled brat who that’s no talent at all. Hate her fakeness and goody goody 50 housewife persona.

      • I’m confused by Taylor. I read on Jezebel that her One Direction boyfriend dumped her because she didn’t like sex or going out and was too into antiques. Kind of strange; why would she chase men like John Mayer (who has a certain rep) if she prefers to abstain from sex? I also find it odd she dated 17 yr old Connor Kennedy (even bought a house next to his right away) and 18 yr old One Direction kid since she is 23. I’m 22 and most girls our age don’t date high school boys. I feel like she just uses these boys as material for her next hit single.

        • I think the difference between 22 and 17 is a huge one in the “real” world, but probably less so in showbiz. They are both young celebrities in the music industry, so they probably have more in common than one would think. That said, I am not convinced that their relationship wasn’t actually just a big PR ploy.

        • I think her and the one direction guy agreed to date for a short time for publicity and didn’t really have anything in common

  16. i have to say, i really really REALLY like Leah Michelle’s look here! she looks great! no over-done make up, her skin is glowing, the dress does a great job accentuating her positive features (like her legs). very nice overall. i wish Emily Blunt would go back to being a brunette. i’m trying to like the blond, but it just doesn’t suit her IMO. i kind of like Julianne’s dress as well. not something i would personally ever wear but it looked good on her.

    she wasn’t featured in this post, but i loved Miranda Kerr’s look. her dress was breath-taking and her make-up was pretty too, everything worked perfectly together. Rosie H-W looked really hot as well.

    and of course i can’t forget to mention my beloved Marion Cotillard. i’m not a fan of the dress, but just look at her. that face! she is absolutely stunning!

  17. Adele looks beautiful and she deserved the award she won. I love Amanda Seyfried but not the hem of her dress. I also love Amy Poeler, she is very talented, but cropped pants shorten legs and she’s 5’1″ so maybe not a great choice. Jennifer Lawrence looks lovely and I wish she’d stop complaining about being chubby because she’s no bigger than most of these actresses! I also think Marion Cotillard, Zooey Deschanel, Hayden, Stacy K, Tina Fey, and Jessica Alba look very nice. Only Nicole Richie looks truly bad like she is sick or something.

  18. Alba looks good all the time… Too bad she can’t act!
    Swift looks great too, as usual.
    Not wow-ed by the rest.
    Love the dress J-Law wears but not on her. She seems like a cool person but not the beauty everyone makes her out to be… Too heavy on the arms/shoulders imo and a weird avatar-esque face.
    Jennifer Lopez always looks the same (same style etc), but yeah still great for her age.

  19. Most of the looks were UNDEWHELWING. Yeah they were nice but, did all the ladies text each other and decide to wear nude/white mermaid style dresses? The winners for me would be Naomi Watts, Emily Blunt, Lucy Liu among others. Jess Alba looked stunning but her dress screamed summer!

  20. Amy Adams in that vintage nude dress….Wow. She is an incredibly pretty woman. She does look very slim here (whereas normally she is one who has a tiny bit more meat on her) but not unhealthy. Just very lean and toned. She’s the winner for me.

  21. Loved J. Alba, Amy Adams (nude dress), Keri and Megan.
    Liked Jennifer L. and seeing Nicole Richie looking slim but healthy. Everyone else didn’t really leave an impression apart from Elle Faning. That dress, those shoes… No! I won’t be too harsh because she’s so young, and maybe I just really hate outfits with flowers sticking out. There was another one, can’t remember who wore it now, but they’re really not my thing.

  22. @versus you should do a post on Barbara Palvin and Miranda kerr at this year’s Golden Globes as well. They both looked AMAZING<3

  23. I really do like JLaw’s (haha I’ll use the term Will Farrell did). Her waist looks teeny tiny. She is a slim, less exaggerated hourglass, which is lovely…I mean less exaggerated like in comparison to Sofia Vergara, for example.
    Halle Berry’s body is to die for, even though the dress isn’t the best.
    And Tina Fey is so beautiful. She has seriously gotten so much prettier with age. And she looked great in the green dress she hosted with. What a lovely curvy body. I think her hips for a little wider with her pregnancy and it looks great. But those are my favorite types of bodies.
    Julianne Moore too looked to classy.

  24. Most of the dresses are ugly, especially Sienna Millers. What stands out is Nicole Richie, looks like she’s aged 20 years, her face removed*, might be from the blue eye shadow. And Adele remains her old fat self, at least she’s not gotten bigger since giving birth….From what I can see anyways.

  25. I’ve never liked so many looks from a single award show.

    Favorite looks:
    -Jennifer Lopez
    -Halle Berry
    -Jessica Alba
    -Kate Hudson
    -Claire Daines (minus the eye shadow)
    -Isla Fischer (not pictured)
    -Heidi Klum (not pictured)
    -Jennifer Garner

  26. My 2 favs are:
    1. Hayden Panettiere
    2. Jessica Alba
    I think they looked absolutely gorgeous…
    I also think the following looked really good:
    3.Lea Michele
    4. Stacy Kiebler
    5. Halle Berry
    6. Claire Daines (except her eye shadow could have been better)
    On another note what is with Nicole Richie’s blue eye shadow!

  27. I was actually impressed with a lot of people here…but I have to say I LOVED Jessica Alba’s look. She has always been cliche and boring to me…but she nailed it this time. Gorgeous style of dress and stunning colour. Simple hair and makeup, and beautiful skin and a pretty SMILE!

    I also loved JLo. She did good!

    Oh and I can’t stand Taylor Swift, and usually think she is so boring too…but she nailed it too! So sexy in an elegant way. Just beautiful!

    Hayden also looked lovely! I was surprised! At the DM i saw a pic of her side by side with Megan Fox and someone else (can’t remember who) and she totally caught my eye. She looks pretty and sexy and cute. Love the dress.

    Oh and Halle Berry- AMAZING! I loved the dress on her. Showed off just enough of her perfect body without being over the top. Still jealous of those legs!

    Amanda Sefriend is usually so beautiful, but I just feel she often tries to make herself look as unbeautiful as possible! Play up those gorgeous eyes girl! Let down those lovely locks, and wear a beautiful floaty and strappy gown! She looks so angelic but never plays it up.

    • The above picture is not Amanda at the Globes, but at the Critics Choice Awards from last week. At the Golden Globes Amanda wore a long white gown with her blonde hair in loose waves. She looked a lot better there than in the above pic if you ask me.

      • Oh! Ha ha how wierd is that that I just said she would suit something like that…I haven’t seen those pics but I am going to search for them now!

  28. i really like nicole ritchie dress.she have the most amazing eyes i have ever seen but the rest of her is kinda..unpretty, lets put it that way. but she knows how to dress imo.

  29. marion cotillard! that woman is always one of the best dressed!i like julliane moore also,woman looks so good, lea fixed herself nicely, i like amy poehlers hair,i like jessica chastain, yeey adele is back. thats all.

  30. I dont know why J Lawrence says she is “big” in Hollywood, i mean, look how small that waist is! daaaamn. I like J Hough’s dress, its different. And J Lo and Hayden look amazing 🙂

  31. tswift and jlaw look disappointing here. stacy keiblers hair is really dull for an awards show. jessica albas dress – love the color and love the necklace but dislike the lipstick. wish adele would wear some more natural looking lashes. prefer jlo with black hair like she did in the movie Selena. Sienna looks tired, her makeup is too weak here. lena -should get rid of that horribly unflattering tattoo. claire danes-eye makeup too dark.

  32. Best dressed for me would be – julianne moore, emily blunt, naomi watts, jessica alba, hayden panatierre, anne hathaway. Not pictured here but also my faves – helen mirren, sofia vergara and kristen wiig

    Worst dressed – sienna miller, rachel weisz, lucy liu, eva longora, emma roberts (worst after party dress)

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