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Stacy Keibler: “My speciality is ice creams that I make – no dairy, no sugar, no gluten”

173502615_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten"

On how she’s a master at creating healthy comfort foods:

“I love to eat healthy and pretty clean. So one of my specialities is really trying to figure out how to recreate those comfort foods that I love and I miss but in a healthy way … But really my speciality is super food ice creams that I make. It’s no dairy, no sugar, no gluten.”

“I love to indulge in dessert and that’s why I’m experimenting in the kitchen myself to try to make healthy desserts because I love to eat them so much. So if I’m going to indulge it’s going to be something sweet probably. Or it’s going to be a thin crust pizza!”

… says 33 year-old (former professional wrestler) Stacy Keibler.

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170825253_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 170825257_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 170835033_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 173502603_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 173502606_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten"  173502618_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 174032950_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 174033120_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 174033122_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten" 174033124_10 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten"

Stacy’s makeover on the cover of Line Magazine:

article-2385701-1B2DC0D3000005DC-16_634x818 - Stacy Keibler: "My speciality is ice creams that I make - no dairy, no sugar, no gluten"

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  • Sann

    Wow, thin waist compared to her hips.
    She’s pretty though.

    • Mary

      Isn’t that how it’s “supposed” to be?

  • Iana

    soooo… basically she means she’s making frozen blended fruit and calling it ice cream I’m guessing? not a bad thing, I like my fruit pops, but telling yourself its “ice cream” is just silly. my sister’s a vegetarian and she keeps trying to convert me (aint happening, sorry honey) by offering me lentil cakes and similar and saying they’re “just the same as a hamburger!”. Now I like the lentil cakes and meat substitutes for their own merits, but they sure as hell aint fooling my tastebuds :p

    • Zoe

      Ha ha ha! Agreed- I also hate when diet books/magazines say thing like “If you have a sweet tooth, when you feel like eating chocolate, have a piece of fruit instead!” I mean, seriously? That might work for some people, but for me, if I feel like eating chocolate and try and substitute it for fruit, I know for a fact that half an hour later, I’m going to eat the chocolate anyway, so I may as well have just eaten it in the first place!

      While both fruit and chocolate contain sugar, I think everyone can acknowledge that the tastes do not compare *at all.* I also agree about the meat substitutes; I’m not really a fan of meat, so I’m also vegetarian, and i do find that *some* meat-free foods (quite a lot of the Quoin range, for example) do taste very similar to meat. However, no one could ever be fooled into thinking that a soy bean burger or veggie-burger (when it’s filled with a soy ‘paste’+ some vegetables) tastes anything like a beefburger- I personally prefer the taste, but you can’t deny that it’s *nothing* like meat. 🙂

      • Kate

        Agree with this XD

        I end up just eating more. Fruit is sweet but it doesn’t taste as sweet as say chocolate or Dr Pepper.

        I can avoid things if I HAVE to. I’m coeliac so I can’t eat anything containing gluten/possibly containing gluten. I am also vegetarian for ethical reasons, so I avoid meat/fish/gelatine/anything made with eggs that aren’t from my own rescued ex-battery chickens.

        Agreed that soya tastes nothing like meat either. Quorn comes close but is pretty silly from an ethical standpoint as it contains eggs – commercial hatcheries kill all their male chicks and female hens are killed after laying not many more than 300 eggs. I don’t think it causes death any less than eating a burger.

        Wow I went off topic here XD my point was that ‘healthy’ alternatives just don’t taste the same. So i eat the bad things, and just try to partially make up for it the rest of the time by eating lots of good things.

        • Fay

          When I want chocolate I have to eat chocolate.A rich sweet, milk chocolate. Not even honey can take my craving away, let along fruit

    • bella

      Blended bananas with vanilla almond milk really does taste like ice cream….and I am one who is far too obsessed with Yogurtland. But nothing compares to real meat or cheese!

    • Hope

      Actually, I don’t think she is simply talking about blended up frozen fruit. I make ice-cream using blended up avocado, coconut cream, raw cacao and some honey and cinnamon.
      The raw cacao covers up the taste and colour of the avo (nobody who has tried it has ever guessed it had avo in it) and it tastes creamy and chocolately with no dairy, gluten, wheat, etc, and only a minuscule amount of sugar from the raw honey I add.

  • Lea

    She’s super pretty! She also has a great body.

  • sdfds

    her specialty is getting plastic tits in order to f old men for fame ..
    she has zero talent

    • SA girl

      Is she the one with George Clooney? If yes, he is an old man (lol), never quite seen the sex appeal with him. Brad Pitt on the other hand, simply irresistable.

      • Nene

        I thought am the only one who doesn’t buy all that ‘Hollywood Hunk’ poster on George Clooney.
        Imho he isn’t remotely goodlooking or sexually appealing as they made him to be,just plain PR.Leo Dicaprio too-maybe in his 20s.

      • Nene

        I thought am the only one who doesn’t buy all that ‘Hollywood Hunk’ poster on George Clooney.
        Imho he isn’t remotely goodlooking or sexually appealing as they made him to be,just plain PR.Same with Leo Dicaprio -maybe in his 20s- and Adam Levine.

    • Casey

      I like we criticize her in such a way but George Clooney is called a playboy and praised for his inability to have a relationship that lasts longer than a couple of years and is constantly seen with woman significantly younger than him.

      • wonderwoman21

        George Clooney is gross and pathetic. Also, throw Leonardo DiCaprio on that fire. Child-men who are too narcissistic to grow up.

        • Fay

          By growing up I suppose you mean get married, have children and worry about things like “who is going litlle David to the soccer practice’, instead of going out with gorgeous women and party all the time. Hmmm although it is a really hard choice I think I can understand them. 🙂

          I m kidding, but in general I think everyone is free to choose the life he/she wants.

          • gizem

            yeah, ofcourse it sounds fun.. but you have think the future. if he continues this “hang out and then leave gorgeous girls” thing, he will be lonely when he is dying. no loving wife or kids. he would left nothing to this world. sorry but it doesn’t sound like “a meaningful life” to me..

            or maybe we can consider those rumors that he is gay and eshamed to show or “admit” it 😉

        • rubiii

          george is gay..public secret for a long time

  • Elisabeth

    I think it is so odd that she was a wrestler. It makes no sense. And now here she is looking all poise and elegant. It doesn’t add up. Very unlady like to have been a fake wrestler.

    • Bellerina

      I love the idea of being tough-but-a-lady. I can see why Clooney would like that too. Wrestling is performance fighting, not as elegant as ballet but still a sport with physical training and a huge fan base.

  • SA girl

    Where did I hear that before? Hmmm, oh yes, me (lol). I often get laughed at by close family members when I suggest making comfort foods that are lower in kilojoules, less fattening. Healthy food should be tasty, without the guilt!

  • Mew

    She looks great! However, mashed up frozen banana is not ice cream. And tofu is not turkey. But yeah, good for her if her substitutes work for her.

  • Mia

    I’m sort of in shock right now, because I can’t believe she is younger than me. I always thought she was close to 40!
    Also, I’d like to point out that GOOD ice-cream (i.e. milk, cream, sugar, eggs and no additives), is also gluten free! I wonder if one day she’ll look back and regret not eating real ice cream and dessert when she was younger. A bite here or there won’t kill you.

    • Catherine

      I know, right? I don’t even consider real ice cream unhealthy. The sugar is the only iffy thing, the rest of the ingredients are great though. But most people probably don’t buy real ice cream; all the stuff I see at the supermarket is full of additives, vegetable oils . . meh.

    • Jenny

      No ofc not. But maybe you should think about the animals and how bad they feel when humans are taing all their milk all the fuc*ing time!

      • Mia

        But that’s a whole different issue all together. She is trying to argue that she is doing it for health, but you are taking about moral reasons for not consuming animal products. If that’s what you believe, then I think it’s great that you are vegan, but I don’t think Stacy Kiebler is avoiding cream for moral reasons.

    • JaneParker

      Yes! I read it like a commercial, “no dairy, no sugar, no gluten… no taste!”. Lol what a boring quote. And the thing is, it *might* taste great. Don’t know, never tried it. But I can’t relate to this super duper healthy mentality. I like my desserts to be the real deal, not the healthy alternative.
      I believe in eating as healtthy as possible, as a lifestyle, but still indulging once in a while. Providing you don’t have allergies or other health issues, I prefer it that way. I don’t usually eat fast food but if I’m going to, I’ll have a big king, not some super healthy burguer wannabe made of seaweed or whatever. Where’s the indulgence in that? Seriously tho, I admire the restraint but at the same time I think it’s a bit too much and personally, it would make me go insane and/or die of boredom to not go a little off track sometimes.

      • snugglepup

        Maybe he just feels that his life is full and meaningful on its self. He’s a accomplished actor, producer and movie director, considered many times “the sexiest man alive”… maybe his career is enough for him and he doesn’t see the need for a family and kids which he would’ve done by now if he wanted them

        • snugglepup

          @gizem…. wtf

  • Jo

    It’s silly how you all patronize her for choosing to eat healthier alternatives. Maybe she’s making ice cream with soy milk or almond milk, stevia and vanilla/chocolate/fruit, it would taste quite similar to the real thing, yet you’re quick to assume she’s deluding herself by calling mashed bananas “ice cream”. You’d be surprised at how much variety you can have even when eating clean.
    I’m doing the same thing, trying to replace sweets with improved recipes that actually have a nutritional value, and while some definitely do not compare to the original, others are simply delicious. I make brownies out of beans or protein candies and my colleagues at uni go crazy for them and they have no idea what they’re eating. So it’s not like choosing healthier alternatives automatically means you’re missing out.

    • Mara

      True that. Just bought myself vegan icecream and it’s amazing. There are so many ways to make desserts without diary and sugar. They are not necessarily lower in fat/calories (I like to use coconut oil/milk or almond/nut-based cream), but healthier. Of course you can indulge in unhealthy foods if you like and it’s probably not going to kill you, but if you enjoy finding cleaner alternatives, why not?
      As long as it doesn’t get obsessive & restrictive, it’s all good.

  • Casey

    Lactose-free and gluten-free are not “healthier” options unless you are lactose and glucose intolerant, and even then calling it a healthier option is a misnomer, as she’s the one with the issue of digesting properly, not the food.

    For the average person there’s no added benefit between what she’s doing and just having sugar free ice cream.

    • Amanda

      you’re wrong, actually.

      The major cereal grains – wheat, corn, rice, barley, sorghum, oats, rye and millet all produce toxins that damage the lining of the gut; toxins that bind essential minerals, making them unavailable to the body; and toxins that inhibit digestion and absorption of other essential nutrients, including protein whether you’re “gluten intolerant” or not.

      Not only that, but current laboratory testing for gluten intolerance only tests for alpha-gliadin and transglutaminase, which are only TWO components of gluten. Wheat contains SEVERAL other components.

      Studies now clearly show that people can react negatively to all of the components of wheat – not just the ones that celiacs react to.

      This means, of course, that it’s extremely likely that far more people are intolerant to wheat and gluten than conventional wisdom would tell us. In fact, that’s exactly what the latest research shows. Dr. Kenneth Fine, a pioneer in gluten intolerance research, has demonstrated that 1 in 3 Americans are gluten intolerant, and that 8 in 10 have the genes that predispose them to developing gluten intolerance.

      • Casey

        There’s a big difference between inability to absorb gluten and Celiac disease and intestinal damage that leads to nutitional malabsorption.

        I’m not going to get into another debate about the prevalence of gluten intolerance. With the tests that we currently have, it’s about 1 in 10 people. Perhaps it’s higher but we cannot say, and should not say with absolute certainty without better tests since there is an anti gluten fad at the moment, and people are quick to self diagnose. At some point, normal effects of digestion like minor bloating became labeled as bad and evidence of glucose intolerance. By those standards, everyone is gluten intolerance.

        Not to mention that it’s easier to label ambiguous digestive issues on gluten than to actually go through the expensive process of proper diagnosis. Motility issues are responsible for many of the same symptoms but are difficult to diagnose. A crapoy GI is more likely to send you home with a gluten intolerance diagnosis than to put in more effort. The whole field of gastroenterology has stalled thanks to the over diagnosis of gluten intolerance and reflux. Our digestive system is horribly complicated and there are many disorders we are not even aware of.

        Lastly, Celiac disease and intestinal damage is a straightforward diagnosis. There’s no gray area. A biopsy reveals you either have it or don’t. Gluten intolerance is not the same as Celiac and actually most current research on gluten intolerance indicates that the key difference between the two is that intolerance doesn’t trigger the immune system. You just simply don’t digest it very well.

        So no, your food is not automatically healthier just by being gluten free.

      • snugglepup

        Wouldn’t it be incredibly ironic if the key to the success of mankind – the crops – were the ones to cause such (if it indeed was 1 in 3) irritation in our bodies. The anti-gluten thing has really inflamed to somewhat ridiculous proportions in the western world.

      • CC

        ummm since when exactly do corn, oat, rice and millet suddenly have gluten???

        • Jui

          They all contain gluten, millet containing as much as 40%. But corn, oats, rice and millet contain a different kind of gluten, not the kind of gluten that is found in wheat, rye, barley – which is gliadin. Gliadin is the controversial gluten that is spoke of when talking of gluten intolerance, Celiac’s and gluten sensitivity.

          I personally do not take any grains or legumes, I don’t need the anti-nutrients, I don’t want foods that are hard to digest, and I don’t like the blood sugar surges and excess carbs. But to each their own, I feel like a person reborn after going Paleo and would never go back. I just try to keep my animal protein organic, and use only what I need.

        • Jui

          Sorry I should have just posted this and the link, the link did not go through in my first comment, but this info is from the Gluten Free Society.

          “Each grain contain contains a different type of gluten (called prolamines). In wheat, it’s called gliadin. In rice it’s called orzenin. According to Osborne, in wheat the gliadin consists of 69% of the total protein (corn is 55% zien; millet is 40% panicin; rye is 50% secalinin). The protein in rice is 5% orzenin, meaning it contains the lowest amount of gluten of all the grains.

          The reason why rice is the recommended grain for many people that are concerned about gluten, is because it does not contain gliaden, the most troubling gluten, and the gluten consists of only 5% of the total protein.

  • clea

    she’s pretty but looked miles better with a little more weight on her…her ass was stellar when she was a wrestler, and she’s looking a little haggard in the face now.

    I’m all for superfoods, but some things in life can and should have fat and sugar. maybe dairy and gluten aren’t for everyone, but many people can have their fruit and their ice cream without any trouble. Homemade ice cream sounds like a great idea, though. It’s always better to know exactly what’s going into the food you eat.

  • Uma

    Whenever I hear people saying how bad milk (dairy) is for you and than praise soy products (soy milk healthier than real milk??), I just have to roll on the floor and laugh until I am out of breath. I don’t care where this pseudo-science comes from, processed soy is shit and I will not put it in my body. I’d rather have a glass of skim milk any day. And considering the miracles dairy does for my IBS, i say keep your soy.

  • Winnie

    she looks kind of like Heidi Klum

    • rubiii

      kind of she does haahah and like that woman from the show Rules of engagement

  • Mera

    In some of the pix she doesn’t appear to be aging very well.

    Her face just has that drawn, plain appearance when it loses its youthful padding.

  • snugglepup

    Her body is very nice, but I had no idea that you can make ice CREAM without dairy 😀 it’s sorbet or a fruit pop then dear Stacy. I’m pretty amazed that she was a wrestler as they don’t usually have like very ideal body.

  • ..and it takes like shit

  • 22franzs

    I bought dairy free and sugar free cookie dough ice cream at my local health food store and it is TO DIE FOR. It is made with coconut milk and it is maybe the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had. Healthier options can be just as good! I think the brand is “So Delicious” in case anyone is interested. 🙂

    • Hazal

      That sounds very yummy indeed! But I doubt that they have it here in Germany 🙁

    • Mia

      So Delicious is full of artificial flavor enhancers and sweeteners. How is that any better than eating real, wholesome ice cream? I make ice cream at home all the time with only 5 ingredients (sugar, milk, cream, eggs and fruit).
      For me the bottom line is that eating healthy is not a zero-sum game. You can eat real ice cream sometimes, and dairy free, sugar free ice cream other times. Why does it have to be one or the other? There is no health benefit to that IMO.

      • snugglepup

        @mia agree!

        • 22franzs

          OH well I think it is more delicious than regular ice cream. I’ll never stop

  • lc

    Um okay? Good for her…her body looks great.

  • Anny

    Oh, I love healthy desserts! I do also my own ice cream at home, which is dairy, gluten and sugar free. I just blend coconut cream, coconut milk and strawberries together and maybe throw some gojiberries or some protein powder in there just for fun 🙂 It’s so good, so I really think Keibler is on the right track. Why eat sugary or artificial sweetened desserts, when you can make your own with nothing bad when it tastes almost better than the “real stuff”.

  • cowbulls

    Stacy was elite before Clooney and used that clown to let the world see an incredibly sexy woman with a very down to earth attitude and great personality.
    IF he was sleeping with her, he was getting way more than he deserves.

  • Carla

    hmmm no dairy, no sugar and now no clooney no fun.

  • KC

    I’ve never found a “healthy” treat that replaces the real thing. I’m jealous of those that have found a replacement, although I don’t have any food or chemical fears so I’m not looking real hard.

    Stacy looks pretty good, but I’m surprised to see she’s so young. I was thinking she was closer to 40.

  • Alias

    Aren’t sugar free stuff bad for you? Sounds pretty obsessive to me. I just fill up on fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy foods, and have desserts as treats once in a while. I’ve become very picky about my desserts so they have to be perfect, quality over quantity, I’m happier that way too.

    She has great legs, but don’t find her to be very pretty.

  • Kimberly

    If that works for her, great. She is incredibly fit.

  • Bonnie

    Whoa, I never realized her body looks nearly identical to mine, except for the new implants. Go team!

  • mary

    that ice cream she describes sounds absolutely blasphemous….dairy free ice cream, my god way to ruin a wonderful food. to each their own.

  • violet

    She’s not very atractive, thin lips – yuk! She looks 10 years older than me and we are exactly the same age! She’s ageing badly! I think George Clooney could have done a lot better…

    • Beck

      I agree Voilet
      you are smart beyond your years !

  • CK

    its great she experiments like that though i hope she also enjoys the whole process of mixing diff things &proportions and etc, otherwise doesn’t seem much fun. The whole healthy desert thing is good for people that have always had or acquired the healthy LIFESTYLE, for them such things really are a desert, however people who follow “moderation” rules or those who can’t/don’t want to make healthy eating/moderation their lifestyle but prefer the route of self-restriction/constant dieting will probably never be able to perceive smth like that a dessert no matter how they try.So if clean eating is Stacy’s lifestyle then good for her being creative like that but if its a self-restriciton/diet then i think learning moderation would allow her to be healthy and maintain her weight while still allowing her to eat “crappy desserts”, plus being and ex-WWE diva she must love working out or be very disciplined and able to workout regularly even if she doesn’t much enjoy it, so don’t think it would take dramatic toll on her body, if that’s her main concern.

  • Jui

    I gave up dairy due to a sensitivity or allergy in my mid-teens. Gave up sugar too (except that found in vegetables, berries & the occasional piece of fruit), because I wanted to eat healthier. I also gave up gluten (as well as all grains and legumes), because they are inherently hard to digest and contain anti-nutrients. For me, the debate over gluten sensitivity and Celiac’s disease was never important. It was about how I felt, and how many nutrients I could get from my diet. It was also not about deprivation, or restriction. It was about replacing the grains and legumes with healthy sources of fat, rich in nutrients my body can use. I have never felt better, I have lost weight, and my cholesterol has improved. Would never dream of going back to my old diet. What a life saving change this way of eating has been for me.

  • Jess

    She has an amazing body in the pictures with Naomi c

  • kat

    “ice cream” lol

  • ellentjie

    It depends how she makes these products because if it’s a whole lot of scientifically made ingredients and additives, its probably better to eat a little bit of the real thing than a lot of a fake thing.