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Bikini Body Battle! AnnaLynne McCord VS Kelly Brook!

January 4, 2009 in AnnaLynne McCord, Bikini Body Battle, Kelly Brook by Versus


Let’s point out the differences between the 2 girls!

AnnaLynne McCord:

* More muscular tone overall

* Sculpted abs

* Longer torso

* Athletic, toned & slim

Kelly Brook:

* Softer aspect overall

* Wider hips

* Fuller bust

* Hourglass body shape


The similarities between these 2 hotties? Both girls are tall (5’8”), they seem to have small waists and enviable waist-hip ratios… and no cellulite!

Bikini Body Battle! AnnaLynne McCord VS Kelly Brook!

Check more comparison pictures from different angles after the jump!

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AnnaLynne McCord as a Brunette – Makeover or Makeunder?

December 31, 2008 in AnnaLynne McCord by Versus

Annalynne McCord Sighting

I guess AnnLynne made her point: she loves to show off her hot & slim body in short & revealing dresses, just like she loves those over-the-knee boots. We’re not complaining, she’s giving us material to write about.

Annalynne McCord Sighting

As for the new look, regardless if this is a wig or not, there’s a big difference between the blonde AnnaLynne we saw some days ago and this foxy version over here. And you know what this calls for…

How do you like AnnaLynne’s look? Makeover or Makeunder?


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90210’s AnnaLynne McCord in Philadelphia Style Magazine

December 29, 2008 in AnnaLynne McCord by Versus


Most of you liked  AnnaLynne’s bikini body… when the  papparazzi caught her wearing  a bikini on the beach. This time, we’re looking at  AnnaLynne in tiny outfits… but we get a higher resolution, a provocative attitude and sexy lingerie.

If you wanna see AnnaLynne’s real, authentic and unphotoshopped bikini body, click here to compare! Not that there’s a big difference (body-wise)…

How do you like it?

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