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Bikini Treat: Olivia Wilde

December 8, 2014 in Hollywood Moms, Olivia Wilde by Versus


Bikini Treat: 30 year-old Olivia Wilde (who gave birth to her first child 7 months ago), looking good on the beach in a blue bikini this weekend.

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Kelly Osbourne Shares Bikini Picture

October 16, 2014 in Kelly Osbourne by Versus


Kelly Osbourne is the latest celeb to show off her bikini body on social media – the 29 year-old shared this shot with her fans a few days ago, saying that she looks good and feels confident.



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Bethenny Frankel Is in a Bikini

October 13, 2014 in General by Versus


Former talk show host Bethenny Frankel (43) showed off her bikini body while hanging poolside with friends in Miami, Florida this weekend.

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Maria Menounos: “My goal is to be healthy, not skinny”

September 12, 2014 in Maria Menounos by Versus


On her weight and being healthy:

‘Last year, right after the holidays, I was going through a difficult time, and I noticed my weight started creeping up beyond my normal 5-pound margin. I was like, “Oh, hell no! I am not going to gain back those 40 pounds!” I told myself that fitting into my jeans and feeling healthy was more important than drinking a strawberry daiquiri.’

My goal is to be healthy, not skinny—and the best way to achieve that is to not diet. You’re just setting yourself up for failure when you’re in that mindset. The moment you cave and have something you’re not supposed to eat, you’ll want to quit the whole plan.

… says 35 year-old Maria in Shape.


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Beyonce Is Almost in a Bikini

September 7, 2014 in Beyonce by Versus


Beyonce enjoyed a family vacation in Portofino, Italy this week, looking chic in summery ensembles and showing off her figure decorated with gold paint.

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