Vintage Beauties: Betty Brosmer

smallest-waist - Vintage Beauties: Betty Brosmer

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Name: Betty Brosmer and later, Betty Weider

Also known as: ‘The girl with the impossible waist”

Height: 5’5” / 165 cm

Age today: 81

Occupation: pin-up model, author, trainer

Also known for:

  • being the co-founder of Shape Magazine
  • being the wife of famous bodybuilder Joe Weider

Before the age of photo editing, Betty stood out with her unique proportions depicting an hourglass shape with an impossible waist, measuring only 18 inches / 46 cm. But although Betty’s shape was admired by many and the beautiful blonde had a great career as a pin-up model (and later as a trainer and author), there was a lot of speculation at the time (1950s-1960s) regarding the methods Betty used in order to achieve her hourglass shape. While some say that corset training played a role in transforming her body, others say that the model opted for a waist reduction surgery, a procedure that alters the shape of the ribcage (and moves internal organs in the process).

tiniest-waist-3-1 - Vintage Beauties: Betty Brosmer

What do you think of Betty’s body shape and how it compares to the current standards of beauty?

See many more photos of Betty and her impossible waist inside!


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Mindy Kaling: “I don’t want my tombstone to stay ‘She hid her imperfections well on the red carpet'”

FFN_f_51337078 - Mindy Kaling: "I don’t want my tombstone to stay ‘She hid her imperfections well on the red carpet'"

On how she dresses for according to her body shape and weight:

“I love when your clothes can help you project that you’re witty – you know, when your outfit does some of the work for you. When I’m at my thinnest, I tend to wear things that don’t show off my body. But when I’m bigger, I’ll go body-con, which comes from a place of ‘This is my perimeter, in case you were wondering if I was actually much bigger. It’s really temping to not take changes. But I don’t want to be fearful. I don’t want my tombstone to stay ‘She hid her imperfections well on the red carpet.'”

… says Mindy in Vogue.

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