Lane Bryant’s Plus-Size Models – Behind the Scenes

Here’s a short video that captures a few of Lane Bryant’s plus-sized models getting ready for their runway show in Las Vegas. You might recognize beautiful Ashley Graham, who was the star of the ‘too sexy for TV’ lingerie commercial (see it here!) a while back. Ashley is definitely one of the plus-size models on the rise these days – she is a size 16 and measures: 38D (bra)-34-47.

What do you think of the models walking in this show?

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Daily Mail: ‘Gwyneth’s Bikini Body Screams of Neuroticism, Men Like Lumps, Bumps and Wobbly Bits’

Ouch-worthy title! The Daily Mail wrote a detailed piece on how men aren’t fans of Gwyneth Paltrow’s fit and thin bikini body and how they prefer softer, curvier bodies with ‘lumps and wobbly parts’. Considering that our Gwyneth’s bikini body post received an overwhelming and atypical number of highly positive comments, I thought that you guys might be interested to read a completely different perspective:

Let me tell you, ladies, we men are turned off by skeletal chic…

While Gwyneth, with her willowy figure, exercise addiction and macrobiotic fussiness, seems to drive most ordinary women insane with resentment, most men are oblivious to her wan perfection.

We happily flick through the paper until we hit upon a small shot of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks’ ample bosom, or Kelly Brook buying wallpaper while wearing a large sheepskin coat.

While Gwyn is proud of her taut, yoga body, men aren’t enthused. Men don’t hang around in pubs talking about how many sit-ups their wife can do. While shots of the stick-thin Gwyn might appeal to women, men prefer lumps, bumps and wobbly bits.

Gwyneth, bless her, has no jiggle. She is gawky and rake-like; puritanically thin.

To a man, this screams of neuroticism, a fear of being out of control. This is the opposite of all the qualities that make a woman attractive; confidence in her body, a love and lust for life, and sensuality – rather than an obvious terror of being even the tiniest bit out of control.

Definitely a debatable piece, must share your thoughts!

You can read the entire article HERE!

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Crystal Renn: ‘I would have had to develop another eating disorder to stay plus-size’

Even though we’ve just had an update on Crystal Renn yesterday (check out the post in case you missed it!), I thought that you guys will find this particular video interview interesting. Here are some of the things Crystal reveals:

‘I think that by placing a title on my head – which is plus size – and the picture that people have placed in their mind about what plus size is – I’ll basically fail you just with that. Because I couldn’t possibly live up to that. And at this point in my life, I would actually have to have another eating disorder to live up to that expectation. I had anorexia because ultimately, someone else set the standard for me and I wanted to follow it.’

Watch the video, then share your thoughts – but be patient, as Crystal talks about her model accomplishements in the first half and about body image in the second.

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Katy Perry in Elle: ‘I was shaped like a square at one time’

Katy Perry is featured in Elle magazine this month, photoshopped on the cover and open about her weight:

On her much talked about figure: “I was shaped like a square at one time. I was! I’m generally around 130 pounds, which is totally fine for me. But when I was a kid, I was the same height and weighed more like 145. And I had enormous boobs that I didn’t know what to do with, so I wore minimizers, which were not cute. Those thick-ass straps! I got made fun of for the over-the-shoulder boulder holder…and all I wanted was to look like Kate Moss. Little did I know…that these things would come in handy someday.”

… says Katy (who is around 5’7” or 5’8” / 59 kg at 170-172 cm).

See another shot next!

Read more

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Update on Crystal Renn’s Measurements!

A few weeks ago, various sources around the Internet starting buzzing on one particular subject: ‘Crystal Renn’s agency lists the ‘plus-size’ model as a size 2′. A size 2 with the corresponding measurements of a standard model! A few days after the initial buzz, Crystal’s agent, Gary Dakin, responded:

“There was an error in the initial printing and it is being rectified. She maintains a 37-38 hip. But if people have truly followed her message, it is about acceptance and beauty at any size”.

Let’s see some of Crystal’s recent statements:

With plus size modeling, the sizes start at an 8 and go all the way up to a 20, and that enrages many people. They say when they see a size 10 girl, that’s plus size? They have to realize that plus size model doesn’t mean plus size woman… But bridging the gap would be a very good thing. We need to have all sizes. This isn’t a them against us fight. It’s about bringing everybody together.

Because of my size currently, I straddle this line between the two worlds–I guess you could say I’m a plus size straight size model. I am four inches smaller than a plus size model and four inches bigger than a straight size model.

At this point, Crystal’s (who still claims to be a size 8US) measurements on various agency cards and fashion model sites are listed as: 34C-28.5-38 / 85-73-97 (cm).

Share your thoughts!

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