Khloe Kardashian: ‘I can’t believe how BIG my booty looked’

4BED9C8500000578-5697715-Mommy_and_me_Khloe_Kardashian_was_seen_out_with_her_bundle_of_jo-a-108_1525646155910-1 - Khloe Kardashian: 'I can't believe how BIG my booty looked'

On those bootylicious photos:

When I saw myself in those first post-pregnancy paparazzi photos, I couldn’t believe how big my booty looked! I can’t wait to tone up again and get my body back to where it was.I’m super excited because my doctor finally cleared me this week to work out and I’m going to meet with Coach Joe! I’ve literally been counting down the days. I’m actually proud of myself for not being as big as I assumed I would be, LOL—but I’m ready to start getting my body back and feeling mentally clear again. Bring on summer and the hard work—I got this!

… says Khloe.


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Cardi B Got Illegal $800 Butt Injections from a Basement in Queens

4AFF7CCF00000578-5597101-image-a-35_1523323793455 - Cardi B Got Illegal $800 Butt Injections from a Basement in Queens

The full story from Daily Mail:

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker said she decided to change her appearance four years ago, when she was 21, after having her heart broken.

After discovering he’d cheated on her with a woman who had a ‘big fat a**,’ Cardi recalled paying $800 to have fillers injected her bottom at a basement apartment in Queens, New York.

Cardi – real name Belcalis Almanzar – said she was in agony for days after getting the injections.

‘They don’t numb your a** with anything. It was the craziest pain ever. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days.’

The decision to increase the size of her butt also impacted on her previous job as a stripper, with Cardi noting that dancer’s with bigger booties earned significantly more money.

Cardi said she was happy with the results and planned to go back for a touch up but never made it.

‘By the time I was gonna go get it, the lady got locked up ’cause she’s supposedly killed somebody,’ she said. ‘Well, somebody died on her table.’

She didn’t identify the woman but it’s likely Cardi was talking about Tamira Mobley, who accidentally killed a student in 2013 by injecting toxic silicon into her buttocks.

Mobley was jailed in January 2018 after pleading guilty to second-degree manslaughter.

cardi-b-wardrobe-malfunctions-butt - Cardi B Got Illegal $800 Butt Injections from a Basement in Queens

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Kim Kardashian Offers a Voluptuous Bikini Treat

Kim Kardashian West in a Bikini

At high request, here are a few pictures featuring voluptuous Kim Kardashian, her controversial Bo Derek-like braids, mega famous curves and a white bikini while doing a photo-shoot on the beach in Malibu earlier this week.

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Coco Austin: “I’d like to think some of my modeling was meaningful”

halloween2016-1 - Coco Austin: "I'd like to think some of my modeling was meaningful"

On how she revolutionized the concept of a big booty:

I would like to shed light to almost 21 years of modeling ..I don’t post much about it & new followers don’t even know I had a career in modeling they just see a wife,mother and someone that was on reality tv but just like every actor, singer, rapper, entertainer I’m proud of what I’ve done. I feel people should know it wasn’t easy..I helped pave the way for thick girls during the skinny genre (during the Kate Moss days what they call the waif era) to be noticed as beautiful..this was back before social media when magazines were popping, back before KimK, Nicki Minaj..( I mention them because young people see pop culture as the history makers but they need to know it started somewhere before them, this was also back before the plastic surgery craze. During my time it was pretty much Jlo that was making waves with the derriere phenomenon and Cindy Margolos was a popular bikini model and Buffie the Body was a popluar urban model and of course I need to give props to Anna Nicole Smith for also seeing this vision..To have booty it was considered to be fat in the modeling world.. But I helped changed the minds of what booty was. Today its a normal thing to see all different shapes and sizes, no one even thinks about it anymore. I helped history..I don’t want to toss it aside like it was nothing…I’d like to think some of my modeling was meaningful… After tons of calendars,DVD’s over 100 magazine covers and editorials I’m still standing..Thank you for all years of support .Power to the booty and strong healthy women!

d - Coco Austin: "I'd like to think some of my modeling was meaningful"

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