Curvy Girls Parade: Beyonce, Leona & Scarlett

curvy-girls-parade-beyonce-leona-scarlett - Curvy Girls Parade: Beyonce, Leona & Scarlett

My occupation in the last 2 days? Collecting a bunch (3 is a bunch, right?) of curvy girls – but most importantly, girls that carry their curviness in different ways and different places.

First, we’ve got the ever-curvy Beyonce (who knows exactly how to arch her hip in order to look like her personal invention: bootylicious).

Secondly, we’ve got Leona Lewis, who’s not part of the skinny Hollywood group – instead, she carries her bottom heavy figure and shapely legs confidently and proudly – and, may I add, in the right dress.

Thirdly, a fabulous (and totally hourglassy) slim & curvy figure, personified by Scarlett Johansson with the always-there cleavage and the always-enviable small waist.

Who’s your favorite curvy girl? Beyonce, Leona or Scarlett?


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Alicia Keys, 1 Girl, 2 Red Carpet Dresses

alicia-keys-1-girl-2-red-carpet-dresses - Alicia Keys, 1 Girl, 2 Red Carpet Dresses

Alicia makes from time to time some clothing choices that are pretty original. In these cases, the shoes on the right pop in sight, as well as the funky application on the dress in the right pic. As seen above, Alicia usually dresses for her body type, which, in her case, means accentuating the small waist with the cut of the clothes and not opting for tight dresses that might emphazise her bottom heavy shape.

Have your say! Which one is your favorite dress on Alicia’s body?

Photo source: Celebutopia

Alicia Keys’s Stomach Exposed

alicia-keyss-stomach-exposed1 - Alicia Keys's Stomach Exposed

Alicia seems to be the type of girl who carries her weight in her legs, yet manages to look quite slim on top – you name it: bottom heavy, pear shape, etc. In fact, she looks pretty fit in the middle, too, not just on top.

Even though I am not quite sure what the white lines or slight discoloration might represent, I can say that Alicia’s stomach doesn’t look bad at all. Not ultimately flat or defined, but fit enough to be exposed, even though I would have opted for a pair of jeans one size bigger, that wouldn’t have created any sort of “squeezing effect” when performing dance moves.

Say your thoughts!

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Keira Knightley Not Looking Scary Skinny

keira-knightley-not-looking-scary-skinny - Keira Knightley Not Looking Scary Skinny

Here is Keira Knightley looking like a real girl on the street and not like a super celebrity with surreal beauty and a eating disorder rumours “thanks” to her scary skinny looks. This is a Keira that doesn’t look like she is going to break when she bends – and yes, that is a good thing.

Now “bottom heavy” would not be the right term for Keira, since she is obviously thin overall. But facts are that yes, she is much skinnier on top than on the bottom – and we rarely get to notice that, due to the outfits she is wearing that accentuate her “barely there” waist and tiny shoulders.

How do you all like Keira body shape and frame?

Photo source: Celebutopia


Basically it is the shoes as well as the handbags that constitute ones complete look. The face is of course incomplete without earrings, and hands without a watch and rings.

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