Gigi Hadid Does W Magazine Korea

Gigi-Hadid-W-Korea-02-1479787037-570x740 - Gigi Hadid Does W Magazine Korea

At request, here is model of the moment Gigi Hadid in a complex & saturated spread in W Korea, where the stunner shows off her figure in shiny bikinis, paired with thick socks and high heeled pumps.

Gigi-Hadid-W-Korea-04-1479787062-640x512 - Gigi Hadid Does W Magazine Korea

How do you all like it?

So many more pictures of Gigi inside!


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Nina Dobrev Does Men’s Health

nina-dobrev-mens-health-2016_1 - Nina Dobrev Does Men's Health

At request, check out 27 year-old Nina Dobrev in a racy pictorial in Men’s Health Magazine, complete with a wide range of sexy ingredients: silver leotards, bikini shots, latex leotards, the mandatory butt shot and a gorgeous girl.

How do you like this spread?

nina-dobrev-sexy-5 - Nina Dobrev Does Men's Health

See how Nina’s weight fluctuated over time in our post here!

And check out how this brunette beauty looked in a bikini back in February 2016 in this post!

And see more photos filled with sexy ingredients from Men’s Health NEXT, of course!


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Kourtney Kardashian: “I’ll do dips on my bathtub & 100 squats before showering”

The trick that makes my eyes really pop. On my app.

A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Kourtney Kardashian admits she’s a food snob and an avid pre-shower exercise fanatic – and she also isn’t keen on keeping her biggest beauty secret to herself:

On getting ready for a special event and for bikini season:

If bikini time is coming up or something I want to be shape for I’ll do dips on my bathtub and no matter what I’ll do 100 squats before I get in the shower. That way I won’t forget. Once in a while, when I’m feeling anxious, we’ll say let’s do boxing but usually we leave it up to the trainer because I think it’s good to shock your body.

On her biggest beauty secret:

I make an avocado smoothie in the morning. It makes my skin glow my hair really healthy everyone asks why my hair is so shiny.

On how she is the food snob that cleans up her family’s fridges:

We eat gluten free and dairy free in my house, try to eat as little processed food as possible. I love to share whatever things I’m into. I was at [my sister] Kim’s the other day looking through her freezer and said I can’t believe you have this or that and she was like you’re right and changed a bunch of her things to organic. I’m a food snob.

… says Kourtney.

See a risque cheeky photo featuring an a** parade next!


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