Pete Wentz Talks About Ashlee’s Post-Baby Body

pete-wentz-talks-about-ashlees-post-baby-body - Pete Wentz Talks About Ashlee's Post-Baby Body

Pete Wentz said some pretty hot stuff in an interview with Howard Stern about his wife – but let’s skip the part that refers to the couple’s sex life and see what Pete had to say about Ashlee’s new mom body:

Source – E! Online:

“Ashlee probably didn’t want him telling everyone about getting up to 150 pounds during her pregnancy, but at least he says the weight is “blazing off her-she’s a babe.” A babe with whom he has “an amazing sex life.”


“She’s a C, but I think with the breast milk it’s a D.”

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Jennifer Aniston Is on the Beach (in Vogue Magazine)

jennifer-aniston-is-on-the-beach-in-vogue-magazine - Jennifer Aniston Is on the Beach (in Vogue Magazine)jennifer-aniston-is-on-the-beach-in-vogue-magazine-2 - Jennifer Aniston Is on the Beach (in Vogue Magazine)

It may not be summer outside, but I can see that magazines are inspired enough to ask (hot, toned, fit) celebrities to pose in their beach outfits.

Jennifer is looking pretty flawless and I’m not spotting major photoshopping going on, but I DO have one comment, and that is: Notice how Jen’s bust appears to be an A-cup in the first pic on the left, yet the same bust looks like a full C-cup on the right.

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Kim Kardashian Blogs About Her Body Again. On This Episode: Plastic Surgery

kim-kardashian-blogs-about-her-body-yet-again - Kim Kardashian Blogs About Her Body Again. On This Episode: Plastic Surgery

Kim recently blogged on and on about how she’s a size 2 and a 26 / 27 in jeans (and made a video where she squeezed her butt inside the jeans), about how she’s 117 pounds and it’s unfair that some people don’t believe her. You didn’t have the pleasure to read Kim’s blabbering? Then click here!

Well, this time, Kim wants to put the plastic surgery rumours to rest. And how did she do that? By posting a picture of herself from when she was 14. Yep, that’s right, that cleavage belongs to a 14 year old.

Here is what she had to say:

QUICK NOTE: I have decided to post this picture to finally put all of the plastic surgery rumors to rest! (BTW, in the ’90s it must have been cool to wear my bikini hiked so high up. LOL!)I believe I have answered this question before but here I go again…

I am definitely not against it at all, but haven’t yet had it! Personally, lip injections are the thing I would never do-even if I didn’t have full lips. I think lip injections look very fake and bad and I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone with stuff in their lips-so I wouldn’t do it to myself.

This is a picture of me when I was about 14 years old in a bikini. I hope after seeing this you guys will never ask me a plastic surgery question again! I have had a size C since I was 11 years old! So one day I will definitely get a lift, but I am waiting until after I have kids. Until then I rely on a great supportive bra! LOL!

All the butt implant rumors are just so not true and now just silly to me. I have answered dozens of times “no I do not have butt implants,” but people just don’t seem to want to believe it!

I have always had an insecurity with my nose… People also have assumed I have had a nose job, but I have not! I look exactly the same as I did when I was a kid, except my nose has grown a little. I hate the bump on the side of my nose, but am way too afraid to mess with my face!

So… considering that Kim was bombed with millions of questions that all sounded like this “Do you have butt implants???!!”, I have to wonder: Where’s the picture from the back?

Source: Kim Kardashian official website

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Nicole Kidman’s Got Cleavage in Elle

nicole-kidmans-got-cleavage-in-elle - Nicole Kidman's Got Cleavage in Elle

We all know that Elle Magazine is pretty keen on photoshopping celebrities intensively (no offense, we get it: fashion, model-looks, blah blah). Remember the 10 years younger and 15 lbs thinner Mariah Carey or the “Whose Body Is This?” Jennifer Lopez?

Well, it looks like the digital artists weren’t that occupied in this case, since Nicole was skinny to begin with (surprisingly skinny, some might say). What I do spot, though, is the fuller, rounder, bigger bust – FUN FACT: magazines supposedly sell better when there’s a woman with (at least) C cup breasts on the cover (yes, that’s right, both men’s and women’s magazines).

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What Photoshop Does to Paris Hilton

what-photoshop-does-to-paris-hilton - What Photoshop Does to Paris Hilton

If you are wondering what that language with funky characters is, it’s Russian – and that means that, yes, Paris Hilton posed for the Russian GQ. More specifically, the order was: getting undressed, posing, photoshopping. It’s not like they needed to remove some flab from there and there, some cellulite and possible rolls of fat, since we know that Paris has made a career of herself for being, well, Paris, blonde and skinny, but it’s that… how should we say this nicely… Paris appears to have gone from B cup to C cup within a few minutes of photoshopping. And if we look even closer, we can realize that her legs have been slightly edited in order to (unnecessarily) look longer and leaner.

How do you all like the result?

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