Katie Holmes Without: Make-up, Smile, Joy

katie-holmes-without-make-up-smile-joy - Katie Holmes Without: Make-up, Smile, Joy

Warning: this is one of those posts where I don’t have much to say about weight & co, since there are other more relevant stuff to be said.

Uhh, had to get that off my chest. The reason why there’s not much body gossip is, besides the fact that Katie is wearing a long coat which only lets us assume that she is still her skinny and lean self underneath, the fact that her tired and pale face captures the eyes. Now we all know and believe in the intangible power of make-up and don’t buy or don’t fall for celebrities’ impeccable looks on the red carpets (who are we kidding, sure we do), but could Katie be just without make-up or without good mood and joy?

Not Another Skinny Celebrity – Hilary Duff

hilary-duff-comrie - Not Another Skinny Celebrity - Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one of those rare, almost soon to be extinct celebrities that look like they actually serve, occasionally, a dessert after dinner. You know, as opposed to others that look like they skip both the dessert and the dinner as well, while occasionally having lunch. So hooray, nothing but praise for Hilary. Yes, yes, I know, the ones in bad moods will say that she’s got some full arms, paired up with a short neck but, well, who can please them all?

What do you think about Hilary’s non-skinny body? Would you like to have it? Why or why not?

Photo source: Celebrity Gossip