Isabel Lucas – Thin Figure in Lace and Florals

Transformers‘ Isabel Lucas and her sharp collar bones walked the red carpet at the premiere of Waiting For Superman at the Paramount Theatre on Monday…

How do you find Isabel’s floral + lace outfit, her hairstyle and make-up?

And a flashback for you – Isabel, her dark eyebrows, ultra tanned skin and ultra bleached hair in 2009:

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Victoria Beckham Reveals Bony Chest + Pink Outfit Then and Now


Here’s forever and ever thin and trendy girl Victoria Beckham, with her short and sleek hair (do you like it like that?), visible chest bones and collar bones.

And here’s the same Victoria and her much blonder pink self from 2 years ago – I say that she looks much better in the kind of dress she’s got on on the left, it really flatters her – What do YOU all think?


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Olivia Wilde Is Super Thin


I think Olivia is one of those girls who carry more weight on their bottom half (like also-skinny Keira Knightley) – and the backless dress, the curved position, and the fact that the bony shoulders and collar bones are revealed only enhance her upper thinness.

How do you like Olivia’s figure?

P.S.: that dress presents a high “nipple slip” risk.

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Finally, a Picture That Shows Just How Skinny Lindsay Really Is – UPDATE


… and she’s really, really skinny.

She had to wear a strapless dress in order to make her super-skinniness clear. Oddly enough, she’s still got a full cleavage.

What do YOU say? Could anybody get this skinny “unintentionally” (her words)?

UPDATE – Access Hollywood says:

“I eat. I had my Big Mac yesterday from McDonald’s,” she told Us at the opening of Matthew William’s store in New York City. “I eat just as much as I always have.”

While Lindsay’s frame looks noticeably slimmer, the actress herself has no idea how much weight she’s shed.

“I’ve never weighed myself in my life,” she told the magazine.

Lindsay added that her weight loss could have been caused by “working a lot,” “stress,” and “lack of sleep.”

“I think it’s all the stuff that adds up,” she said.


Skinny Mischa Is Back, Part 2


This girl is a true pear shape and she never looks ultra-thin in her bottom half – the only parts that might qualify as “too thin” are her shoulders, arms and back, plus the face, which is looking a little (a lot) gaunt-ish. And it looks like Mischa likes to show off exactly those skinny parts to the camera!

How do you like Mischa here?

And who likes the hair?

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