Skinny Girls in White Dresses: Jaslene Gonzalez & Chloe Sevigny


Jaslene: “Whoa!” to ultra-skinny arms and collar bones! The dress is the only puffy thing she’s got on.

Chloe: Though they’re both very skinny, Chloe is definitely less pin-thin than Jaslene. And brave cut!

Skinny Girls in White Dresses: Jaslene Gonzalez & Chloe Sevigny!

Pick your favorite!

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Victoria Beckham & Nikki Cox: Bony Chests Exposed


There are PLENTY of skinny women on Hollywood’s scene… some naturally skinny, some intentionally skinny, some extra skinny, some scary skinny. I can’t speculate (loudly) on the category these two bony ladies came from, but I know one thing: that they love to show their bony chests to the world, hence the low-cut tops.

Nikki’s picture wasn’t exactly taken yesterday, but I noticed the resemblance between Victoria’s super-bony chest and Nikki’s, so I though it was worth a post.

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Keira Knightley Showing Off Collar Bones

Here’s a fragile-looking Keira Knightley in a blue dress that is revealing her tiniest parts: her neck, shoulders, back and arms and makes the most (or the “least”) out of her tiny upper half and minuscule waist.

As always, there are the collar bones, the long neck, the (some say “stunning”) gaunt face and the famous pout.

What are your thoughts?


Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Victoria Beckham Versus Jennifer Lopez!

Two ladies in their 30’s, two different style icons, two different body shapes: Victoria Beckham, the standard for “skinny” and Jennifer Lopez, the definition of “curvy”. Here they are in their pretty dresses, flaunting their tiny figures and protruding collar bones, respectively their bumpy butts and round hips.

Which one is your favorite? Skinny versus Curvy battle time! Victoria Beckham Versus Jennifer Lopez! Choose your side!

Photo source: A Class Celebs

Claire Danes Looking Healthier

You might remember the time when we saw Claire in a red bikini. If you do, then you also might remember the “scary skinny” and “emaciated” comments that came along with the pictures. In case you need to refresh your memory, here’s the bikini picture:

Claire Danes and Her Skinny Bikini Body | front-and-back

Well, facts are that Claire is not looking as skinny in this little flowery-dress above. But then again, we don’t get to see her middle area that was clearly showing some serious bones in her bikini pic (still showing those collar bones, though).

What do you say? Has Claire gained in between or is she still that scary skinny under her dress? 

Photo credit: Getty, INF

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