Beyonce – Leggy Mommy in Killer Heels


Hot mom Beyonce was spotted as she was carrying her daughter Blue Ivy on a yacht in Ibiza yesterday… while wearing the shortest shorts with killer heels.

Even though Beyonce cut her hair and revealed her ’empowering’ pixie cut just a few weeks ago, it seems that the star already switched to a long bob – see her previous makeover here!

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Star Magazine: Nicole Richie Weighs 88 Pounds


All the details from Star Magazine:

Nicole Richie has famously put many of her unhealthy demons behind her, but photos of the 31-year-old’s pin-thin frame on a recent European family vacation have reignited old worries.

Nicole is looking so bony, her friends and family are concerned that her body issues are flaring up again,” a friend tells Star. “She hasn’t been eating regularly, and her energy has been extremely low. Of course, she brushes off the concerns. But everyone feels she is struggling behind closed doors.”

Though the fashion designer and mother of Harlow, 5, and Sparrow, 3, has insisted in the past that she’s never had an eating disorder, friends claim the reality is different. “Nicole has a history of extreme dieting so everyone — especially [husband] Joel [Madden] — keeps a close eye on her health,” the source says. “She picks at food throughout the day but never seems to sit down and eat a meal.”

Experts warn that Nicole’s habits can lead to major health issues. “She looks to be about 88 lbs, which is dangerously low,” says weight-loss coach Alicia Hunter. “Her immune system is compromised, because without any extra body weight any illness — even a common stomach flu — can take a dangerous turn.”

Nicole’s body has also fallen prey to a cleavage cavity — a wide gap between the breasts that appears caved-in — often the result of “large implants on tiny people,” says Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon. The cavity only emphasizes the rest of her malnourished frame. “Her breast enlargements are the only curves left on her!” says Hunter.

“Nicole’s in denial, saying her weight is fine,” says a pal. “One look, adn you can see it’s not.”

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