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Kelly Brook Talks Weight Loss

January 26, 2015 in Kelly Brook by Versus


On going on the Atkins diet after the holidays:

I’ve lost 3 inches around my waist. But I’m keeping the kurves!

… said Kelly proud while showing off her results on social media:


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Jennifer Garner: “I dieted for so long in the middle of doing Alias”

January 23, 2015 in Jennifer Garner, Then and Now by Versus


On excessive dieting:

I dieted for so long in the middle of doing Alias and being a superhero, that there’s something in me that can’t do anything that extreme,’ the 42-year-old mother of three told Yahoo Beauty on Wednesday.

On her diet these days:

With food I’m probably good 80 percent of the time. I’ve found out that I cannot pass up pizza without having some. I just can’t! My kids have a lot of pizza. I can’t go to a kid’s birthday party without having a slice.

Jennifer back in 2001:



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Miranda Kerr Talks Diet

January 19, 2015 in Miranda Kerr by Versus


On her diet:

I enjoy so many superfoods such as noni juice, which is one of the key ingredients in my skincare line Kora Organics,’ she said. I also make my own superfood smoothie with maca powder, acai powder, spirulina, cacao powder, coconut oil and chia seeds, which is alkalizing and nutrient dense. Avocado is also great for skin health and I probably have half an avocado a day. I live by the philosophy of 80/20…meaning I eat healthily 80 per cent of the time and indulge 20 per cent of the time. For an everyday treat, I cook gluten-free muffins with blueberries and chia seeds.

… says Miranda.


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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks Diet and Workouts

January 12, 2015 in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Versus


On her diet:

‘I’m travelling all the time so it’s hard to find a balance and eat healthily. I really love my food – I’m always being tempted by room service and I eat out a lot – but I try and eat organic with natural ingredients. At home I cook as clean and healthy as possible, so when I’m out I can enjoy a pudding or a glass of wine and actually enjoy myself.’

On her workouts:

‘I love dance classes! I love Body by Simone – I go with my girlfriends, we all go and sweat our faces off and then have a healthy breakfast. You have to make it fun. I like to go to dance classes and feel like Beyoncé.’

Pictured here: Rosie for Marks & Spencer

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Karlie Kloss: “I had a total girl crush on Candice and Miranda”

January 11, 2015 in General by Versus


On body-envy:

‘I had a total girl crush on Candice [Swanepoel] and Miranda [Kerr]. I said, “Whatever they’re doing, I want to do it too.”‘

On her diet growing up:

Growing up in the Midwest, I was never even aware of nutrition. Nobody was! I was a stick my entire life – a tall, skinny beanpole – and it didn’t matter if I ate candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I realized food could not only taste good, but change how you feel.