Iskra Lawrence Rocks Blue Jeans

plus-size-model-jeans-2 - Iskra Lawrence Rocks Blue Jeans

Hot size 12 US model Iskra Lawrence showed off her curvaceous figure as she enjoyed an evening out on the town at Nightingale Plaza nightclub in Los Angeles for SVEDKA Vodka’s second Annual Broken Resolutions bash on Tuesday.

The blonde beauty rocked a pair of blue jeans and a crop top that showed off her waist. How do you like her look at this event?

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Bridget Malcolm: “I eat pretty much constantly – it’s awesome”

Such a gratuitous shot. But yolo – last job of the year ladies and jellyfish 🐷

A photo posted by Bridget Over Troubled Water. (@bridgetmalcolm) on

Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm has been in the spotlight recently for posting super skinny pictures on social media – as a result, Bridget was accused of being anorexic and looking emaciated. The model decided to defend her lifestyle yet again, claiming she eats constantly.

On her daily eating habits and being not being anorexic:

I eat pretty much constantly – it’s awesome – and focus on higher calorie foods. My favorites are nuts such as almonds, walnuts, avocados and fats and oils. I never bought into the whole rely on carbohydrates thing in the vegan world. The way I do this is I have a serving of around fifteen or more grams of protein a meal. This looks like servings of lentils, tempeh, tofu, protein shakes and nuts. I make sure I don’t skip meals, and am eating every three hours. I aim for four ounces of tofu or tempeh, a cup of lentils, and a handful of nuts as a serving. Try incorporating that into your daily meals.

On how people should not eat large portions:

It is a myth that we need huge amounts of it to stay healthy and thriving; a myth that is killing the general population slowly. Vegetables have more in them than you would think! I am yet to meet someone eating enough calories who is protein deficient.

3B82016000000578-4046926-image-a-74_1482121636333 - Bridget Malcolm: "I eat pretty much constantly - it’s awesome"


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Gigi Hadid: “If I can cook it with ingredients that I know are good, then I’ll eat anything”

gigi-hadid-diet-2 - Gigi Hadid: "If I can cook it with ingredients that I know are good, then I'll eat anything"

On what she loves to eat:

I do like eggs, but all different ways. I loved baked eggs. I like tomato and bacon. There’s a Middle Eastern spice called, zaatar, so I’ll do eggs and zaatar. I love eggs! In general I like fresh ingredients. I’m not a salad and meat type of person; to me, that’s boring. I also like making tomato soup from scratch with grilled cheese dippers on the side. If I can cook it with ingredients that I know are good, then I’ll eat anything. Carbs, or whatever!

On not being a fan of squats:

They’re painful, and you have to do so many for them to work. Recently for the VS show, I put a sticky note in my kitchen, and every time I walked past the squats sticky note, I had to do 15 squats. Its a good trick because it reminds you that you have to have integrity with yourself. No one else is watching, so I have to just do it for myself.

On her favorite type of exercise – boxing:

What’s great about boxing is that I couldn’t come to New York and sign up for Equinox, and go running. It was not good. So, I knew I needed to find something that gave me a coach, gave me a family— so that when I walk in, it’s like my big brothers. They’re like ‘what up!’ They don’t care about who I am. That’s what I needed, and they don’t care about what my body looks like. They care that I give a good punch, and that’s how I want to be judged. That’s what makes me proud of myself.

gigi-hadid-diet - Gigi Hadid: "If I can cook it with ingredients that I know are good, then I'll eat anything"


Blake Lively: ‘I WILL fit into my jeans again darnet!’

Now you see why @blakelively was hidding. 😂😂😂

A video posted by Don Saladino (@donsaladino) on

Even though pregnant Blake Lively was a vision in pretty dresses every time she stepped out, the new mom-of-two is currently working hard to shed the weight she gain during the 9 months.

The 29 year-old beauty, who gave birth to her second child in late September, shared on her Instagram page a glimpse of her menu, saying:

“New Years resolution started early– I WILL fit into my jeans again darnet.”

See pregnant Blake a couple of months back inside!


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