Photoshop Alert: Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire

Here’s Kim Kardashian in Inland Empire magazine this month (right picture), with the tiniest waist in the universe – a waist that has had help (besides from Spanx and a tight belt) from our frenemy Photoshop.

Then take a look at Kim’s completely different face shape on the cover of the magazine! For some unknown reason, the editors chopped off her chin, slenderized her face and elongated and thinned her neck, too.

What do you guys have to say about this one?

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Guess Katy’s Shape! Identify the Unphotoshopped Picture!

Here’s a little exercise meant to train our eyes in order to detect the Photoshop touches that the media is constantly and unnecessarily serving us:

Guess Katy’s Shape! Identify the Unphotoshopped Picture and point out the fakes!

See the answer here!

Note: This picture was edited by for enjoyment reasons only and the above is simply meant to be a lighthearted game.

Photoshop Strikes Again: Real VS Fake Rihanna

Left picture: Rihanna with her shapely and toned figure, rocking the stage in Italy in November 2010.

Right picture: Rihanna minus her actual figure, plus model’s figure in Interview Magazine.

Congratulations for yet another job well unnecessarily done!

Click here to see yet another ridiculous case of Photoshop!

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Rachael Leigh Cook Militates Against Photoshop, Calls It a ‘Travesty’


Actress Rachael Leigh Cook (31) recently expressed her strong attitude against photoshopping and media’s manipulation in a conference that regarded the impact that these have on today’s youth. Her points are quite strong and she is definitely outspoken – lots to read ahead via Huffington Post:

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook has joined forces with Academy Award winner Geena Davis, The Creative Coalition, and Girl Scouts of the USA for a Summit in Washington, D.C to address the impact of media images on youth. The group addressed particularly the struggle girls go through reconciling media’s idealized portrayal of women with their own bodies and self-worth.

“I did not grow up getting told about how manipulated the images we see of women and girls out there are, and I think it’s an absolute travesty that young women are seeing what the media is feeding them,” Cook told Pop Tarts. “It breaks my heart to be part of an industry and part of a machine that really pushes out these images and propagates these really terrible standards that are false.”

This is something Cook, 31, can relate to first-hand. After completing her first film “The Babysitter’s Club” at age 15 in 1995, the actress battled her own body image-related demons.

“I remember gaining quite a bit of weight on the first movie that I worked on because, ‘hey, free food!’. You’re at that stage where your body is just changing so actively, so it was a natural change, but I remember finishing that film and realizing that I had gained probably 10 pounds over the course of filming which is a lot when you’re only 5′2,” Cook said. “I knew then that I needed to go and really try and get healthy. I went too far in the other direction and I worried my parents for a while, I think it’s fair to say. I think that it’s something that many, many teenage girls go through, especially ones that are achievers and ambitious. You’re looking for a sense of control, and when you’re in a really transitional phase in your teenage years, I think it’s a pretty normal reaction to develop food issues.”

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Lauren Conrad Is Elongated in Women’s Health

Lauren Conrad is in Women’s Health Magazine this month and the thing that strikes me most about these pictures is that they have all been VERY elongated (the cover picture is the only one which kept its initial length):  notice how in the top comparison, the Lauren on the right (the magazine one) is a few inches taller (well, longer, check out her feet) than the Lauren on the left (real one), even though their shoulders are alligned and the heads have the same size.

Once again, dear photoshoppers: your work was completely unnecessary.

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