Victoria’s Secret Model Georgia Fowler Details Her Daily Diet

georgia-fowler-at-2017-victoria-s-secret-fashion-show-casting-in-new-york-08-21-2017_1 - Victoria's Secret Model Georgia Fowler Details Her Daily Diet

On her daily diet as a Victoria’s Secret model:

’80 percent fruit and veg, 10 percent fat, 10 percent protein. I say an avocado a day, lots of nuts, lots of fish, and then just fruit and veg. I limit dairy and excess carbs basically. No processed food.’

On her trick to sticking to her diet:

‘I always carry cherry tomatoes with me. If I am hungry and food is far away, or flying, or in a non-vegan friendly environment, I make sure I have some tomatoes to eat.’

On her workout routine:

‘In New York I have an amazing trainer who does weight training in the gym with me and I love doing that kind of workout but then I’ll mix it up with reformer pilates, yoga, boxing classes, try and do something different all the time.’

… says 25 year-old Georgia.

3AE6757300000578-3987872-All_eyes_on_her_Later_in_the_show_she_slipped_into_a_flawless_me-m-14_1480541808442 - Victoria's Secret Model Georgia Fowler Details Her Daily Diet

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Daily Menu

Morning 🇲🇽

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On what she eats for breakfast:

Every day I go to Blacktop Coffee and get this pastry called kouign-amann with my black coffee. I wouldn’t say I am the type of girl who craves Doritos, but I definitely love a good cupcake sometimes. Or a croissant in the morning.

On her lunch menu:

Lunch is usually a salad or a sandwich. If I’m on set, I’ll have catering, but I’m well-behaved with that stuff. It’s easy to go crazy — they know how to feed you.

On her favorite food:

You know, I’m a carnivore. I really like to eat meat. I crave iron so I am definitely not the kind of person who you will often find eating a plain salad. I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy.

On always eating out:

I never eat at home. Dinner is my time to be social and catch up with people. I love this Italian restaurant downtown called Bestia. It’s kind of fun, they have good cocktails and wine. If I’m trying to be a little healthier, there’s Café Gratitude downtown. There’s amazing sushi at this tiny place called Mako in Little Tokyo. And I also love uni. Anything with uni in it is great for me.

… says Emily.

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