Kimberley Walsh: “I dieted a lot as a teenager”


On having a curvy figure as a teen:

Like most women, I dieted a lot as a teenager… I remember doing Atkins a few times before a video shoot. ‘It worked, but it was always a quick fix. As soon as I stopped, I’d crave all the things I’d banned myself from and put the weight straight back on! I soon realized that I couldn’t keep it up… I stopped dieting altogether when I was in my early 20s.

I was always aware that I had a rather large bottom. There weren’t many girls in my school who were the same shape so I was always like, ‘Oh, I’m not really the norm. It was only when people like J-Lo and Beyoncé came on the scene when I was younger that I thought, “Well, if they’re considered attractive and sexy, then it can’t be that bad [to be curvy]!” It’s really handy because you can see what they’re wearing and get tips on what might suit you.

On embracing her curves:

I’ve spent many years putting myself under the spotlight but now, in my thirties, I’ve accepted my body. I feel comfortable with it and I’m pretty happy with the way I look. I’ve learnt that it’s all about making the best of what you’ve got.

… says Girls Aloud’s Kimberley in Cosmopolitan Body.



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Rihanna Rocks the Stage in Fishnets

Rihanna rocked the stage the other night at the Brit Awards, where she wore a black leotard and nude fishnets that showed off her shapely legs and curvy hips.

What do you think of Rihanna’s stage outfit?

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Hotness Comes In All Shapes and Sizes, Says Levi’s

Here are three shots from Levis’ new campaign “Hotness Comes In All Shapes and Sizes”, the first featuring Ford Plus models Sabina Karlsson, Marquita Pring, McKenzie and Ashley Graham (we’ve see Ashley before – check out THIS post!). Levi’s motto for this campaign: ‘It’s all about shape, not size’.

The plus-size models pictured in the first shot wear sizes ranging from US 12 to US 16 and their hips range from 44” to 47”.

What do you all think of this campaign?

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Update on Crystal Renn’s Measurements!

A few weeks ago, various sources around the Internet starting buzzing on one particular subject: ‘Crystal Renn’s agency lists the ‘plus-size’ model as a size 2′. A size 2 with the corresponding measurements of a standard model! A few days after the initial buzz, Crystal’s agent, Gary Dakin, responded:

“There was an error in the initial printing and it is being rectified. She maintains a 37-38 hip. But if people have truly followed her message, it is about acceptance and beauty at any size”.

Let’s see some of Crystal’s recent statements:

With plus size modeling, the sizes start at an 8 and go all the way up to a 20, and that enrages many people. They say when they see a size 10 girl, that’s plus size? They have to realize that plus size model doesn’t mean plus size woman… But bridging the gap would be a very good thing. We need to have all sizes. This isn’t a them against us fight. It’s about bringing everybody together.

Because of my size currently, I straddle this line between the two worlds–I guess you could say I’m a plus size straight size model. I am four inches smaller than a plus size model and four inches bigger than a straight size model.

At this point, Crystal’s (who still claims to be a size 8US) measurements on various agency cards and fashion model sites are listed as: 34C-28.5-38 / 85-73-97 (cm).

Share your thoughts!

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